Impregnating My Aunt

Impregnating My Aunt

As soon as my aunt and uncle pulled into the driveway, I started getting nervous. Aunt Lizzie was incredibly beautiful, and because I was shy, I always felt bit awkward around her. She had a face like a supermodel, but she was also significantly curvier than those overly skinny people striding down the catwalk. Whenever she was around, I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her. I knew that. And now she was coming here.

When she stepped out of the car, my eyes started darting over her, taking it all in from her toes to her beautiful head. She had fair, almost pale white skin, and long, free-flowing red hair. She wore sandals with leather straps wrapped up around her toned calves. Her light summer dress was blowing in the wind, showing off most of her smooth thighs as she made her way up towards the house. Holding her wide-brimmed hat to avoid losing it in the breeze, she came up to the porch where I stood ready to welcome her. She immediately threw herself at me, giving me a wonderfully soft hug.

“Hey, Ben!”

“Hey, Liz…”

“So great to see you!”

“Thanks… yeah… great seeing you too…”

“Come on, let’s get inside before we get all blown away.”

“Uh… yeah…”

Smooth, Ben. Real smooth. I was already blushing. Now all I could think about was the feeling of her breasts pushing against my body. She made it even worse by brushing her hand along my side as she made her way past me and into the house.

I turned and followed her inside, finding it impossible to stop myself from looking at her behind. Her narrow waist gave her that kind of incredible hourglass figure that made guys stare when she walked away from them. I couldn’t help it, my eyes just became fixed on her butt. As I saw her hips sway from side to side in front of me, I practically had to shove my fist in my mouth and bite down to avoid yelling: “Oh, my God!”

This was ridiculous. How could anybody be this hot? Liz was the kind of woman you only saw in movies. Or magazines. How could she be here, right in front of me? How could she be a family member, coming over for dinner at Mom and Dad’s house? How the fuck did my distinctly average uncle even manage to marry this goddess?

Okay, so Uncle Ted wasn’t bad. He was my mother’s brother, so we had met each other many times when I was growing up, and he was a pretty good guy. He also made decent money, but not exactly enough for women to marry him for his wealth. Especially a woman hot enough to make Hollywood stars come crawling.

I tried to keep myself from staring at her during dinner. We sat outside, enjoying the sunny summer weather in the garden, and I positioned myself at the other side of the table so that I wouldn’t constantly stare at her cleavage. Man, those curves… She had such a well-rounded figure, it was hard to think about anything other than her breasts if she was seated right in front of me.

For some reason, we all switched places as dessert was being served. At that point, we did sit a bit closer to each other, so I was a bit distracted for a minute. Then, unwittingly, she came to my rescue. She started talking about the one subject I could go on about for hours without breaking my stride.

“So how’s university?”

“Oh, good, thanks…”

“What did you study again?”


“Oh. That sounds interesting.”

“It is. Right now, I’m reading about the ancient Greek city states.”

“Like Athens?”

“Yes, and Sparta, Thebes, Corinth… and many others. It’s really interesting to see the impact they’ve had on the development of some modern democracies. Then there’s the cultural influence; the ancient Greeks were seen as the high point of civilized culture by the Renaissance artists, and again by the thinkers of the Enlightenment age; they brought up these old ideas and integrated them into the political debate at the time…”

For about ten minutes, I went on and on about my favorite subject, almost as if I was giving my aunt a university lecture of my own. She managed to pop in a question or two occasionally, but once I got started on this, it was hard to stop me. I even managed to avoid staring at her breasts while I went on about Greek philosophers. Throughout, Liz listened patiently with a lovely smile on her face.

Eventually, I stopped droning on about ancient Greece and Liz managed to get a sentence in edgewise.

“So, Ben… I wanted to ask you something while I was here.”


She suddenly looked around, as if to check if anybody else were able to hear us. Of course they were, I thought; we’re having a garden party with half a dozen other people who were just a few feet away. Liz turned back to me and lowered her voice, almost to a whisper:

“Actually, it’s a bit secret. Can you meet me upstairs later?”

Then she quickly stood up and walked off to get herself another drink, leaving me sitting there alone and confused.

Secret? Meet her upstairs? Alone? I almost had to slap myself to get my head out of the gutter. In the porn films, this is where the lonely housewife takes the younger man upstairs and has her way with him, fulfilling his wildest sexual fantasies. Here, in the real world, my aunt wouldn’t have any intentions in that direction. She probably wasn’t even aware of me as a sexual being. Not only were we family – she was so far out of my league that she probably just saw me as the awkward nerdy kid who constantly had his nose in a book.

I tried to think of what else she could want. Because it had to be something else. Something simple. Something like… planning a surprise party, maybe? That could be it. Or maybe she wanted to sound me out about what to buy for Uncle Ted’s birthday. I couldn’t remember when that was, though, so I didn’t know how likely it was to be that.

I waited anxiously for ‘later’ to come around. I emptied my drink, finished off the piece of cake on my plate, and eventually headed inside. I went to the bathroom and spent a few minutes in there, splashing water in my face and trying to make myself look as presentable as possible. I wondered if Liz had noticed where I had gone. What if she hadn’t? Would I have to go and look for her? How surreptitious should I be about this thing? Exactly how secret was this ‘secret’ thing she wanted to talk about?

As I headed back out, I realized that I hadn’t needed to think about that too much. Liz was there within seconds, taking my hand and leading me up to my room. My stomach started tingling, though, as she closed the door behind us.

She stood there for a moment, looking around at the diplomas on the walls. Mom always framed awards I won, for some reason. Motherly pride, I guess. She hadn’t changed my old room very much after I moved to the university, so they were still adorning the walls. There weren’t any sports trophies on the shelves – I was never much of an athlete – but there were some for calculus contests, spelling bees and things like that. I had also been on a pretty successful debating team throughout high school. The centerpiece was my high school diploma. My scores were the highest in my year, and also the highest any graduate from that school had scored in a long time.

“You’re a smart guy.” Liz said, thoughtfully, looking at the diplomas.

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Good. That’s very good. That’s what I need.”

She needed someone smart? I was beginning to wonder if this was about getting my advice on something. She did know I wasn’t in law school, right?

Aunt Liz sat down on my bed. The hemline of her dress slid up a bit, making my eyes dart down. Her creamy white skin looked smooth as silk. I forced myself to look back up at her. Small freckles adorned her beautiful face and shoulders. She put her hands in her lap and seemed to think about what to say, as if she was a bit embarrassed.

“So, listen… I wanted to ask you a favor.”


“So… oh… God, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. Uhm… so, okay. I’m… I’m looking for a… a donor.”

“Donor…? I’m a student, I don’t really have much to…”

“No no no, not money… no, I… I’m… I mean, like… you know, from the body.”

“What? Like… blood? Or are you thinking about a kidney or something? Are you all right? Are you sick?”

“Oh, no. No, if I needed that, I’d go to the hospital or… or ask my sister or something.”

I was starting to feel really dumb. Why didn’t I understand what she was talking about? She seemed nervous; she kept glancing around, checking that the door and window were actually shut. Eventually, she took a deep breath and lowered her voice almost to a whisper.

“I mean… a sperm donor. I’m trying to get pregnant.”

I stood still, feeling shell shocked. I didn’t catch anything that happened for the next minute. Aunt Lizzie kept talking – I could see her mouth moving – but I couldn’t hear anything. It was like I had tinnitus or something, my ears just stopped registering things. Eventually, she stopped talking and looked like she was waiting for me to say something. My mouth felt incredibly dry and I could barely muster a word.


Liz seemed to realize the state I was in and that I hadn’t really caught what she’d been saying, so she walked it back and tried again.

“I’m sorry, I don’t… Uhh… there’s no sensitive way of saying this, is there… I’ve thought about how to ask you this so many times but I just don’t know how to… Maybe you’d like to sit down?”

She patted the bed next to where she was sitting. I swallowed nervously. I could feel the hairs stand up at the back of my neck and my stomach was turning upside down. I took a seat.

“So… we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now…”

I was waiting for her to continue, when she suddenly seemed to stop for no reason. At first, I was just staring into space. Then I looked over at her and I could tell that she was struggling to keep things together. Every time she tried to speak, she had to stop and clear her throat. She also kept drying her eyes, stopping tears from ruining her makeup.

“Are you crying?”

“No… yes… I just…”

“Hey, are you all right, Lizzie?”

“Yes! Dammit, I’m not gonna…”

She took a deep breath and exhaled calmly, regaining her composure.

