My cousin goes down on me to taste my brother’s cum

If you are not comfortable with a woman having sex with her brother and with a female cousin, this story will probably not be your cup of tea.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” my brother groaned, with his lips against my throat.

He pushed his cock all the way into my greedy hole, and I dug my nails into his back, as we both eagerly anticipated the start of his orgasm.

“Go! Go! Do it Bobby!” I whimpered.

His cock suddenly jerked inside me, and I felt a scalding flood of his cum pump against my sensitive insides as he gasped and humped against me.

Over and over his cock pulsed and I rocked my hips gently on the mattress and held onto him tight as I savored each pleasurable spurt of his semen.

He kept pushing his throbbing cock back and forth through my clenching lips as he coated my insides with the wet heat of his orgasmic release.

And then he was quiet and still, and the only sound in the dark room was from each of us trying to catch our breath.

“Do you think she heard us?” he panted.

“No.” I lied, flexing my tingling cunt around him and enjoying the way he gasped.

“That tickles.” He grunted with a shudder.

“Feels heavenly to me.” I whispered softly, stroking the back of his head. “I love how full your cock makes me feel. Kiss me while you’re still inside me Bobby.”

He pushed his lips to mine, and for several long minutes our open mouths pressed together with love and tender affection. Unlike the frantic kisses of need and arousal from several minutes earlier, we were now gentle and loving with one another.

It was my turn to shudder as I giggled against his mouth at the tickle of his softening cock.

I squeezed him even tighter with my arms, savoring the feeling of our hot bodies pressed together as we held onto each other.

“I should go.” He murmured eventually. “Before I fall asleep. If I’m still here in the morning Kirstin will figure out what we’re doing.”

“Okay.” I said, feigning reluctance.

He pushed away from me, and I reached down and slid my fingertips against his soft cock as he pulled it out of me.

I quickly sat up and leaned over, locking my lips around his cockhead and sucking it hard and quick, tasting the salty traces of my hole and his sperm.

“Jesus!” he gasped. “Stop!”

We both giggled as he pulled his gym shorts back on.

“See you in the morning Sis.” He said quietly, leaning over me for a quick kiss.

“Hope you can sleep now.” I said with a grin, brushing my hot lips against his mouth one last time.

“Your breath smells like sperm.” He teased, giving my nose a playful lick before quickly moving to my bedroom door.

He opened it slowly, and once he saw that the coast was clear he slipped out into the hallway and pulled the door shut behind him.

I grinned in the dark room.

Of course the coast was clear.

There was only one other person living in the house with me.

That was my twenty-two-year-old cousin Kirstin.

And she wasn’t in any position to spot my brother sneaking out of my room at midnight.

Because she was just a few feet away, hidden under some blankets between my bed and the wall, where she’d been eagerly awaiting the chance to listen as my brother climbed between my legs and pumped me full of his cum.

I pushed my hand down next to the bed, and brushed my fingers against her hip.

“Is he gone?” she whispered.

“Yes.” I replied softly. “You can come out.”

She wiggled out from between the bed and wall while I took four quick steps across the room to lock my bedroom door.

My room was on the first floor, at the far end of the house. The previous owners had used it as a master bedroom and built it for privacy away from the second-floor bedrooms of their children.

But my dad had seen the wisdom of giving his only daughter the room with its own bathroom. He and my brother had taken two of the rooms on the second floor when the three of us moved in six years ago.

My mother had died a few years earlier, so it had been just the three of us.

When I graduated from high school I’d enrolled in a local college, where I was now a teaching assistant while working on my Master’s degree.

During my second year of college, with Bobby still in high school our father died. Since he’d paid cash for the house and left us each a sizeable inheritance, we hadn’t had to move. Once he graduated, Bobby had enlisted in the Air Force.

Now four years later he’d come home on leave to look for a job since he was being discharged in a month. He was also setting up his enrollment in college for next year while he was home.

He and I had begun fucking shortly before he left for basic training and hadn’t been able to keep our hands off each other ever since. Whenever he was home, we’d fuck and suck each other silly in every room of the house, with no need to be sneaky or subtle about it.

Last summer I’d gone out to Colorado and spent six weeks with Bobby on my summer break, and I came home exhausted, well fucked, and sore.

Bobby had been disappointed to learn that our cousin Kirstin was going to still be staying with us when he came home, but he’d perked up when I told him that we’d fixed up the basement for her so everyone could have their privacy once he got home.

Kirstin had moved in several months ago, transferring to my college from an out of state community college because she was eager to get away from her overprotective parents.

