Two Couples Get Closer When They Go Camping Together

A fictional story loosely based on some actual experiences. All fictional characters engaged in sex are over 18.


Bill (William), & Lori (Lorinda), and Cassie (Casandra) & Jim (James) were two couples and close friends. They met as neighbors who did things together until Cassie and Jim moved away. It did not stop them even though the distance was a couple of hours drive.

They decided to meet at a park that Bill’s dad often took him to, and they now were spending some weekends camping, since then it has been a regular meeting place for the two couples. They liked it right away because it still was not heavily used, and the lakes that existed had crystal clear water and were full of fish, they were created by an abandoned mining operation.

The mining company calls it a park for public relations purposes, and I assume they may get some tax relief on the property that way. They do not spend any money keeping it up or operating it, there are few conveniences, and it is not patrolled. The former haul roads built for heavy trucks provided access. Most people did not know about the lakes and/or did not want to make the trek down the dusty roads to find them. Some lakes even required hiking on foot as the roads had grown over, and those lakes had the biggest fish because of their hidden location. The lack of development allowed people who did use the park a lot of places to camp in private. They weren’t always close to an old-fashioned outhouse, in fact, few of them even existed at this park.

The two couples were always close when they were neighbors, but the camping trips seem to make them even closer. They were not naturalists or for sure not swingers. But when young married couples are forced to bathe naked and choose to swim that way, it will likely change the way they look at each other.

The opportunity to do more than just bathe nude was utilized by them. They could skinny-dip and play games like naked chicken fighting but always with their own spouse as their partner. It sure made the girl’s bodies more familiar to the guys, but the guy’s bodies, well, their only private area was usually underwater.

Launching each other for a dive was another fun thing to do while swimming naked. The guys were not that crazy about launching each other while their cocks were swinging around, but launching the girls, especially the girl they were not married to was popular with both sexes. That was one of the few times they could justify making contact with each other’s wives. That made it more popular of course. Games like this are a connection to your wild single years when as a group of teens you would gather at a lake and party.

The fact that there were no restrooms close forced them to just walk into the woods for privacy as they relieved themselves. Usually at night while drinking around the fire, no one wanted to walk into the dark woods, especially the girls. Drinking around the fire was also when their bodies had more liquid to dispose of. As for the guys, the more they drank, the more often and the closer to the fire they pissed. As they got more comfortable with each other as couples, they did not always turn around all the way either. I guess the girls could not complain about the guys whipping theirs out, they did not go much further to squat and pee, it was too scary in the woods after dark. If they turned the other way they would just moon them, they typically squatted side by side and then giggled as they peed.

The girls became close friends, but that never stopped their competitiveness, and their desire to try to get the attention of the other’s spouse. They knew what they were doing, it started as a fun flirting and teasing thing to do. That is just one of the things most women do, but after a few years of it, some feelings beyond just friendship started to surface and were growing.

As time went on the girls would take a little longer stripping down for group swims, and would find ways of displaying their sex as they dried. Seeing Cassie’s petite body with its curves had a profound effect on both Bill and her husband Jim. Lori, well her model’s figure, long tanned legs were a vision. This helped to drive the guys’ feelings, or maybe better described as yearnings, lust, or desires, and taking them to new levels.

Cassie was a sexy brunette, petite and well-built, with a tiny 20-inch waist to go with her great tits and ass. Both Lori and Bill assumed she was probably pretty wild in her college years and had the most piercings and tattoos to cause their suspicions. Both couples were somewhat open-minded, but none of the four had ever cheated.

Lori, well, she was of a different build than Cassie, it does not take big tits and ass to be sexy. Lori was a long-legged blond with long hair, her tits, and ass would be described as “ample” by anyone, especially if they saw them uncovered. She was every bit as sexy as Cassie, if not more in some people’s eyes. She was void of any tattoos or piercings that were visible when dressed as she was a part-time model of woman’s clothes when in college. When naked, only a small tramp stamp and a clit and belly button piercing stood out. All four of them waxed or shaved making the others at least a little familiar with each other’s sex.

When the girls laid out naked to dry, the guys usually just walked around that way, each trying not to be detected by his own wife while looking at the other one’s tits and ass. This opportunity was not passed on by the ornery wives either, they would make catcalls and make comments like, “Come closer, let us see those cute little wieners and those tight asses of yours.”

Yes, they liked seeing the guy’s naked butts and their flaccid penises flopping around of course, and they would try to get them hard. Lori was the most successful at that, as she would lift one of those long legs of hers, and open them up just enough to give everyone a clear view of her bald pussy. She had Cassie there, as she had a beautiful one that other women might have to go to a surgeon to get. Cassie had a hard time competing with that pose, but those big tits of hers made up for that.

Everything needed to cause some type of further sexual actions between couples on these feeling existed on this these trips, nudity, alcohol, and occasional recreational drugs. The fact that all four of them were attractive-looking people was probably one of the biggest factors. They also had been married the same amount of time, 6 years, and approaching what is often called the 7th year itch. Sayings don’t become sayings without some merit.

Seven years are about the amount of time young marrieds start to have questions about their relationship. Like if they are missing out on the fun they enjoyed as singles, and question not so much if they married the wrong person but wonder if it was too soon. Boredom caused by only having one partner for sexual relations occur, especially if you were a sexually active single.

Truth was that they all knew it, some wanted something to happen sexually. They did not know what, maybe a swap, but their fear of being the one that mentions it, and having that cause someone to get upset kept that from happening.

On the first trip of the season, they were sitting by the fire all willing to be partly or all the way nude if it meant they would see the one they were starting to have non-platonic feelings for. So after smoking some weed and drinking they started a game of truth or dare. It was almost always a dare to take a piece of clothes off, and if you refused to answer a question, or it was proven to be a lie you would lose a piece anyway. That rule came from the ornery one, Cassie. They all had more drinks and pot in them than usual that night, and it helped to squash any reluctance they would have had. One tends to get people horny, and the other gives them the courage to act on it.

Even though guys are usually the ones you would think would be behind it, it was the girls that were the most buzzed and giggling. They knew what questions the guys would not answer to make them be the first to be naked. Cassie did not attempt to hide her interest in Bill’s penis which was now feeling some action and becoming partly erect. The attention and the fact that Cassie was sitting there already topless and in tight shorts showing a camel toe surely caused that. Lori seized on that and instead of daring her to lose her shorts she dared her to stroke Jim until he was hard. It was obvious she wanted to see him that way, she wanted to see how much bigger it would be erect.

Cassie took the dare, and Lori got her first long look at Jim’s cock that Cassie had stroked until it was hard as dared. She could, however, not help but to put her head down and take a little taste of his pre-cum. Cassie retaliated and instead of daring Lori to lose her shorts, she made the most risqué dare to date, and to her husband Jim. The dare was for him to pull Lori’s shorts off. Jim was reluctant of course, his cock was hard from his wife’s work, and he would have to walk over to her like that. Jim first looked at Bill who said, “Don’t look at me, if she is willing to let you go ahead. I would guess both girls want to see what our sex looks like excited, there is no lake water here to have an adverse effect on them. I mean we are both sitting here with our cocks out and hard, let them look I figure.”

