My mom fuck by music teacher

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Hii friend you have hear about my mom story in I am abhi narrating a new story about my mom and a music teacher …

So my dad nam is perm he was a shot gui and veg looking man .. but very hardworking . Father do a work in .. mnc often go to abrode…

Now comming to the story . By now mom have experience many diffrent size of cock and her Diderot became lustfull but inside she is still a conservativr lady .
She do regular yoga and maintain her body.
Mom hight is good but chocolet body colour but very short skine.. like vipada basu .. her body just like vidya balan but no belly fat big boobs big ass and nice looking outfit .

She always wear saree at home but the change is she wear saree below the ne very reveling some pubic hair . Blouse she wear is very deep half off boobs can esly seen . And it’s sleavless and underarm with black hair to seduce any man…

We have shifted to new town where we took 2nd floor flat . We had a balcony . My mom being conservative but now sex with man man she became open up …
She often came to balcony without blouse showing her boobs and black nipple from balcony pretended who is seeing or not.

But neighbour uncles r very mad to see this view of mom …
All uncle had a desire to fuck mom . But when thery try there luck mom became stick so all uncle understand mom trash every man there…

Now back to the story…in a bday party of our neighbour mom sing a song very beautifully all praise her me and dad like that. So when we come to home I ask dad to call anu music teacher for mom… Who can teach mom music mom got very excited becz it’s mom dream. Dad also like that told me … To find one..

At night i was thinking .mom is so sexy any music teacher can try on her so music teacher should not be old so that he can seduce mom properly …

I seach in diffrent web site and in facebook I fund his name is swapan ji.. I start taking to him.
Me- do you teach music
Uncle- yes . Beta
Me- do you play instrument
Uncle – yes ..who will learn .
Me- my mom .
Uncle- got excited said ohh . Did she sing songe .
Me- yes but we want to made het perfect can you tech her .
Sapan- yes why not but I have a problem
Me- yes no one should I during class and I will not refund mony
Me – ok.
Thn I told mom and mom agreed next day sapan uncle came to our house and . I saw a black big much tachaverage tall looking persone came .
We welcome both dad talk to him and tell his condition.. and dad agreed and he told she should by a sitar so to play instrument and want a separate room so there is a spare room arrange for it …
Mom came red transportation saree with blouse seen boobs seen and under arm hair and she bend down to give tea
And pallu drop and sapan uncle was full in lust watching mom tits …
Thn mom took her pallu and sat near uncle dad said talk to your student I have to leav tomorrow for france . Thn dad went inside giving advance and he pack his bag .
Mean while
Mom- so sir . When will we start.
Sapan ji- don’t call me sir I m your age only call me sapan.
Mom- ok.
Sapan- from tomorrow we will start but sitar is must .. mom said ok thn he went

Later at night dad took flite went to france and next morning mom took bath and wear a black saree and white blouse but no bra mom black nipple can esyly seen.

I got ready to go to school and bell rang and uncle came uncle was in white duti ( southindia cloth) and a shit duti is so transparent I can see jesus not wear any underwear . I thought nothing said by to mom and went to bus stop . But lock parent said school is close for some reason … So i though tody I can watch mom music let go while going I heard … A 2 man talking that.. there is a musician name sapan … Is horny fellow always fuck the women who learn music from him he seduce her and fuck her.
Thn other person said sapan is also a blah boy who fuck many mature women of age 35 40 .. for free I thought mom age is 37 she is only her catagory…

Thn I immediately went to home but I remember no one should disturb hume so I quirky came to hone open the door and watching what they r doing…

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