She and I had always been close, and since she was a few years younger than me I took her under my wing and had begun educating her about dating and sex.

One night, after a bit of wine, she’d confessed that she’d always had crushes on both Bobby and on me.

With a bit of prodding, she admitted to spending lots of time fantasizing about having her first sexual experiences with her more worldly cousins.

Shortly after that I took her to bed with me and taught her how to pleasure a woman by using my mouth to make her whimper and orgasm.

Over the course of several weeks I taught her how to make me cum, and helped her discover the sexual pleasure that a woman can feel when her lover knows how to create, prolong, and enhance all those little feelings that lead to orgasm.

A few nights ago, we’d been snuggling in bed while recovering from our shared orgasms and she’d asked about Bobby.

“Do you think there’s any way I could see his cock while he’s home?” she’d asked.

She knew that Bobby and I were closer than most siblings, but I hadn’t yet told her exactly how close. I decided right then to fill her in.

“How’d you like to start by tasting it?” I’d asked her. “Or at least tasting where it’s been?”

I’d gone on to explain about my relationship with Bobby.

While I told her about Bobby and I, she had pressed her body to mine and slid her fingers against my pussy, slowly teasing me as she asked me for specific details about how I made love to my own brother.

I started fingering her in response as I answered her questions, and at one point we stopped whispering and started kissing each other, as we each tipped over the edge at the same time into another round of clenching orgasms against each other’s fingers.

Sweaty and out of breath we’d held each other tightly while I whispered into her ear the plan I’d been fantasizing about for months, for Kirstin to be in bed with my brother and I as the three of us made love together.

By the time Bobby got home we had a plan in place.

His first evening back Kirstin and I made dinner, and then the three of us sat in the living room and watched a movie while we caught up. After the movie Kirstin had gone down to her room in the basement while Bobby and I talked.

When he’d gone to take a shower before bed I went and got Kirstin and she snuck into my room and got comfortable in her hiding spot.

I’d considered pulling her shorts down and pushing my mouth between her legs, but decided that if Bobby smelled hot cunt on my breath, he might figure out what was going on a few hours ahead of schedule.

Instead I’d settled for a long and passionate kiss that left us both panting and wanting more before she slipped down between the wall and bed.

I’d pulled on a long t-shirt that I used for a nightgown and made myself comfortable on the bed. Before long Bobby had come in quietly and closed and locked my door before pushing his hard cock against me while we started kissing.

Between Kirstin’s passionate mouth and Bobby’s stiff cock I was practically begging for some physical contact, and it didn’t take long to get Bobby between my spread legs pushing his cock against my slippery cunt lips.

And now with my door locked I settled back onto my bed, and without any preamble or hesitation Kirstin slithered up my body and kissed me, her tongue licking into my mouth, eager to taste any trace of Bobby’s cock she could find.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, kissing her throat, but she wasn’t in the mood to receive pleasure at the moment.

Almost like she was possessed she pushed me back onto the mattress and squirmed between my legs, pushing them apart as her mouth kissed and licked along my sensitive inner thigh.

“Oh fuck.” I whispered, twisting one hand in her hair, and clawing at the mattress with the other. “Fuck yes!”

She licked her tongue up my thigh, and then moaned softly as she pushed her nose into the sticky hole that my brother’s cock had been in not four minutes earlier.

She inhaled deeply, and I felt her tongue flick out and tentatively taste the combined results of Bobby’s cum and my own orgasm.

“It smells so fucking horny down here.” She whispered. “And the taste is even better.”

I felt her tongue push into my folds and an electric charge clapped through me as I groaned and pushed myself against her mouth.

“Fuuuuuuuuck.” I groaned into the darkness.

Her hands grasped my ass, and she pushed her mouth against me, and I felt her tongue circle my clit before slipping back into my hole as deep as she could push it.

A cock fucking into me can usually make me orgasm, but when it comes to oral sex, I usually need a lot of attention on my clit to reach orgasm. But tonight, I suddenly realized that my next orgasm was astonishingly close.

I opened my eyes wide and stared into the darkness above my bed, gasping as I felt her greedy mouth explore my cunt and pull my orgasm closer at a pace I would have thought impossible.

“I could cum just from the taste of him.” She whispered.

Her words made my belly tighten, and I felt her tongue lap up and down through my slit again. My insides twisted at the realization that she was swallowing as much of the cum that he’d pumped into me that she could find.

“Kirstin!” I groaned. “I’m gonna cum so fast if you keep doing that!”