Jim of course looked to Cassie next, as even though she made the dare he wanted to be sure she was serious, then he looked at Lori, who looked at her husband. Despite the delay in all this, he was on his way. He knew what it was like walking naked with his hard cock sticking straight out like it was, and how it feels as if it is waving back and forth. But it had been years since he did it in front of anyone but Cassie, and now he was walking over to someone he lusted for, Lori. She was sitting next to his wife on the other side of the fire. She got an even closer look at what he was packing, as it was right in front of her face. Lori found out that it was bigger fully erect of course. It was all she could do to not at least touch it before she stood up to allow him to pull down her shorts.

Bill was kind of surprised Lori was so quick to give in, but Lori had just enough to drink for courage. This was her chance to show her pussy to Jim close up, she had no panties on. He took them by the waistband and her bald pussy was just inches away from his face as he pulled them down, and it caused a visible amount of precum to form on his knob. Both Lori and Cassie were close enough for it to be easily visible to them as he stood back up. Cassie pointed it out, “Look down Lori is that some more cum on his knob? I had a taste, and it’s my turn to dare, Lori I dare you to take a taste to, and not off your finger.”

She looked at Bill, and he just shook his head yes again, and she could not help but two-hand it. She used one to hold his shaft and took a swipe over his knob with her tongue, she could not help herself and took his knob in her mouth a moment. Lori shocked him and herself, and when he realized it, pulled out and backed up almost too far as the fire was behind him. It was a good thing he did because Lori wanted so bad to continue and give him oral. He hurried back to his chair as Lori just stood there a moment or two to make sure Jim and her husband got a good view of her. She stayed in that sexy model pose, her silver clit hood and belly button piercing were catching the reflection of the flames of the campfire, and it helped keep things moving even further.

This allowed Cassie to say something suggestive, “By the look on Jim’s face after a naked Lori licked and mouthed the precum off his cock, it looks like I am going to get lucky tonight. How about you Bill, are you anxious to see the rest of me?”

Cassie was just bating him, as Bill had the next truth or dare, the dare Bill made that caused her to have to pull her shorts off and show her ass and pussy. It was back to Jim’s turn to dare his wife and get even with her. His dare was, “Walk over naked and give Bill a closeup look at of your big breasts I am so fond of, then sit on his lap and grind him for one minute.”

It was apparent that he wanted some kind of escalation and this was suggestive of what he really would like to do, swap. She did it in such a sexy way, and first leaned over holding his chair arms, and shook her big tits that were almost in his face.

This was followed by another pause as she first looked to Lori who said, “If he does not want you on his lap it is up to him to say. But if you do, make him good and hard before you get off.”

She was jealous of Cassie at times, but this was an example of where the game they had going was at that point. Cassie did it and having Bill’s cock grinding against her bald pussy did not just get it hard, it got her worked up beyond control, it was game over, but not the fun.

She took Jim by the hand and took him back to her chair on the other side. He sat, and she said, “Sorry guys, but Bill’s cock getting hard under my pussy made me want to sit on my guy’s lap now, I am wet, and sorry Bill that I left some of my juices on you.”

What could Lori do but walk over and sit on her husband’s boner that Cassie caused? Things got quiet except for the crackling of the fire and kissing of the couples, they were all naked now and all horny.

Cassie wasn’t done trying to escalate things, she did hope to take things further than usual this night and was trying to think of how. She often thought about swapping husbands as she was the wildest one. She would have liked to have stayed on Bill’s lap, but she was not sure if she could pull that off, so instead, she thought maybe she could just take a step closer to a swap. Not only that, but she thought possibly she could make Bill want her more, and it would be more acceptable to the others if they got to see her fucking her own husband.

Jim had a ready cock from Lori’s teasing to help with her plan, big and hard. Cassie decided to go for it, she reached down to guide her husband inside her. She now was in a reverse cowgirl and facing the other couple across the fire as she started to ride him, she felt so sexy feeling her breast going up and down, and his cock going in and out. Lori and Bill were pretty shocked, yet not totally surprised at what she did.

Bill and Lori could do nothing but just sit there as they were being treated, or you could call it forced to watch their close friends fuck. They might have been a little surprised, but both of them made the best of it. Lori was focused on Jim’s big cock as it went in and out of his wife. This was pretty hot for her to see and wonder what his cock would feel like if it was in her, would it feel better than Bill’s? Bill, chose to watch not only that but Cassie’s spectacularly big breasts as well, as they bounced up and down with her strokes. He also looked at Jim’s cock going in and out of her and wondered what it would be like to have his cock in the hot little cherub’s vagina.

Lori was now turned on and getting wet, but she was not as much of a voyeur or exhibitionist as Cassie, but she also did not want to get up and leave. Bill’s cock remained so hard watching them fuck, that his lap was not very comfortable. She knew she had to do something to give him relief and show she was at least willing to do something in front of others. So she put Bill’s abandoned shorts down for her knees and got down to suck his cock. She did not want to see or be seen with his cock in her mouth yet, so this turned her back to them. To her, it did not take as much courage to do something slightly less sexual like a blowjob.

It may have been less sexual action-wise, but her ass and pussy sticking out and illuminated by the campfire became the best view at the fire. Cassie was busy, but Jim was looking around her to see Lori’s naked ass. He could not help but imagine what he would feel like with his cock between those long legs of hers fucking that fine pussy.

Cassie was the first to make a comment, “Oh Fuck, my man’s hard cock feels so good in me, Oh Fuck, I am Cumming.”

It was not that quick for the guys, they all had a lot of alcohol in them. Cassie had become tired of riding him in this awkward way, and now was leaning over the chair with her big breast hanging down as Jim fucked her. Lori had given in and was then riding Bill reverse cowgirl. Lori liked seeing Jim’s muscles flexing and seeing his cock and balls from behind as he fucked his wife hard. Despite this, and since she was not fucking Jim other than in her head, she still wanted things to end and go to bed, so she could fuck her husband in more positions and wildly like she likes to fuck.

Once she got to see Jim pull out with his hard cock in hand, as he finished himself off by shooting cum all over Cassie’s back, she lost what little interest she had in fucking in front of them. They became the lone couple fucking, and she knew they had both of their attention. It was different, she did not like seeing Cassie staring back at them as she knew Bill’s cock was her focus. She stopped, and got up and said, “I am worn out now, I am taking my man to the tent to finish him off,” and she took his hand, and they excused themselves. She gave Cassie the usual peck on the cheek, but Jim got her lips on his.

Truth is, Lori had discovered that fucking along with another couple was kind of hot. But seeing Jim’s big cock as he jerked to finish was the last thing to be of her interest. Being the only ones still fucking was not the same. But that is not unusual, once one couple finishes in a situation like this, things tend to get awkward and uncomfortable for all of them. Jim was wiping what cum that was still left on Cassie, as Lori and Bill headed to their tent, it was the best option to retire for all of them, and not ruin the evening with the awkwardness.

