How I Fucked my sexy Neighbour Bhabhi

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This is our first story on this portal.( Name and location are not real). It will be a very long story but with all real facts.

So I will let you know about me. My name is Raja, I am an average looking Indian maleof 28 years.

This is the story about how I got into a relationship with neighbour married lady Pia bhabhi.

Let me tell you about Pia bhabhi , she is a true indian beauty aged 34 years ( taller than average Indian female ), perfect boobs of 34 size waist around 28 and hips again around 34. She resembles 99% Karishma Tanna. Those who don’t know Karsihma Tanna please google her.

So Pia bhabhi came to stay next door almost an year back. She used to work with one of the leading hotels as front office manager.
My interaction started with her on the very first day when she arrived in my society. I met her in the lift, mujhe ache se yaad hai she was wearing a light pink colour salwar suit. Mujhe Pia bhabhi lift me mili thi first time. Mai unhe dekh ke bahut khus hua that so beautiful lady is there in my lift, when we stopped at the same 32nd floor, looking at her luggage I asked her have you shifted here.

Pia bhabhi: yes hum aaj hi shift hue hai, My name is Pia and she raises to shake her hand.

Raja: ( My lucky day) I responded to her hand shake and told that my name is Raja and I am your neighbour and If you need any help just let me know.

After an hour she rang my doorbell and got some details of the Internet provider. I wanted to ask for her number but didn’t get the courage to ask for the same.

Time passed and I was just able to do some casual hi hello and added her in some social sites, where we used to chat casually. I wanted to know her more but was not getting any opportunity.
Meanwhile I had created a good friendship with her hubby Ajit.

One day Ajit Bhaiyya came to my house and said that his laptop is giving some issues. Can I have a look as he knows I am an expert in all gadgets and tech things. I said leave the laptop for a day and you can collect it tomorrow.
I updated the softwares and got the laptop rectified in 2 hours, then I thought let’s see what’s there in the laptop, it was mostly his office stuff and some movies and songs. Somehow I reached a secret folder which consisted of his and Pia bhabhi honeymoon and Intimate pics.

Ohhh my god mai satve aasman pe tha, I saw Pia bhabhi in a bikini, in just her bra and Panty pics. She was looking like a sexy doll, she was that beautiful. Aisa lag raha tha uparwaale ne puri fursat me unko taras ke banaya hai. I was so high that I masturbated them and there. I also copied those photos in my hard disk for looking at them in future.

I started liking Pia bhabhi more and more after looking at those photos. I adjusted my gym timing as per her timing so that we can meet regularly. And maine himmat karke unka number bhi maang liya. Ab hum tegular chat karne lage and dhire dhire humari dosti ho gayi. We started talking about most of the stuff which good friends can talk about. We both were happy to have each other as friends, she said that I can just call her Pia instead of Pia Bhabhi, which I agreed but with one condition that when we both are only there I will call her Pia, in front of everyone else I will call you Pia bhabhi. Her husband has joined a new job and was on job tours abroad for half of the month

In between our chats and talks I used to praise her for her beauty and should tell her that you can easily go and sit in a college crowd and nobody will doubt you as you look so young. One day I told her that my friends are planning to go to the pub, but I will not be going as I don’t wanna get bored there all alone as everyone will be busy with their girlfriend. She said that she will be happy to accompany me to the pub as Ajit Bhaiyya is not in town ,but she needs to be back home before 11:30 pm. It was my dream come true.

Mai besabri se party ke din ka intejar karne laga, mujhe Pia ko unke hotel se pick karna tha. Ohh when she came out from the hotel , I saw her from a distance, she was looking so hot and beautiful in that one piece Black dress. I opened the passenger side door for her And said to her that she was looking just wowwwww. Her dress was perfectly revealing her assets , her sexy leg was visible till her creamy thighs and her cleavage was visible to give anyone a boner. She said thanks and sat in the car. The whole car was aromatic with her fragrance While we were on our way to the pub she told me let’s have fun with your friends and tell them that I am your girlfriend. I happily agreed to it.
We reached the pub and as planned I introduced Pia bhabhi as my girlfriend. All my friends were happy, stunned and jealous as I was having such a beautiful girlfriend. I don’t drink alcohol, but Pia took 2 glasses of wine and was a little high. She took me to the dance floor, I am a pathetic dancer, but I enjoyed being close to her. With my hands holding her waist it was so romantic and arousing. While dancing I was able to touch her closely. Every male in the pub was staring at my beautiful Pia, I was feeling proud that she was my partner.

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