A couple pick up two strangers for a special night

This story is an erotic adventure that features a married couple in an open and caring relationship having sex with other partners. If that offends you, stop reading now.

Side note: Please don’t let the reputation of Philadelphia Eagles fans taint your view of this story. We’re not all rude, arrogant or rowdy. And that whole incident with throwing snowballs at Santa happened in 1968, for Christ’s sake. Let it go.



When Chuck arrived at Time Out Tavern on Sunday, February 4th, 2018, he knew it would be a great night. What he didn’t know was that it would become one of the most memorable nights of his life.

The Philadelphia Eagles had finally made it to the Superbowl, and Chuck had decided to watch the Big Game at the local sports bar not far from his place. While he lived on the other side of the bridge from the city, South Jersey was still very much Eagles territory. It’s not until you get north of Trenton that you start running into Giants fans.

Work was slow for him this time of year and he’d already scheduled the next day off with his boss, who’d laughed when he asked and said he’d probably be “calling in sick too.”

Chuck had no plans on getting shit faced. Somewhere in his thirties, the idea of getting falling down drunk had lost its appeal, and the hangovers had become far rougher to deal with the morning after. But he figured he could stay out late, have a few drinks, hopefully celebrate a win and not have to worry about getting up early on Monday.

Most of his friends did have to work the next day, and had decided to watch the game at home with their families.

Being single, (Chuck got divorced four years ago, and it had been six months since his last girlfriend dumped him) he was also hoping against hope of maybe meeting someone. It was going to be a wild and hopefully celebratory night, and sure to be a packed house at the bar. There had to be at least a few single women, right?

Chuck arrived an hour before the scheduled 6:30 PM kickoff and sure enough, the place was already filling up.

While several giant high definition flat screens filled much of the available wall space, the best spot to view the game was right at the bar itself. He got lucky and managed to find an open stool. Pulling out a small stack of cash, he slapped it on the bar, staking his claim to the space.

A live band was churning out a decent set list of upbeat classic rock hits while the pregame shows played silently on the screen. No one really cared about that stuff at the moment. People were too busy getting the celebration started; drinking, dancing, high fiving total strangers and singing the Eagles Fight Song whenever the band paused between tunes.

Chuck didn’t move from his seat often, too afraid of losing it. But he did socialize with those around him, discussing the chances of an Eagles win and their mutual disdain for Tom Brady. He also joined in with every Eagles cheer, along with the hearty booing of the one knucklehead who’d walked into the place with a Patriots jersey. (I promise you though, no one beat him up or otherwise abused him.)

Then it was kickoff time. The band stopped playing as the TV volume went up, the sound broadcast through every speaker in the place.

For the next hour, the place was absolutely electric, and when the Eagles lined up with thirty-eight seconds left in the second quarter to pull off what famously became known as the “Philly Special,” bringing the score to 22 -12 at the half, the gathered crowd went ballistic.

No one bothered to watch the halftime show, the band had started playing again and everyone was far too celebratory.

The noise in the place was so loud Chuck could barely hear the voice beside him. “Is this seat taken?”

He turned to see the beautiful, dark haired woman with even darker eyes addressing him. He hadn’t noticed when the guy next to him had vacated his stool, but saw no signs of anything left behind indicating his return. “Looks that way,” Chuck shrugged with his best welcoming smile. “You’re more than welcome to it.”

She scooted by him, her large, full breasts brushing up against his arm as she squeezed into the tight space to claim the stool. Her long, curvy leg also rubbed against him as she crossed it over the other, revealing more than a glimpse of thigh from under her short white skirt.

“Thanks,” she said, flashing him a brilliant smile. “Been trying to get a space up here all night.”

Chuck couldn’t help but give her a quick once over. She wore, like many in the place, an Eagles jersey. But hers was low cut, revealing plenty of cleavage. It was also cut short at the waist, showing off her flat, firm abs and belly button piercing. Her skirt was even shorter, with a slit up the side, and as she shifted to get comfortable on the stool, the slit opened wider, teasing more than a hint of her very round ass.

