Meena My Sexy Maid

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Hello guys, this is San. coming with sex encounter with my neighbour maid. now she is heart of my sex life. this is my first experience so if any mistakes please excuse.

After nearly 1 year of work from home, i have asked to do work from Office in Coimbatore. Finally Moved to Coimbatore and rented a house in first floor as my landlord is staying in ground floor, to my Surprise i have seen two good ladies around 30 years.

It was summer time in Coimy and i had gone out a evening smoke , when i returned to my hurs noticed a 5’5 , wheatish complexioned, around 30 year old woman, 36-30-34 measurements, sweeping the house entrance , her heart-shaped-ass facing my eyes and walking backwards.. I was stunned at the work of art and i stood still in appreciation. She kept walking backwards, not knowing where i was, and her ass collided with my erect cock.. she turned around, looked suprised at me and said sorry. I noticed she had a long face, her lips swollen and cheeks inward, perfect for a blow job and a nose ring gave her face a sexy touch. The contradiction of the hot weather and her hot body, made me immediately get a turn on .

She smiled at me and inserted her pallu into her endless navel and walked away. I went and asked the watchman sitting outside who she was. He said “her name is Meena, she is new to the Area.. works for people in the area.” i could see by the look on the watchmans face that he too lusted for her and noticed some men sitting outside were staring hungrily at her fleshy hips, and her ass bounce as she walked by. Clearly she was the new hottie. I decided she is my target to bed and i was going to have sex with her and become the envy of the men in the area.

I decided to do some research on Meena, before I could seduce her. I found out, she was from Ooty and she visited her husband and family only once in 2 weeks and stayed in the house she worked in. The people in the area often used to go on tours and be out-of-station, so Meena was basically a house-maid who maintained the house and because of her simple nature My landlady had trusted to her to stay in her house when they were out of town. This made me think, that Meena would be lonely for long periods of time in the house, which was a perfect situation to win her over and show her heaven.

The next day, I pretended I had to meet the family for whom Meena worked and rang the bell of their house. I knew there was no-one there except Meena and it was my first opportunity to rub myself around her. She opened the door, with a surprised look cause she wasn’t expecting anyone. I was stunned to see she was wet from a bath, the water making her purple saree literally transparent and her long wet hair reaching upto her navel, made me eat her with my lustful eyes. I could even see the outline 2 perky nipples jutting out through her blouse. Controlling myself

I said “is mr. kumar there? I have returned after a year , so I thought I’d say hello”.
Meena replied “No, sir. He is not here anymore , he and his family come rarely”.

Me: “Oh. Im from the floor above. So you live alone here is it”?
She nodded yes.

Me: “such a big house, u live alone, you must be bored?”.
Meena: smiled and said “Ya, I feel trapped inside this house, but what to do it gives me good money, so I stay here”
Me: “Oh even I feel bored sometimes, since im on a break.. So why don’t we chat a while”. She looked a bit surprised at my offer, but I guess she was in need of company so she agreed.

She went into the kitchen and made a cup of tea for me and returned. I was waiting on the sofa for her. She came gave me the cup and sat down near my legs.

Me: “hey what is this.. why do u have to sit down , sit here on the sofa” and gestured her to sit near me. She blushed at the remark

Meena:“Sir, you are from high society and educated, how can i?”

Me: I laughed “Nonsense. All that shouldn’t be there among 2 people. Come feel free, sit.” She felt confident at my words and sat down , but at a distance from me.

I chatted about my job and what I do for a living, asking her questions about her background and life. She was decently educated upto class 10, but poverty prevented her further studies. She had got married by 20, still didn’t have a child after 8 years of marriage. Her husband was a foreman back in the village, but since had huge loans to repay she had to come here to work. I found her to be polite and smart in her speech. I even helped her find a few tamil books to read around the house and taught her how to operate the remote to watch tv to ease her boredom.

Meena: with a broad smile “thank you, you are so helpful”. I had won her admiration.

Nearly one and half hours passed, and I was lustily staring at her D-shaped boobs as she prepared some lunch. Her smell wafting from the flowers she wore was seducing me and the Vertical slit of navel, and her buxom ass was all in full view. I could see the black bra holding tightly across her sexy back and greedily imagined licking my tongue across her long legs upto her pussy. My erection was throbbing, but I had to be patient. Timing was the key.

