Fascinated by in-laws

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Me spending at my in-laws house along with my husband, it’s a official trip for him. To be honest my in-laws and their house was lovely, father in-law was a govt contractor and my mother in-law was office employe once, both of them got retired. It’s been a week at their house.

Me and my husband staying at the upper room. It’s his room. We both making love at that night. But we both heard noises from the lower room, it’s not that loud but still noticeable.
We both stopped “my parents, I don’t know what they are thinking errr”

“stop it, they really love each other”-me

“they should feel ashamed of themselves”

My husband doesn’t seem happy, I think he felt uncomfortable and went to his side.

“honey, what about me”

“I…… Don’t feel comfortable” I can see expression

“okay, I understand”-me

He kissed me on the forehead “another time” he went to sleep.
It’s obvious any kid wouldn’t feel easy when their parents having sex. Even though they are my in-laws, I can’t stop imaging them naked at this age and screams of mother in-law doesn’t seem to stop, these forbidden thoughts clouding my mind, I slowly drifted it to sleep.

Next day, while me and mother in-law preparing lunch.

MIL-“anjali I want to tell something, it’s about last night” she looks so embarrassed and me too. There’s a awkward moment of silence.

“It’s okey to tell me,”- me

“it’s so embarrassing”

“you look more younger and brighter than yesterday” I tried to cool down the situation

“ANJALI, that was…..” there was shy smile around lips.

“what do you wanna tell mother, I am happy that you are sharing this, my mother never ever talked about this”-me

“anil sure doesn’t feel comfortable about us”

“He is, don’t worry about him”-me

“you know my age is catching up–”

“I am not sure of it”-me

“ANJALI, stop” we both laughed

“I need a favour, I know it’s a not a proper thing to ask” I cut her

“tell me mother” I asked confidentially

“since I am not young,…….. I….. Just couldn’t get ready more often, it takes weeks.”


“i think it is one of those weeks where I feel ready, umm… We sure made anil uncomfortable but If don’t do– ”

I understand she is worried about her son. “Don’t worry I will take care of him.”

We talked and I bullied her a little more. At that Night, before he goes to sleep I mixed a less concentrated pills in the milk. I don’t know why I did that. He fell asleep.

It’s around 12.30. I can hear sounds. I slipped from my room, as I slowly climbing down the steps, sounds are getting more clear and erotic. As I reached to the door handle, my hearts racing, slowly I tried to open but it’s closed.
I went around the room and peeked through the window, that scene caught my breath “ah”.

I never seen directly people having sex, maybe that’s what made me to put my husband into sleep. My mother in-law on top all naked, clutching her saggy boob with one hand other was placed on him. Watching my innocent mother(in law) doing that made my own nipples hard. I sensed that my breast was molested by my own hand involuntarily.

*”you are so aggressive” – FIL

*”jaanu, I love you, ah aha ahaa. I love you jaanu”-MIL

*”I love when you call me jaanu” – FIL

Now she clutches her both boobs, throws her head back her long hair dangling left to right while she’s moving her voluptuous figure back and forth. whimpering “jaanu.. Jaaanu…. Jaaanu. Aah.. Ah ha..” driving her self to the edge.

Watching the conversation and her reaction,Burnt the flames of lust in my eyes. I moved my top and started to cares my own nipples with both hands while watching the intens erotic movements of mother in-law before my eyes.

She fell on him. My lips are dry, nipples are hard, sweating and wetting my pussy. I rushed to the room took my clothes off and started to masturbate didn’t care about my husband who is sleeping next to me.

Using my both hands one was rubbing my clit left to right, another was throbbing fingers in and out. Humping myself into the fingers recollecting scenes of them made me hit the pinnacle of pleasure.

*ORGASM Ahhhhhhhh*

My toes are curling, knees gone weak, waves and waves of pleasure hit like a flood. I lost it.
After minutes I cooled down.

It’s different from the orgasm while me and my husband make love. It’s an orgasm of voyeurism and orgasm of incest.

it’s my first writing.

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