My mom seduce by a bihari man in puri final part

Next day

Mom knock the door I open it and she said why you lock the door I said I m feeling sleepy so I locked it.

Mom thn chahe her dress and took bath . We both have a plan to go to puri temple .mom said send uncle if he want to go.

Thn I went to uncle room and mom ask to go to temple .. and I also asked have u sex with mom

Uncle said no only i mae her excited she did not have me to fuck. Uncle said today is last day tomorrow he will live the place

Then we got ready and seen many temple together and came back to our rooms .

Mom said mom that he was leaving tomorrow as his office will open soon . Mom became sad

Thn we go to beach to enjoy there we saw a poster of visiting a 5 star hotel for one night . But for honeymoon couple . I was so excited and told mom 5 start hotel r so pesan I told her it’s features mom got excited hearing that was to see that

I told mom I also want to see that … Mom said we don’t have so much money to afford it . Thn I told mom that you go there and see what facility it give and tell it to me I will be in my room tomorrow you tell ne every thing

Mom yes son but it’s free for honeymoon couple not for us. I became sad …
Mean while uncle came near us talking to them

And said it’s only for honeymoon couple only i plan stuck in my mind and said mom you go with uncle and enjoy the hotel room service and told me tomorrow .. uncle will leave tomorrow so this is our last chance

Mom said no no it’s for honeymoon beta thn uncle said we can’t go we both r married and very mature

I said you both can make fool and said you both r honeymoon couple and enjoy the faculty plz last night u were in uncle room … Noproblem case plz plz mom

Mom sold me … . I became silent uncle told mom your son want to know the faculty let’s go and you know me I will do nothing belive me

Mom thn came to me and said ok but this night you lock the door and taje care of yourself thn
I made uncle one more chance and uncle hug me …

Thn said today I will make my dick inside your mom thn

The went to hotel
Uncle describe me

In hotel mom and uncle were welcome and there is many game to play and r nessesary all couple start playing mom and uncle has to hug each other this day mom was un read transparent saree with black blouse looking newly weeded wife.

In last game hotel member do naughty game and thery have to do diffrent sex position who one is perfect will won the game
Mom said I want to win it . Mom and uncle and one more couple are in finale

First position came doggy style other couple who came to finally dane exact one un very hot manner

Mom thn said to uncle mukhesh ji we have to won this gane
Uncle – bani I can do that but you have to cooperate with me
Mon said ok thn
Uncle mom time came
Uncle go back to my mom spread my mom legs in doggy style and pornstar way he started doggy position wear cloths and press mom boobs mom also expression as if real sex is going on

Holet manager tie the match thn next position came
It’s cowboy style

Othe couple fone it but Little unenergetic

Thn mom and uncle turn came uncle said we cn win this becz they became fail in this
Mom said yes .you keep stick to my pussy are from your penise and pretend to suck my boobs

This position make so horny that uncle realy hold mom and start kissing pench to her pussy area but thery wear earring cloths . But uncle intentionly put his face to my mom nipple from blouse and bite it

Mom with hot expression ahhh came from mouth
And they both won the game and mom were wearing taj
Thn they came to there room

Room was so pesan just like moievs mom like the place after entry mom asked uncle you played realy naughty

Uncle – actually your expression made me uncontrollable
Mom- you bite ny nipple
Uncle -, yes sorry for that
Mom thn find there us full of condones in th room in a basket gifted by hotel

Mom said look there uncle said ooo wow mom said they realy arrange good for honeymoon couple

Uncle but cobdoms r not my size they r small
Mom – what how much big yors is so that condom does not fit to you

Uncle said I can show you it will not fit
Mom said – it’s can’t ve happend
Uncle wait thn uncle became nude in front of mom and mom was so shocked and said what’s r u doing
Uncle – I m showing you it will not fit me
Mom- ok try this condom a chocolate one
Uncle thn said you like chocolate one
Mom- no I don’t like condoms
Uncle the try to wear it but condom doest not fit
Mom said yours one it so huge and wonen can be satisfied by that
Uncle+- but whom I want to fuck she was not agreed to take it
Mom- yes becz you can’t satisfied me
Uncle said give me a chance I will mate u cun 8 times
Mom- o realy
Uncle yes
Mom then said I change and come
Mom thn come from bathroom and without blouse and saya dhe only wire a transparent red saree above her and said today I give you chance

Show your noster power
Uncle then took mom to her arm and started sucking her boobs first and made her sleep in bed mean while tv remotes swich is on and a porn movie started on tv