Jim and Cassie did not get to see them finish fucking, but they sure heard them later on. Lori was so worked up she was riding Bill’s cock wildly while imagining it was Jim’s inside her and practically screaming. Jim over in their tent joked to Cassie that Lori’s screaming sounded like two raccoons were either fucking or fighting outside. Hearing them was enough to get them going for a second round.

The evening was not talked about, and the sex in front of each other was not repeated that trip. It did not harm their friendships either, nor did it change their secret urges of having each other’s spouses, it only made those urges stronger. They continued their camping trips as they were so much fun, as they all had a certain platonic love for each other that was separate from their lust.

Nothing like that happened until the next camping season when they were on their first trip to the campground for a weekend camp out, things were pretty much the same as usual. Both Jim and Bill were avid fishermen, but Bill was the most radical one in the group. He was determined to fish a hidden lake not accessible by car. He had talked them all into attempting it once before, but they quit halfway there, they were not dressed for it and all of them were bleeding from the brier bushes they encountered and scratching their mosquito bites. Bill made the argument it had been a dry spring, and the mosquitoes would not be that bad.

By the second day there, Cassie who still had the hots for him even more so than the summer before had a plan. Cassie figured that she could put on some long pants and a long sleeve top and go on the hike. Thought maybe if it was just the two of them she would get a chance to seduce him. It would be the first cheat but she was ready to go for it. We all have things about us that we don’t broadcast, in her case she had some aspirations to be a cheating wife, and Bill was her number one candidate. In truth, to her, his determination not to cheat made him a much more sought-after target for her.

Lori was not happy about this, but she was not going to give in and agree to go along too and look like a jealous wife. She was a little, but also pretty trusting of Bill to not give in to her seductive ways. She also realized that Jim was not going to go, and decided to fish with Jim and maybe suggest a daytime skinny-dip, she was not out to fuck him, but it was all she could think about.

Cassie dressed for the hike to the fishing spot, and Lori dressed for fishing with Jim. Both conservatively on the outside, but even Lori had something pretty sexy underneath her fishing clothes. Lori may have been the one of the four that was least likely to cheat, but it was not that she did not want Jim, and could not help flirting and teasing. Lori had the looks and body for teasing, her long blond hair and long legs alone were head turners.

Lori had her husband aside before he went with Cassie, she looked at him and said, “I hope you know that you’re in for trouble? Not with me, I saw her back you in a corner about going along. I hate to see you be tortured by her, well I guess I won’t have to watch it. But I love you, so just this time, let me just say that what I don’t know about the trip won’t hurt me. If she presses you hard, as long as it is just oral I would understand you giving in. As long as you don’t let her have the satisfaction of getting you to fuck her, that is her goal. But, again I want to make it clear, I don’t want to know, or will never ask you if you took a blow job, I trust you to not give in to her.”

It was a surprising statement Lori made to Bill, but they both knew Cassie was a schemer. What he did not know was that his wife was not without her plans, and had a pair of sexy shorts, and a sexy top underneath her hiking/fishing clothes. Cassie had thought she was going to be the sexiest, as she had a string bikini under hers. She figured it would be hard to justify stripping naked for him, but she could wow him with the sexy suit that barely contained her breasts, or covered her sex.

First I will tell you about Bill and Cassie’s hike. It was not as bad as expected as far as mosquitoes, and being overgrown with brier bushes. This year’s growth was held back by the dry spring, but it was still overgrown from the previous year’s. Trying to take fishing gear through it plus some beverages, etc were the hard part, that and the fact that it was a hot day. The lake was a little disappointing fishing-wise, nothing is worse than being able to see nice-sized fish deep down in the clear water. Then have to watch them as they swim up, and then reject every type of bait or lure you put in front of them. Bill did not want to give up, and Cassie was down to her shorts and bikini top trying to get his attention any way she could, she was past being just bored.

Eventually, Cassie was down to the bikini, it was not one a woman would swim in, especially in a lake, a string fashion bikini expensive enough that most women would not want to even get it wet. Cassie did not want to get hers wet either, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She is a pretty good swimmer, but not a great diver, but that was what would be disruptive and get his attention. She was making dives off of a boulder in the water with two motives to help her achieve her main one. The first was to stir up the water making catching fish impossible and it worked. Bill sat on a rock with a line still out and had a beverage, the fishing at this point was just an excuse for watching her swim nearly naked, he is not a priest.

Cassie lost the top after a few dives, and I mean lost it, it sunk before she could get it. It might have been a ploy for it to come off, but its sinking was not in the plan. But then she got an idea and started trying to get Bill to dive for it knowing he was a seasoned scuba, and free diver. She was hoping he would dive naked, and she would be near-naked as well.

He decided he would have to strip to dive but was not ready to yet. Cassie was right, but not by his choice, without a wetsuit, clothes or a swimsuit would gather air and make it more difficult to get to the depth needed. It was a valid excuse causing her to take another step to motivate him. She pulled the strings on her bottoms and told him, “There Bill, it is not like we have not swum together like this before and none of us ever protested. Besides, it is time we got a better look at each other’s sex.”

Her action made him even more aware of her motives and the danger of not the dive but of the two of them being naked. Bill was hard just thinking about it as he looked at her. He figured if he avoided contact he could avoid doing anything sexual, but then again he had that pass he could use if he had to. He was not sure Lori was being honest about not wanting to know and wondered if she would pressure him eventually. No one is totally trusting of another person’s word, not even their spouses.

He stripped down and yes he was hard, rock hard, he figured he would be until he hit the cold water, and figured he would hear about it from Cassie. They were both standing in the sun naked as he got ready, he tried to keep some distance. As he expected she said, “I see that your snorkel is up, and ready for your dive, it might slow you down, I know a more fun way to get it back to normal than hitting the cold water.”

He figured that ignoring that comment and diving in was the safest thing to do he was not yet ready to use his pass. He swam around a little to get used to the water and make sure he was relaxed and not winded. Free-diving requires preparation mentally and physically.

The record time under cold water for men is 11 minutes. He had not tried to go much past 3, it just takes a lot of training even for that. You can do a lot of searching at even in this depth in 3 minutes. He has scared Lori more than once if he would try to stay longer, and this day he had to rely on his sense of time. He did not have his diving watch on, in fact, the one he had been wearing was not even water-resistant and he had taken it off.

Cassie sat on a rock at the water’s edge at first, in a sexy pose leaning back with her world-class breast on display for his enjoyment. But after not much more than a minute, and that is a long time for someone without a watch to wait, she was already worried and decided to swim while looking down for him. There he was about 12 -15 feet down, mining lakes are deep. He looked so sexy to her. The water between them did not obscure his cute butt, nor his penis streaming along with him. She would watch him make turns while paddling his feet scouring the bottom to try to find her top. Then when he came up for air, seeing him come up through the water so gracefully with his ripped chest wet and glowing, and then seeing his manhood up close. They both continued to tread water as he got his wind, and he told her he thought he spotted it and knew where to dive next.