“It’s just been a bit… hard. You know. We’ve been arguing… trying, failing… It hasn’t been great for our relationship…”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Three years. Uh… yeah, just over three years. It’s been rough. So… basically, I’m done trying normally. I’ve read all the books, seen the doctors, tried all the advice… I’ve been using this thing to find out when I’m ovulating and then Ted and I have been having sex just at the right time… I’ve even been to the clinic and gotten myself checked out. They couldn’t find anything wrong, so the only thing left is… him. Aaaand… that’s where the trouble really started. The mere suggestion that it was him that has the problem… let’s just say he didn’t take it well.”

I was beginning to see the problem. Suggestions like that would be a hit to any man’s self esteem.

“I’m positive that it’s him. That he’s the one who can’t… perform. When I asked him to get checked out, though… he wouldn’t. Says he’s more than man enough to knock his woman up… you know, male ego stuff. Said we should just keep trying. But we’ve been trying for so long now… and it’s not working. I need to try something else. Time is not something I have in endless supply. So I started thinking about giving Mother Nature a helping hand.”

“All right but… you go to a lab for that, right? What do you need me for?”

“Uh, so… Artificial insemination, that’s what they call it. They take a man’s donated sperm sample, put it in a syringe with a tube and inject it into a woman’s uterus, right deep in there so that the little swimmers can make their way up to the egg. I mean, sometimes they inject it even deeper, or they actually take an egg out and fertilize it in a lab before putting it back in…”

“In vitro fertilization…”

“Exactly! How’d you know what it’s called?”

“Pff… I watch TV.”

Lizzie smiled. Then she stopped, looking dejected.

“The thing is, Ted won’t do that. He won’t let me use his sperm like that. I think he’s afraid that they’ll find something. That they’ll tell him his swimmers can’t swim or something…”

“What about the IVF? They don’t need to swim for that.”

Auntie looked embarrassed and started biting her lip.

“It’s… really expensive. Like, seven… eight… ten thousand dollars, depending on the clinic… or maybe even twice that for multiple treatments… I can’t afford that. Ted doesn’t want to and certainly isn’t going to pay for it. The one time I mentioned it, he was really offended. He really thinks that all that’s needed is for him to pump away at me for two minutes and that’s it. Dumbass… can’t even make his woman get off…”

Honestly, I don’t think she even realized she said that last bit. She mumbled it more than actually enunciate. Aunt Liz was looking more and more annoyed.

“Even if I could get the money, Ted won’t cooperate. I thought about secretly bringing some of his stuff to the clinic myself, but I couldn’t make the logistics work. So… I have come up with another solution. That’s where you come in. I hope.”

“Yeah, I’m still not clear on…”

“Listen. I’ve thought it all through. I just need a sperm donor… and then I’ll do the actual ‘lab work’ myself. It should be easy! You’d come to my house, spend some time in the bathroom and… you know. Get your stuff out. I’ll have little bottles or cups ready from the pharmacy… You just put it in one of those, then you give it to me and I’ll do what the doctor would be doing. I’ll get those little plastic syringes or something and just… inject it myself. I might have to plan it a bit more first, but I’ll find a way to make it work. You see? It’s the same thing. I just need the donor!”

I sat still for a minute, thinking. It sure sounded like she’d been thinking about this for a while. There was one thing I still wasn’t clear on, though:

“I still don’t quite understand… why not just divorce him if this is so important to you? I mean, we all like having you as part of our family and all, but… it’s about your happiness too, right?”

“I know… I have… actually thought about it. It’s just… I don’t have much of an education, nor much money… Where would I go? What would I do? I guess I’m just not brave enough to leave everything and start a new life like that. I think… I guess that would probably be my fall-back. If this doesn’t work.”

“Well, have you thought about… adoption?”

“No.” she said firmly.


“No, Ben. No.”

Her eyes shot daggers at me. The mere suggestion seemed to piss her off. It was difficult for me – a man – to understand the desire a woman can feel for something like this. I did understand, though, that I shouldn’t even have brought it up. I quickly returned to the previous discussion.

“So why me? Why not… somebody else?”

“Well, like I said, I can’t afford to go the official route, and I’d really like to be sure about the man I’d be using for this. Someone I know is trustworthy; someone I know has the right features… and also: someone I can trust to keep a secret. I need… I need you. I need your help. I need someone dependable, someone I can trust to do this for me. To help me with the most important thing that will ever happen in my life.”

I felt flattered. She went on:

“You and I are not blood related, but it’s close enough between you and Ted that nobody would check. You don’t look too different, you have the same blood type…”

“How do you know that?” I interrupted her, surprised.

“Please. Remember that time we were all looking at each other’s licenses to laugh at how silly we look in the photos on them? Yeah, what I was actually doing was checking to see if your blood type was on there. You’re not the only one who’s got smarts, you know.”

“Oh, I didn’t say…”

“You also don’t have any allergies or hereditary diseases…”

“Wait, what? How do you know that?”

She smiled cheekily.

“Your mom is a real talker. It wasn’t hard. Get her started on her family and she’ll talk your head off. Normally, I guess people don’t really listen that intently. But I did. I pretty much got your whole medical history.”


I could feel myself blushing. And her next battery of questions made it even worse.

“You don’t have any STDs, have you? Have you had many sexual partners? Would you get checked for me?”

I felt my cheeks burn as they went red as tomatoes. Liz sat still and seemed to actually wait for my response, so I couldn’t just laugh it off either.

“Ehm… no… well, I’ve…”

She was still waiting. Patiently. Her face looking genuinely curious, in need of an answer.

“I’ve had sex some times… Just with one person. She…”

“Irina, right? Your girlfriend for… how long?”

“Yeah, we were together for about three years. We went to the same university for a while, but then she moved. That’s when we broke up. So…”

“You’re perfect. You’re the same blood type as Ted, you both have dark hair and… well, I’ve checked all the things. Earlobes, chins, all sorts of things that people use to check ancestry. When I get pregnant, I’ll tell him that it’s his. We already have sex every time I’m ovulating, so it’s not like the math won’t add up… It would take a genetics test to…”

“What if he gets one of those?”

“Why would he? He’s so full of himself that the very idea of the kid not being his would be a huge hit to his ego. And even if he did find out…”

At this point, she stopped, snorting derisively.

“Honestly, I don’t know if I care anymore. I want… I want this so much! I want a baby! And my man, he… he’s not getting the job done. I’m not getting any younger either…”

“Come on, you’re what, thirty?”


“And you look really hot.”

She smiled at me. She jokingly threw her hair back in a seductive manner and adjusted the way she was sitting, as if she was showing off her attributes to a prospective partner. I just became even more flustered.

“I mean… you look really good. Uh… young, I mean. Uhh… fuck, I’m saying all the wrong things…”

“No, you’re saying it right… thanks. It feels good to know that men find me attractive. But still… I feel like I’m on the clock here. I really don’t have many years left to make this happen. I feel like if it isn’t done soon, it’ll never happen. And I… I can’t accept that. Ted doesn’t seem to feel the same way. He seems resigned to just keep trying… and if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. Would you believe he actually said that? To my face! It’s like he doesn’t care one way or the other! And this is what I want more than… more than anything. Just hearing him say those words, that it might not happen… made me feel sick inside. I just went to bed and cried for two hours.”

This was obviously painful for her. I could see her trying to hold back her tears, as if the memories of past arguments and fights were coming back to haunt her. I just sat there for a while, looking at her beautiful pale face, freckles scattered across her cheeks. In the end, she turned to look at me.


That was all. She didn’t say anything else for a full minute. She just kept clearing her throat and tried to avoid letting tears ruin her makeup. I stood up and started pacing. Liz remained seated on the side of the bed, looking up at me.

“Please. I don’t know what else to say… I’m… I’m desperate. I… I don’t know what else to do. There’s no way to do this professionally and… I just… don’t see any other way. Please help me.”

My brain was racing. Was this even possible? It’s not like I really wanted to deny Aunt Liz her greatest wish, but… could I do this?

This wasn’t something for which we’d have the support of the family – or anyone else, for that matter. If it had been a matter of donating blood or bone marrow to fight off cancer or something, I felt sure we’d all rally around her and give her anything she needed. But this? Something that would have consequences for the rest of our lives? And keeping it a complete secret? It wasn’t just the act of donating I was thinking about; this would be a life-long deception of both our families. Just how important was this to her?

I looked down at the beautiful red-haired woman on my bed. As I considered her request and saw how desperate she was, I recalled a lecture by one of my favorite professors. One of those really enthusiastic ones, who lived and breathed History and almost made it come alive.

“You know… in ancient Sparta, it was so important for the state that every woman have children, that if a man couldn’t make his wife pregnant, she’d be compelled to take another man.”