“Good.” She murmured, pushing a finger against my clit. “Don’t hold back. Just let it happen. I love when you cum!”

I pushed my hips up off the mattress and felt my body begin to tense up.

“Kirstin!” I gasped. “I’m gonna! I’m there!”

I grabbed the mattress with both hands and ground my hips up and down to match the movement of her sucking mouth, and then she pushed her tongue into me again and my orgasm hit me like truck.

Her mouth sucked and licked at my throbbing clit and I felt my orgasm spin deep inside my belly and in my cunt, as my pleasure pulsed through me in wave after wave of delicious fury.

It roared on and on and I gasped and did my best to stay quiet, this orgasm even more powerful than the one I’d had several minutes earlier with Bobby.

Kirstin bit gently at my throbbing clit, and I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt my body begin to tense again, and my pleasure built even more and then another orgasm hit even harder than the one that was receding.

And then another spasm of heat tore through me, and I bit my own hand to keep from crying out, and the pressure within me built and built and built and then crested, and I collapsed against the mattress, weakly pushing Kirstin’s mouth away from my suddenly too sensitive slit.

“Wait.” I panted. “Wait. Let me get to you.”

I tried to pull her up my body, eager to taste her precious arousal and make her cum, but she pushed me back to the mattress and turned me over, and I realized what she was going to do.

She had asked about it the other night, and I’d been secretly thrilled.

I loved the feeling of a tongue against my anus, but I’d been moving slowly with her so as not to freak her out.

I’d lied to her and said I’d always been curious, leaving her an out if we tried it and she didn’t like it.

But I knew that right now, in the heat of lust, she had decided to try it.

She pushed me flat on the bed facedown and spread my legs, and then I felt her fingers pulling my ass cheeks apart right before her tongue made contact with my anus.

I buried my face in the pillow and moaned as her tongue probed and her fingers danced against my cunt lips.

Time stopped as she massaged my tight hole with her tongue, not quite pushing it inside, but slowly covering every millimeter and making my body shake with anticipation.

Her finger was running up and down slowly against my lips, and not quite touching my aching clit and I moaned again, relaxing against the bed and giving into the slow pleasure she was giving me.

She kept at it, licking and probing and touching and tickling, her breath hot against me and her slow pace and thorough attention making my body feel a sexual need I’d never before experienced.

For a long time, we lay like that, her giving me pleasure but denying me release, and my body receiving the slow burning heat of arousal from her tongue and fingers while I fought the urge to cry out and beg for more.

The orgasms I’d had with her and the one from my brother felt like they no longer counted as my need grew deep within me, fueled by her tongue and fingers and her own soft moans as she licked my ass.

And then she pressed her body against me and I felt the drenched cotton of her panties against the back of my thigh as she slowly humped against me.

And then she was off the bed and in my bathroom, and I pushed myself up to my hands and knees, shaking and panting with lust while I wondered what she was doing.

Suddenly she reappeared and jumped onto the bed, pushing herself beneath me and wrapping her legs and arms around me. I smelled the minty scent of toothpaste on her breath and realized that she hadn’t wanted to kiss me without brushing first.

I pushed my mouth against her and moaned, pushing my tongue against her lips and sliding it against her teeth, as I felt her roll her hips against me as she moved one of her legs between mine, pushing her bare cunt against mine.

“Fuck me Kirstin.” I moaned. “Just like this.”

We started to rhythmically rock our hips back and forth, grinding our wet cunts together and holding onto each other as our bodies responded to our individual need for release.

“Oh god,” she murmured, “I’ve never been this wet before.”

“I feel it.” I whispered. “Your cunt makes me so horny.”

She suddenly made a growling noise and slid down, and I felt her arms wrap around my thighs as her mouth pressed to my pussy lips, licking and kissing as she worked her way to my clit.

On my knees with her between my legs I started to hump at her face, unable to control my orgasmic hunger.

Her mouth sucked on my clitoris and I yelped, grabbing and biting my pillow again as I stifled a scream and shuddered.

“Uhh, uhh, uhh.” I panted, trying not to lose control as I rode the pre-orgasm tension that coursed through me.

Her tongue flicked roughly over my clit even faster, and I closed my eyes and saw flashes of white as another orgasm thundered through me, turning me inside out and making me dizzy.

A tsunami of intense heat engulfed me, and Kirstin’s arms pinned my thighs in place as I shook and spasmed uncontrollably.

I groaned with physical exhaustion as Kirstin squirmed back underneath me, her mouth finding mine as we began to kiss.

