Mom’s sexual education to son

Hi readers im sai back with my new story. It is about a son and mom’s insectous relationship, where mom educates son how to have sex and find pleasure. Hope you love it. The incident is creted on readers perspective.

Ever since he found porn, he was completely addicted to it. First, he started fairly innocent, like searching hot videos of actors and navel pictures. As time flew by, his taste started becoming hardcore. He searched for various fetish sites to satisfy his urges. But it seemed like a never-ending tale.

This time, Sai found a genre that specifically interested him more than the rest, i.e., incest. These stories hit him harder than other stories. The satisfaction is much higher whenever he jerked off to these, and he cums like crazy. He doesn’t know what these stories made him interested in.

But maybe the taboo nature made it sexier in his eyes, he thought. Even in incest, a particular category takes the cake for him, i.e., mother-son love. This one was so taboo and perverse. So Sai had a certain affinity towards these stories.

These stories involve mothers getting intimate with their sons and letting them enjoy the same body they came out of. It felt like an ultimate taboo. Even though many mom-son stories are available online, he read a particular story on some website that was making him lose sleep.

A mother was willing to teach her son about sex in that story. She displayed her nude body to explain the intimate parts and even had intercourse with him to show how ‘it’s properly done.’ The author claimed it was a true story and that he was the son that experienced this in real life.

Whether he was lying or not was a topic for another day. But thinking about a mother who was willing to do this with her son made his head dizzier. He started fantasizing about how it would feel to copulate with his mother and penetrate the same hole you came out of.

In that story, his mother also let him suck her boobs which was the favorite part of a woman to Sai. He has always fantasized about sucking boobs. Sucking your own mother’s breast while being nude and intimate with her sounds so much fun.

Even though the author says his mother stopped lactating for a long time, she just let him suck and bite her boobs. Then he could replicate the same experience with his wife once he got married. The author explained the feeling of his mother’s boobs in his mouth was otherworldly, like a divine experience.

After that, his mother would allow him to play with her boobs at night times when his father isn’t around. Sometimes he would start leaking semen just by sucking her breasts. He needed to jerk off like crazy to match the same feeling of sucking her boobs.

The author also claimed they had intercourse only once. His mother never allowed him to penetrate her again, claiming it was too much for her to handle mentally. He said no amount of money thrown at escorts and prostitutes would give the same experience of feeling your mother’s pussy.

But after that night of education, he was able to satisfy his girlfriends immensely. Women always wondered how great he was in bed, all thanks to his mother. sai would read this story multiple times a day to jerk off. He couldn’t watch normal porn again since they felt too vanilla for him.

His relationship with his mother valli has always been good. He shared everything with her. She has always supported him and has protected him from his father and his strict way of teaching. She never shied away when sai showed his physical affection.

She understood how physical touch is important to feel loved, especially her beloved son. Sometimes when his hugs were longer than usual, she didn’t complain. His kisses were getting bolder by day. Once he reached puberty, she understood the changes boys went through and the private needs of her son.

She always knocked on his door before coming in. If he felt sad or down, attacking him with kisses seemed to improve his mood every time. His favorite part of the day is when his mother prepares the food. He slowly creeps up near her and hugs her from behind, and they will laugh together about being silly.

Sometimes she will feel something poking on her back during these hugs. But she dismissed them as boners are normal for men. They are so deprived of physical affection. For him, these stories were making him subconsciously attracted to his mother.

The thin line for physical affection for his mother was getting smaller. At first, he thought fantasizing about someone else was fine. But fantasizing about his mother is crossing a vile line. It was too much even for sai. He would feel massive guilt whenever he was aroused from his mother’s affection.

He acted awkwardly around her to hide his intentions, but his mother sensed none of it. His mother knew he never had proper sex education in his school. His father was completely ignorant in these matters as he has no good relationship with his son.

So she decided to take the matter into her own hands and thought of having the hard talk with her son by herself. Even though she had talked about sex with him, she would always be bland and never explicitly explain anything to him. Since the time had come for him to find a girl of his own, she thought this might be a good time.