Chuck considered himself a gentleman, and so tried not to gawk. Yet his gaze lingered just a tad too long. She caught him looking of course, but instead of being insulted or angry, her smile widened and her eyes lit up with a mischievous twinkle. Still, he blushed and turned away, embarrassed to have been busted staring.

Then he felt her tap his shoulder. “Buy a lady a drink?”

He turned to face her again and this time met her eyes more directly.

He couldn’t truly determine her age. Other than the green and white mix of mascara around her eyes, her makeup wasn’t gauche or tacky, caked on the way some older women do in a desperate attempt to hide their wrinkles. Her lips were full but natural, her nose, chin and cheekbones well defined, but with no hint of plastic surgery.

Only the crows’ feet around her eyes gave any real hint of her being older than thirty, but he’d be willing to bet not much more than that.

Her body was voluptuous, with curves in all the right places, and if the muscle tone in her calves, thighs and exposed stomach were any indication, she worked out on a regular basis.

All in all, definitely an alluring package.

Chuck sipped his beer, summoning up his courage. “Of course.” He flagged down the bartender who, thanks to some smart pre-tipping from him earlier in the evening, was attentive and came right over to take her order.

She ordered a light beer, one of the specials. Chuck took it as a good sign that she wasn’t just gonna try to milk him for expensive drinks all night.

They tapped their bottles. “Amazing first half so far!” She had to speak loudly over the din, but her voice was fair and pleasing. “You think we got this?”

“As long as we can keep Brady in check,” said Chuck. “We just can’t play scared. Gotta plays balls out right to the end.”

She grinned and raised her bottle again. “I’ll drink to that. To ‘balls out!'”

He tried not to make much of the look in her eyes as she stressed the last two words, or point out the obvious double entendre’.

“I’m Tina, by the way,” she smiled, extending her hand.

He shook it firmly. “Chuck.”

Her laughter was lilting. “You don’t look like a Chuck.”

He shrugged with a grin. “Well, what do I look like?”

“Actually…has anyone ever told you you look like Nick Foles?”

Chuck had to laugh. “Actually? Yes, several times. And if that son of a bitch can pull off a win for us tonight, I’m gonna take full advantage of that fact!”

She let out another loud, melodious laugh. “I bet you will. Might even get you laid!”

“Ya think?”

She cocked her head and winked. “Oh I could definitely see that as a possibility.”

“Holy shit, this is off to a good start!” Chuck thought. While he was no loser, nor completely inept when it came to women, he’d never considered himself a Ladies Man either. Plus the fact that he’d been off the market for over ten years while married meant he still had some rust to shake off when it came to his pick up game. But Tina was certainly making it easy, building his confidence.

The second half began and they spent the rest of the game side by side, chatting, cheering, and hugging after each amazing play. She never shied away from pressing her soft, natural breasts into him whenever they embraced, and more than once his hands casually traced the bare skin of her back or the sides of her hips. Her skin was soft and supple, the result of regular moisturizing.

When Brandon Graham strip sacked Brady late in the fourth quarter, forcing the turnover that all but sealed the win, they found themselves not just embracing, but kissing. Her lips met his with more than just celebratory excitement. Chuck could feel her desire like a heat radiating from her.

As they sat and watched the final few minutes of what would be a history making game unfold, his hand found its way to hers. She gripped it tightly, then guided it to her thigh.

Chuck rubbed her leg slowly. The room was tense, the clock ticking away as the Patriots mounted their last desperate stand. No one was looking at them as his hand moved further up. He paused, inches from the promised land, unsure just how far he should push this.

Then her hand found his again, and made the choice for him.

To his utter delight and not quite complete surprise, she wasn’t wearing panties. His fingers first made contact with her soft, downy fur, then the warm, slick flesh of her cleft, brushing her stiff little button at the top. Her legs clenched tightly and Chuck saw more than heard her gasp of pleasure.

Then the final play of the game unfolded, almost in slow motion; the mad scramble of bodies on the field, the desperate Hail Mary pass, the ball bouncing around several times before hitting the ground as the clock struck zero and the game was over.

The Eagles had won the Superbowl!