We had a nice lunch and resumed our chat on the sofa. I got some playing cards out and started playing bluff (a game of guessing each others lies). In the middle of the game, I posed a question “so Meena, do you miss your husband?”.

Meena: “ya sometimes”. (after a long slience, She raised her eyebrows at the double meaning of the question)

Me: smiled innocently and asked “at night huh?”.

Meena quickly became shy and said “No, why are you asking all this”.
I slid my hand across the couch and placed it on her shoulder and said “Im asking, to know if I can help u in that regard”. She gave my hand a glance and looked at my smiling face.

I moved my finger down her back, gently tickling it. She got the idea in my head , and said “perhaps its time for u to leave”. But I knew she wanted more, I moved my body forward and landed a kiss on her lush lips. Now my entire weight was on her and she felt the erection of my cock and she turned her head away shyly as I began kissing her all over her neck. She was struggling to get away, but my hands were firmly holding hers. I then moved down her body to open her blouse, she suddenly freed away and stood up and asked “Hey what are you doing? I hardly know who you are.. you cant come in like this and use me.” I went near her face, and kissed her ears softly and whispered “come on.. you know you are missing this in your life, give me access to your body, I guarantee you maximum pleasure”.

She stood rigidly refusing to yield to my proposal. I bent down to her foot level and touched it with my hands. She looked surprised but took no effort to stop me, I knew I could take this further. I gently lifted her foot off the floor and started kissing it and licking her toes. Her eyes widened in shock of pleasure, I could see she had never been treated so royally. I massaged her ankles and began kissing her feet once more. She closed her eyes to enjoy my foot worship as I looked up her tall body and saw the highway of pleasure written all over it.

I then moved my hands up her calf, legs and thighs and came to a halt holding her curvy hips for support I began kissing my way to the top and reached face to face with her. I could see excitement and fear in her eyes. I closed my eyes and locked my lips with hers.. I could feel her lips trembling as I let my tongue explore her mouth. I went behind her and placed both my arms on the edge of her shoulders and began massaging them as she closed her eyes , in one swift move I removed her blouse and bra and she was toples.

Meena exclaimed in shock, seeing her denuded breasts hanging there like ripe mangoes. Her face became red in shyness as she covered her boobs with her palms. But I was too strong for her as I forced open her hands and placed my fingers on her rock hard nipples. I was cupping her perfectly shaped tits and running my fingers along her large aerola . I continued to play them with for a while, bouncing them up and down and squeezing them like soft balloons.

I then went ahead of her, got down to waist level to examine her navel. It was a wonderful creation that looked like a long line across her stomach, but when I let my tongue inside her navel, it seemed to go in forever. Her succulent curves were my next target, as I began biting her hips with passion and licking the vast area of fleshy waist. My god, this woman was a walking feast. I wrapped my arms around her stomach, went face to face with her navel and said “you are mine”, and gave it 10 wet smooches.. Meena’s face was fighting the urge of laughter and pleasure at my navel-sucking.

I began pulling off the saree that remained around her Cushion like ass and lower half. Soon she was only standing with a black panty in front of me. She had a hour-glass figure. I rubbed that top part of her pussy to stimulate her sexual urge and let my fingers play across her tight vagina. Soon her panty became wet with excitement. I removed her the panty down her long legs and round thighs , to reveal a brown pussy with swollen lips and actually well shaved and maintained. The ends of her triangular pussy converged making a nice double chin cameltoe. I bit her vagina with the front part of my teeth and pulled it forward causing her to moan “aaahhahahaaaaaa” and started licking around it a excited dog as she stood immobile.

I moved a step back and examined this nude statue like deepa. She had 5 moles sexily placed on her body by god like an artist, one above her lips, one center of her chest between the breasts and one correctly on her inner thighs.

Me: “Paah ungala mari oru aunty kedaipangala yarachikum”. ( no one will get a hotest aunty like you)

She looked confused “ ottu thuni ilana ammanama iruken, ne seiya matiyah” (am already nude in front of u , don’t you want to finish me?)