She informed sai that his father was leaving for work for a week. They were going to discuss something important tonight. sai was restless the whole day as he couldn’t wait for the night to come. He has an idea of what she will talk about.

So he thought maybe he could convince her to teach about bodily pleasures. He would ask her to show her nude body or at least her breasts as part of the sex education. It was hard to hide his raging cock when he said bye to his father as he left the house.

He ran to his mother and said, “Let’s talk.” She asked him to wait in her bedroom that she’d be there in five minutes. sai ran to the bedroom and rolled in the covers in the excitement of what was about to come. He has already leaked some in his underwear.

It was getting strainful as time went by. His mother entered the room and what he saw took sai by surprise. She had changed her dress from her usual saree to a nighty which was so scanty he could figure out her sexy curves. She sat on the bed near him and started talking as she could feel her son’s heavy breath.

“sai, I am going to talk about something important for your future life.”

“What is it, ma?”

“It is about sex and woman.”

“What is sex, ma?” sai shamelessly lied through his teeth.

“Yeah, it’s your father’s mistake. Even though you are an adult, you have no idea what sex is. He is pathetic,” his mother sighed.

“What are you talking about, ma?” sai asked innocently, hiding his sheepish grin.

“Come near me…”

His mother put her hands around his shoulder and pulled him closer. She will teach her son about something awkward. So she thought it was important to make him comfortable.

“Do you know how babies are born?”

“Yeah, I know.”


“When man and woman kiss together, man’s saliva goes inside woman’s stomach and baby is formed”

“Oh my god! This is pathetic,” she thought to herself. “So, how do babies come out of a woman?”

“I think from the hole she pees.”

“Close. But not quite right.”

“So, where do babies come out?”

“For that, you first need to understand how they form. They can form babies through sex, and sex has three parts.”

“Three parts?”

“Yah…They are foreplay, intercourse, and orgasm.”


“Orgasm. Look, it might sound complicated, but it is really easy. I will show you.”

“Okay, ma. Whatever you say.”

“First, you need to know how a woman looks like so you can understand what I’m saying.”

She took the book nearby the table, which was about human physiology. She brought this book herself online for this situation. She opened the section for the reproductive system and showed him the anatomy of female sex organs.

“There are two holes?” sai exclaimed.

“Yes. One for peeing and another one to have intercourse. Only through this hole do babies come out.”

“What is this smaller hole down here?”

“That’s the anal opening. It is the same one you have for going poop.”

“Why is this hole bigger than the one for peeing, ma?”

“So a man could insert his penis.”

“For what?”

“For pleasure and making babies.”

“Oh, right…I understand.”

“Do you masturbate?”


“Do you rub your penis to feel good?”

“Yeah, sometimes. It feels good.”


“After rubbing for some time, I feel like peeing, and a white sticky substance comes out.”

“That peeing feeling you get near the end of rubbing is called orgasm. The white stuff is called semen through which the babies are formed.”

“Wow… A lot of new stuff.”

“Yep. When a man loves a woman, he asks for her consent to have sex. He inserts his penis into this second hole to feel good, i.e., orgasm. He finally injects the white stuff, i.e., semen, into this hole. After some time, a baby will be formed.”

She thought introducing eggs and pregnancy would be confusing for the first time.

“What is consent?”

“You must ask a woman for her permission to have sex. This is very important.”

“Right. Got it,” sai said enthusiastically.

“That’s my boy!” she kissed him on his cheek.

“So why do people kiss?”

“That is the foreplay part. It is hard to insert the penis directly, so you have to get excited before doing that. Kissing would help you with that.”

“Like we kiss?”

“No, we kiss formally, darling. But the man and woman in love with each other kiss differently. Like your father and me.”

“You and father have a special kiss?”

“Yeah. Sometimes but it’s been a long time,” she said in a sad tone.

“Can you show me the special kiss?”

She was taken aback by this request from her son. She thought of declining it. But her son is way too ignorant about this stuff for his age. So saying no might have negative consequences.

“I mean, a mother and son can’t kiss like that.”

“But why? I am not important like dad?”

“No, darling. You are the most important person in my life. It’s just if someone knew we might get in trouble.”

“I won’t tell anybody, ma. Please teach me the special kiss.”

