71yr old wife with pub friends

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I have never posted an experiance before, but this was a fun evening.

My wife and I are both OAP’s now, but when we were younger we enjoyed some fun evenings with friends and strangers for the pub & internet. My wife is now 72 and thinks shes too old for guys now.

Anyway a few weeks ago I went to the pub with a mate I hadn’t seen for a few years, he had had my wife a few times in the past.
We got talking to 2 other guys in the pub and the subject of my wife being a “fun girl” over the years.
The other guys were interested and asked for more details, her “dare” of 5 guys on her 50th birthday was of particular interest.
They were disaapointed when I told them she thought she was too old now for sharing.
By this time a few pints had been drunk and we were more than a bit merry. The 3 guys bet me £10 each that they could change her mind if I took them home to meet her.

The pub was only a short walk and when we got home she was a little tipsy having had half a bottle of wine, and joined in the merry atmosphere.
My old mate made the first move and started kissing and groping her, I undid her blouse and bra.
The older of the 2 guys we met at the pub then joined in pulling down her knickers.

She laid on the sofa and my old mate got here to suck him, whilst the other guy was fingering her. His mate was amazed watching what was happening, he was only in his late teens/early 20’s. He mas mesmerised by wife hairy bush, it seems all his previous girls had been shaved.
When it was his turn at fingering he got his fingers deep into her whilst rubbing her bush hard with the other hand. She had already been fucked by this time and was very lubricated so when he ended up fisting her he went into a fit of ecstasy and wanked hard over her bush, he came loads.
We insisted that she took him in her mouth. Whilst I was fucking her the other guys groped her tits and rubbed her clit hard so that she had a massive cum and begged them to stop, but I held her legs open and they carried on for a few minutes despite her saying she couldn’t take any more … obviously she had a few more orgasms before we stopped.

We let her lay on the sofa and chat for a while, the youngster was complimenting on her bush and pulled her legs open for another look and sneaked a few fingers back in.
It was a great evening, we had all fucked her and she had swallowed us as well… just like old time 🙂

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