My boyfriend’s sexual desires

Swati Jain is in B.A second year as her boyfriend Anuj have seduced once on car as we both have enjoyed oral sex in a deserted green forest zone.I am in my class as my friend Nikhil is eyeing on my beauty,my nude legs to thighs are making me hot as he is eyeing my body from a distance while lecture of ms.sheetal Prabha is going on and I can see him also smiling with my eyes on his bulge of penis on my lover cum boyfriend Anuj is absent ,Nikhil is his replacement right now but giving him chance to seduce me can make my lover Anuj unhappy,so after our classes ,I waited for while in the classroom to see Nikhil’s mind .after 5-7 minutes of wait ,I walked towards college canteen while my sleeveless top to miniskirt is making me a hot blonde,Nikhil is inside canteen as he waved his right hand and I walked to him .now I took a chair as I sits opposite to him and Nikhil asked……

“will you have coffee or cold drinks
(Swati)a cup of coffee.”as we both are sitting on chair in opposite direction ,I can feel his legs knocking my legs intentionally.nikhil is a young guy of 22-23 years as his physique seems good and his wide chest as well as strong arms are impressive.looking at Nikhil ,I asked…..”today you seems more flirty
(Nikhil) but how you can say it Swati?
(Swati)your eyes inside classroom was not towards teacher as I have seen you eyeing a girl
(Nikhil bit shy)oh I see ,you have caught me while
(Swati with a cup of coffee)anyhow ,you know it very well that the gal is in relation with a guy
(Nikhil)oh ,means a gal can’t afford two boyfriend at a time .”

And our eyes started looking to eachother as I put empty cup of coffee and stand infront of him ………

“let’s move outside of college.”

As I can see Nikhil’s face in joy and he is walking with me towards parking zone.we left our college as he is riding bike at a great speed ,while sitting on his back seat I have put my legs crossed as my legs are in same direction and my arm is on his shoulder as my other hand is on Nikhil’s waist.its 1:15 afternoon as we both are on outer ring road going towards army cantonment area ,as we both reached the dense forest zone ,he stopped the bike as I stand on ground with my small bag on hand.nikhil is standing near me as he is looking towards the bushes and than he hold my wrist as we both walked towards bushes.we are voiceless as Nikhil stopped near a large tree and we both sits on grass as he is sitting infront of miniskirt is upto my semi thighs as I have put my legs straight and now Nikhil opened his bag as he took out a cane of beer from it.looking at me ,he opened it as he started drinking it and I am feeling bit shy as I can see his palm on my thigh moving on it as it’s going towards my pelvic zone.nikhil throws the cane as I asked………

“do you drink it regularly?
(Nikhil)no in a week or so ,do you like it?
(Swati)no I don’t .”

As I can see Nikhil pushing his long hand inside my miniskirt as his palm is on my I inches forward as I put my hand on his shoulder and slowely ,I am on his lap with my legs wider and wrapped on his waist.nikhil have seen my hunger and thirst for love as he hold me tightly and put his lips on my lips ,our lips are locked as he is sucking it and his hand is on my skirt as he lifted it upto my sexy ass is on his thighs as his hand is rubbing it and I pushed my long tongue in his mouth ,he is sucking it hard as my boobs are brushing on his chest.we two are in dense bushes as Nikhil is sucking my tongue while his finger started moving inside my panty as it’s elasticity is wonder ,I put my hand on waist as I opened the strings of panty giving him green signal to go ahead.after a while ,I pushed his face back as my tongue is out of his mouth and he is fingering my vagina with his long head is on his shoulder as I am rubbing his back…………

“Nikhil ,don’t cross the limit only
(Nikhil)only oral sex darling ,but don’t you got the dick in your vagina
(Swati)no never once I have been with Anuj but oral sex made us hot and horny .”

Now Nikhil left me as I am sitting on my legs and he slept on grass with his legs straight ,I put my hand on his jeans as I started removing shyness turned wild as I took away his jeans and undies also,while holding his penis in my hand ,I started masturbating it slowely and Nikhil is well surprised to see me behaving like his lover or bed friend.I leaned my face on his penis as I put my lips on his cock ,kissing it from base to shaft and holding his testicle tightly.nilhil have put his arms on back as he is half slept on grass ,now I started rubbing it’s glans on my lips as I smelt it and than opened my mouth to have his 1/2 of dick inside my mouth is giving his cock a nice jerk as I opened my mouth again and than took his 2/3 Rd penis in my mouth to a matured lady ,my mouth is giving him a nice blow job as Nikhil have lifted my skirt upto waist and he is rubbing his palm on my ass.after sucking his cock for 3-4 minutes ,I took out his cock and started licking it with my tongue.nikhil is fingering my cunt as his other hand is massaging my boobs on tops ,now I take his penis again in my mouth to suck as I am sucking it hard and fast ,like a cock sucker ,my mouth is giving his cock a nice jerk.

We both moved away inside green forest zone as I urinated and washed my vagina with water ,now we are back on a place built for Nikhil made me like a bitch ,I spread my legs and he lifted my skirt upto my waist ,now I can feel his lips on my sexy ass as he put fingers on my vagina and pushed his long tongue inside it ,he is licking my vagina fast as I am screaming……

“oohh uumm Nikhil lick my cunt fast .” As my body is in sensation ,I bet I have spread my legs wider for my cock if he do so but Nikhil is loving my glory hole as he is rubbing my soft ass and after a while ,I stand on grass.nikhil is in his undies only as I sit on his thigh and put my arms on his shoulder ,now I am pulling down his undies as I got his long penis in full erection,I started masturbating it slowely and Nikhil is pressing my boobs hard,he asked…….

“Swati if you make yourself nude ,I want to see you nude
(Swati)why not ,sure but in a closed room or in a car ,not here .”

As I am pleasing him while masturbating his cock fastly ,he started fingering my wet cunt and it’s full of cum as he took it out his finger and put it in my mouth to taste it ,he took his finger inside again but this time he licked his finger .so ,I left her thighs as I stand infront of him and now lifted my tops upto neck as I removed two lovely tits are in brassiere as I removed it while opening its lashes,like a dirty gal I pulled down my skirt to legs as I am standing nude infront of a guy ,Nikhil.He knelt in front of me as he put his lips on my vagina and I widend its hole as his tongue is licking my glory hole.I am screaming in joy “oohh aahh uumm Nikhil lick it fast” as his tongue is fucking my vagina fastly and after a while ,things changed as I made him lye on grass and than took 69 position on his my ass is over his face as my legs are stretched ,he put his hand on my waist as he is kissing my vagina.I smelt his dick as I opened my whole mouth and took his whole penis inside.I am bit afraid of being caught by any one as I am nude but it’s a nice place for love as we both are inside dense bushes ,I am sucking his cock as his tongue is fucking my vagina and we both are screaming in joy ,as I took it out and now Nikhil asked me to leave his body.we both are sitting on grass as he took me in his lap as I knelt on his lap to put my boobs on his face and he started sucking my breast and I am masturbating his dick fast.we both are within limits as my mind is going on his penis to swallow it in my vagina but I waited as I am feeling his mouth sucking my other breast as I am masturbating his penis hard and he left my boobs……..

“Oh you bitch jerk it fast I will cum soon.” And his penis ejaculated sperms as my hand is covered with his sperms.we both cleaned our sexual organs as we both put our dress and than left the place.

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