“Maybe it was destined to happen,” she thought. Even though she was crossing a line, she was willing to do anything for her son’s well-being. As for sai, he was on cloud nine to kiss his mother. He was hoping to go to a greater extent by playing innocent.

“It’s our secret. Okay. Don’t tell anyone, including your friends, especially your father. Promise?”


“Okay. Move closer.”

She took his face in her hands and pulled him near her lips. sai instinctively kissed her lips. She went back a little for a second.

“Look, it’s different from what you see from the movies. Open your mouth a little bit and use your tongue.”

“Hhmm. Okie.”

They started kissing again, and this time sai was allowed to use his tongue. She let his tongue play with hers and gave him directions each second of her next move. Their breaths were getting heavier. sai was started leaking saliva from his mouth from all the kissing.

His hands started to roam freely, and he tried to reach for her boobs. But she moved his hand away instantly. He was disappointed a bit but was willing to take things slowly. They were gasping heavily and stopped a moment to gain their breath.

“How was it?”

“It’s wonderful, ma. I wish we could have a special kiss daily.”

“I would love to. But we can’t, baby.”

“Awww! Only for today?”

“Yep. You ready?”

“Yaayy!I love you so much, ma!”

“Ma! This is so tight!”

sai was pointing his erection in his pajamas which was visible to his mother. Even though she wasn’t sure, his mother wanted to make him comfortable.

“No problem. Just remove your dress.”


“Yes. Everything.”

sai started to remove his pajamas. From the looks of it, his cock was begging to be released from its prison. She understood boy of his age would get all excited from the kissing session before.

She did find a wet spot on his underwear, but she didn’t comment on it. When finally sai removed his undies, she was in for a surprise.

“Ma! Why my penis feels weird?”

“Since we were kissing before. Your penis got excited, which is very normal, baby. Don’t get scared.”

sai removed his t-shirt finally and was completely nude in front of his mother. Even though his mother witnessed his penis before and after his puberty, there were a lot of opportunities to see it. But now, she was admiring it in its glory.

His penis was definitely above average in length. She thought it might be smaller but it was other way round. it’s probably about 6.5 inches in its fully erect state, and fucking thick almost 4 inches . His jingle bells were hanging in the scotrum, which gave his entire organ a manly look, her mom was getting wet just by seeing his manhood. So she was shocked and surprised at the same time. He was way bigger than his own dad. But he was making up for that length in the girth department.

sai was packed with a fatter cock than his dad. But she didn’t show her reaction and proceeded to move near him.

“You got a big and cute penis, baby.”

“You sure? My friends have made fun of it before in the urinals.”

“Those idiots have no idea! Yours is more than perfect, darling.”

“But will girls love this size ma?”

“Remember this, sai. If a girl likes you for who you are, your penis size would be the last thing she would care about. But yes I assure that in your case girls will be flatten by just looking at your penis.”

“But can I do this penetration thing you were saying with mine?”

“This is more than enough. I will show you one by one, wait.”

sai was more than happy with this reaction from his mother as he was always insecure about his cock size from his teenage. His love for his mother was compounded thousand times from her comments. He started to feel a little bit of guilt about the act he was putting on.

Noticing his face changing, his mother pulled him and embraced his nude form without hesitation. Sai, taken aback, held her tighter and started planting kisses while nudging between her neck.

“Ma, don’t get upset. Your mangalsutra is disturbing our lessons.”

She didn’t think for a second before removing her mangalsutra and throwing at the picture of her husband placed on the table nearby.

“Come on, baby. No one would dare to come between us. Not even your father.”

“Ma, I am a little bit shy being without dress.”

“What is there to be shy about, baby?”

“Can you remove your dress too? I can also learn what a real woman’s body looks like,” Sai threw a bait innocently at his unfazed mother, hoping she would oblige.

“I don’t think you would like how I look, baby. I’m too old for displaying my feminine parts to a young guy like you.”

“Don’t say like that, ma! I would love you no matter what or how you look. Please!” Sai could sense his mother giving up.

“Okay! But this should completely stay between us like our kissing secret. If it ever gets out, we would be in big trouble.”

