Colleague sex

Hello peeps of Bangalore,

I’m new to this place. I saw many stories written about lot of experience. I’m here to write mine.

In Bangalore since 2.5 years and in a long distance relationship things weren’t at peace.i met. Colleague of mine in office who is quite older to me and we had joined office together on the same day. I had a lil crush on him. He used to talk to me and we used to hang out as he was single. We used stay nearby. He had a car and sometimes whenever I was late he used to drop me back home. Even after me insisting him not to. It was that night where i had a terrible fight with my bf and luckily I saw him online. I texted him “hey you up?” To which he replied “yes hon” i had a smile on my face. I asked him if we can meet tomorrow for a morning ride and he asked if he cn come now as it was already 3am.

He came and i used to stay in a very small place 1RK at terrace and he was high AF. I asked him to sleep and cancel ride as he was drunk. I placed a mattress next to mine so he could sleep.

I was on my phone as I felt his hands on mine. He then slipped his hands inside my tees. I never wanted this but at that moment it felt right. He just held on my boobs and said ” i wanted to feel this everyday as it’s always infront of my eyes” it’s so soft. I told him it’s making uncomfortable and to that he opened his tshrt took my hands and placed on his chest.

He had nice muscles .. his abs.. uff.. i was out of control. We kissed. We kissed for good 30-40 secs. And next i was on top of him. I could feel his dick erect and was rubbing my shorts on him while sitting in him..

I asked him to press my boobs and he did.. he did the way I wanted it.

He asked me if we can have sex .. “can i…” To that i just dragged him to kiss me..

He then opened my shorts and fingered me.. he fingered me for couple of minutes.. “baby you are wet.. can I lick it” i gave him a nod.

He licked and made me come..yes i wanted that.. i didmt want that moment to go away..

It was my turn to give him the wildest blowjob. I licked him..went down and sucked it for a while.

He wanted me to sit on him.. i made him beg me.. As i sat on him.. my pussy was desparate to get inside him..

I won’t forget the bright sun was up and hit my eyes to which he said ” my sunshine” ..

We had four rounds ti 11am. Luckily it was a weekend.

I still get aroused when I see him at office.. i still get wet sometimes..

I wish..

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