Experience of a lifetime – Part 1

Experience of a lifetime

In November 2017, I had just turned 26 and it was a typical Monday. I rushed to the morning office cab pick-up point, afraid that I might miss my ride. Luckily, the cab arrived on time and I greeted my fellow passengers, including a new girl who was seated in my usual spot. I said hello and she smiled back, then I settled in behind her. Curious about her, I asked Ajay, who was sitting diagonally from me, if he knew her. He didn’t, so I assumed she was a new addition to our carpool.

I put on my earphones to listen to music and noticed that the girl in front of me had opened the window to let in a chilly morning breeze that carried a lovely jasmine scent. She smelled divine! Our commute to work took an hour as usual, and we chatted about office politics, movies, and other topics. However, the new girl remained silent and kept to herself throughout the ride. This continued for several days. There were nine of us in the cab, and we had been commuting together for over a year.

A few days later, during our Friday evening commute home, we decided to play Uno to pass the time. As we were setting up the game, one of us invited the new girl to join us. She agreed and introduced herself with a warm smile. “Hi! My name’s Priya. I’ve recently joined the company. I have a medical doctor’s education and manage the Pharmacovigilance team. My husband and I moved to Bangalore from Mysore a few months ago.” she said, looking at each one of us. We exchanged our own introductions and quickly got into the game.

As we played, Priya showed her competitive side. We all had a great time getting to know her better and welcomed her into our group. The game became intense, and eventually, it was just Priya, Sarah, and me left with cards in our hands. Sarah was the first to put down her last card and declared herself out. Priya and I had two cards each. Priya had been a bit arrogant in the previous games, so everyone was rooting for me to win. Ajay subtly signaled to me that Priya’s cards were all numbered, not special cards.

Without waiting for her reaction, I played a reverse card and a draw 4 card and won the game. Everyone cheered and laughed except for Priya, who accused me and Ajay of cheating. No one supported her, and she was angry and upset. She put her cards down, put in her earphones, and refused to talk to anyone for the rest of the ride. When her stop came, she got out of the cab quickly without saying goodbye.

The next day, I regretted how we had treated Priya and decided to apologize to her. I got her number from the common cab WhatsApp group and texted her to say sorry for my behavior during the game. I didn’t get a reply, so I planned to apologize in person during our Monday morning commute. The following day, she responded with a simple “It’s Ok.” Sensing that she was still upset, I texted back, promising not to cheat again.

Her immediate response was to call me a liar and insist that I had cheated. We began to trade insults and sarcastic memes, and I found her wit and humor delightful. Priya was extremely competitive and always wanted to win, which I found out later in an amazing way. Our texting and conversations during our commute continued for a few weeks, and while Priya never brought up her personal life, our conversations were always funny, and sarcastic and were getting borderline dirty.

Priya was older than me, married, no kids so I steered our conversation to something else when it tended to touch awkward topics. We talked about work and things happening in the cab as well, and I didn’t mind that she didn’t share anything personal. I was enjoying trading funny little insults immensely and she absolutely enjoyed it. She made fun of my intelligence, I made fun of her height, etc.

A few months later, one evening with our back-and-forth texting banter, she sent me a sarcastic meme making fun of me, I sent “Fuck you” to which she immediately replied – “Maybe you should!”.

Me: “What!? Lol. Shut up.”

Priya: “You should fuck me!”

I had heard her say the word fuck a million times but when she said the word fuck in this context – I was dumbfounded. Is she toying with me or does she mean it? My brain was doing those mental gymnastics on what to reply and my cock had dibs on the blood supply on a minuscule chance of getting laid.

You must be wondering how Priya looks. She was probably in her late ’20s (I was completely off base with her age, she was much older. She just looked young), 5’1″ petite, with light brown complexion, shoulder-length dark hair, a round face, big eyes, thin lips, and a huge bosom, maybe a C cup. With her amazing petite figure matched with her dark sense of humor, she was a bomb!

Wait! Wait! All of this was irrelevant. She had a husband. I had no business interfering in other people’s personal affairs.

I replied: “Yeah okay. Stop it. It’s not funny anymore.”

Priya: “I’m serious, you should!”

Me: “You do know that I am single but you are marri….”

Priya quickly cut me off and said “Let’s not go there. So what if I am married?”

Me: “No, I meant….”

Priya: “I’m horny, seems like you are too, we should fuck!”

All ethical and moral concerns are likely to be ignored when the blood is around the groin area. I didn’t want to disagree with her or point out that what she was doing was immoral. I justified her and my behavior by saying that I recognized what she wanted and ignored everything else.

The girl I had regarded as one of my close friends for the last few months wanted to modify the status quo. And I sure as hell was not going to stop it from happening! I have checked her out quite a few times; I’m not a saint. Naturally, nobody takes action on it! Who can ignore her massive boobs? Heck! She must have caught me occasionally peeping at her cleavage.
No matter how subtly you do it, women do notice when someone looks at their bosom. And yes! Priya later confessed to me that she caught me enjoying her curves basically every day.