Mom saw it and both started getting horny
Both start hitting here lips like hungry wild sex and remove her saree and kiss her back nipple and bit it mom with pleasure suck it my baby ahhhh don’t bite ahhh I love it ummmmmmmm ahhhhhhh ummmmmmmm ahhhhh ummmmm ufff thn he open all her cloths and both became nude uncle said I am waiting for this bani … My sex goddess and ge kiss all my mom body .
Mom said – mukhesh je suck my pussy bit it it is so wet there
Mukhesh uncle start her legs and thigh first thn spread her legs mom pussy near her mouth he 2 finger inside mom with pleasure ohhh ahhh baby do it
Uncle thn start liking mom hairy pussy and put his full toung to her pussy ..
Mom press her face more deep and said ahhhhhhh mukhesh ji suck it more I want to sex with you suck it suck my wet pussy baby ummmmm eeeeeeeeer ahhhh thn uncle wake up and he gave her dick to my mom face mom oral sex and like a lollipop she start taking to her mouth

Uncle- ooo bani suck ut baby more inside uff u r so hot

Thn uncle took out his dick and place to her pussy
Start rubbing her wet pussy
Mom- plz mukhesh ji I want yourdick very badly maje ne cum I m your wife for today … Thn uncle push her dick slowly inside 4th inch gone inside mom with kuch side and more

Mooo mukherjee it’s panning took it out I can’t take it but uncle on her mood start slowly and told mom

Just watch the porn you will enjoy the sex mom said …. Ok … Slowly uncle speed up mom with full sweet
Ahhh hmmm ahhh AAAAA eeee fuck my baby

Thn suddenly I m cumming baby took ut out and mom cum first time and enjoyed aaaaaaaaa i love it uncle said I have not yet started you cum
Mom- yes dear your noster make me cum … Come on fuck me more I want to sum more.
Can we do doggy style mom said – you want to enjoy tgat moment
Uncle yes bani plz mom cane in doggy position and uncle spread her leg and put her downside inside this time it went 6 inch started like a doggy and pressing her boobs mom stared to morn ahhhhhhh ummmmmmmm aaaaaa aaaaaa ahhhh fuck hard baby I love it ummmmmmmm my baby tear my pussy

Uncle speed up angain
Mom- I m cumming one again dear and cum again

Mom told wow I love it so much baby … I want more uncle was not satisfied she told mom it will not work with my full force this time your pussy us also wet it will manage to take 10 innce
Mom cone in cow boy position and due to gravity uncle dick went fully inside and mom len to want uncle uncle start sucking her boobs and stat fucking so hard mom cone in 2 min

But uncle dis not stope he continue mom was so existed that she bite uncle shravak uncle with loud morn …mukash jii chudo amake chudo jore jore( fuck ne fuck me harder =) I have not sex for such a long time

Again mom cum inside

Thn uncle life mom up and start fucking mom said you r so powerful baby …

Mom said – when I first saw in sea and fall to your body I want to fuck you from that time but due to my son I don’t get chance to have it but know I m getting fucked from you I live it ahhh more fuck me.

Both went to shower and took shower uncle lift mom one leg and start fucking uncle said

When I saw you in sea frist time with your white laggis not penty I realy want to fuck you baby…
So I made your son my frend to come close to you.

Mom- hmmm baby …last night I want to get fucked but I want to test your gentlemen ness .
Uncle so am it gentleman
Mom- you r monster I live your fucking

Thn the came to bed and finally mom sat on uncle lag while fucking uncle said I n cumming baby….

Mom – me too
They fuck for 2 hours in miserable position and next day they come to our room

I got excited to know about hot night rather than that 5 start hotel mom say it’s a hug luxury hotel with all facility and court is very high we can’t agar all this but lucky I got a chance to see this ..

Thn uncle and I went to beach mom wo tierd so sleeper at room.

I asked uncle how was it uncle hug me and thanks your mom is wild at bed uncle show mom bits and nail marks and said I will never forget the filing night it’s so geven like feeling … Your mon had cun 8 tine and discribe all the way hefucked her thn he said your mom had not fuck a long time so her pussy is very tite I got a feeling of vrrgin women..

I got excited and we return … I gave my mom facebook id and what’s app number to him and he return to his place.

Mom became little sad and we also come to our home . But at night i asked mom mukhesh uncle is very good person right . Mom yes and became sad

But all of sudden some one msg mom in what’s app mom was shocked and in msg ” I miss u bani I m mukhesh”
Mom face became bright and she start chatting.l later at night i went near to mom room mom was in video call and stated mastubating putting her finger in her pussy and in video call mukhesh uncle is there my tedisnal mom … Became horny women …

This is end so do you like my story msg me in [email protected] and anty girl or married women can also msg me I will give more stories like this

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