Liz cracked a smile.

“I’m beginning to think that I might want to live there.”

“Yeah… women certainly had it better there than in the other city states. They were fed properly, given an education, encouraged to train… and, yeah… having their women give birth to strong kids was so important to the state’s survival that if a marriage was childless, the wife would be encouraged to find someone else. Having children was the main point of marriage.”

I stood there for a few seconds as we looked at each other. The answer was already forming in my head, it was just a matter of crossing the threshold and officially agreeing. I just didn’t know what to say. In the end, I just shrugged and went:


Her eyes lit up. A smile started to form as the corners of her mouth turned up.

“Yes? You’ll really do it?”

“Yes, okay. I’ll help.”

She kept drying her eyes, suppressing a bit of a sniffle.

“Thank you. I really hope it works… I’ll be so grateful for this, you have no idea…”

She stood up and hugged me. Her soft and curvy body felt wonderful up against mine like that. As she broke the embrace, I could feel a twitch in my nether region.

“So… okay. I’ll get things ready. Start to plan ahead. It won’t be for a while, but I’ll call you and we’ll talk about the arrangements… Thank you!”

She disappeared out the door, almost skipping with excitement. I remained in my room for a while, thinking. What had I gotten myself into?

Weeks passed. I heard nothing from Liz for a while and after thinking about nothing else for days, I eventually started putting the arrangement in the back of my mind. Not entirely forgetting about it, just not thinking about it every day anymore. One day, I was hanging around on campus when I suddenly got a call. I hadn’t programmed her number into my phone, so I was surprised to hear her voice when I picked up.

“This weekend. Are you ready?” she asked, very directly.

“Uh… well…”

“You remember what we talked about, right?”

“Y-yes, of course… I said I’d help, so… but… how is…”

“Listen. This Saturday. Take the train down and I’ll pick you up at the station. When you leave, I’ll pay for a cab to take you, since I don’t want to move around too much. You know… after I’ve… Just be ready, okay? Saturday, sort-of mid-day. See you then!”

“Uh… okay…”

Aunt Liz lived about two hours away from my university, in a house slightly off the beaten track. Not exactly like a desolate farm, but the nearest neighboring houses were a few hundred yards away. I had been there a few times for family get-togethers, and it was nice to have garden parties in such a rural area.

I spent my time on the train that Saturday trying not to be too nervous. It was just a simple donation, nothing to worry about. I was going to go in, do what they do in sperm banks and fill a cup with my sperm, then leave again. Nothing simpler, I thought to myself. Not that it made me any less nervous. I tried to distract myself with a bit of reading.

When I arrived at the station, she was there, ready to pick me up. I’d sent her a message saying when the train would arrive, and she had the car waiting. I got in, we drove home to her house and parked in the garage. My stomach was tingling nervously all the way there, but time seemed to pass remarkably quickly. Before I knew it, I was inside and taking off my jacket.

“So… where’s Ted today?”

“He’s hiking in the woods. He’ll be back tomorrow. Uhm… thanks again, for doing this, Ben… I really… uh… So here’s the bathroom…”

“Yeah, I know.”

We both smiled awkwardly as she showed me the way, even though I knew perfectly well where it was. I surmised that I wasn’t the only one who was feeling nervous about this whole thing. Inside the room, there were several items placed on the table next to the sink.

“Here’s the… cup.” she said and showed me a small plastic cup with a red lid. “I’ll leave you to it… oh, and I bought… Well, here. If you need them.”

She pointed to a couple of magazines on a shelf and turned to leave.

As the door closed behind her, everything felt eerily quiet. There I was, alone in my aunt’s bathroom, about to jerk off and shoot my semen in a cup for her. I almost felt like laughing at the absurdity of it all.

I pulled down my pants and took a minute to get comfortable in the room. I picked up the magazines and flipped through them; they were the typical porn mags you find in any shop that sells them: naked women, showing off their tits, pussy and ass for a photographer with some kind of ‘interview’ text alongside. They were hot enough, but nothing I hadn’t seen a thousand times before.

I picked up the cup and unscrewed the lid, leaving it on but ready to take off very quickly. Then I spent a few minutes looking at the pictures in the magazines while trying to get myself off. I read some of the text as well:

“I love it when men can’t take their eyes off me.” one girl supposedly said. They went on:

“I can never get enough sex.”

“I love men, but I can do women too!”

“I love big cocks, the bigger the better…”

I knew these statements might be real, but it was just as likely someone in the magazine’s office just made them up. I kept stroking my cock up and down to bring about my orgasm, while trying to live myself into a fantasy about these women… but it wasn’t until I thought about somebody else that things really started to happen.

As I closed my eyes, I saw Aunt Liz. Smiling. Playing with her beautiful hair. Her dress blowing in the wind. I imagined her being here, right in front of me. She came up to me and put her hands on my shoulders before pressing her voluptuous body against mine. The sensation was boosted by the memory of this actually happening at my parents’ house a few weeks ago.

“Please, Ben…” I heard her voice whisper in my ear. “Please do this for me…”

I felt myself getting close. I took the lid off the cup and put it to one side, then I held the cup in front of my cock as I jerked off more and more vigorously. A second later, I ejaculated into it, making sure that all of my white fluid ended up in there and not on the floor.

I quickly put the lid back on the cup and went to the sink to wash my hands. I got dressed and took the cup with me as I left the room, calling for my aunt.

“Lizzie? I’ve… finished!”

“Oh!” I heard her exclaim from upstairs.

She came running down moments later.

“So… I called you a cab, it should be here in a few minutes. Here’s some cash to cover your trip, I know you students aren’t exactly loaded…”

“Thanks. You’ll be all right now…?”

“Yeah, I can fix the rest. Yeah. Uh… yeah, I’ll be fine. Thanks again.”

She gave me a quick hug and tiptoed back upstairs, looking like she was in something of a hurry. I went outside to wait for the cab. It arrived soon after, like she said, and I went back to the station to catch the train back home. The journey itself was uneventful, but my mind was awhirl with thoughts about what had just happened.

I couldn’t have been in the house for much more than ten minutes. A really quick pit-stop, it felt like. In, do the thing, out. No small talk or standing around. It was on that two-hour long trip back home that I really started thinking. What was she doing right now? Had she already done what she set out to do or did it take a bit of time?

My mind went back to that image of her that had set me off. She was so beautiful… so pure, so… unimaginably sexy. I started picturing Aunt Liz lying on her bed, naked and touching herself. I quickly got an erection again. Was she injecting herself with my semen right now? Was I in the process of impregnating my aunt at this very moment? That nervous tingling in my stomach returned. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all the way home. I also didn’t get much sleep that night. This whole thing felt surreal…

Weeks went by. I focused on my work. A ten-page discussion about the sources describing Spartan society was due in a few days, and I had been going back and forth about the fact that the Spartans themselves had no written laws, so most descriptions of them are from outside sources. I felt pretty good about my paper, and I was just reading through it once more before submitting it. I usually finished these a bit early, having developed some solid studying habits during my first year.

Just as I was wrapping it up, I got a call from a, by now, familiar number. A slight nervous tingle started building in my stomach as I picked it up.

“Hi, it’s me.”

“Yeah, hi.”

It took a few seconds before she spoke again. I could hear her take a deep breath.

“So… it doesn’t seem to have worked. Can you come back this weekend and try again?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Great! Oh, and… I’ve been reading some things. You know, about stuff that can help… So could you do me a favor?”


“Yeah, I think it would help if you don’t cum for a while… Save it up as much as you can, you know? Okay? Bye!”

Well, that was direct. It felt weird hearing my aunt’s voice say the word ‘cum’, but she did have a point. If this thing was going to work, it was probably a good idea not to jerk off right before I went to donate. Come to think of it, I hadn’t jerked off in a while. By the time I went back to see her, It would probably be just under two weeks since last time.

I went back to working on my paper. Somehow, though, I wasn’t really able to focus on the job at hand. When I sent it in via the university’s online platform at the end of the evening, I was pretty sure it was good, but I hadn’t really double checked everything.

When I went back to see her, I tried to think about it as a doctor’s appointment. There was nothing sexual involved, I had to tell myself; I was just helping a friend. Auntie Liz deserved to have her dream of being a mother come true. I was just helping her achieve that. She could have asked anybody; the reason she chose me was simply that she knew me so well and that I was the only man in the family who was of suitable age. And if she had been able to go through the doctors and clinics, she would have, rather than asking me.