The kiss started gentle and soft as I fought to regain control of my breathing, but became more impassioned as my tender feelings of gratitude for her oral worship mingled with her aroused need.

I stroked her hair and moved my lips to her throat, nibbling softly on her hot skin as the writhing of her body made me realize how long she’d been waiting for a sexual touch tonight.

“Please?” she asked softly. “Make me cum?”

“Yes.” I whispered. “I need to taste you.”

I kissed her again, sucking hungrily at her mouth before moving down, licking and kissing at her throat, and then flicking my tongue against her collarbone.

I kept moving down her body and I cupped her breasts in my hands and gently kissed one of her nipples, before moving my mouth to the other one to taste it as well.

But this time I did more than kiss. I opened my mouth and covered her entire areola, sucking gently and feeling her squirm against me.

I rolled her other nipple between my thumb and finger, and she gave a throaty moan and began to run her fingernails up and down my back.

I bit her nipple, catching it between my teeth and pulling it with my mouth, and she humped her body at me and pulled my hair.

“Please. Please.” She panted. “Fuck please.”

I pressed the palm of my hand against her hot and stiff nipple and kissed my way down her belly, flicking my tongue against her belly button.

I could smell the scent of her arousal, and I put my hand between her legs and moaned as I felt how completely drenched she was with sexual hunger.

I kissed her wispy thatch of pubic hair, and then pushed my face into her soaked lips and she tensed against me.

I stuck my tongue into her slit, and drug it up along her lips, savoring the taste of her need.

I parted her with my fingers and pushed my tongue into her, moving it up and down as her hips started a circular grinding motion.

I pushed my fingers into her and probed for the sensitive g-spot, as I licked my tongue against her clitoris as hard as I could.

She was losing control fast, and I sped up my fingertip stroking inside her, and caught her stiff clit between my lips and flicked my tongue at it.

“I’m going to cum!” she hissed.

I reached up and grabbed her breast again, finding her stiff nipple and pinching it gently as I sucked at her clit, and I felt her hips begin to pump faster and faster as she gasped and lost control of herself.

I felt her hole clench around my fingers and she rocked violently on the mattress, as her orgasm ravaged her senses.

I kept my mouth on her sensitive button, pushing her pleasure with my fingers and tongue as it crested and built and washed through her over and over and over again, until she pulled my hair violently and pulled me up the bed to kiss her again.

Her tongue pushed against my mouth and she panted as she wrapped her legs around my body.

“I love tasting myself on your mouth.” She whispered.

“That’s because your cunt is intoxicating.” I told her. “I could lick your delicious hole all day.”

She cupped my breast and kissed me again, and I snuggled against her and pushed my fingers down between her legs.

I found her clit and put a finger on either side of it and began to slide them up and down in a slow but firm rhythm. Before long she moaned into my mouth and started to rock her hips in time with my fingers.

I kept the pace slow and steady, kissing her and holding her and just enjoying the feeling of our bodies being so close.

After a while she pushed her lips against my neck and squeezed me with her arms, and in the dark silence I kept touching her slippery crease, suppressing my urge to move my fingers faster as she pressed harder against me.

Eventually she put her tongue on my earlobe and began to breath harder.

“Just let it happen Kirstin.” I whispered. “Let it happen.”

And then she cried out softly and started to shake, and I moved my fingers faster and faster, rubbing her through another orgasm and holding her tight until long after it had stopped.

For a half an hour we were still, holding each other and feeling our sweaty bodies cool in the dark room.

“That was beautiful.” She whispered eventually.

“It was.” I agreed. I put my hand between her breasts. “I love you Kirstin.”

“And I love you too.” She answered.

“Are you sure you want to play with Bobby?” I asked her. “I don’t want to rush you.”

“Everything with you has been so wonderful that I know I’ll enjoy being with him as well.” She said. “Do you think he’ll be interested?”

I giggled softly in the dark.

“I know how horny he is.” I assured her. “He’ll be interested. And even if I didn’t know him so well, any man would be crazy to not be interested in making love with you.”

“I hope so.” She answered. “I can hardly wait. Should I go back to my own room now?”

“Go in the morning.” I said. “Bobby will sleep until noon, and when he gets up I’ll join him in the shower like we talked about and we’ll go from there. If he gets up early for some reason, we’ll play it by ear.”

“Good. I trust you.” She said. “And I want to fall asleep holding you.”

“I’m glad.” I whispered. “I want the same thing…”

She kissed my cheek softly, and we snuggled closer together.


Thanks for reading this far.

I hope you enjoyed this fantasy of mine, and I hope you’re having an amazing day!


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