Cassie either got tired of treading or just made the excuse that she did, just so she could get a hold of him. He is used to it and has had to help Lori, but when he grabs Lori’s ass and feels her boobs against him, it does not have the same effect this did. She was not his wife, and she has bigger breasts and a bigger ass. He took her over to where they could reach the bottom. She used that excuse to hug him and try to act like she was saved by him, he knew she was a better swimmer than that. It was just an excuse to hug him naked and push her big breasts against him as she kissed him.

Despite the cold water he had adjusted to, he was starting to get hard, and her hard nipples still against him were making that worse. She got ahold of his ass when she felt his cock getting hard against her and pulled him to her and wrapped her legs around him trying to start something. She did not want to let go of him thinking she might get him to fuck her. It was working too, as he lost control for a few moments and was kissing her back as his cock was finding its way between her slit. She probably should have kept her mouth shut and just let things continue, as he was close to being past any self-control, but she didn’t.

Instead, she tried to talk him into taking her to the shore or even more shallow water to make love. Hearing her proposal made him aware of how close he was to losing self-control. He pushed her away using the excuse that he had to go back down while he still remembers the area around where he thought he could see her top, and he swam away for another try.

It took him another two to three-minute dive, that continued to work her up before coming up for air after he pinpointed it. She again was swimming toward him but he went down again to avoid her and get it. He retrieved it this time and took it back and she used that as an excuse to act like he just returned an irreplaceable ring with a large diamond and not just a pricey piece of cloth. She was all over him, he did his best not to respond. But he could not keep his cock from responding, and his resistance from weakening, and he let her talk him into applying some fresh sunscreen, and then demanding he let her return the favor.

Bill knew then he was likely going to have to use his pass and he was right. Why else would she avoid his groin like she was saving it for last other than not wanting to taste the sunscreen? It worked, between her using her hands in the area, and his focus on her naked body had him rock hard, and his cock standing straight up. She knew she had him, just had to set the hook in fishing terms, and just took it in her mouth. It worked, as he figured no man can be faulted for rejecting a blowjob from someone as hot as her when it was already in progress.

She was good, and the extra thrill he had from it being someone other than his spouse, and someone he had been lusting for made it all the better. She had a hand on his balls and was working his knob and shaft like an expert. Eventually, she was able to work her ass and pussy over as close to his face as possible without just straddling him and sitting on it. It worked it was tempting having her fine pussy in such close range, it made him review what the conditions of the pass were. The main no-no was to fuck her, and also not tell her about any oral. He used that as his excuse to help her put her leg over his head and eat her out. Now he had something to do as well, he had to at least return the favor.

He was so excited to be inside her, even if it was just with his tongue. It was his first new pussy in years and took time just to explore as she was exploring not just his cock, but his balls and asshole as well. Him being the stronger of the two she figured she had to wait for him to advance things.

He loved Lori and did not want to push things, it was kind of her to let him have the pass, even if it was Lori’s way of torturing Cassie.

Taking things that far made them both need a breather, and he moved away as Cassie said “Sorry I could not resist taking it in my mouth, it turned me on just seeing you swimming underwater with it streaming along with you. I loved having your cock in my mouth and enjoyed your work on my pussy. I can’t wait for you to enter it.”

That forced him to speak too, “I love your body and would love to enter and fuck you silly, but I just can’t, oral is enough to keep a secret.”

It was not a lie he was telling, he had a pass that did not mention not eating her and getting her off that way, and was told to keep it to himself if he did.

She did not want to quit, and got back to work and was swallowing it, she looked like she was enjoying it he thought, so maybe it was not all torture. However, no pleasure she had could come close to the pleasure he was about to receive and did. He could feel himself curl his toes as he watched her working his knob for the finish. He felt a warm flash go through his body and knows he had to have thrust his cock deep into her mouth and throat as he came. Furthermore, he knew it because it was the first time he felt his balls hit any women’s chin. But it was just a reflex, it made her choke a little but she took it all.

He watched her swallow it, and look back up at him perhaps hoping he wanted to at least continue to return the favor. She was right, but he had already used the loophole she left in her conditions by eating her out. He wanted to fuck her bad but told her that they had that long hike back, and then he had to start the dinner fire. So they packed up and got on the trail.

Now for Lori and Jim’s fishing trip. If I had tried to tell both at once it would have confused you, and me. It was not a long trip to the lake they were going to, especially since it was by car. They did have to go slow to not stir up dust, as they did drive by a campsite or two, and did not want to cause dust to go their way. They were there and unpacking their gear, unlike the other two, they could and did bring everything they wanted to. Even a cooler with Lori’s wine coolers and Jim’s favorite beer buried in ice.

They found a place to pull off out of the way of the dust and be right on the shore with an opening in the trees to fish. It was such a private area they noticed as they unloaded there. It was even mentioned that it might be big enough to set up and camp on a future trip. Not only that, but it would be nice to be able to party right on the water. The only thing that could be seen from the road was the car as it blocked the opening in the woods. That meant nudity would not have to be restricted there.

Jim said to Lori, “Since it is so private and this place is not patrolled, are you interested in smoking a bowl first, I love to fish, and I love to fish even more when I am high?”

Lori was in, she always liked smoking pot, and Bill could take it or leave it, and she knew she had some wine coolers to cool her throat to go along with it. Though more conservative in other ways, she was a bigger drinker and recreational drug user than Bill, she had brought some Molly on this camping trip, even though Bill did not like being with her when she took it. He did not have the same experiences she did in college, she was different back then, she let her hair down. That is when she learned to like pot and Molly. They would on occasion cause her to act irrational and slutty, and that is when she got the tramp stamp with the phrase “Blame It On Molly” integrated into it to mark her for life.

The two of them always got along well and were quickly settled in and having a good time just talking and fishing. The longer they fished, the freer they felt they could be with their conversation. They both tried to tread carefully when it came to their spouses, she did not want to take a chance on offending him by saying anything about Cassie flirting and teasing her husband.

They found fun things to talk about and were kidding each other as they did in front of their spouses as well. He made fun of the way, and the face she would make when she would cast, looking like she was trying for the other side of the lake. She needed him back for not catching any fish worth keeping when she already had three on the stringer. They were just plain having fun as two buddies would. But they were not normal buddies, they were male and female, and both with at least some built-up lust for each other.

Lori’s flirting was different from Cassie’s, not so obvious. She was dressed underneath for it though. Lori eventually took the bulky shorts and blouse she had on off, it was cool when they left, but hot as the sun got over them. She knew that what was underneath would make her look sexier to Jim if she had a bikini on. He had already lost his shirt, he was kind of proud of his build and had a right to be. Both of the guys were fit, but differently, Jim lifted weights, and Bill exercised and swam laps. Therefore, Jim had biceps to go along with his abs. He had triceps too, he was one step from being a competitive body-builder.

Lori had a top similar to one that comes with a bikini, it had top strings though and they allowed it to hang down low enough to maximize her cleavage. But yet, it was not showing as much of her breasts as a bikini top would. To Jim, it was plenty sexy, he knew she had a sense for picking clothes that were just plain sexy instead of showing it all. The shorts she picked to wear were denim ones, short but not extremely. They were a little tight but did not show a camel toe, as the long zipper obstructed it, they were double zippered, and that is what made them unique and more alluring. They had a zipper not just in the front but in the back as well, and they both went to the top of the beltline as they had no other way to fasten them at the top. Not only that, but they had the worn and tattered look and just a little white lacy material coming down from inside the front of the legs.