She picked me up at the station again, wearing a jacket and a pair of jeans. They were the kind that stuck to her legs, and I could scarcely believe that she had been able to get them onto her wide hips. When we got to her house and walked inside, I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing rear end. I was still looking as we put away our jackets, only able to avert my gaze when she turned to face me.

“So… welcome back. And thanks again for doing this.” she said with a smile, trying to defuse the tension.

“Yeah, no problem. Ted’s not in, right…?”

“Oh, no. I make sure that he’s out when we do this. Currently, he’s hanging out at a blackjack table in Vegas. He’s been nagging about going there for years; he couldn’t believe his luck when I suggested he go there with his buddies this weekend.”

“Okay, good, cool…”

“This way, I guess. It’s all set up in the bathroom for you. I’ll just be…”

She disappeared upstairs, leaving me to do my part on my own. As it happened, I didn’t get straight to it. I really needed to use the bathroom for more everyday matters first, and after taking care of that and washing my hands, I realized that I was really thirsty. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and then I thought I’d return to the bathroom and do my thing.

Just as I was going there, I heard Liz return down the stairs.

“Lizzie? Sorry, I haven’t yet gotten to…”

My jaw dropped. Just coming down the stairs was an amazingly beautiful woman with long red hair, dressed in a thin, black negligee. It looked kind of like a Japanese style kimono made of silk, with big flowers embroidered onto it. In several places, it was completely see-through. I just stood there, gawking.


“Oh, sorry…” she said, pulling the garment tighter – not that it did much to hide her incredible features. Her breasts were almost fully exposed by the see-through material. “Uhm… I’m just getting ready…”

“Okay… I’ll… go in now.”

I went into the bathroom, closed the door behind me and pulled down my pants. I didn’t even need the magazines this time – not after what I’d just seen. I quickly picked up the donation cup and placed it on the bench in front of me. Then I closed my eyes and thought about that gorgeous woman in her black negligee while I jacked off like the world was going to end if I didn’t have an orgasm in the next two minutes.

Sixty seconds later, I pulled my pants back up and closed the cap on the plastic cup. My heart was beating quickly and I almost felt out of breath. The sight of my aunt wearing next to nothing was still vivid in my mind. Her round, full breasts, pushing at that see-through material, nipples clearly visible through the thin cloth…

I washed my hands and grabbed the cup, exiting the bathroom to find her waiting there, by the foot of the stairs.

“Wow, that was fast.” she said, smiling happily.

“Yes, well… you know… anything for a lady…”

She took the cup from me and held it up to the light, looking at it dreamily. I wasn’t sure what to do; I’m terrible at making conversation.

“I see you changed…”

“Oh, yes. I’ve set up some things in my room, and…”


“Yes… well, some toys and such…”


For a second, she seemed flustered. Then, recovering her composure, she started talking about the sorts of preparations she had made, including reading romantic stories and watching exciting films…

“You see, I read these articles online that being horny really helps… Apparently, the woman’s internal environment gets really conducive to impregnation if she’s sexually excited. So I thought that before I use… your sperm… I’ll get myself worked up by using toys. You know… vibrators.”

We both cleared our throats at the same time, laughing as we realized that we were both suitably embarrassed. As we stopped giggling, I realized that there really wasn’t any need to be shy at this point; we’d already been pretty intimate – albeit in a very indirect way – and we were both adults who knew about bodily fluids, porn and vibrators already. Liz also seemed to relax as we both headed out to the kitchen to get something to drink.

“Sooo yeah… I’m gonna get myself off using my vibrator. Then I’ll inject your stuff and hope for the best. And then maybe use the vibrator again. Apparently, the chances of conceiving increases a lot if the woman is really horny. I don’t know if it’s really true, though; there are so many weird ideas floating around on these online forums, you have no idea…”

“Okay, well, I’m sure it’s true. You’ll get it to work.”

“Well, even if it isn’t true, I guess it can’t hurt. No reason this can’t be enjoyable, right?”

“Guess not.”

She poured us both some lemonade and gave me a glass.

“It’s probably true for men too, right? Do you know? Do you ejaculate more if you’re really horny?”

Okay, that made me blush, I thought, feeling the warmth spread across my face. Even though I was getting more comfortable with this kind of conversation, I wasn’t getting that comfortable.

“Uh… I dunno… I guess so?”

“So what makes you horny? I mean, I can get more magazines and stuff… Is there anything in particular that does it for you?”

“Well, seeing you dressed like that sure helps…” I said, half in jest, hiding my face by taking a swig from my glass as soon as I realized what I’d said.

“What… like this?” she replied, smiling and touching the thin black cloth.

I was about to apologize, but I noticed that she didn’t seem offended. She kept smiling, stroking her fingers up and down the see-through fabric. I swallowed heavily, unable to take my eyes off her chest. She was clearly just teasing me now.

“Uh… yeah…”

“Well, I only wear it to bed, really… I can’t imagine what would cause a man to get excited about this little old garment…”

“Oh, come on! Don’t do this to me!”

She laughed and put her glass down. Then she struck a pose for me, curving her hip out to one side, then the other.

“Well, there’s a mental image you can take with you when you’re in the bathroom!”

“Oh, I did that already.”


“Uh… I…. well…”


“So… here’s the thing. That thing you’re wearing… I thought it was so hot when I saw you that I… well, that’s what I was thinking about. When I was… filling the cup.”

“So you thought about me while you were jerking off.”


“Wait… is that why you finished so fast?”

“Yes. I mean… just look at you! I mean, come on, Liz! You’re so hot, I could probably make myself cum over and over, thinking about you in that… ‘little old garment’…”

Lizzie’s eyes lit up.



“Well, come on, then!” she practically shouted, grabbing me by the hand and dragging me towards the stairs. “I’ve been trying for three years. If you can give me more of your stuff, what are we standing around here for?”

She practically ran up the stairs, pulling me along after her. She only let go of my arm once we made it to the bedroom. As she walked over to a table near the king-size bed, I looked around. There was a bowl of chocolate on the dresser and the room was decked out with flowers and candles – which she proceeded to light. The window blinds were closed. Clearly, she had prepared a lovely evening in for herself.

The little plastic cup with my swimmers in it was placed on a table by the flat screen TV opposite the bed. On the same table was a basked containing a selection of items; something resembling a thin plastic tube was sticking out of it, but I couldn’t see anything more. Liz walked over to the table, picked up both the cup and the basket, then brought it all back to the bed. There, she sat down.

“So… all you need is a little mental image of me, hmm? Well, since you’re being such a knight in shining armor, helping me with this… how’s this for a mental image?”

She moved all the way back to the top of the bed, leaning back against the wall. Then she slowly opened her negligee, reached inside and started touching her breasts. As she did so, more and more of the garment slid off her body, revealing more and more naked skin.

I swallowed. This was like my naughtiest fantasies coming true. I felt my pants getting tighter and tighter as my cock swelled up to its rock-hard state. Liz kept touching herself, getting bolder and bolder, eventually reaching in between her legs. She looked at me with dreamy eyes, spreading her legs wide while rubbing herself more and more vigorously.

After a minute or two, she reached into the basket and fished out a cylindrical object. As she flicked a switch on it, I realized from the intense buzzing noise it was making that this was the vibrator she had been talking about. I felt my heart pound in my chest as she moved it in between her legs. A little gasp escaped her when it finally made contact, and then… a lustful moan.


At this point, I was finding it hard not to touch myself too. My cock was pounding against its cloth cage, begging to be let out. I swallowed hard, trying and failing not to let the sight of Aunt Liz masturbating take me over completely. As her sounds of pleasure kept filling my ears, my vision was getting blurrier. I was beginning to lose contact with the outside world; everything that mattered was in this room.

Her red hair was flowing out on the bed, contrasting the white sheets. Her amazing body became more and more visible as her little piece of clothing slipped off completely. Eventually, all I could see was a completely naked, incredibly hot woman laying splayed out on her bed, playing with herself and her toy. It was like watching a porn film. Live. Except… better.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to wait until later, but I just couldn’t. Instead of excusing myself and returning to the privacy of the bathroom, I simply opened my pants then and there, pulling them down and giving my cock the release it so desperately craved. I started stroking it slowly, still watching the show my aunt was putting on for me.

I started jerking off a bit harder, more determined. Liz looked over at me, then she pointed to the chest of drawers.

“Cup… cups… Top drawer…”

I opened the drawer and saw several plastic cups with red lids placed in a box. I took one out and closed the drawer again, not taking my right hand off my dick for even a second.

Liz continued rubbing herself with her vibrator. It was buzzing away, causing her to give out little squeals and moans whenever she touched a sensitive spot. She was so beautiful… and the sounds she made went straight to the pleasure center in my brain, turning me on more and more.