The tavern erupted in a frenzy of yelling, cheering, crying, hugging and high fives. Tina and Chuck were on their feet as well, hugging first each other, then any random stranger nearby.

The celebration went on for several minutes before he finally got her attention again. Her eyes met his as his hands found her waist, pulling her closer.

Chuck felt not just bold, but empowered. “You wanna get out of here?”

Tina’s lips curled in an absolutely naughty grin. “I do. But first, I want you to meet someone.”

Startled, to say the least, he didn’t have time to manage a reply before Tina took his hand and pulled him through the crowd.

They didn’t go far, only to a booth just behind them. Seated there was a distinguished looking man, his short, wavy hair only slightly gray, the wire frames of his glasses giving him the air of a college professor. Seated beside him on the inside of the booth was an attractive black woman. Chuck barely had time to take her in, his attention more focused on the man as he stood to greet them.

“Hey there. My name’s Mick. I’m Tina’s husband.” With a friendly smile, he extended his hand. “What an incredible game. Looks like you and Tina had a lot of fun watching it.”

It was pure, dumb motor reflex that made Chuck shake the man’s hand. Then it fully registered that he’d said the word “HUSBAND.”

Chuck pulled back his hand reflexively. “Look, I don’t want any trouble. I didn’t know, she never mentioned…”

Mick laughed amicably. “Relax. Seriously. I know you’re probably really confused right now. Take a seat, join us for a drink, please, and we’ll explain.”

“Explain what?” the woman piped up from behind him. “Mick, who are these people? What’s going on?”

Chuck considered simply walking away. While he was no coward, he certainly didn’t go looking for fights. He also didn’t want to get caught up in some crazy drama or whatever scam these two might be pulling.

Then Tina was coaxing him to join her in the booth. She slid into the seat opposite the very startled looking woman as her husband again joined her on the other side.

Dazed, and more than a little confused, Chuck allowed himself to be pulled down beside her.

“First, I suppose, we need some introductions,” Mick began, very casually, as if he were beginning some type of class or lecture. “Lonnie, this is Tina, my wife. And this is…”

He paused, looking at Chuck intently. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name?”

“Let me out,” Lonnie snapped. “I’m leaving!”

Mick turned to her, resting his hand gently on her shoulder. “Please, just stay a minute. I promise we’ll explain.” Lonnie sat back in her seat, looking both angry yet curious.

Chuck could relate. “Look, just get to the point,” he said sharply. “What kind of game is this?”

Mick turned to Tina. “Perhaps you should start?”

“I wanna apologize,” Tina began, addressing Chuck and Lonnie, “to both of you. This isn’t how we usually do this, and maybe it wasn’t the best idea to spring it on you like this.”

“Do what?” Chuck asked. “Spring what?” Lonnie echoed over him.

Tina sighed, but kept her smile. “Mick and I, we…we occasionally enjoy picking up other…partners. Sometimes, we pick up a guy, sometimes, a woman. Tonight, we wanted to try something different, and really challenge ourselves, so we decided to see if each of us could pick up a partner of our own. You know…go for two?”

Chuck was stunned. He’d heard of couples like this, of course, but never actually met them. His head was still spinning too much from the craziness of it all to formulate a response.

Lonnie, however, had no problem speaking her mind to Mick. “So you spent all night flirting with me, buying me drinks, to what? Take me home and fuck me in front of your wife while she’s banging this guy?” she gestured at Chuck wildly. “And you just expected BOTH of us to go along with it?”

For the first time, Mick looked flustered. It was Tina who answered instead. “Again, we’re sorry if this, well, came off wrong. Look, at least let us buy you both another round. We can relax, get to know each other, and enjoy the celebration. If you’re really not into the idea at the end of the night, no worries.”

Looking directly at Lonnie, she continued, “But I just want to make it clear, I would really enjoy watching you with Mick.” Then, turning, “And I was having a wonderful time with you, Chuck. And I was looking forward to continuing things.”

Tina raised her hands in a gesture of supplication. “Of course, we don’t want to pressure either of you to do something you’re not into. We just thought it was a chance to make a special night even more memorable.”

