Fantasy with servant’s flip flops

Me and my wife have job so we depended on a servant lady for household works.

The lady was so beautiful and she had big size breast and hoods. Her make up was so minimal yet her beauty was matchless. I have been acting decent to her. But inside me her beautiful legs was always a tease. She usually wears a flip flop in the house and I was always looking at her flip flops and legs without knowing her. One day I was alone at the home.

After my wife left, I went to the kitchen. But nobody was there. I searched for her in every room and found her flip flops outside the bathroom. She was in the bathroom. I took her slippers and went to my room with it. I put my cock through the straps and masturbated by rubbing on it. Then with the cum I have kept those slippers in the same place then I went back to my room.

She came out from the bathroom and put the slippers and found something sticky on it. She washed it and kept it in the kitchen with a smile. Then she She came to my room to collect my cloths, she told me nothing about the cum she found in her flip flops and it seemed like nothing had happened to her.

She taken the laundry basket from my room and went to laundry room for washing the cloths. It was surprising that she didn’t complain about the incident. I wanted to test it again and I went to the kitchen and took her flip flops.

This time I went near to the laundry room and masturbated by watching her with the flip flops in my hand and cummed on it. Then I kept the slippers outside the laundry room and went back to my room. At the lunch time she given me food and when I asked for water she came with water jug.

At that time I noticed that she is wearing the same flip flops without washing the cum on it. I could see the cum pasted between her feet and flip flop. As expected there was no complaints came from her instead she given me a sultry smile while pouring the water to the glass. Her behavior was expected yet her smile had given me an electric shock. Because of that I looked down due to the guilty feeling. I was so confused and I quickly finished my lunch and went back to my room. For my surprise she was lying on my bed wearing a sexy dress of my wife.

She was wearing the same flip flops in her legs. Still there was cum in her flip flops. I couldn’t control my feeling and I begin took her legs and kissed on her feet and flip flops. I put my dick between the flip flop and her feet. It was nice feeling to rub my dick in that position.

After that when I tried to kiss her, she slapped on my face and told me to sit on the floor.

Then she put her legs on the floor and asked me to lick on her flip flops. I refused to do so. She forced me to obey her or else she will tell everything to my wife. So I obeyed her. After licking her flip flops and feet she told me to fuck her.

I fucked her so hard and I cum all over her. She insisted me to continue this relationship and I also liked it.

We continued our adventure until my wife caught us..

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