Forest Girl Erica

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Forest Girl Erica

It had happened when Erica was just going to be fourteen; she was very young. Her quest for getting naked and wanted to be seen naked by others kept growing uncontrollably. She was successful in getting naked in presence of new friends for two days in that hot summer. Then baby sitting at Jassica aunt’s place was great adventure with those naughty boys. The baby sitting experience with that little baby and the feeling of super sensitivity on her nipples was still fresh in her mind. Erica was almost certain that she would have great time in Victoria. But again the uncertainties of life are always compelling and unimaginable. Her mom lost her job and was struggling to go along with life; and aunt Flora needed someone to be with her ;so Erica’s mom took her to live with aunt Flora for few weeks till she could find some job.

Aunt Flora had been very active all her life, though the effects of getting in to old age were quite compelling. Her vision has grown very weak and she could see very blur images from close distance. She was unable to see anything at distance longer than few feet .Her memory too telling on her. She could hardly remember anything. All these effects have put her in her own world. Actually the location where aunt lived by herself in a remote corner of the woods, at the end of a little valley somewhere up in the mountains; what most would consider the ends of the world; was very unique place for young Erica.

Within two days after arrival Erica’s mom arranged all basic necessary things and left in search of new job. During those two days Erica had visited the neighbouring town with her mom twice and purchased numerous new variety of fish. That particular fish attracted her young mind because it appeared to flash a light when it touched its food before catching. She did not know that it was electric rays fish known as Temera. Another variety she got was eel fish .She actually did not know what she was going to do with them but she vaguely thought that may she will keep growing them in a fish tank. However she could not find any suitable tank and had kept them in small plastic bucket. The fish remained unattended for quite a few days.

After her mom’s departure, Erica continued with aunt Flora to care for her. Aunt Flora, a very independent spinster her whole life, had also been a teacher ages ago in the little town five or six miles away. She could teach anything all the way up to high school level. Though due to aging problems there were limitations. So for Erica it was nothing more than just living with Aunt Flora. Like it happens to all old people Aunt Flora was getting more and more forgetful about usual normal routines of life. Within first two days Erica noticed that aunt Flora’s attention wandered more to other things and she seemed to pay less attention to her and very rarely needed any assistance; that left with lots of free time for Erica.

From the very first day of her arrival Erica loved the woods. It always felt safe there—it became her playground. Erica found herself wandering further into the woods .Her mind was trying to work out more ways and avail opportunities to try out her young fantasies. In woods Erica always felt safe.

Erica always was spending as much time in the woods as possible. Within first few days, Erica has gone much deeper in woods wearing just a loose sleeveless oversize night gown without even bra or panties under. And it was wonderful feeling of fresh breeze flowing all over her naked body. Erica was considering; maybe… just maybe… stay there….and try being completely naked in the woods. She remembered how she got into that incident when she tried to collect the mail for mail box that afternoon venturing naked outside and the door was locked, leaving her locked out naked. Though it was quite an embarrassing incident it had ignited like wild flames the desire of getting out naked in full view of people. She wanted to try her fantasies of being naked out in nature here in the woods and may be aunt Flora may not even know. Just a few days at a time, at first, to see what it was like—to see if her aunt would even notice…

Suddenly the days and evenings became very warm. Once or twice Erica went almost naked very close to aunt and Erica was surprised that aunt Flora did not even notice her nakedness. Erica knew that if she leaves or enters the house without a stitch on her body aunt won’t even notice her.

The weather grew warmer and warmer, and the leaves in the forest returned in greater lushness almost suddenly. Now Erica had been walking and wandering usual paths during the day many times completely naked. It was late April, and been unusually warm. Over the next ridge was a small lake, a couple miles away from aunt Floora’s house and in the opposite direction of town. Erica had found it just recently and had visited it regularly since then; one of these days Erica suddenly remembered about the fish and took them to the recently found lake and released them in the nature. Erica felt sooo good doing that and realized that— it was where she wanted to try several things her devious heart had been dying to do now.

On that Tuesday morning when Erica administered some sedatives for aunt Floora she knew it was the day of her forest adventure and maybe she would spend not only all day out in forest; she was considering a night out in the forest.

On that bright sunny day Erica left home immediately after aunt Floora was under influence of sedative and covered ground quickly and made it there before noon. She was wearing her usual sleeveless sheer night gown with deep V-cut neck in front and back; it had huge arm holes cutting low up to thighs; apparently the dress was actually custom made for aunt Flora to make it easy for wearing. Erica was complete naked under the lose dress. Erica walked as fast to make it as soon as it could be; she was sweating profusely.

When Erica reached the top of ridge the beautiful lake was like a beautiful sight to her young eyes. The lake was completely enveloped within the forest; the nearest settlement was about two miles which was aunt Flora’s house. The lake covered the area roughly more than a football field. Standing on top of the ridge on highest rock the lake looked beautiful in the noonday sun. The ridge bordered the lake on one side and there was a wall of rock on that side; it was also where the lake was deepest. The forest bordered both sides of the lake up to the opposite end, which was shallow, marshy, and muddy.