Chuck was torn with indecision. It had been far too long since he’d gotten laid. And things had been going so smoothly, so easily, with Tina earlier. He thought she was into him. And he supposed she was, just not in the way he’d expected.

Chuck was perfectly fine with a One Night Stand if that’s what it had come to, but to go home with her, her husband AND another stranger? It was a possibility he’d never have imagined in his wildest dreams. A possibility he wasn’t sure he was brave enough to pursue.

Lonnie broke his reverie. “You’re awfully quiet over there…Chuck, was it? Nothing to add?”

Chuck shook his head slowly. “Sorry. This is all just, well…”

“Overwhelming?” Tina finished. She took his hand in both of hers. “I’m sorry. But if it helps, I didn’t just pick you randomly. I thought you were really cute, and you were very nice and respectful, even when we were, well…flirting. You never assumed anything, or treated me like just a casual pick up. And I want you to know it wasn’t ‘casual’ for me, either. I have to feel really comfortable with a guy before I decide if I want to take it further.”

Mick now addressed Lonnie. “Same here. I really did enjoy being with you, and I thought there was a spark between us. I’m sorry I misled you about my relationship status, but everything else between us was open and comfortable, right?”

Lonnie nodded almost reluctantly. “Yeah. I just wish…oh, nevermind.”

“No, please, speak your mind,” Mick insisted.

Lonnie sighed. “I just wish you’d have been up front about it. That said, if I’m being honest, I really wasn’t looking for more than a hookup myself. I’ve been single too long, and it’s been way too long since I’ve let myself just cut loose and, well…have some fun.”

Tina again turned to Chuck. “What about you? What were you REALLY hoping would happen between us tonight? Just a quick fling? Or were you hoping for more than that?”

Chuck took a moment to consider his answer. “Well, if we’re all being HONEST, then I guess I should say that, up until the end there, when my hand went up your…” he stopped, unwilling to directly say he’d copped a feel in front of her husband, despite the fact that Mick had probably watched it happen, “…up until then I’d have been happy to have just gotten your phone number. After, though, I kinda figured it was a pretty sure thing. And while it would have been nice to maybe have found someone to explore a, you know, relationship with, I wouldn’t have objected to a simple One-Nighter either.”

“So we all admit we were just trying to get laid tonight,” said Mick. “So is what we’re suggesting really all that outrageous? You both were willing to hook up with us before you knew we were married. So what’s the difference, really? Either way, you wouldn’t have felt obligated to see us again after. So, what do you say? We can all just hang out together, have some fun, no pressure, no one has to do anything they don’t want to, and maybe we all get to scratch an itch or two.”

The sounds of the continuing party throughout the tavern served to highlight the silence that hung over their table for several moments.

It was Lonnie again who finally broke it. “Okay. I’m in.”

Tina and Mick beamed excitedly. “Really?” they chimed in unison.

“Two conditions,” said Lonnie, beginning to truly smile for the first time since Tina and Mick had revealed their plan. “One: I don’t do lesbian stuff. Sorry, Tina. Just not my thing.”

Tina nodded. “Of course, I understand. And second?”

Lonnie turned slowly, her gaze now fixed on Chuck. “Second: Quiet Guy over there has to come along, too. I’m not doing hubby here and leaving the wifey out to dry. Just wouldn’t be…fair.”

As her dark green eyes lingered over him, Chuck thought he saw a hint of mischievous intent, as if she were trying to send him a message he couldn’t quite decode. It was only then that he truly noticed how beautiful she was.

Her head cocked slightly as she lifted one brow in question. “So, how about it, Chuck? You up for this?”

Chuck took a long swallow of his drink. “Oh, what the hell. Put me in, coach. I’m ready to play.”


They ordered one last round, then the women went to the ladies room, leaving the men alone.

“Thank you,” Mick said, breaking the silence. “I was so excited to even get Lonnie’s attention tonight, let alone have the chance to be with her. I was afraid she’d bail. But your being on board seems to have helped. And you won’t regret it, I promise. Tina really is a firecracker, you’re gonna love her.”