“Yaay!Pretty promise! I’ll help you.”

Sai lifted her nighty from this middle. His mother helped by unbuttoning those few buttons on the top. The first part for him to witness was her long slender legs. They were so shiny and smooth, and her thighs were so plumpy he got an urge to take a bite of it with his mouth.

When it came to her crotch, he noticed she was wearing black lingerie shiny even in that dim light. Then she completely removed her nightie for the first time. Sai saw the two biggest reasons his friends were always keen to come to his house and tried to impress his mother.

“Jesus, this woman is packing god-tier breasts,” Sai thought to himself, completely spellbound by his mother’s mammary glands.

She was wearing a matching black bra. It was perfectly fit over her extra large boobs and was begging to be released from their place. He always suspected her mother of packing great tits.

But she never wore revealing clothes when he was nearby. He got jealous thinking about his father, who enjoyed these heavenly bosoms for all these years.

“Baby, help me here,” his mother pointed her bra strap on her back. When he tried to reach it, she held him suddenly.

“What is it, ma? Remove your bra,” Sai begged.

“Wait for a second, babe. What I’m going to teach you now is going to help you for the rest of your life.” She hugged him tighter and placed his hands on the bra straps at her back. “Now, try to remove my bra hook without looking at it.”

“Okay. This is fun” Sai enthusiastically started trying to unhook her bra. But he was met with a new difficulty. His mother started kissing him while he was at his task, making it even harder. Sai was choking in these new sensations of kissing his mom and trying to get her nude simultaneously.

“Hmmph. Maa. It’s a little bit tight.”

“Show your skill, baby. You can do it. Mmuuahhh,” she continued devouring his mouth. And after a few minutes, he finally managed to get the hooks off, grabbed her bra away from her body, and threw it away.

He stopped kissing to witness the treasure he was waiting for forever. Looking at those magnificent breasts in closer vicinity made his head feel lighter. They were humongous and smooth as milk without any spot.

She did have a mole right on the top of her boobs near the nipple. It only made it look sexier. They were a little bit saggier than he imagined. But he never guessed that size, even in his dreams.

Her nipples were dark and pointy, and her areolas were bigger than those he saw in porn. Her sweat ran over those nips, making it look like she was leaking milk that was waiting to be sucked.

“Ma! These look wonderful. Wow.”

“These are the breasts, baby. Only with this, I fed you when you were a kid. You were always clinging to my chest even after you became a big kid.”

“No wonder, ma. How can I deny these? Can I…Can I touch those?”

“Go ahead, honey. But handle those carefully because they are sensitive from all the kissing.”

“But I didn’t kiss your boobies.”

“No idiot. It’s from our kissing on the mouth. I got excited. A woman’s nipple will get hard as the same way your peepee gets hard.”

“Haha. I get it now. But they do kiss here, right?” Sai pointed her boobs.

“I guess, yeah,” she laughed.

“Can I kiss your boobies? I want to see how it reacts.”

She was in awe of her son’s interest in learning about a woman’s body. His enthusiasm about her own body caused a tingling sensation between her legs.

“Okay. Let me lie then.” She laid on the bed on her back and pulled her son’s mouth near her boobs. Sai put down his legs over her stomach and snuggled between her boobs like a toddler searching for comfort.

“Put your mouth here and start. Aah! Wait, baby. Not like that. Look, take it in your mouth slowly. Don’t use your teeth.”

His mother started moaning in a low pitch and closed her eyes to enjoy this new sensation with her son. As for Sai, he was on a different planet. He was sucking the same boobs he sucked once as a baby. It got him to rock hard, and it started poking her hips.

His hands started roaming around, found the other boob, and pinched her nipples. He started drooling over the boobs he was sucking and left a few bites near her areolae. Whenever his teeth touched her nips, she shuddered and released a slight cry.

It was a complete sensory overload for her. She wondered how her son was so good for the first time in her head. She even doubted his intentions for a second. But that thought was completely drowned when his son’s hands moved over her stomach navel and almost touched near her pubes over her lingerie.