This woman was not joking, I felt. Or was she playing a weird game of chicken that I don’t know of? I was not amused. She was toying with me. I don’t know why I did this, I just decided to call her, each ringing tone felt like an hour, and my hand was trembling, barely holding my phone to my ear.

She answered, and I nervously said –

“Hello! Hi! It’s not funny anymore okay? So stop it”.

I could hear her chuckle at hearing my shaky voice.

She said – “It was a joke. I’m kidding!” And she paused for a second which felt like an eternity.

Priya: “What if I am not? Don’t you want to fuck me? Is this conversation making you uncomfortable?”

Me: “Ahhh Nooooh! Wait” I mumbled.

Priya: “Nooo? For what?”

Me: I muttered “This is getting weirder! I mean, you are gorgeous and I really want to….. fucck…… you.”

Priya: “It’s settled then. You are going to fuck me!”

“Okay, I gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye!”

I said “Bye” with a raspy breath and hung up.

What on earth had just happened? Why did a 30-second conversation feel like an hour? Was Priya playing an elaborate prank on me because I cheated in a game of Uno and tomorrow she would show our conversation to all the people in the cab? I was horny and worried at the same time. Nobody is this upfront! This is not porn, this is real life!

Stayed awake all night thinking about what had just happened. The next morning was early to my pick-up point. Boarded the cab and saw Priya sitting in her usual seat. She gave me a wicked smile and held on to my gaze till I sat down behind her. She was wearing a beige colored buttoned shirt and blue denim.

I’m not sure if she intentionally unbuttoned a button of her shirt, I got a quick glimpse of her chest crevasse when she glanced away for a second. The cab ride felt quick, hopped off as soon as the cab arrived at our office building wanting to talk to Priya, and saw her busily walking towards her office lobby.

Spent all day working and trying to distract myself from imagining slowly unbuttoning Priya’s shirt and taking a peak or Priya was going to play a sick prank. In the evening I was already sitting inside the cab when Priya arrived. I immediately got a text from

Priya: “Let’s talk later tonight.” Me: “Okay, sure”

I called her around 9:00 PM. She answered at one ring –

Priya: “Hi! How are you?”

Me: I responded “I’m good, thanks! How are you?” And thought, why is she being formal?

The conversation kept on going for another 10 minutes going back and forth without both of us addressing the elephant in the room.

She finally broke and said, “We should fuck”.

Me: “Of course, we should!” I replied, sounding confident.

The conversation very quickly turned dirty. Went from undressing each other to sucking each other off to fucking each other’s brains off. She laughed in agreement with each of the kinky suggestions on what I would do to her. Laughing as though I am not up to the task! She was teasing me! What was happening? This did not seem like a prank to me anymore. I had to admit to Priya, “After you hang up, I definitely will jerk off and sleep!”.

Priya: “Awww really? You will imagine me while you stroke your big fat cock?”

I was in utter disbelief that all these things are happening to me. Not like I was a virgin, I had my fair share of experience in the past. But this was wild! And at this point, my cock could cut through steel. I’m not going to lie, It was so hard that it started to hurt a little bit. Before I could say yes.

Priya in a low sexy voice “Why don’t I help you with that right now? I will exactly tell you how you can fuck my wet little pussy? Okay?” And that was it. A second later before I could pull down my pants, I exploded into my boxers. I could hear Priya giggling and hearing me groaning. After 5 seconds of bliss, post-nut clarity prevailed.

Me: “I finished in my boxers. All thanks to you!”Priya: “Perfect! Next time you can finish in me!”

I said “Okaaay”. Not knowing what else to say. Did she just say I can finish inside her? What does that mean? I mean, I know what it means! Our conversation moved on to making plans to meet. Trying to focus, Priya suggested that we go out for dinner tomorrow and I suggested that we can drive to work instead of taking the office cab. I can pick her up on the way and then after work, we can go get dinner.

The next morning, I drove to Priya’s stop. Pulled to the curb, Priya opened the car door and sat down. She looked stunning! And smelled heavenly. We were talking casually, nothing sexual but there was tension between us for sure. She leaned in to change the music on the console and at the same time I put my hand on the gearstick and my elbow grazed the side of the boob!

Priya laughed and said “Wow! Such a gentleman! Buy me dinner first before you grab my boobies.”

Me: “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it.” I apologized multiple times, feeling embarrassed.
She was understanding and told me not to worry about it.

As we chatted, I learned more about her. Priya was a Valedictorian for her batch and focused to get into the field of Infectious diseases. She could talk for ages and I would not have gotten bored for a minute. I was impressed by her dedication to her craft and her passion for storytelling.

After work, I picked her up and we decided to grab a cup of coffee before dinner. The coffee shop was a cozy place with dim lighting and comfortable sofas. While we were waiting in line, Priya quickly grabbed something from the counter and darted into the bathroom. I was curious about what she had taken but didn’t want to pry. I was curious to know what she took.