For the first time since meeting him, Chuck finally met his eyes directly. “So you’re really okay with this? With me having sex with your wife, right in front of you?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Mick chuckled. “She’s going to let me fuck that beautiful piece of milk chocolate, don’t forget. And trust me, we’ve been at this for several years now. We’re both completely comfortable with our relationship. There is no jealousy, no doubts between us. I need you to understand that. So you can relax, enjoy yourself, knowing you don’t have to worry about me or my reactions.”

“Fair enough,” said Chuck, still not entirely sure. Then, “You’re not…um, interested in, well…”

Mick read his mind. “Doing anything with YOU? No, absolutely not. No gay stuff, my friend.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” they finished in unison. The fact that they’d both said it, and understood it as that famous quote from the classic Seinfeld episode, made them laugh, dissipating the tension between them.

“By the way, before I forget…” Mick reached into his pocket, pulling out a small medicine bottle. Opening it, he shook out two tiny blue pills into Chuck’s palm. “Viagra,” he explained. “Take one now, and it should be fully in your system by the time things heat up.”

“I’ve never had a problem there,” said Chuck defensively.

Mick grinned. “Not questioning your manhood. But trust me, you’re gonna want the added boost. Tina loves a good, long session, if you get me. It can also help with performance anxiety. Some guys THINK they can fuck her with me in the room, but when the time comes they get nervous. This will get you over that hump if it becomes a problem. Last thing you want is equipment failure on a night like this.”

Chuck had to chuckle. “Very true. But why give me two?”

“Back up,” answered Mick. “They’re low dosage. One should be more than enough. But just in case.”

“Besides,” he continued, his smile widening, “who knows how much Lonnie will wind up opening herself up to the experience? You might wind up scoring two yourself!”

Chuck hadn’t even considered that possibility. He’d assumed Lonnie would only deem to be with Mick while he took care of Tina. He hadn’t even imagined the idea of swapping partners. Or that Lonnie might even be remotely interested in him at all, let alone want to fuck him, too.

Chuck looked at the pills in his hand warily. He had no idea whether they were what Mick said they were or not. A small, paranoid voice deep inside his head told him this could all be some elaborate ruse.

Still, Mick’s logic made sense. Throwing caution to the wind, Chuck downed one of the pills, slipping the second into his pocket.

“Fuck it,” thought Chuck, “I’m either about to have the greatest night of my life, or wake up in a tub full of ice with a kidney missing.”

“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world,” Mick drawled in a mock British accent as Chuck washed down the pill with a swig of beer. Again they laughed, Chuck’s fears now fully subsided. Any guy that could do a spot on Obi-Wan Kenobi impersonation couldn’t be that bad, right?

The ladies emerged from the bathroom, and as they made their way through the crowd towards the table, Chuck took a moment to now fully admire Lonnie.

It was tough to say who was taller; Tina, in her midnight green Fuck Me Pumps, or Lonnie, in her only slightly more sensible footwear.

Lonnie certainly had curves to equal Tina’s, and again at a glance it was difficult to tell who had the larger set of breasts. Chuck hoped he’d get to see both pairs soon enough. His heart, as well as another part of his anatomy, throbbed at the prospect.

Unlike Tina in her short, hip hugging skirt, Lonnie instead wore form fitting green yoga pants to match her Eagles tank top. Both men had admired the ladies’ asses on their way to the restroom, Lonnie certainly having Tina beat in that department. Now with a front view, Chuck took in her long, thick legs, his eyes traveling slowly upwards to where they met at her wide hips.

They seemed friendly enough together as they made their way back, Tina leaning in to speak something in Lonnie’s ear that caused both of them to laugh.

They were still grinning ear to ear when they finally approached the booth.

“You guys ready to go?”


Tina and Chuck took his car back to their house, while Lonnie, who’d come to the bar in an Uber, rode with Mick.

It was a short ride, but it gave them enough time to talk privately.

“I saw you checking out Lonne,” Tina said. “You thinking of trying to score with her, too?”

“I’m more than happy enough to have a chance with you,” Chuck replied cautiously.