Erica’s heart was beating hard…. Without even really needing to do so, she looked all around, making sure there was no one watching her. There wasn’t. Aunt Flora was two miles away over the ridge in the neighbouring valley, and she was the closest human being. Erica just pulled over her gown. The feeling of the cool air on breasts sent a delicious shiver down the spine and stood barefoot and bare-breasted in the damp grass looking in all directions again. She was naked! Outside!! In flash, without even thinking, Erica held out her only piece of dress and flung it up in air which went flying down the trees below the rock where she was standing —“I could always find it later“ thought Erica . Naked girls didn’t need clothes, after all… and instantly Erica knew she LOVED this.

Erica’s teenage body had developed into the sort of body that would have made other girls at school jealous. Her small breasts were firm and she loved her breasts. She had some kind of erotic imaginations about her breasts and she loved how they looked, how they felt… and she loved the shiver that ran down her spine as a cool breeze lapped at her perky nipples. Erica gasped as she saw them harden. Feeling even bolder, Erica strode away from her safe place up the rocks, to the little cliff on the far end of the lake, about thirty feet above the water. She took a deep breath, grinned, and shouted, “I’m naked! NAKED!! I’m not wearing ANYTHING!” The birds stopped for a moment, and continued singing. The forest accepted her, whether she was naked or not.

“Oh my god… I’m so going to do this all the time from now on!” Erica said breathlessly to herself, as she clambered down the rocks back into the forest. Everything looked new and exciting to her. She walked naked all along the edge of the lake, not really sure what she was looking for, but enjoying every minute sensation her naked, exposed skin was sending her. The forest floor here was soft, and the bushes… god, the bushes… when they touched her nipples they got hard again instantly, and made her inhale softly. She loved it even more when the bushes and the leaves would glance across her exposed vagina—THAT was something that thrilled her, in ways she hadn’t yet anticipated. Something about that place between her legs was special. Erica was determined to explore this.

The day grew warmer, and the sun heating her skin reminded Erica that there was something else she came here to do. She found a nearby break in the bushes lining the water, and knelt at the lake’s edge. The ground here was slightly muddy because of the water, and the cool, squishy ground under her knees felt good. Erica stuck a hand into the water, to test how cold it was. It was cold, but it wasn’t frigid, as she had expected. It was shallow here and the sun had warmed the water to being almost lukewarm. She smiled. This was perfect.

Erica stood, a black trickle of mud running down her legs from her knees, and she stepped into the water. It didn’t take her long to get used to it, and she slowly waded further in. The lakebed was a few inches deep in mud and algae, and as she wandered in to knee-depth she felt herself walking on submerged, slightly scratchy plants, growing in the muck.

The mud between her toes felt really good. She kept going, maybe twenty feet now from the lakeshore. It got deeper quicker here, and at the bottom the water got a tiny bit colder, but she had no intention of stopping now. The cool water embraced her vagina and crawled up to her waist in the next step alone—she stopped momentarily to enjoy this sensation. A few more steps and her breasts were submerged, the water now up to her shoulders. She took a breath, and ducked under water, totally submerging herself. She came up, and set her feet back in the muck, and cleared the water from her eyes. It only felt cold in the first second; now the water felt perfect.

“Aaaahhhhh…” sighed Erica, and she kicked up and floated on her back. The water, the birds singing, the sun shining… it was exactly as she had dreamed all winter. No, it was better, much better. Her imagination couldn’t compare to this, to all these delightful new sensations! She was hooked. Nothing would ever stop her now, from fulfilling anything else her fantasies could cook up. The reward of this was enough to ensure that!

Erica swam around for a while, not really paying any attention any more to how long she took. Then, slowly, she remembered those scratchy-feeling plants, growing down there on the lakebed, in the soft warm muck. That mischievous grin slowly grew on her face again. Erica took a breath, and dove under water. The water here was maybe four or five feet deep, and was rather dark, but she could see well enough once she got to the bottom. She spread herself out and let her naked body sink into the weeds…. Ohhhhhh. The instant the plants rubbed up against her body, especially those delicious sensitive areas, she was glad she did this. She swam slowly, lazily, along the bottom, groaning underwater in spite of herself as they brushed against her skin. She came back up reluctantly for air, and paused. She was in shallower, warmer water, waist-depth… facing the mucky, muddy, swampy end of the lake, tapering ahead of her.

