Getting sexually attached to my ex girlfriend’s mother 😝

It was 9.45pm aunty was still taking to me abt her school day, she told me how long hair she had back then. I told you still have the gorgeous hair of all the women I have seen !

She blushed nd covered her face, as she was leaning towards floor I saw the straight line of hair few white mix with tick jet black silky hair this gave me boner. I went Close to her kept my right hand on her head I felt the current of tht touch I got so hard, literally would hav lowered my pant nd put my D in her mouth so deep she would chock 😍

Had all this going in my mind kept my hand on her bare nape area touched her hair bridle said you still got this silky hair I love them ♥️
She didn’t move so I followed her hair bridal till it’s tip which was reaching her ass she felt the warm touch of my hand on her butt, I said also they are long enough to make a man like me touch them again and again ♥️

She was red came close to me I hug her her hair where touching my chest they were making me horny, the fragrance of her hair 😍 I was driven crazy nw I could feel her breath getting heavy n her hand on my leg.
Without wasting time I grabbed her hair and kissed on her juicy lips she didn’t react my hand moved to her blowes her eyes where closed she was getting warmer with every kiss I plan on her lips neck ear she grabbed my D while I was kissing her. She said enough of drama , nd removed my pant grabbed my D started to suck me like a pro 😍

I was standing their holding her silky jet black hair crushing them n pushing my D deep in her mouth she got chocked but didn’t stopped me I opened up her hair removed those knot’s easy n slow the black water fall was flowing while she was sucking me hard she wanted my D from many days it seem. She sucked my D and the balls. I was in heaven 😍

We where in different world she swollen my cum gave me tht smile I opened up her blouse made seat in my lap sucked her boobs nd nipples she became charged again her sarre was lose she hugged me skin to skin her boobs are soft nd firm. I was hard by this tight hug her nipples are red and she wanted me inside her she was nw biting on my chest. She was too much wild for her age, reason being her husband never gave her that much attention.

She was all over me I started giving her kisses all over her neck grabbed n pressed her boobs they are my fav of all the women I hav been with juicy fair n ferm with perfect nipples 🤌🏻. I went down licked her pussy her juices where flowing already I took her right nippel in mount n pressed her left boob while teasing her pussy by keeping my D on the entrance she was grabbing it nd pulling me closer but I kept my distance she got her orgasme then entered her pussy she was still in her phase of orgasme she tried to stop me I was deep inside her she didn’t say a word was in pain nd pleasure. I told her to keep her eyes open while I was fucking her .

We had sex till 11.30 but the time I came 2 times n she one good orgasme we ware in doggie this was new for her but she is a quick learner she blasted quickly in doggie but I wasn’t done so I made her seat on my D told her to ride me this was beautiful side to watch her riding me her face was saying it all she was in heaven she is thick MILF her boobs wher bouncing her hair where touching my legs from behind her wherever she was putting her head back I used to grab her neck n pull her closer I came inside her but she was okay with it she laid in my chest I was playing with her hair my D was semi erect inside her while playing with her hair she said I wish I was married to a man like you have multiple time sex wherever I want.

I said we aren’t married but we can have sex whenever we want however we Like . Yesterday we had good time her hair jus love them I told her I’m writing a story abt us she read it nd she said you forgot to mention where we were about to be caught in action so if you guys want that part of story DM on my insta also the women in pune I hav news I’ll be in your town for next 3 mnths will love to meet you don’t be shy to contact sexual desires are natural fulfill them with a person who won’t disclose your real name n protect your privacy ❤️

For any comment on my story DM on my insta ID link for the Insta ID :longhair_fetishes

Boy’s who hav desire for their persons in house or wanna take hair job from their relatives or family member hair DM krlo bhai tips hai tumhare bhai ke pass 😉

Maje karo or dusroko bhi shikvav 😜

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