I started to go dizzy. Couldn’t see clearly. A fog had descended over my eyes. I tried to blink but it didn’t really help. The only things on my mind right then was the feeling and the sexy woman rolling around in orgasmic pleasure on the bed just a few feet away from me.

I remembered to grab the cup just in time. Flicked the lid off and aimed. A hoarse grunt escaped my throat as I shot my second load of the day into the cup. At first, it came out in streams. Then it just started flowing out in a long, sticky glob, dripping into the plastic container.

It felt like the orgasm lasted for several minutes; the muscles in my groin kept contracting and that gooey liquid kept coming out of me. I kept stroking gently up and down the pulsating shaft, trying to milk out every drop, making sure it all ended up in the right place.

When I came out of my orgasmic stupor, I could hear Aunt Liz cooing:

“Oooh, good boy… good booooy!”

She laughed and smiled at me, reaching towards me for the cup. I slowly made my way towards her, stumbling a bit on the way. As soon as I was at her side, she gently took the cup from me and moved to the middle of the bed.

“Wow that’s a lot…” she said, looking at it. “I wish Ted could make amounts like that…”

As I stood there, my head started to clear. I suddenly realized how unreal it was for me to be standing here with my throbbing cock standing straight out, long strands of juices still dripping from it. And there she was, my naked aunt, receiving a relative’s semen while her husband was away.

What happened next felt even more surreal. Liz reached in the basket on her bed and picked out a small plastic syringe with a long, thin tube attached. Then she took both plastic cups, poured the contents from one into the other, and dipped the tube into the full one. With dexterous fingers, she made the syringe suck up my fluids from the cup. Then she lay back, inserted the tube and pushed it in.

I could see her naked pussy, swollen and glistening with female juices. Seeing that plastic tube going inside her seemed so weird; both sexy and clinical at the same time. Then she started pushing the piston on the syringe and I could see the sticky goo moving through the tube, disappearing inside her. I swallowed a lump in my throat. My aunt was inseminating herself. With my semen.

“I can’t believe that’s my semen going into you right now…”

Liz looked at me with a wide smile. Her eyes were glazed and she was breathing heavily, but seemed coherent.

“I know… It feels nice… Sticky and slippery… but it feels so right, getting it inside me…”

She withdrew the tube once it was empty, and put the syringe away. Then she started touching herself again. She also picked up her vibrator. Before she started doing anything more, she looked up at me.

“Ehm… I guess… you should go now…”

“Uh… yeah. Yeah, I’ll… see myself out…”

Of course. The job was done. I should go home. It felt like a sudden, cold shower to hear her say that, though. It was as if I had been the life of the party, then everybody suddenly decided I should be kicked out because I was making everything too much fun. But yes, it was what we had agreed, after all. There was never supposed to be anything else happening.

I wandered over to the dresser and grabbed my pants; I was still buck naked from the waist down, waddling around with my half-stiff cock dangling in plain view. I made my way to the door, thinking I’d wash up and get dressed in the bathroom.

Just as I was about to close the door behind me, I heard her:

“Oh, by the way, Ben?”


“I completely forgot… you’re supposed to get home! My wallet’s in my jacket downstairs; take some money, okay? Call a cab – or just find one near the shops by the main road. They’re usually parked there.”

“Okay, see you.”

I closed the door quickly and shuffled downstairs to get myself cleaned up. Right then, I just felt I had to get out of there, away from that surreal experience. I went downstairs, taking off my shirt as I entered the bathroom. After spending a few minutes in there, I felt like a simple wash wasn’t good enough, so I took a quick shower as well. I stood in there, feeling the water washing away all that sinful mess that had come out of me. It was almost like the last half hour had been a dream, and that this is what was needed for me to wake up from it.

This thought process continued as I made my way down to the main road. It was about a mile from the house, so going on foot gave me some time to think. Think about what I was doing and why. On the one hand, I did want to help Lizzie have a child. I could tell how much this meant to her. Also, I was in it now. I was committed. It was too late to back out.

On the other hand, I felt unsure about what had just happened back there. It had felt amazing, incredible… irresistible. Watching my aunt masturbate while I did the same? Well… we really shouldn’t, should we. But then again… we had already started down that path. Saying you shouldn’t do something is a bit futile when you’ve already done it.

I still hadn’t resolved all of this when I arrived at the two shops near the main road; they were one grocery store and one electronics store, right next to a junction. Liz was right – there were several taxis there, the drivers just hanging around the parking lot. I hopped in one of the cabs and rode to the station. Then I caught the train back home. My mind was still full of questions by the time I got ready for bed.

At first, I couldn’t sleep. Once again, it was the image of the beautiful Aunt Liz that was haunting me. That negligee… hiding virtually nothing… and then she took it off! And the noises she made, touching herself right in front of me… No wonder I managed to get off twice in a row.

Without really thinking, I semi-consciously started jerking off under the covers while thinking about Liz. Once I registered what I was doing, I felt a little guilty. Like I was supposed to save it up for her, not spill my juices in the sheets. I just couldn’t help myself – that image of her made me so horny. I finally came – for the third time today – spilling my seed on a part of the duvet cover. Only after that did I manage to get to sleep.

Another couple of weeks passed. Then a month. Then another month. Halloween came and went, Thanksgiving was approaching… All that time, I didn’t hear a word from Aunt Liz. Occasionally, I wondered how this was supposed to work. Had she planned it beyond what we had done so far? If she got pregnant, would I hear from her directly or would she tell the family first? Would it be announced on her Facebook status or would there be no particular announcement at all? Would I even hear about it from her or someone else? Would she just show up at a family event with a baby?

I did understand why she went silent. At least I thought so. As soon as the donation was done, she probably didn’t want me to hang around too much; it was supposed to be a clinical thing, after all. It was just a bit frustrating, not knowing anything. I tried focusing on my work, but analyzing Aristotelian text is only interesting up to a certain point. Especially when the thing competing for your attention span is the image of a stunning, curvy redhead flashing before your eyes.

Getting another phone call from said redhead didn’t exactly help either. As soon as I saw that caller ID, I snatched the phone off my desk and answered it.


“Hi, Ben.”


“I need…”


“Heh… eager, are we? What if what I needed was just some help moving a couch?”

“Uh… is it that?”

“No, you’re right. I need another go from you.”

“Okay. I’m there.”

“Good. See you Saturday.”


“Oh, and Ben?”


“I like that you’re eager. I really like that.”

As we hung up, I started thinking about the last time. The sight of her in that thin, see-through garment. Her voice when she looked at the results of my efforts. “Good boy.” she’d said, grinning happily. She wished her husband could cum as much as I had, she’d said, her voice growing huskier and her eyes more and more cloudy. I remembered it vividly. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one getting excited by this. No, this wasn’t just a clinical thing – not for me, and not for her either…

The next two days were agony. I thought about it constantly. Why couldn’t she have called me just a few hours before I needed to go? I would have been ready, I thought. Now I had to go for two whole days instead, thinking about what was going to happen once I was back at her place.

I hoped that she would, once again, show me her amazing body, clad in something that leaves little to the imagination. Maybe she would even masturbate on her bed and let me watch, in an effort to make me really horned up so that I’d give her more of my juices. Well, it worked last time, and if she thought she could put on a show for me in order to make me produce more for her, I was all for it.

Saturday finally rolled around, and I couldn’t get over there fast enough. I had spent the morning in the bathroom, shaving and showering as thoroughly as possible, but there’s really only so much cleaning one can do before it becomes ridiculous. As the train wasn’t leaving until 2 p.m., I was left to suffer in my own impatience – pacing around, brushing my teeth, having a snack, brushing my teeth again… Then, finally, I made my way down to the station. Now there was just the problem of having a two hour long train journey ahead of me. Of course, during that time I wouldn’t be thinking about Aunt Liz at all…

She picked me up at the station as usual. No see-through negligee or breezy summer dress, sadly. She was wearing a thick coat, on account of the cold weather.

“I have a good plan for tonight.” she told me as we drove the rest of the way to her house.


“Yeah, Ted’s away for a few days again… That’s why it took so long for me to call you, you know. First, I had to wait to see if the insemination had worked, and when it hadn’t, I had to wait until he was going away on business again before I could get you back here. Then I had to make sure the timing was right… I mean, there’s no help in Ted being out of the house if that’s when I have my period. It’s been such a…”

She went on while I just sat in the passenger seat, listening. To be honest, I was mostly thinking about the same thing I’d been thinking about for the past two days: Aunt Liz in her underwear. Now that she was talking normally, her voice was far removed from that delightful sound she made when she used that vibrator on herself. The memory of that still lingered with me, and I was really hoping she’d let me watch her again.