When he finally got enough beer in him for courage, he had a comeback for his lack of catching fish. His response was, “I would probably catch more fish if I could concentrate on something other than what would happen if I pulled down those two zippers on your shorts at once. Would I get smacked, and would what would appear make it worth it? Might you be wearing them commando, making the sting of the smack not so bad?”

Lori, “Well to answer your second question first, I am commando-like you guys usually are but am not sure if I would smack you. It is a lame excuse for your lack of fishing skills though, as I am managing to catch fish while knowing that bulge in your shorts is likely a boner.”

Jim said, “I guess we are in a chicken or egg situation on what came first, my boner. Or maybe it was me seeing your shorts with double zippers for someone’s convenience? Then there is that top that is showing so much cleavage.”

They had been fishing and drinking for a while and Jim suggested they smoke another bowl, he was thinking that might get at least her top off, and who knows, maybe those shorts too. Jim knew how she gets on pot, she typically ends up hanging on Bill all horny like. Lori had a couple of doses of Molly in her shorts and was about to up the ante.

She felt that since she was alone with Jim, and not of her making, it was a sign. Maybe since she issued Bill a pass, she could at least suck Jim’s cock instead of just admiring it this time. She thought like that sometimes, especially when she smoked pot. This was her chance to do Molly with him and she told him she had it. He had never done it but knew how much it supposedly caused people to let their guard down. His only worry was that they would have to go back to the campsite stoned. She lied to him and told him it would be out of their systems by then when she knew they would just be on their way down.

He still hesitated, but he knew that it would probably lead to some kind of sex between them, and getting off is better than beating off, so he took it with her.

Lori had hesitated too, but only in her head, she knows herself, and though she has always had such good self-control. She knew she could not keep it while smoking and drinking. Lori also knew that Molly would probably cause her to lose control, but not feel guilty about it, at least while she was fucked up. The booze, pot, and Molly were bound to make her horny, and bolder, and deep down it was what she wanted.

They became pretty fucked up afterward, but so far were just mellow and were taking in some sun. Both wanted to do something to each other, but neither of them wanted to use something corny like the sunscreen come on, it was not their style.

It was time to suggest something to do, and Jim did that with two words “Let’s Swim.” As soon as the short answer, “Yes,” came back from her, he dropped his shorts and was already naked. She paused a moment to look at him, then dropped her top.

She paused again, and said, “Do you want to help me get naked with you? ‘Go ahead, pick a zipper”

Jim replied, “I can get both at once, I want the full experience of seeing what appears when I do.”

He took a knee in front of her, reached around to the other zipper, and said, “Well, here goes a first, me and Lori naked and alone.”

He pulled them down simultaneously, and he was right, her shorts just opened up like a blooming flower would, then they pretty much came down on their own too. Then he was right in front of her pussy already feeling some wetness.

She was pretty quick to get naked, so that and the first effects of the Molly gave him the courage to just go right for her clit, why mess around with any other kind of foreplay. She felt the tip of his tongue make contact and it sent a chill down her spine. This was kind of sudden, but she knew that the games were over, and she too was ready to get down to business.

She stood there naked as he worked her pussy until she had her hands down and held his head with them, and she was starting to get verbal. He knew it was safe then to pull back and went for the big blanket in the car.

They were so fucked up and horny by then. She entertained herself as she stood there naked and waiting. She watched his cute butt as he carefully picked his way through some tree roots and then a little gravel from the road. Ether one could hurt a stoned and naked barefooted guy. He leaned over the trunk, and she saw his ball sack was extra tight and knew what she was going to see when he turned around. He tip-toed back, this time she was focused on the long hard rod protruding from his groin. As far as she was concerned, there is no better view of a guy than him naked and with a stiff cock, and this was a big one.

It was what she had yearned for years, and could now have it, and not just to gaze at and dream about later. This was her first good view of it in daylight, she wanted it badly, and if she had had panties on they would have been soaked.

The talking part was over, this was happening! She again thought about the pass she gave Bill. Thought that if she just gave and received oral it would be about the same as the pass she gave to him. So she helped him spread the blanket under a tree. She looked at him and pointed to the blanket, he understood that signal and laid back with his cock in the air. She got down next to him and carefully swung her leg over him, and presented her pussy to him as she took his cock. Likewise, she loved his skills down below on her, and couldn’t wait to get his cock in her mouth. But she mostly wanted his cock deep inside her vagina and bad.

Lori was then trying to impress him with her skills. She was not as good as his wife with a cock, but she could hold a cock in her throat as long as the best of them. His cock was in her throat when she came the first time, it was deep in her throat, and she had to reject it, but just till she got through the big “O” he gave her. That orgasm felt even bigger with the help of the pot and Molly. He got her off a second time before she took his shot. It was the first strange cum she had since she was single, and the fact that it came from Jim made the taste of it so special to her. She took his cum just like Cassie did her husband’s, she took all of it and did not hesitate to swallow it either.

They were laying on their backs when she noticed he was just as hard as when they started the oral. She was trying not to look and tempt herself, if she fucked him it would be her first cheat. But she had not fucked a guy on Molly in years, but remembering the difference it would make, made her want him all the more.

Once they both got their breath she climbed on him of course and got no objections. She likes it on top, and in this case, she was looking down at Jim’s body and all his muscle groups. He was focused on her breasts, not as big as his wife’s but they weren’t his wife’s, that more than made up for the difference. Her breasts bounced a little less, but her nipples were a little perkier. Overall fucking her was like fucking a model, and in a way it was, she had done some in fashion school. He made a note of her perky nipples because he always wanted to nibble them. She took it easy on him, she wanted to get off, but knew she had plenty of time, he was rock hard, and not going to cum anytime soon.

Lori had wanted to fuck him ever since they lived across the street, and he felt so good inside her. She was glad she took the Molly so she could not feel guilt, at least not in the present, and just enjoy the ride and the view. His view was not bad either, his hard cock going inside this long-legged blond’s tight pussy. The feedback she could not contain was making things even better. She said things like, “Oh Jim, this is such a bad thing we are doing, but it had to be, I wanted you so bad. Your cock feels like it was made special for my pussy.” That was followed by typical moans and repeating of “Yes, Fuck me!” She said that, even though it was her that was in control.

She finally got enough of doing the work, and before they changed places they just laid next to each other again They got their breath, mostly her, and then they were back in a mellow stage. They took time to just make out, kissing, and nibbling all the places they wanted to nibble for years.

When it was his turn to take her, he could not believe this tanned blue-eyed blond, with her long hair partly covering her breasts was going to be his. Lori was more than ready and opened up those long model legs he always admired. She just could not wait to feel him inside her, and felt it in her body as she watched him moving toward her. She was not absent of thought as to the ramifications though, she knew this was a life-changer, but it was too late to go back. Jim did not think at all about the guilt factor, he just wanted to fuck her, and be intimate with her. She then pulled her legs back further and opened them wider, this opened up her labia and gave him a preview of her hole as she waited for him to enter it.