“Nah. Not there, baby,” she moved his hand back to her chest. She started pressing her boobs with her son’s palm. Sai returned to his senses and reminded himself not to make that mistake again.

He was here in bed with his mother by acting innocent. If he suddenly started to make a move on his own, she might find his true intentions. So he had to take it very slowly and play the long game.

“Does it hurt, maa? Should I stop?”

“Naah, baby. It’s the opposite. It’s been a long time to being sucked like that.”

“Papa doesn’t suck you?”

“Huh. He never cared for my pleasure. He will do his deed with his member and would move on to sleep as if nothing happened.”

“I can suck you all the time, Mamma.”

“I don’t think so, baby. This can get very intense. I can’t allow certain stuff.”

“What stuff, ma? Intercourse?”

“Aaah, baby. You are smarter than I thought you would be”

“Don’t worry, ma! I’m here for you.”

“You will, honey. Come here for a kiss, baby.”

She pulled him from her tits and started kissing his mouth. This time it was more intense than the first time. Their tongues played with each other. They exchanged saliva without any uncanny feeling.

Sai moved his body over hers and placed his member over her lingerie down there. He felt slight wetness on her undies with his cock. He thought maybe if he could push his luck even more, he could get inside that sweet pussy of hers.

Now I get why you were staring at my navel all the time. Ahh! Ouch!”

Sai was going crazy at his mother’s navel and was slobbering saliva all over it. Several bite marks near her navel became reddish within a few minutes since his skin was as soft and pale as milk.

“Slowly, honey. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Ma, your navel is so fleshy. I could kiss it all day.”

“Yeah. You wish!” she laughed.

When Sai probed his tongue into her navel hole, his mother moaned and curled up her toes.

“There is a lot to a woman’s body than breasts and navel. Don’t you want to learn?”

“I do, ma. But this navel is so irresistible!” Sai continued devouring her navel.

“If you listen to me, I can show you a few things that you will never forget.”

“Awww. Ok! What is it?” Sai stopped for a second.

“Move your body lower. Yes. Right there”

“Your underwear smells lovely, ma!”

“It’s not undie. It’s called lingerie baby. I wore just for this occasion to impress you.”

“It did, momma. Can I remove it?”

“What are you waiting for?” she lifted her hips slightly to help him.

Sai slowly inserted his fingers on the sides of her lingerie and opened the feminine treasure he had been waiting to see for so long. He moved it halfway up to her thighs and started gawking the glory hole.

“From which hole I came from?”

“Guess it.”

“Let me. Mmmm. Is this the one?” Sai pressed his finger over her labia.

“Close, baby. Let me help you,” she moved her labia like flower petals and showed him her cunt at its full glory.

“It smells musky,” Sai took a quick sniff.

“Does it smell bad?”

“Nah. Not at all. I love it,” he placed a kiss right above her clit.

“This is where your father pumped his penis and created you.”

“Why it is all hairy, ma? The book you showed doesn’t have hair at all.”

“This is how a real vagina looks like, babe. And I prefer bush rather than shaved. Shaved pussies looks clean but will itch like crazy.”

“Does it itch it for you?” Sai inserted a finger into her pussy.

“Argh. Baby,” she was taken by surprise.

“Sorry. Did it hurt?”

“Uh. No. Babe.”

“Can I kiss it like I kiss your navel?”

“That is called oral sex, baby. Since you were a good boy and listened to me, I will let you this time.”

“Woohoo! Can I use my tongue?”

“Do whatever you want to do with it.”

Sai didn’t need any more green signals. He pressed his face right into her pussy and started motorboating it. She laughed for a little and opened her thighs wide open to pull him closer.

He wanted to act like he knew nothing about eating a pussy. So he started slowly by kissing her mound and playing with her clit for a bit. Then his tongue dived into her pussy which took her by surprise. She started moaning loud, and her breathing got heavier.

Whenever his teeth touched her labia, she pressed his head harder into her cunt with her hands holding his hair. She started leaking juice like crazy, which made the sucking easier.

His face was full of her vaginal liquid, and for a minute, he started wondering whether she pissed urine or not. Sai was not into piss play.

“Ma, is this urine?”