After a few minutes, Priya emerged from the bathroom, looking just as stunning as before. We both ordered our drinks and found a cozy corner to sit in. We talked for an hour or so, laughing and making fun of each other.

As the evening wore on, Priya suggested we go on a drive. We drove along the highway, enjoying the quiet of the evening and the music. As we passed the airport, Priya suggested we stop somewhere. We found a quiet spot off the highway near Nandi hills. It was a magical evening, one that I would never forget. I had a strong gut feeling that something amazing is about to happen.

Had a million butterflies in my stomach. Under the dim light of a far-off sodium vapor street lamp, her face glowed. The light brown skin on her cheeks and forehead seemed to shimmer, highlighting her sharp jawline and piercing brown eyes. Her curves were delicate, yet strong as if chiseled by a master sculptor. The darkness around her made her look even sexier. Was this happening for real? It was like a movie playing in front of my eyes.

Priya gently smiled as she turned to face me and examined the tent that my hard cock had created in my pants. She then asked, “So?” as she carefully undid the top two buttons on her shirt. Her cleavage was visible to me in the faint light of a distant sodium vapor street lamp, and there was something glittery smeared. Why does she have glitter in her cleavage? That’s odd! What on earth can it be?

Before I could think of anything, Priya grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me towards her. Our lips met, and our bodies pressed tightly against each other. I could feel her firm boobs pressed against my chest. Her lips were soft, our breaths merging into one as we lost ourselves in the moment. As we kissed, our tongues were exploring and tasted each other. I moved my lips from her top lip to her lower lip, and sucked on it gently, causing her to moan softly.

She reciprocated by doing the same to me. We took a quick break to catch our breath, our faces inches apart, before returning to the passionate kiss, switching from the top lip to the lower lip once again. It was really hot inside the car with all the windows rolled up. I slowly began to kiss her all over her face and neck. Sucking on her collarbone. Priya carefully led me down the slope while holding onto my head. I stepped back and gave her another glance.

Priya smiled and unbuttoned her shirt completely revealing her perfectly succulent big melons, which the maroon bra held on to flawlessly. She had smeared the sparkly powder even more deeply into her cleavage, as I could see. What was it? Dove straight back into her and kissed her and made my way down. With one hand squeezing her boob and the other trying to unclasp her bra from behind. I kissed her cleavage and felt the glittery powder rubbing on my chin, wondering what the hell it was until her bra came loose!

Priya grabbed the bra and completely removed it. Her perfectly shaped firm boobs are exposed. With erect nipples the size of peas, the chocolate brown almond-shaped areolas sat dead center of her boobs. The most crucial rule in any sexual game is that you must stop immediately and place your mouth on the nipples as soon as you notice a set of nipples exposed from any clothing. I’m a rule follower, and I saw that the same sparkly powder had also been applied to the nipples.

Her nipples sparkled with glittery powder smeared in the dim street lamp’s sodium vapor light. Holding Priya’s gaze, I gave her nipple a quick lick and planted my lips on the nipples. The glittery powder smeared on her chest has a very familiar taste! It all made sense now! It was sweet! It was sugar! Priya grabbed sugar packets from the counter at the coffee shop! She smeared it so that I could taste her sweet nipples. She had planned for this to happen. So simple yet so wild!

Priya let out a loud “Aaahh” as soon as my lips touched her nipple. Priya had closed her eyes and moaned as I licked off the last of the glittering sugar crystals. I leaned back again to take a quick look at Priya, only to discover that her cleavage and nipples were gleaming not from sugar crystals, but from my saliva. I had slobbered like a dog all over her chest. I was licking my lips when Priya caught me and winked wickedly!

My cock, which had formed a tent in my pants, caught her attention. Clasped my shaft over the pants with her right hand as she sized it. She made little circles with her thumb with the pre-cum that had oozed across three layers of clothing. She tightened her hold and gripped my shaft more firmly. It was enough given all the excitement. My cock was spewing waves of cum under my pants, and Priya could feel every pulse. After around 10 or 15 of these jerks. I was finished.

Also, I noticed that my boxers were becoming damp. “I’m loving this”, said Priya, who was grinning with pride and still had her hand on my shaft despite the wetness. Luckily for me, no one could tell because I was wearing black pants. I don’t how can guys last long when such a sexy Goddess is toying with you and tempting you. I was determined to last longer in such encounters in the future.

We noticed a few people walking towards our car. We quickly got decent and drove off from the place.

All through dinner, Priya teased and laughed at me during supper, calling me names like “Lightning bolt” and “Jaldi 5” (which means “Fast 5” in Hindi because I only lasted for 5 seconds.) Little Terror, Chota Chetan, and more were on the list! She was enjoying making me feel uncomfortable. I smiled and hung my head in utter embarrassment as my face turned red in color. Her phone rang nonstop. She had received several phone calls. possibly her husband? Nope! I didn’t want to question her.

We drove back, dropped her off, and called it a night.

I would to hear from your. Any feedback is good feedback.
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