Being a muscular guy she almost expected him to be aggressive and fuck her hard from the beginning. He was not like that, he was tender and was not done making out with her. He was a good lover, so far, better than Bill, but you tend to get in a rut sexually with a spouse. She thought maybe it used to be this good with her husband, she remembered it as better.

It was good sex, she judged it not so much by the way his cock felt in her, but by the way, he treated her, he looked into her eyes like she remembered Bill doing when they first became lovers. I guess that is why people give into cheating the most, something new or fresh. In her case, or their case I guess you can say it had the joy of being new for them. The excitement of it being someone new that they were so fond of, and not a one-night stand with a stranger. Deep down they knew they were going to have to deal with it in some way later, but why not let Molly do its job and just file it, and think about it then. At the very least, it was a secret to keep for life, an awful lot of marriages survive infidelity, but few survive a confession.

They fucked for quite a while with him on top, she had her legs wrapped around him so tight as he did, that she lost some feeling in them. She also dug her nails in his back and was worried she was leaving marks. They had more time as they did not have the long hike as part of their trip, so they used it.

They took a break, and just sat and hydrated, important for Molly. Lori wanted more, or she would probably say Molly and Lori wanted more, it just had that effect on her. It made her not be able to get enough in many ways. She looked at Jim and thought, there are things that she had done in college that she does not do with Bill, and even other things she had not asked him to do. She felt comfortable asking him for one and did by saying, “You gave my pussy a good workout, I have another hole close to it, I have not used it for sex since college?”

He was surprised, Cassie always told him his cock was too big, but he knew she just was not fond of anal. But what guy does not want a tight ass to fuck now and then.

Lori surprised herself, but he was so tender with her why not. She laid down, Jim got some clothes to put under her tummy, and he started eating her ass out to get it lubed, even spitting on it and working it in.

Like when he started fucking her vagina, he was very tender as he entered her ass. His knob felt so good in such a tight space. But he was careful not to give her too much too soon. It was enjoyable for both of them, but he was ready to cum pretty quick from it.

Since it was her ass he was in, he told her he was ready to cum this time and she told him to cum on her. Lori rolled over for it, as for her, it is not the feeling of the cum on her skin she likes so much. She likes watching her lover finish himself off and seeing the look on his face, and how it looks as it comes out of his pee hole. It’s just a kink of hers, she likes to watch Bill cum and pee and had considered asking him to pee on her before.

She was laying there with his cum all over her chest, and he told her that he would get some water and clean her up as soon as he took a piss.

This was her big chance to request something she always wondered about, she said, “Oh No, you are not going to put cold water on me, I have an idea.”

She took him by the hand and to a rock sitting on the shore where she sat down, her bare ass on the rock. She looked so sexy leaning back like that covered with his cum. Lori could not believe she had the nerve to but said, “OK Big Boy, instead of cold water, you can use warm pee to rinse this cum off of me. I know that is a very strange request from a girl, even from one on Molly, but I can explain. What planted the seed for me to wonder what it would feel like involved both you and Bill. It was on one of our first trips here and our first time seeing each other nude. We had so much fun, and drank way too much, especially you and Bill. We were by the fire, and you got up to go pee but were so drunk you whipped it out and made it just a few steps from the campfire. You let loose only about half turned, and, that I think was my first look at your penis as you peed.”

“We drank again the next night, and the more you two drank the less you traveled from the fire to go. I still remember that eventually, you were so drunk you did not even leave the fire. You just dropped your shorts and tried to move your chair out of the way so you could just turn and pee right there. Your shorts caused you to trip, and was laying on the ground with your naked bottom showing, we laughed but were also concerned thinking maybe you blacked out from too much alcohol.”

“Bill was too fucked up to help, so Cassie and I struggled to get you up as Bill teased you about it. Trying to help you put me in close contact with your sex, and I liked that. Bill kept riding you, and Cassie and I joined in teasing you. So to protest you just kicked your shorts off the rest of the way, and pulled off your shirt. In humor, you stood there naked and holding your dick like a fire hose and pretended to be trying to put out the fire. I got a good look of you naked as you stood there. I liked looking at your cute butt, and all your muscles, but focused on your penis and the warm pee coming out of it. Yes, I have been thinking about you for what seems like forever.”

“Well, that was more than just a good laugh for me. I still have a vivid memory of seeing your ripped body and your penis in the light from the fire as your pee exited its hole. I was pretty drunk myself and watching you got me so hot. Not only that, but I guess if it had been just you and me, I might have stripped with you. Cassie got you your shorts, but you were still protesting, and would not put them on, just sat there the only one naked, and drank until you almost fell out of the chair. We were afraid you might fall in the fire, and it took all three of us to get you to the tent. Bill being drunk too, struggled to unzip the tent, as Cassie and I had our hands full. I now confess that the partial boner you were showing in the dark tent was my fault. I could not resist getting a little feel as we got you through the opening, My God, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time!”

Jim was shocked that she remembered all that, and felt that way back then. But he was so drunk during it, that he did not remember it in such detail. But he was not going to pass on a chance to do something some guys like to do. So he grabbed his cock before it got too hard for him to pee from her story. He let it go and she watched his stream like when they were drinking at the campsite.

But this time she saw it up close from her new favorite cock. This time she felt the warm urine hit her as she watched. It was so much different and seemed warmer than the cumshot she had just taken that he was rinsing off. As he finished she motioned for him to come close, she pulled him in as he finished, some of his urine was hitting her lips, and some even went in her mouth. It did not matter, watching this made her just have to suck his cock some more. In less than a minute she had it hard again, she just loved his cock in all of her orifices, she always thought she would.

She was well on her way to extracting some more cum from him when nature called for her. She stopped to tell him, “Sorry now I have to go pee, and I have to pee now!”

Jim said, “Oh no, you are not going to piss in the woods or lake, not after you let me pee on you, you will straddle me and piss on my chest so I can watch and feel it.”

It was a strange turn of events for even Lori, and she started it. Strangely it did not sound like a sexy thing to do for her, she did not like peeing in front of even Bill. But Jim was leaning back on the rock looking so fucking hot as he was ready and waiting.

Turns out that the only turn-on for her was seeing the look on his face of amazement when her super stream of piss came rushing out of her urethra much quicker than for a man.

In Jim’s case, he always thought Cassie’s stream sounded like a waterfall when he would hear her evacuate her bladder, but now he was a witness and the target. Truth is, a woman’s urine has less plumbing to go through on the way out. He was laying there with a puddle of piss on his flat stomach and could feel it running down both sides of his manhood and running into the crack of his ass. Other than that it was a good experience, but for some reason, they both were laughing. Lori had to speak, “Wow Jim, I can believe the fact that we fucked that much, as it is something I think we have both wanted for a long time. But it is hard to believe we just pissed on each other, ‘Blame It On Molly’ I guess!”