We arrived at the house and I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. It hadn’t snowed yet, but the ground was beginning to feel frozen under my feet as we made our way inside.

“Come in, come in, out of the cold…” Liz bade me as she waved me inside.

I heard her locking the door behind us and took off my jacket before heading towards the bathroom.

“No, no, not there.” I heard her say. “Just take your shoes off, then hand me your shirt as well.”


I did as she said, wondering what she had planned.

As I stood there in the hallway, wearing nothing but my jeans, she looked me up and down, giving me that pretty smile of hers.

“Okay, so here’s the plan: we’ve already established that you ejaculate a lot when you’re horny… And if you’re horny enough, you can even cum more than once. I really love that, by the way. Now…”

She took a step towards me, still wearing her winter coat, smiling that same, sly smile.

“Tonight, I’m pulling out all the stops. I’ll make sure it works this time. To do that, I plan on making you so horny that you’ll give me enough juice to fill that cup twice over. Think you can handle that… stud…?”

As she asked me this, she put her hand on my naked chest. Chills were running down my spine. I could feel her long nails clawing gently at my skin.

“Y-yes… of course.” I croaked, my voice already getting hoarse.

It was already working. I practically couldn’t wait to shoot my load in that cup again. To cum for her. And to, hopefully, hear her call me ‘good boy’ for giving her so much.

With that same devious smile, she took a step away from me. Then she finally took off her coat to reveal what she was wearing underneath. My heart beat faster when I saw that same black see-through piece of clothing I’d been dreaming about for weeks. She wore nothing underneath; no panties, no bra. My aunt’s breasts stood out like two perfect mounds, her nipples pointing towards me. I couldn’t stop staring.

“You like this, right?” she cooed.



She spun around slowly, giving me a full view of her curvy body. I was practically drooling. As she stopped spinning, she walked towards the stairs and beckoned me to follow.

“Don’t follow too close. I want you to look at me as I walk.”

I did as she said and took in the view. Her ass looked amazing in this outfit, which was just long enough to reach the top of her thighs. When she walked up the stairs, it would slip off each of her butt cheeks when she lifted a leg to the next step. Then there was what was between her legs… I tried gazing up between her thighs, but she was moving too quickly for me to catch anything but a glimpse.

I followed her upstairs and into her room. Like last time, she had decorated it to create a nice atmosphere. She lit a series of tea light candles and put them in round glass bowls; they really did create a nice light, especially when the electric lights were switched off. Then she turned on some music and asked me to sit down on the bed.

Aunt Liz proceeded to dance seductively for me, making my heart beat faster and harder at the sight of her. Her arms stroked her sides and breasts, making me wish it was my hands touching her all over. Then she started stroking herself between her legs, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling while I just sat there, watching. I couldn’t look away. She was so incredibly sexy. That long, red hair flowing down her back when she moved to the music; her pale white skin underneath her see-through nightie…

I sat still, stroking my cock through the fabric of my jeans. I longed to get them off, but Liz kept dancing for what seemed like forever. Then she went even further. She came over to me and sat down. On my lap. Her breasts came right up close, almost touching my face. My breathing became erratic and my heart started pounding as my sexy Aunt Liz gave me a lap dance. When she finally stood back up to finish, I was so hard it was uncomfortable.

“Come.” she whispered as the music ended, waving at me with her finger.

I stood up quickly and practically leaped towards her, but she stopped me in my tracks. Then she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and said:

“I have a plan, remember? Don’t rush it… this is just the first part…”

“W-what’s the second…?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just let me take care of you, all right?”

She started opening my buttons. Slowly. Way too slowly. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, watching her take her time pulling down my pants. She kept stroking my thighs as she went, touching and gently clawing at my skin. It was beginning to feel like torture.

My cock finally bounced free from its cage. I breathed a sigh of relief at the feeling of no longer being constrained by those tight jeans. Lizzie smiled at the sight of it.

“Theeere we are… Glad to see you’re getting nice and ready. Now, we’re going to keep going slow here, okay? That way, the build-up will be stronger. And you’ll give me more when you finally release.”


I moaned in frustration. I understood what she was doing. And she was right. A slow build-up would probably have the desired effect of giving me a stronger orgasm when it was finally time. It was just so frustrating, having to wait.

Aunt Liz moved over to the bed. It was pretty tall, so she could just slide onto it and lay down. Then she produced her vibrator and started putting on a show for me.

“You can touch yourself too, Ben… but do it slowly. No rush…”


I was getting hornier and hornier from watching her play with herself. The sight of her beautiful figure squirming on the bed… the sounds she made… I just wanted to cum right now. I wanted it so badly, I had to physically take my hands off my cock to refrain from jacking it as fast as I could.

“Oh… having problems, are we? Let me help…” Liz said and came sliding towards me, still on her back.

She slid all the way down to the edge of the bed, still holding her vibrator between her legs. Then she reached out with her free hand and started touching me.

“Aaaaa…!” I blurted out.

Her hand gently started stroking me between my thighs. Then upwards… upwards… I could feel her nails gently stroking the underside of my scrotum, almost cupping my balls. She kept tickling me there for several minutes, making my cock jolt and throb as her hand did its work.

Then she went further. Just as I was struggling with the sensation becoming too much to bear, I felt her fingers move up and begin to wrap themselves around my cock. Gently, gently, they began moving up and down along the throbbing shaft, causing it to bounce and jolt with excitement. It was so sensitive at this point, I felt like it was going to burst.

“Like this… slowly… slowly…” she whispered as she began jerking me off in slow motion.

“Aaahaaaaah!” I moaned in excited frustration.


She also kept moaning and sighing as she moved her vibrator back and forth. I managed to open my eyes for a minute and looked down. It was a bizarre sight; Aunt Lizzie’s beautiful face in the background just underneath my rock-hard cock. I had never thought I’d ever see anything like that. She was still smiling, but was clearly in a state of excitement as well.

I looked up and saw that she had put her legs up, keeping one hand on the vibrator, holding it against her pussy. I wished she had been the other way around so that I could have seen what was going on between her legs. Her grip on my cock was getting harder and she started to moan loudly as the vibrator did its work. A minute later, she lost control and started to quiver.

“Aaaah! Uuuhmmm…. Oh… yes…”

I desperately wanted to grab my cock and jerk off. Make it happen faster. I needed to cum and I needed it now. Aunt Liz, however, was still not in a rush.

“That’s one orgasm… for me… Oh, don’t worry, Ben… you’re going to get one too. Eventually…”

I stomped my foot in frustration. This made her giggle, and she kept sliding her hand up and down to jerk me off – a bit too slowly to actually make me cum. Her face was inches below. I was half a mind to just finish the job myself and shoot it all over her face just to get back at her for frustrating me like this…

“Awww… not happy with my handiwork?” she teased.


“Not liking the feeling of my gentle hands on your throbbing, dripping cock…?”

“Waaaah… please…”

“Oh, he says ‘please’ now. Getting a bit desperate, hmmm? Well, you’re going to cum for me, but not yet. I’m going to keep you on the edge for a while. That way, you’ll give me more.”

Again, I moaned in frustration. It came out as a squeak. I was getting dizzy and couldn’t see straight. All I saw was my aunt’s body on the bed in front of me, legs spread and squirming as the vibrator gave her another orgasm while I was still not allowed one. Her head was between my legs now, her red hair flowing out across the white sheet and pver the edge of the bed. I had moved all the way up to the bedside and I was practically pushing my thighs into it.

Then it got worse. I opened my eyes just in time to see it happen. My vision was blurry, but I could still make out the sight of Aunt Liz lifting her head up and reaching out her tongue. The next thing I felt was something stroking the underside of my glans – the most sensitive area on my entire body.

“Oh, my God!” I cried out.

“No… your aunt…” she corrected, quickly taking her mouth off me for a second before continuing.

I felt her tongue quickly flick back and forth for a few seconds, then the feeling was replaced with something wet and warm around the whole tip. Just as I realized what was happening, my cock disappeared into her mouth.

“Shiiit! Liz! Are you really…!!”




“God… dammit, woman! You’re insane!”

She had her mouth full but I could still tell she was laughing.

I whispered, partly to myself, as if I couldn’t believe this was happening and I needed to wake myself from the dream.