I went and raised her chin up to face me and said looking into her eyes “There is a difference between me and ur husband. Ur husband wants his pleasure, I want our pleasure.” I went inside and got a plain paintbrush and some paint. She asked “Hey where is the paper? How will you paint me?”. I replied with a sly tone “why do I need paper,when I have your body?”. I ran the smooth feathers of my paintbrush across her nipples and her pussy , she bit her lips in pleasure and began looking upward. I placed the tip of the brush at her forehead and ran down the length of her nude body. She was suppressing her moans “ummmmmmmmmmmmm”…

I then turned her around and saw the vast canvas of her bare back facing me. Her figure was astonishing with a peach of an ass shaped like a heart inviting me in. I got an idea and dipped some white colour and painted a pair of wings across her back. She said “Hey what have u painted”. I slapped her soft ass and made her stand on all 4’s like a horse on the bed, I said “Its time to fuck an angel”. I pulled out my rod and she stood admiring the long throbbing cock. I pierced her ass , rubbing my hands all over the seductive curvy ass, from behind and started moving my tool up and down inside her ass. She was screaming on top of her voice “ah ahahaha”. It felt like riding a winged angel seeing the pattern across her naked structure. I continued to ass-fuck for nearly 10 mins till the pain of pleasure became too much for her.

After her ass fuck, it was time for my favourite tit-fuck. I turned her around, trapping her arms underneath my knees , made a bridge between her breasts and let my cock slide in and out between them. Everytime my long cock would slide upto the edge of her mouth and she would sexily try to catch it with her lips, but she would miss. But after a while, she caught my cock with her mouth and pushed me on the bed and began chewing my cock with lust as I went into heaven from the blow job. As she kept licking the length of dick, she kept looking upwards to see if im going to ejaculate.. But I controlled myself. I had to store it for the final fuck.

After the blow job, She became lust-mad as she ripped off my shirt and pant and undies and said with a smile “U made me naked, I make u naked.. We are even”. I liked her enthusiasm in bed, the blow-job had me aroused with pleasure to the max, I had to relax for around 10 minutes. So I placed my head on her pillow like fleshy thighs, right below her nipples and began sucking them like a hungry child. I would keep fondling one tight nipple in one hand while I was chewing the other one with force. She wanted to keep up with me and kept stroking my hair and feeling my erect cock with her long fingers. I remarked “wow deepa, you are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted”. She smiled and said “I have never experienced anything like today, all of a sudden u came and u opened my body and my eyes to such pleasure.. I LOVE YOU”.

After nearly 2 hours of various erotic experiences, I decided it was time to fuck her straight. I went and fingered her brown vagina lips to reveal a pink interior. Her pussy was nice and tight so the pleasure would be immense. First I decided we would stimulate ourself to the point of orgasm , so I went put my dick in her awaiting mouth and my mouth in wonderful hole. We 69-ed for 10 mins, licking, kissing and biting each others genitals. I took some of her precum and rubbed it on my dick as a lubricant for the final journey.

She spread her legs and said “Fuck me till I say stop”. I proudly flashed my dick like a weapon and locked the target of her pussy and entered it with joy. She closed her eyes once more as the wave of lust hit our bodies. Everytime it entered and excited at a higher speed. I kept raising the speed of entry and it made a tapping noise hitting her soft interiors. Sometimes I would let the length of my entire cock stay inside her warm pussy and began kissing her lips and nips. Then I began raising the speed of my cock penetrating her vertical hole. She raised her legs and placed it on my shoulders for a deeper fuck, as I continued my methodical drilling. Finally I felt a uncontrolled feeling spreading throughout my body and informed “Meena, im going to cum aaah”. She said “Cum inside me, I want to have your child..”. This was a blessing indeed, since I didn’t want to waste my sperm and obeyed happily. Her juice began to flow easing my entry into her as my sperm came shooting forward at jet speed and cummed all over her pussy forming a white web.

Exhausted from our effort, I laid my head between her boobs and looked at her eyes above and said “I love you too Meena”.

I continued my lust ridden affair for a long time with Meena, experimenting more in bed and tasted every part her sexy body had to offer.

In next part will tell how i get caught with landlady aunty and had a threesome.

until then bye from San forgot to tell me age I’m 25, if any girls, aunties wanted to have a horny chat and meet can reach me on [email protected]

Part 2 will be available based on the feedback for this story

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