He did not respond, he just stood up, took her hand and they walked in the water to rinse off. The cool water took a toll on his hardon, which had lasted through the pissing contest. But the lust both of them had, was still evident, and they stood in knee-deep water and kissed each other. There is something so freeing about being naked outdoors even when you are straight, but being fucked up and the feeling of the gentle breeze coming across the water drying their bodies was extra special.

Lori felt his erection growing back, but before she could get down to take it in her mouth, Jim had other ideas or an idea that is. He had been hugging her from behind and cupping her breasts when he felt his cock trying to find her opening. Lori could feel it too of course and put her one leg up on a rock beside them. This spread her legs just enough to allow him in her pussy. He reached around with both hands, one was holding her by a breast, the other was holding her groin area, and he found her clit with his fingers. Neither of them had ever attempted fucking from behind in this way, but it was working.

Lori was soon feeling it, “Fuck Jim, you feel so good in me again, it’s a good thing we are no longer neighbors I would be all over you. It would be up to you to keep it from becoming a torrid affair.”

She came soon after that, and he was then holding her up by her ass as he stroked her harder to try to get off yet again. The Molly made him feel like a sexual superman that could fuck over and over again. Lori just loved feeling him holding her like that as she held on to him, and admired his strength and build. When he finally got off, it felt like no other cumshot he ever gave, he was peaking on Molly. Lori was close to the same place, she felt his cum hit her walls like she remembered it felt in her college years.

They rinsed again and ended up back on the blanket to dry out so they could get back. They wanted each other still but knew they could not do anything that would make them need to rinse again. Jim did something then that was a first for him, he started another 69 sessions. What was different was he never ate a girl out that he had recently cummed in. But the taste they had were mixed with the taste of her juices and he sucked up every bit he could. It probably helped that she was sucking his cock at the same time, a cock that was probably going to feel some wear the next day just like her pussy and asshole.

He got her off right away, but it took him longer, and her a lot more work. Finally, she got the finite amount of cum his body had left to offer.

They knew there would be late getting back, but they were more concerned about the state of mind they would be in when they got there!

Jim and Lori were the last ones to get back, and they were still extremely fucked up from the Molly. When they pulled in the first person they saw was Cassie hurrying to put her tiny bikini top on, she had it off so she could tease him with her big breasts, telling Bill it was still wet. In truth, she had not given up trying to get Bill to fuck her and was still working on him. Bill was cooking up some burgers on the grate over the campfire in only his shorts, he wanted her to see that in his own way he was pretty fit, he had a very low muscle to fat ratio.

It was just starting to get dark. Lori and Jim were trying their best to act normal, they may have fooled Cassie who was bouncing around her breasts right along with the rest of her like she herself was high. Bill could tell that Jim and Lori were fucked up and had a good idea of what. What could he do though, he figured if she gave him the right signals he would fuck her, why not he is a guy. She promised not to ask him anything, so he had to take the same course. He did know that almost all the illegal drugs she has taken with him had caused her to fuck or want to fuck. So far she had not even touched him other than a peck on the cheek to say Hello!

They had the burgers and Lori struggled to get hers down, Jame too, the Molly only makes you thirsty. It is not like pot and does not come with increasing your appetite, called the munchies. Not much went down that night, they did smoke a little pot and have some drinks but it was a short night. Everyone was tired, they had a big day after having little sleep the night before as they were up talking around the fire late that night. Little was said, mostly just the fishing report, there was not much anyone could say because none of them caught enough to bring back and eat.

Jim and Cassie went to their tent first and from what was heard superman must have been able to fuck the frustrated Cassie, or maybe it was just his good oral. Lori held out as long as she could, she knew that Bill was likely frustrated too, and would want to fuck. She would have normally been happy to fuck him in her state but did not want to risk it. She was not real fresh down there after the all-day fuck fest she had with Jim, and Bill like to eat her and she did not want to feed him leftovers. When they did retire, Bill was out like a light anyway and she was out shortly after.

Lori was so glad she dodged the bullet by not having sex with Bill the night before, she just did not want him near her pussy after the day she had with Jim. He came everywhere but in her ass, they even pissed on each other. He may not have detected anything but she just could not handle it as she was coming down off the Molly at bedtime. She was not able to sleep and was just so confused about what happened and how she felt about it. She did not want to leave without talking to Jim. Lori needed to talk to him alone but did not know how to do it on the day they were packing up, they are usually on the road home by 2 or 3.

She came up with a plan while they were eating breakfast. She announced that she lost her keys at the place they were fishing and said even though Bill had a set, her office keys were with them. It was a good story, not true but they all at least pretended to buy it. She asked Jim if he would go with her as she did not know if she could find the fishing spot, but was pretty sure she knew where her keys might have fallen out. She did not even tell them what they fell out of, if they asked she would have had to come up with an answer. She did not have pockets big enough for much more than the Molly and had no purse with her there. Bill wanted to, but at that point was a little pissed he had passed on the chance to fuck Cassie and was pretty sure Lori and Jim didn’t.

There were on their way, she pulled it off, but did not tell Jim anything, as far as he was concerned they were going to get her keys. As far as Cassie was concerned, she was going to get another chance. Bill, well he had a plan too, but Lori did not have a clue what it was, or what Jim was thinking about the whole thing as well.

They parked at the fishing spot and were about to walk back to the spot when Jim asked, “Well where do we start, we probably could be gone an hour or two, that is how long I told Cassie we would.” Shall we smoke a bowl and recreate the buzz you had when you lost the keys that I know you likely did not even have with you?

Lori, “No, I want to be totally unimpaired when I fuck your brains out again, I want to see if it feels even close to how good it did fucked up on Molly, but you can light up when we get to the blanket, I will look for the keys as you do, (giggle) they might be around there.”

She said this as she was stripping naked and was throwing her clothes in the car trunk. Jim really was not surprised, he was not sure why he felt the way he did around her either. But after the day before, he narrowed it down to either in love or lust. The two of them walked back naked holding hands like teens in love and spreading the blanket.

Lori laid back just like she did with him the day before. Jim first stood to admire the body she was displaying to him, and admire this blue-eyed blond. He had spent the whole day before with her, but it was not enough. Then he crawled up next to her as he did the day before. He started by just giving her a kiss, a long deep one she returned. They did not start with oral or go straight to fucking. Jim knew that she wanted what he did, and probably as long as he wanted it. He wanted to just look into this blue-eyed long-legged blond’s eyes and tell her how beautiful she was. She in turn wanted to rub his chest as she stared back at him and tell him how much she wanted him, and how long she was tortured waiting for the day she finally got him.

This type of conversation led to a make-out session that lasted nearly a half-hour before she moved down to her favorite cock and brought it back to where it was the day before. Taking her time as she looked up at him to gauge how she was doing. He had a look of pleasure, and she continued to lick every inch of his knob, rod, and balls. She felt as good giving him this pleasure as she would have to receive it. It was the first time she could remember getting so wet without stimulation of herself. She eventually mounted him and rode him slowly as she looked into his eyes.

