My mom seduce by a bihari man in puri – part 2

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My name is abhi kumar forest read 1st part of the story ” my mom fuck by a bihari man in puri part 1″

Thn we both came to mom mom immidetly settle herself and on palm she hold her penty in we come to our room mom put penty of er beg immediately
Thn I ask mom to play ludo game

Uncle said I have kudi but it is of diffrent kind .mom just love ludo…
Mom said yes I like to play uncle said us rule
He said it’s a elimination gane no one could go leaving this game until end and one by one it will eliminate on
Gane also give come card at every stop which us like truth and dare
We stated the game

Thn mom love the game first I got a card and card said to open my T-shirt
I do so.thn uncle tum cane card said you also took of his T-shirt
Thn uncle was not doing so but mom and me both said it’s a gane you have to do it
Thn uncle open her t shirt his body full of hair and muscular attractive mom was looking his body thn mom tune came card said to very esy one to bite some one cest
Thn mom came to me and bite it

Thn my turn and in that card said I m eliminated thn sat there and said I will be bore and asked mom for our room key and said I want to watch movie you gave it to me

Thn next card uncle and truth came mom has to asked something
Mom asked what whoud I ask uncle said any thing you want
Mom- mom say I was not there thn asked how you seduce moms I could know married women have earg to sex
Uncle- moms are hotter thn married women becz they have big boobs I seduce thn by showing them my penish size it’s huge they like that
Mom- it’s no true how you seduce them
Uncle – look first friend with there child and then I became here mom friend than I seduce them by my body by my taking than I accidentally show her my penish and it’s became esy to sex with them
Mom – oh now my turn thn card came same card came truth
Uncle said- can I asked something personal
Mom- silent and said hm
Uncle – you r also taking clod air to your pussy
Mom- said yes
Uncle – so where is your penty thn
Mom- at bag
Uncle said my turn and draw a card it’s weren’t do a pole dane to seduce next to you
Mom said this is a good one now dance
Uncle said I can dance but seduce u it’s can’t ve posible
Mom+- try try
Uncle start doing hot muscular pose with bere body thn mom said I m not impress
Uncle said I told you you will not to get seduce until
Mom- until what do what ever but I will not be impressed
Uncle k I can seduce you but you will get horny looking at me
Mom said no I will not do what ever you can

Uncle stated hot pose and open her pent and fully ejected 10 inch big black hummer head dick cane out and stars dancing mom open her mouth and watching that… Not uncle intentionly
Showing her all sex position
Mom got realy horny and uncle stopped and put on his boxer
Uncle- have you get seduce or I have to do it more
Mom- no it’s enough
Now mom turn mom took a card and afard what will come
It’s cane that mom have to be topless
Uncle said at my time you force me now my time open it open
Mom- no let’s end the game abhi must be alone but
Uncle no without finishing you can’t go… I will check abhi…
Uncle came to my room
And went back and said he was in deep sleep now your turn

Mom open her blouse and bra and s huge Brest cone out and with back nipple big uncle- said I have never sean such a beautiful figure
Mom cover herself with black saree pallu but it was transparent and clearly sean which make more sexy

Mom said- now your turn
Uncle draw a card truth came
Mom asked+- now as we have seen one together body so I m asking this
Uncle yes
Mom- what’s your penise size
Uncle – it’s 10 inch long and 3 ich thick
Also added it’s so perfect thn it can fit and pussy or mouth to give her s pleasure
Mom- oo
Now my turn
Thn she sewa a card and came you can open any cloth of a persone next to you

Uncle said no I will be nude that way mom smiled and said I also half nude you r enjoying it now your turn thn uncle stood up amd mom go down and pull his pent and 10 inch cock come just toch her lips and thn mom saw it so lust fully

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