“God… my aunt is actually sucking my cock right now… This can’t be happening… I’m dreaming…”

“Nope!” she said loudly. “That’s really the feeling of a woman’s mouth on your dick you’re feeling. Wanna feel it some more? Here…”


She kept going, slurping away at me, gripping the shaft tightly with her hand, pulling it down and holding it in place so it wouldn’t slip out of her mouth. The feeling was incredible. I was already so horny, everything was really sensitive down there. Now I was also receiving my first blowjob… from my aunt!

I could feel myself being on the verge of orgasm, yet not really able to get there. The stimulation was intense for a few seconds, then it would stop. Lizzie seemed to know just how to keep me on the edge, teasing me but not allowing me release.

“No, not yet…” she would say any time I got even close.

“Aaah!” I would cry out in frustration and agony.

The pitch of my voice was rising. I was becoming more and more desperate, more and more in need of release. I was on the verge of dropping to my knees to beg – beg her to let me cum.

Suddenly, she stopped everything. She rolled over and sat up on the bed, shifting her position and moving closer to me. The vibrator had run out of batteries, having performed admirably for however long this had lasted and giving her several orgasms while I languished without. She sat up at the side of the bed in front of me and gave me a dreamy look. Her voice was raspy and her eyes clouded over.

“I think you’re ready now…”

Elated, I stood still while she put her hands on me and started to stroke me between my legs. I grabbed my cock and began jacking it – fast and with determination. Finally! Finally I was going to get that release my whole body was aching for. I could already feel it building, getting ready. Aunt Liz kept stroking my balls and thighs, using gentle touches to increase the level of pleasure for me.

“Let me know when you’re getting close…” she whispered, reminding me of my duty for the day.

“Yes…” I grunted.

It wouldn’t take long. I could feel it, still building. It had started deep in my loins and was now rising like a tidal wave; slowly, relentlessly gaining speed and strength.

“I’m close… it’s coming…”

“Stand here.”

She tugged at my arm, pulling me closer. Then, she made a quick movement, putting her legs up and out to the side, placing them around my back. She put one hand on my butt, pulling me towards her. Her other hand grasped my cock, making me stop jerking it.

“Where’s the cup…?” I asked, quickly looking over her shoulder for it.

“It’s right here…” she whispered.

I felt her hand tugging at my cock, steering it. Just as I felt it touch her moist opening, the hand she had placed on my butt pulled me closer. Her legs assisted, making me slide inside her slippery pussy and go all the way to the bottom, as far in as it would go. She had put me inside her. She looked up at me as it happened. Her expression was one of steely determination. This was happening.

“This is your cup now… fill it…”

I didn’t have time to react or protest. The avalanche had already started. Even if I could have stopped, I was so overcome with lust that I don’t think I would have wanted to. I felt my juice shoot out of me with tremendous force, making me grunt and moan loudly as Aunt Liz made me cum inside her.


“Yes… yes! Cum in me, Ben… Cum deep inside your auntie, fill her with your seed…”‘

My body was going berserk. My feet were stomping on the floor, my cock jolting and pulsating as I kept pumping load after load into her depths. All that teasing, all that build-up lasting for literal days… all that pent-up frustration was now being released into the woman eagerly accepting it into herself. Her legs remained wrapped around me as I started to tip forwards. I fell on top of her on the bed, still embedded in her, still feeling the muscles throbbing between my legs.

Aunt Liz put her arms around me too, clinging on to my body as if she never wanted to let go. Her voice had gone from its normal light pitch to a gravelly, hoarse whisper.

“Yes… yes, fill my womb… fill me with your seed, young, virile Spartan…”

My hips were now bucking against her, thrusting ever deeper, as if there was no end to my orgasm. Her insides felt so wet and slippery.

“Oh… uhhh…. Liz… ohh…”

“Yes, keep it coming… right into me… as deep as you can…”


I had lost control of my legs at this point. I had slipped further and further forwards, and now I just lay on top of the bed, with Lizzie’s soft, luscious body underneath me. I could feel her amazing breasts against my skin as I emptied myself inside her. I could feel her fingers running through my hair. Her long nails stroking my scalp made little chills run down my spine. Then I heard her voice whisper in my ear:

“Good boy…”

I just growled happily in her ear. I had never in my life felt like more of a man.

My head was spinning for several minutes. I was out of breath and just lay there on top of Aunt Liz, my cock still deeply embedded in her. I still couldn’t fully believe that this was really happening. I kept my eyes closed and just enjoyed the feeling of being so close to her warm, soft body. She still had her legs around me and pushed her pelvis gently up at me as if to give me a constant reminder.

I don’t know how long we lay there together, but at some point, we ended up flat on our backs beside each other. For a while, we just stayed there, breathing and regaining our strength. This was when she started gently caressing my chest with her fingers. Her hands then moved downwards across my belly and down between my legs.

My cock had lost its hardness at this point, but Liz soon fixed that. By patiently touching it, and then taking it in her warm, wet mouth once again, she got it back to its erect state. Soon after, she straddled me and let it slide back inside her. With a pearly white smile, she looked down on me and cooed.

“This is step two of the plan.”

“Step two…?”

“Yes. I’m not done with you. You’re not going home tonight. I’m going to keep fucking you over and over…”

At this point, she started grinding on me. I could feel my cock bottoming out in her slippery insides. She was so wet with our combined fluids at this point that even though her pussy was really tight, I was sliding in and out of her with no effort. She put her hands on my chest to help support her weight, and kept dropping harder and harder down on me while she teased and talked dirty to her younger lover.

“… and over… and over again… until we get it right!


I reached up and put my hands on her weighty breasts, holding and squeezing them as she rose and fell on top of me. She kept riding my cock until she came, moaning and shivering with pleasure. Finally, she made me cum again too, happily letting me finish inside her. It felt wonderful.

“That’s it, cum inside your fertile auntie… give her that whole, juicy load…”


“I much prefer this method to the clinical one… Don’t you?”

No, she didn’t let me go that evening. All through the night and well into Sunday morning, we just kept doing what lovers do. We slept for a bit, then woke up and immediately started having sex again. We had a bite to eat, then had sex again. We took a shower together, then… well, you get the idea by now.

We fucked in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room… She sucked me off, I ate her out; she taught me some things I had only ever heard about, and she let me do pretty much any depraved thing I wanted. Then, any time I got close to an orgasm, she made sure I slipped my cock inside her to deposit my load as close as possible to her fertile womb.

Once she finally let me go late Sunday evening, I was drained. My body ached all over and I could barely move, my muscles having run out of energy completely. Still, though… it was a good kind of tiredness. The whole journey home, I had this cheesy grin on my face. My groin felt sore for days afterwards and every time I thought about why that was, I just couldn’t help but smile.

After this, I didn’t hear from her for a couple of months. I kept thinking that the experience had been so incredible that I really wanted it to happen again, but at the same time I thought that there was no way we could top it. The way she had sprung that surprise on me, the way she had made me cum so hard that I practically passed out… there was just no way anything else could feel that amazing.

The downside was that she had pretty much ruined sex for me. The girls on campus suddenly didn’t seem that hot or interesting anymore, I didn’t feel like asking anybody out… I just wanted to fuck Liz again. I fantasized about her all the time; in the shower, in the lecture hall, out on the street… No matter what I was doing, I couldn’t stop thinking about her creamy white, freckled skin, her flowing red hair, her plump, round ass… It was agony.

Also, I was making matters worse by refusing to get myself off. She could call me at any moment, I thought. I had to save myself for her. Save my load for her. Many a night did I lay awake, and I would start jerking off, only to stop and force myself not to keep going. It was incredibly frustrating. The only thing that made it possible was the thought that she might call suddenly. But then she never did.

Instead, I was caught completely by surprise. I came home one day and smelled pancakes, which was a bit odd, seeing as it was my turn to cook.

“Corey?” I called out to my roommate.

“He went out.” I heard a familiar voice from the kitchen.

My heart beat faster as I entered the apartment. The sight of my aunt cooking was something to observe: she wore an apron… and nothing else. Her entire rear side was exposed.

“Hungry?” she asked, smiling at me over her shoulder.



She brought a plate over to the table and bade me to sit. I took a seat and let her serve me, my heart beating ever faster at the sight of her half-covered body.

“Notice anything different?” she asked.

“The fact that you’re here is certainly different…” I said as I cut into the pancakes. “Where’s Corey again?”


“Yeah but… what did you say to…”

“Oh, I just said I was your aunt visiting from out of town, and that you were going to help me with something…”

“Am I?”

“Well… about that…”

She gave me a cheeky smile and sat down on the floor. Crawling under the table and in between my legs, she soon had my pants opened enough to get what she wanted. I sighed as I felt her warm mouth on my cock again; it had been so long!