“No, honey. You made me so wet with your mouth. I squirted for a second. It’s not piss. It is the same as the semen a man produces. Nothing to worry about, baby!”

“My mouth and tongue are tired, ma. Let me rest for a bit.”

“Ok, baby. Come here,” she pulled him and placed his head over her boobs.

Ahh. Boobies. I want to suck,” Sai started blabbering with his eyes closed and took half of her nipple into his mouth.

“You said you were tired, rascal! Now you want my boobs?”

“Yeah. Ma!” Sai started to move his cock over her pussy.

“Hmm, babe. Don’t!” she tried to move his cock away with her hand.

“Aah, ma! Yah, it’s wonderful, ma.” Sai started leaking cum when she touched his member for the first time.

Since his member was rock hard, it poked straight over her labia and almost started sliding inside because of the wetness. She jerked her body when his dick head entered into her, it was so thick than it looked, thicker than her hubby. His attempt to move his cock made it only harder, and finally, she gave up.

“Ufff aaahhhh…..mmmm”. I think today is your lucky day. Let me teach you intercourse too.”

“Hmmm. Ma. It is so warm down there.”

“This one is called missionary position, baby. Are you listening?”

“Ya, mama. Should I move it?”

“Yeah, move it slowly inside and out. Let me give you a rhythm,” she started gyrating her hips to give him the motion he caught very soon.

“Aah, ma. This feels so good,” Sai started slowly pumping his mother’s pussy.

“It does, baby. You are finally having sex.”

“This is so wonderful. Your pussy feels so so tight around my peepee, ma!”

“Your cock is so fat, baby. That’s why. Yeah. Just like that, plese be gentle baby.”

Both of them were in a blissful state, savouring every moment between them. His dick was stretching her walls to its limits which her hubby’s did not.Their mom-son relationship is completed in every aspect. They felt a connection between their soul like a divine act.

Sai started pumping his cock faster. The feeling of his mother’s pussy over his penis was out of this world. No amount of porn would come close to this. The wet plop sounds it made along with the heat of her pussy pushed Sai into an almost trance state. He was pushing his thick cock in and out of her tight hairy cunt like a pro. Valli was in seventh heaven feeling her own son’s dick satisfying her for all these years. She was in verge of reaching another orgasm, she held his buttocks and pushed it against her, and within seconds she attained her orgasm.

He felt like he was in some other heavenly dimension and started to feel like the portal was closing soon.

“Yeah. Faster baby. Yeah, like that. Come on. Feel your mother’s pussy.”

“Aaa. I think I’m going to pee.”

“It’s not pee, baby. Yah cum inside me.”

All this dirty talk from his mom made him fuck her crazy. He started pounding his meat into her vagina like a mad man. After what felt like an eternity, Sai finally ejaculated into his mother.

“Aah! Momma!” Sai clenched his butt and squeezed the rest of his cum into her pussy.

She could feel his semen running between her cunt and leaking on the bed. His cum felt like a hot liquid. She could feel his cock beating in the same rhythm as his heartbeat.

“How was your first orgasm, darling?”

“Oh my god! This is the best feeling ever, ma!”

“Yeah, it does feel amazing.”

“Are we going to have a baby now?” Sai cooed in a worried tone.

“I know this might happen. I took a pill for that. Don’t worry about it, baby.”

“I love you so much, mummy!” Sai hugged his mother’s naked form with his penis inside her cunt.

“Get up and clean yourself, baby. It’s better if you have a warm bath.”

“Ok, ma. Let me remove my penis.”

His penis slid out smoothly, and he could still feel the heat on his penis from all the pumping. His cock started to become flaccid and felt sore with touch. Even his flaccid penis was quite big as her husband’s erected one.

Sai went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. When he contemplated today’s experience, his mother entered the bathroom and started cleaning herself without any shyness. Both of them helped each other wash their body.

Sai could feel his member raising once again when soaping his mother’s boob and cunt. But she quickly washed and left the washroom. Sai began to dream about the night with his mother as it got darker.

He hoped to try a new position and if he is lucky, maybe she would give him a blowjob, he thought to himself. And finally both mom and son had a insect sex until her hubby returned.

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