Tina laughed. “You really, REALLY have to stop looking at this from a traditional perspective. You and I? We’re not a ‘thing.’ And we’re not going to be. Don’t get me wrong, I like you, but I LOVE my husband. So you don’t have to worry about ruining your ‘chance’ with me by making me jealous about your attraction to her. I don’t CARE. The only way you could ruin things is by being too distracted by HER to focus on me and MY needs. Is that going to be a problem?”

“No,” Chuck answered. “Sorry. Look, yes, I find Lonnie sexy. But you’re the one I wanted to be with tonight.”

Chuck had to force himself to keep his eyes on the road as Tina leaned in to purr in his ear. “And you will be. And maybe, after, when I reconnect with Mick, you’ll have your shot with her, too.”


“Yes,” she explained, sitting back in her seat. “If we bring home a guy, Mick will watch while I have sex with him. If the guy is comfortable, Mick may join in, touching me or have me suck his dick while the new guy keeps fucking me.

“If we bring home a woman, it depends. If she likes women, I’ll play with her for awhile while Mick watches, joining in later. If not, Mick will just fuck her while I watch.

“Either way, after we’re done with a new partner, Mick and I always return to each other, just us two together. Sometimes our new friend sticks around to watch us, but usually they’re already finished and out the door.

“Tonight will be a bit different I suppose with the two of you here. We certainly won’t kick you out if you wanna stay. And what you two do while we ‘reconnect’ is up to you, I guess.”

Chuck laughed softly. “Well I suppose that depends. I don’t even know if she’s remotely interested.”

Tina smiled wryly, but remained silent. She’d already had a very similar conversation with Lonnie in the ladies room, and had seen Lonnie’s reaction when she’d suggested the possibility of fucking Chuck as well. And it wasn’t a negative one. But why spoil the surprise?

A few minutes later, they pulled into the driveway.

Mick and Tina’s house was modest but spacious, their living room open and roomy, with a large, comfortable looking sectional. They’d already laid out a few supplies on the coffee table in preparation for the night, including several towels, a box of tissues, some baby wipes, lubricants and of course, condoms.

Mick fixed everyone some drinks while they sat on the couch, Tina already snuggled up cozy beside Chuck.

Mick joined Lonnie on the other side and raised his glass in toast. “To the Eagles! For their incredible win, and for bringing us all together!”

“Cheers!” they replied together, with Chuck adding, “Go Birds!”

“Just a few last things we need to address,” announced Mick. “Very simple, really. No one should feel pressure to do anything they’re not comfortable with. ‘No’ means NO. If you have questions, ask. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, stop. Speak up and be blunt if you have to. The only rule Tina and I have is we’re always in the same room. We…enjoy…seeing each other with someone else. So don’t feel weird if you catch us watching each other while things are happening.”

Mick turned to Chuck as he continued. “Last thing: Condoms. Sorry, buddy, they’re a ‘must.’ But if it makes you feel any better, they’re a ‘must’ for me, too.” He gestured with a flourish to the items on the table. “No worries if you didn’t bring any, we’re always prepared.”

“Lastly,” he paused dramatically, “just relax and have fun!”

Again, everyone raised their glasses in toast.

Tina eased herself back on the couch, kicking off her heels. “My feet are killing me,” she sighed. Lonnie quickly followed suit with a nod, wriggling her now freed toes with relief.

Tina swung a leg up, placing her foot on Chuck’s lap. “How are you at foot massages?”

“I guess we’ll find out,” he smiled, taking her foot in hand. He rubbed it gently at first, building intensity as he worked her arch, making her sigh. “Ohhh, that’s nice. Keep going.”

Reclining back on the arm rest, Tina lifted her other leg as well, getting even more comfortable as Chuck continued rubbing both feet. His view improved considerably as she lay back, her legs parted enough to see right up her skirt. Still no panties, of course.

Chuck’s cock stirred immediately. Whether it was the Viagra kicking in or simply the pure uninhibited view of her pussy didn’t matter he supposed. He engorged quite rapidly and in seconds had a full erection straining at his jeans.

Tina felt it twitch under her foot. “Like what you see?” she teased.

Before he could answer in the affirmative, Chuck was distracted by the distinct scent of weed as a cloud blew past his face.