Liz was amazing. I was just sitting there, eating dinner while she sucked me off – the situation felt so absurd that I was wondering when I was going to wake up. Soon, though, the feeling was all I cared about. I had finished eating and just enjoyed her incredible mouth as she slurped away at me. She licked around the sensitive tip, she tried taking the whole shaft down her throat, she used her hands… I was getting ready to blow in just a few minutes.

“Okay…. it’s… coming…” I groaned as I felt myself approaching the point of no return.

But then… Liz didn’t stop. She just kept sucking me off, keeping a tight grip around the base of my cock with her hand while her mouth focused on the head.

“Mm… mmh…”

“Okay… Liz… I’m gonna cum soon…”


“I’m serious, it’s coming! Aaah… now!”

She got more and more eager, jerking me off faster and faster. She seemed determined to make me cum right then and there, and I was growing more and more confused about why she didn’t stop. As I felt it shooting up inside me, I tried to move out of the chair, only to have Aunt Liz push me back down.


“Aaaah! I’m cumming!”


Her lips stayed wrapped around my cock. It jerked and jolted as I shot my first load in weeks right into her mouth. Not having had any orgasms for so long, I came so hard that it made me dizzy. Good thing I was already sitting down. Liz kept sucking me dry, swallowing all the cum I’d saved up for her without hesitation.

When my orgasm finally ended, she sat up in front of me, still on her knees, and smiled.

“Didn’t expect that, did you?”

“Er… no…”


She crawled back from under the table and made her way to the living room. I followed, still dazed.

“What’s… why did you…”

“Why did I swallow your cum just now?”


She looked up at me with a beaming smile. Her cheeks were flushed red.

“I don’t need it in my pussy anymore, Ben. I’m… pregnant!”

Practically bouncing with joy as she said it, she climbed up on the couch with her back to me. She wiggled her round ass back and forth, inviting me to come up behind her.

“I figured you might like a reward for getting the job done, so… Wanna fuck me?”

I didn’t need more encouragement than that. I dropped all my clothes to the floor and took my place behind her. Sliding into her moist pussy again felt so amazing after such a long wait, I reached in under her apron and grabbed her two heavy boobs.

“Yes…” she whispered as I squeezed them.

“So… you’re pregnant, huh?”

“Yes, I am… I’m pregnant!” she said more loudly, practically beaming as she could finally say those words after so many years of trying.

“That means you came here just for sex? Is that right? You just wanted to get fucked?”

“Yes, Ben, yes…”

“Do you know what that makes you…?”

“A… a slut…?”

“Are you? Are you a horny, pregnant slut? Just whoring yourself out like this?”

“Yes, I’m a horny, pregnant slut, please fuck me…”

I began thrusting into her more firmly, causing loud slapping noises to fill the room.

“Oh my God, Liz, you’re so amazing…”

“Oh! God! Harder! Please!”

I loved it when she encouraged me like that. I grabbed her hair and started pulling her towards me every time I thrust forwards. She moaned loudly in pain but kept begging for me to do more.

“Yes, fuck me! I’ll be your horny, pregnant slut! Fuck me!”

It was an incredible feeling. She wanted me, not just for my genetic material, but for… this! She actually wanted to give me her luscious, curvy body. She actually wanted to have sex with me. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I felt like I just couldn’t get enough. Even though I was about to cum again, I felt like I could probably go on for hours.

I pulled her hair harder, making her back arch upwards until her head was next to mine.

“I’m just gonna cum in you…” I growled in her ear. “Can’t do any harm, can it? Seeing as you’re already… pregnant…”

She started shivering. I pushed her forward again, almost throwing her down. Grabbing both her hips, I pulled her towards me and fucked her as roughly as I could until I came. With a caveman-like grunt, I unloaded inside her.

She didn’t say anything. She just held on to the back of the couch with both hands and kept moaning loudly. I could feel her body shaking. After several seconds, she suddenly cried out.


“What? You’re cumming? Just from feeling a man cum inside you? Well, aren’t you a horny slut…”

“Yeh… ooohh! I am, I am… ohh! I’m your… pregnant… slut…”

“You’re so naughty, you know that…? You fucked your nephew and you got pregnant. You made him cum inside you over and over… and now you’re pregnant!”

She kept shivering. Spasming. Her whole body seemed like it was out of control. I didn’t know it was possible for a woman to orgasm just from being talked to, but it seemed like that’s what was happening. Liz was so over the top horny that it didn’t take much to make her cum. I reached around to rub her pussy as well, making her orgasmic bliss last even longer.

We stood there for minutes. Liz on her knees on the couch, me standing on the floor behind her, my cock still buried deep inside her slippery, swollen pussy. Eventually, she took a deep breath and came out of her frenzy.

“Mmmmmh… you like cumming inside me, huh? Creaming my insides?”

I just grunted a reply.

I was spent. We collapsed down on the couch together, me on top of her. I felt so good. Like I had just found my purpose in life. I’d helped a wonderful woman achieve her dream, and in return, she had given me the most incredible sexual experiences any man could hope for. I couldn’t imagine anything more fulfilling.


Liz and I didn’t see each other like that again for a couple of years. She had a baby boy and the only times we’d see each other would be at family get-togethers. Everybody celebrated this miraculous addition to the family; nobody seemed to suspect that anything inappropriate had happened. Things between me and her eventually returned to the way they had been before this whole adventure started, although I never really got over how amazing those times had been.

Then, tragedy struck when Uncle Ted was killed in a car accident on the highway. The whole family was grieving this sudden shock – as was I, to be honest. Being my mom’s brother, Ted had always been a part of the family that I knew, and we all remembered him as a nice guy.

Liz was left with a sizable life insurance payout, so she and her son were well taken care of, but I could tell that money wasn’t what she was thinking of at that point. I was consoling her at the funeral, holding her and drying her tears. For days afterwards, she lived in our family home at Mom’s insistence. It was then that she kept coming up to me, seeking warmth and closeness.

The loss brought us closer in a new way. I’d sit on the couch when she’d curl up next to me, like a desperate kitten that just can’t abide the thought of being alone. If I was out, she’d come running towards me as soon as I came home, like a puppy desperate for company.

I distinctly remember the family dinner some months later, when I announced that I had found my first full-time job. That reaction was unforgettable. She stopped eating, locked eyes with me and I could have sworn she held her breath. As soon as I told everyone where I’d be working – which was at the very university that recently gave me my degree, definitely within driving distance – she relaxed and resumed her dinner. I knew it then. She simply didn’t want me to leave.

As we all moved on with our lives, Liz and I started seeing each other more often. We had dinners together, went for walks in the park, organized family parties… I didn’t really even register it, but our relationship just sort of… became a thing. It didn’t suddenly go from being nothing to being official, it just gradually evolved.

I first realized this when we sat on the couch in Mom and Dad’s living room, having a game night. As we were all laughing and having fun, she embraced me and kissed my cheek as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Nobody thought anything of it. Months went by and Liz and I just became more and more naturally intimate, no longer just hugging when we met, but kissing like couples do. There weren’t any negative reactions from the rest of the family either, even though she was over ten years older than me. We all loved Liz, she was already part of the family, and… well, she and I just became a couple.

Then, one day, we were sitting around playing cards when her son – or rather: our son, Lucas – came running. Mom was chasing her grandson through the house, both of them laughing and screaming. They kept going, running into the garden, cheering and playing in the summer heat.

“They’re so happy…” Liz said, looking out the window.


“I think she’d like a granddaughter too, though… don’t you?”

I looked up at her. She got up from the couch and stood right in front of me. Then she bent forward and took off her panties. She threw them in my lap, showing me that she was now naked under her dress. I swallowed. It occurred to me that we hadn’t actually had sex since that time she came by my apartment. We had become romantically involved without really thinking about it, and sex just hadn’t been a part of that… until now.

“Right here?” I asked, looking around nervously.

She started blushing, but nodded. I pulled down my pants until they were around my ankles, and Liz straddled me right there on the couch.

“Make love to me…” she whispered, kissing me intimately.

I felt my cock slide up inside her, immediately getting smeared with her female juices.

“Oh… you’re wet… You’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, haven’t you?”


“You’ve been wanting me to impregnate you again for some time, hmm?”

“Maybe… ”

“You want to be my horny, pregnant slut again?”

“Yes… yes!”

She leaned right up to the side of my face and grabbed hold of my hair, whispering:

“I want to be your horny, pregnant slut… all the time!”

Then she leaned back and looked at me with a big smile.

“But first! First, you’ve got to make it happen. Okay? No matter how many tries it takes.”

I just grinned. I couldn’t possibly object to that.

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