Several ideas hit her at once and she didn’t pause this time, diving back under water. She collected as many of the plants as her air would allow, and moved forward as she surfaced a second time, walking slowly into shallower, muddier water. In a few seconds the water ceased and she was ankle-deep in mud, which also felt good. Holding onto her precious plants, she stopped where she was momentarily, and bent her knees, allowing herself to sink slowly into mud, closing her eyes as the stuff rose up her body. That felt… so… goooood…

It was up to her breasts when she was kneeling, so she set her plants carefully aside on top of the mud, and relishing the sensation, used her hands to cover what was left of her skin in the cool goop. She only left her face and hair alone. Erica had always had short hair, but Erica didn’t want to try washing the stuff out of her hair, even with the cool refreshing lake water. She slowly stood up, dripping in thick brown mud, and walked further up to a shallower area, bringing her lake plants. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, but something inside was driving her… and she had given in to obeying it completely by now, regardless of what it was. She got to where the mud was deeper, turned around, and sat in the warm mud. She found a dry, cleanish-looking piece of wood, positioned it behind her, and lay back in the mud so that her head was resting on it. What was she doing? Erica didn’t know anymore. Her young, wild body was in control, and she had every intent on surrendering, on giving in. Somehow it felt natural to do that… and soooo rewarding, too…

Without even thinking, Erica’s knees came apart, and she slowly spread her legs. She didn’t even realize she had done it until her feet were far apart, resting in the mud, and she felt a breeze licking at the now open slit of her vagina, where little mud had gotten to yet. Again, she felt a delicious shiver down her spine at the sensation. Erica’s eyes rolled back into her head and her eyes shut. Now she let her body take over. Eyes closed, she reached for a handful of the soft yet scratchy lake plants she’d collected minutes ago, and slowly pushed them down the middle of her body, making a little trail in the mud and exposing a faint pink line down her torso as some of her skin shone through. Her trembling hand, clutching a few of the plants, stopped at her pussy, which was moist now… but not because of mud. Erica didn’t notice. Gently she parted the lips some more and pushed the plants against the sensitive, glistening pink flesh with a flat palm. She took a deep breath… and slowly pushed the plants up and down, gently, against her young body.

“Ahhhh!!” she cried and her back arched immediately, thrusting her mud-covered breasts higher into the air. The gentle abrasiveness of the plants caused her muscles to tense and made her gasp, and she paused momentarily, biting her lip. She hadn’t expected that. She paused, and moved the plants up and down again, with her palm. She experienced the same sensation, but this time it was slightly more familiar, and more anticipated… and it felt good, strangely good. Erica kept rubbing the plants, up and down. Her breath grew ragged, and she unknowingly pushed the plants harder against her soft pussy. The more she rubbed them against her clit the better she felt, even though she didn’t have a clue what she was doing to herself. In a few minutes she felt something building down there, deep inside, something intense—and it made her only want to go faster and harder. Her cries became moans and sighs, and grew louder, and a smile crossed her face the more and more she masturbated.

Erica felt like she never ever wanted to put clothes on again. This was all she wanted now, all she knew, all she could taste. Her hips gyrated this way and that, making sucking noises in the mud as her butt came out of it and back down again, trying to get more pressure against her pussy. Without realizing it, long past conscious thought anyway, a stray finger and a strand of the battered weeds sank into the tight hole just below her engorged clit. Erica didn’t stop but she instantly relished the new sensation of penetration, even if only so slight, and kept the finger and the weed firmly in her pussy, as deep as she could maintain while still rubbing the rest of the plants against herself.

Whatever it was that had been building and building inside of her down there suddenly exploded as she cried out, in the most incredible pleasure she’d never dreamed of in her life. Her hands were coated in a tangled mess of mud, weeds, and plenty of her own cum… . She didn’t notice yet, though, since her hands were muddy anyway, and it was all she could do to flop back into the mud and sigh, legs and arms sprawled wide apart. Her vagina was throbbing, and it still felt so good. It—she—felt alive, more alive than she had ever known. She hadn’t planned this, not even close. By god, she was glad she had given in to her hormones, her fantasies, her body’s desires.

An hour, maybe two must have passed, just laying there, not moving, staring at a cloudless sky. The sun had baked most of the mud on her body by the time she finally moved. Slowly Erica sat up. The caked mud made it a little difficult to move but she stood, and slowly waded back into the deeper mud towards the lake. She couldn’t help the selfish smile on her face. God, she loved her body, and the things she could make herself feel. She waded through the mud and came into the water, which felt cold again, momentarily… but she got far enough into the lake until she was standing in those plants… oh, those wonderful plants… at breast-depth. She took her time washing the mud off, taking care to first wash out the amount that had inevitably gotten into her short hair. Her body felt new now. It was something sensuous. It was something to play with, something to be enjoyed. She loved thinking of herself and her naked body this way. Once she was clean, she made her way to the lake’s edge, stepped gracefully out of the water, and climbed slowly up the rocks above the deep end of the lake, now in the direct sunlight in the heat of the day. She lay out and fully exposed herself to the sun, loving the warm rays evaporating the water off her smooth, clean skin. It was so relaxing to lay here in the sunshine. As Erica drifted off to sleep, a new thought crept into her dozing mind… she loved playing with her young body now. What would it be like… if… someone else was secretly watching her? She did not know that actually there were three young curious boys watching her for a hiding place close to her.

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