Gropeing the sleeping aunty

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Hellow friend’s this thing was happen when I was 18 year old i was in my aunty’s house her name was shradha and she was having a nice and big ass she was so sexy i use to masterbate

Imagining her that day her husband has night shift of job so she asked me too stay with her that day and she also talked to my mom also.

When we were going to sleep she tooked some sleeping pills because of sleeping issue i was happy to get a chance to seduce her when she was in deep sleep i was staring at her she was wearing t-shirt and shorts.

Then i slowly touched her boobs there was no response so i slowly started opening her t-shirt and she was not wearing bra i saw her shaggy tits they were bit small but nice with big and pinkish nipples.

I was sucking them and having so much pleasure i was totally erected and take my hand down towards her pussy and removed her shorts she was wearing a sky blue panties which was my favourite colour.

Then i take my 6 inch big dick out of my shorts and started rubbing on her face
Then her pussy was full of bush and reddish colour i fingered her and rubbing it suddenly she moaned lightly i stopped for a moment but she was still in deep sleep so i just opened her mouth and put my penis inside her mouth my penis was rock hard and i started blowjob myself by her mouth that feeling was so great i can’t imagine that this day would really come in my life. By taste of my penis she thought their was something get inside her mouth she started spiting my penis out i removed it she was still sleeping.

I inserted my penis inside her juicy pussy and started stroking her it feels like i am in heaven and i cum inside her mouth and she literally drunk my cum and then i started to lick her pussy then she suddenly woken up and i get away from her and i was so much afraid and she smiled at me and said she was awake all time.

She said she was just acting to be sleeping and
Said i fucked her nicely and then she said that i would get punishment to fuck her she took my face and started pushing in her pussy i can’t breathe and then she sit on my face and she squirted in my mouth and said to drink it i drunk it,it taste bitter but nice i love it and then she spank me for some time. And fingered my asshole i was screaming with pain my ass was red and then she leave me and said next time not to do it i was enjoying it and then we both put on our clothes i could say one thing by her expression that she also enjoyed it.

Please give me feedback about my story and if someone is interested in sex chat then mail me on [email protected]

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