Back at the campsite, Bill was sitting in a chair around the fire he revived when he got up early that morning. Bill is not necessarily an early riser, but that morning he woke up with Cassie on his mind. He felt like he had been mean to her the day before and all because Lori manipulated him into it. The truth was he enjoys her ways, a little scatterbrained and wild, but he knew she just had to be a good fuck. She looks at him with desire, something that he does not sense with Lori anymore. Cassie would follow him anywhere to be with him and did the day before. She is not that big of a fisherman or hiker, but she took the difficult trek with him to the hidden lake like a trouper.

Bill got up from his chair, went to his tent, and stripped naked, when he finished, he stuck his head out of his tent flap and invited Cassie in. He laid down on Lori’s sleeping bag, he got hard just anticipating her entrance. She came in and was a vision, she sensed what he had in mind, and came in the tent au natural to join him. She looked so hot when she came in and stood there displaying her voluptuous body, and her big boobs, piercings, etc.

Bill put up his arms, and she laid down next to him, rolled toward him putting her leg over his. Bill, who up to this point was the pursued, was ready to talk. First, though he lifted Lori’s little purse and jiggled it saying, “Do you hear that? Does it sound like keys to you?”

Cassie said, “Jim told me before they left that they would probably be gone an hour or two. Why do you think he said that? I know I act pretty dingy for a brunette, but I am not stupid. He did not want to fuck me last night, and I had to talk him into eating me out. Do you think they did something besides fishing as we did, but likely even more? I know your Lori is not as wild as I am, but I also know she wants Jim as much as I want you, and you can’t just blow Jim without fucking him afterwards.”

It was just meant to be statements of facts and not the start of a conversation, they both had other things on their mind to do in the allotted time. They did not discuss it but they talked and discuss some of the things that bother them about their spouses. I think married people have to tell someone those things.

I won’t bore you with those, they are just the standard things, mostly trivial and just a sign of a marriage that had gotten a little boring, and sex was not as often, and predictable when it did.

Bill was not one to snuggle and make out before sex, he was a get to it kind of guy, but he thought he would do it for her benefit. She went along with it even though she did not want that, it was her own husband’s M.O.

Finally, she just told him, “Bill, I know I have not seen you and Lori fuck, but Jim and I have heard it many times, on a quiet night we could even hear you slapping her ass. That is what I want for a change, someone to just take me, be a little rough, hit my ass, and maybe even choke me a little. Most of all I want fucked, fucked hard, and long by you until we are both spent!”

That was music to his ears, he had him a hot little cherub and has wanted to make passionate, but yet wild love to her, as that was his M.O.. He repositioned himself and opened her legs wide like you would a wishbone. Hard sex requires not just an anxious but a well-lubed pussy, and there is nothing like natural anything.

Bill started by exploring it some more and then got in close and even though eating pussy requires mouth and especially the tongue, Bill likes to use his hands as well. First, he lifted her legs up on his shoulder so he could get right in there and use his thumbs on the lips of her labia. This was to open her slit enough to get his tongue in far enough to get to the more sensitive part of it. Of course, while doing this he just had to take a few strokes with his tongue, while opening her slit even wider to go deeper and tongue fuck her. Already Bill was getting some reaction and could feel her hands on his head and hear her sounds of joy.

That meant it was time to go to her clit between strokes, and once she showed signs of a possible orgasm just concentrated on it, as he moved one thumb in and out of her. It was not long until he felt her gripping his head not just with her hands, but with her thighs. That was followed by a couple of, “Oh My Gods!” Then the release of the moisture we call a woman’s cum.

Once she recovered from that “O” she pushed him over on his back so she could get at his cock. That made him harder even before she took it in her mouth, as he got a pretty good sample of her skills the night before. She did not waste time, with one hand on his balls and the other on the base of his rod she got to work. Licking the entire shaft, passing on ball-sucking, she just wanted his cock hard and slick enough to give her a good fucking.

Once she had him ready and climbed on, once he was in her, she sped up and rode him like a bronco. Bill was loving it, he liked her going fast, much faster than he was used to. He liked fast and when it was his turn to fuck her, he threw her legs up again, her ass in the air. Then smacked her ass a couple of times before entering and fucking her as hard and deep as he could. He wanted to get off, he did not have to worry about slighting her as she already had a good “O”. He wanted his first one so they would have plenty of time for a second one.

Once he got to maximum speed he used a hand on her neck, he had never done that or had it requested. This made him be careful, and slowly applied pressure until he could see her face starting to change color. At that point he was up to maximum speed and could really feel his balls hitting her ass, he let go to be safe and within seconds he was pumping cum into her.

It was a rather brief fuck, but a good one for both of them, she was almost as loud as Lori at one point when he was pounding her. He laid back, and she quickly started cleaning up his cock and groin. Then leaned back and showed him the pie he made with a look on her face that he has never seen before as close friends. It melted his heart to the point that made him have more doubt that this was just lust he felt for her.

They gave themselves about a 10-minute break where they literally just gazed into each other’s eyes and kissed a little. They got back at it for a second round that lasted almost a half-hour or more.

Jim and Lori were finishing up their steamy session at the fishing spot. Lori had wanted more with his big seemingly perpetually hard penis. They were just laying on the blanket as she had him spread so that in addition to blowing him she could rim him. Lori too was confused about her feelings and what they really were, but she did know that she could not get enough of him. She did know that it was not totally sexual, as they started as friends, unlike Bill who in that relationship was the boyfriend–girlfriend’s lover from the start. She took this cumshot on her tits as she wanted to be able to wash it off and the sex smell before they went back. They took a swim after to accomplish that, but had to dry off in the sun so they did not have to go back with wet towels or blankets.

It was a strange atmosphere back at the campsite when they got back and took down the tents and packed up. Not a lot of talking or the usual fooling around, they all had to notice the difference. Bill and Cassie were on to it, they had acknowledged it when he found the keys in her purse. Lori knew that Bill had the blowjob, what guy was going to let a pass expire. They did not object to her going to the fishing place, so that meant they probably were going to finish what they started, and she was right about that. Jim was confused about it all, but maybe was the most open-minded, his dad and mom had been in the lifestyle they called it and did not hide it from their children when they got older. They were married for over 25 years so he did not have a reason to think that sex with others would ruin a marriage.

They were glad that their normal goodbyes were hugs and kisses, even the guys usually do a one-armed man-hug as their greeting and goodbyes. They drove away each with their own guilt, yearning, and dream material to use until they camped again. A lot of questions for all of them to have to answer themselves, as none of them were currently happy in their marriages.

They all struggled after that weekend, it was going to be a long time until they could spend some time together. Cassie who liked to tease more men than just Bill had a secret email account she could access on the web, she was not currently using it much for lack of targets. She did slip it to Bill who tucked it deep in his wallet. They kept in contact and kept the fire burning, maybe even making it a little hotter. They used it to scheme on how to get the gang together during the off-season sometimes in an environment they could get some private time. Cassie was a schemer and was on it!

They talked about sharing a place like a cabin or small house for Thanksgiving, but they put that out in open conversations that usually were between the two girls on social media. They would present it to their spouse and discuss it, it was their system and many other couples do the same.

Likewise, they determined both had too big of traditions with family for that day. Getting together as a couple was put off until that next summer.

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