The neighbors

This is an incest tale that didn’t begin as one. My Mom Jen got pregnant in high school, so she and my dad got married really young.

When I was a HS senior, my Mom was only 35, a very attractive MILF, blonde, 5’6, 135 lbs, 36c tits and an ass to die for. All my school chums drooled over her whenever they were at our house, and often their conversations centered on how hot my Mom was and what we could imagine doing with her. I tried to at least not actively participate in that sort of thing so as to not be seen as an incest perv. But in all honesty I did sneak Mom’s panties from the laundry and jerk off with them more times than I care to admit.

Things took a turn when we were in Dad’s basement workshop looking for the Operator’s Guide for the garage door opener. In the bottom drawer of his file cabinet was a shoebox, and inside were dozens of nude photos…of my Mom!!

We’d found a treasure, and we spent the rest of the afternoon examining and passing Mom’s hot pix back and forth between the three of us. My friend Jake had a scanner, and we snuck the box out of my house and to over to Jake’s room where each pic was reverently scanned and saved digitally.

Over the next several weeks we spent all our spare time viewing Mom’s pix and imagining ourselves being in the room with her while she posed. My classmate Alex had told us all about some stuff his older brother had gotten from one of his friends. The brother had evidently used it quite successfully on HIS college girlfriend, AND one of her friends! We talked excitedly about somehow dosing my Mom with the stuff and using her for sex. I thought it was all just talk, until…

Alex was holding a bottle in his hand, containing a liquid. He’d “borrowed” it from his brother’s bedroom at home, since his brother was away at college and unlikely to miss it. They really meant to try this, on my Mom. I sort of wanted to discourage them, but at the same time I was jerking off at least once a day to my Mom’s photos and fantasies of having her suck my teen cock.

Mom went to her health club three days a week, and when she’d get home she’d always have a protein shake before showering. The guys and I gathered at my house on some pretext and when Mom got home she prepared her smoothie as always.

My job was to distract her from the kitchen long enough for Alex to put some of the mystery drug in her shake. It all worked out just as we’d hoped. Alex hadn’t been to sure of how much to add, so he poured a generous dose into her thermo mug and stirred it in. We tried to not stare and be obvious when Mom got back in the kitchen and chugged down her smoothie.

Whatever it was worked really quickly, perhaps because Alex added so much. In any case, we could see Mom’s eyes kind of glaze over and she started slurring her words. She mumbled something about taking a shower and tried walking down the hall to her bedroom. But she was having trouble walking straight and Jake took her arm, and Alex the other to “help” her.

They sat her on the bed and she just kind of zoned out. Her eyes were open, but it was like she wasn’t seeing anything, or focusing. Jake asked her gently if she wanted to shower and she mumbles something that sounded to us like “yes”. So he said let us help you…and started taking off her t-shirt! Moment of truth…and Mom didn’t object. It was like she was not really aware of what was happening. Jake got her out of her t-shirt and he and Alex helped stand her up and pull down her yoga pants.

Holy shit!! We had my Mom undressed down to her bra and panties…and she wasn’t even understanding what was happening!!

Alex popped the front clasp on her bra and freed her awesome tits! The cool air made her nips pointy and they both groped and cupped her boobs, carefully at first, as if wondering when she would object. But when she didn’t, they got more aggressive. I heard Mom whimper and moan quietly at first, then more loudly. She mumbled something like, “What are you doing?” But Alex just reminded her she needed help showering, and she accepted the lie.

They pushed her onto her back on the bed, and Jake got his hands down Mom’s panties, started fingering her.

I heard him say “Fuck, she’s really wet!” Alex was going to town slobbering Mom’s titties, and I knew I should call a halt to all of this, but I couldn’t!

My cock was waaaaay too hard. Was I just gonna stand there and watch my school friends abuse my own Mom? Nope…I was going to join in!!

Jake and I pulled Mom’s panties completely off and spread her legs. She had a nice bush around her cunt, and her lips were hot pink and all shiney with cunt juice! Jake guided the head of his boner into Mom’s twat, and slowly pushed it in. She groaned, and he stopped, but then her hips bucked against him like she was eager for his cock!

Fuck!! This was wild!! Jake started fucking my Mom, and Alex pulled out his cock and kind of leaned over Mom and rubbed it against her face. I saw her mouth open, and he slipped it in!! Damn!! My Mom was sucking his cock while Jake fucked her cunt!! I could NOT believe this was really happening!

Things happened faster after that. Jake fucked his first load into Mom’s cunt, then it was Alex’s turn in her pussy. Jake coaxed Mom to suck his cock, while I sucked her nipples. When Alex unloaded, they both gestured for me to take a turn. I knew i shouldn’t, but we’d already gone too far to stop and my dick was as hard as it had ever been.

So I did it…I fucked my own Mom’s cunt. It was heaven, and I was too excited to last long. We all wanted to fuck her a second time each, but weren’t sure how long she’d be “under” on the drug Alex had slipped in her smoothie, so we decide it would be safer to stop before she realized what we were doing to her.

It wasn’t till then that I realized both Jake and Alex had set their phone cams on video and recorded everything… in case Mom objected to a repeat performance!!

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