Turning, he found Lonnie inhaling deeply from a vape pen. She held the hit for several seconds before releasing as she passed it back to Mick.

“Want a toke?” Mick extended the vape Chuck’s way.

Chuck had already had several drinks that night and, while he’d paced himself, he was already buzzed quite enough. Plus, he was beginning to feel a bit flushed, a side effect from the Viagra.

“No, thanks,” he politely declined. “I’m good for now. Maybe later.”

“Well, I want some!” Tina piped up. “Bring that over here, lover.”

Mick obeyed, smiling as he noticed the view Chuck had up his wife’s skirt. He then handed the vape to Tina, who took a deep hit, then wiggled her finger at him. Mick bent over and their lips met as she exhaled, blowing her cloud into his mouth.

They continued to kiss for a few moments before he straightened. “Not quite the same as shotgunning from an actual joint,” he grinned, “but we find the vape much cleaner; doesn’t stink up the house.”

Mick returned to his seat beside Lonnie as Chuck continued rubbing Tina’s feet. “My legs could use some attention, too, ya know,” she purred.

Taking her less than subtle hint, Chuck slid his hands up to her calves. Her legs were silky smooth, well toned and well tanned. Meanwhile, Tina’s foot was still resting on his lap, her toes playfully curling around the bulge in his pants. She chewed her lower lip in anticipation as his hand continued up her thigh. Scooting forward, her legs parted, inviting him to proceed further. Chuck accepted the invitation.

Unlike most women she knew, Tina let her pubic hair grow naturally over, not just her mound, but her plump vulva as well. She kept it neatly trimmed, of course, and Mick truly loved it. Chuck seemed to enjoy it as well, running his fingers lightly through the soft, curly strands. They were already wet and sticky.

In no rush, Chuck teased her playfully, squeezing her vulva gently between his fingers, then running them along her protruding labia, slick with wetness. She was already primed and ready to go by the feel of things, but the night was young and she was enjoying his slow, sensual explorations.

Tina was suddenly reminded of an old song. “I want a man with a slow hand,

I want a lover with an easy touch…” she sang softly, then laughed. Her gaze shifted focus, catching sight of her husband. “Oh, that’s lovely,” she sighed.

Lonnie and Mick were already making out passionately, pausing only long enough for her to remove her top, tossing it casually aside. Her breasts were large yet perky, nipples dark and already swollen against her only slightly lighter skin tone. Mick’s hands found them greedily.

Tina sat up and moved herself onto Chuck’s lap, sliding an arm around him. “Finger me while I watch them for a bit?” she asked, whispering in his ear.

Again Chuck obliged, parting her delicate lips and easing the tips of his middle and index finger into her hot opening. Chuck found her tightness surprising, but she was well lubricated, making the passage into her easier. Soon both fingers were knuckles deep.

Tina flushed with arousal. Chuck truly did have a slow hand, using a minimal amount of thrusting while at the same time pressing the tips of his fingers against the roof of her vagina, stroking her G-spot. Simultaneously, his thumb found her clit, pressing and rubbing it with a gentle but firm pressure.

“Oh fuck, that’s nice,” she panted, her breath already beginning to hitch as the pleasure from his stimulation flowed through her body.

Tina could feel her nipples stiffen, but with Chuck’s one arm around her waist, holding her on his lap, and his other occupied between her legs, she had to take it upon herself to satisfy their need. She reached under her jersey and began to roll them between her fingers, alternating between her breasts as her nipples swelled even more.

Lonnie’s nipples were hard as well, Mick’s lips now attached tightly to one, sucking it deeply into his mouth while flicking it with his tongue.

Tina enjoyed watching her husband please other women. Familiar with his moves and techniques, she knew fully the pleasure Lonnie must be feeling at the moment. It was clearly written on her face as well, her eyes half closed as she held Mick’s head against her breast, moaning softly.

Tina felt herself tense. The orgasm had snuck up on her, and her body trembled on Chuck’s lap as it raced through her. It was a small one, to be sure, but merely the first of what she knew would be many, if Chuck was as attentive a lover as she now suspected.

And if he was well equipped, of course. She’d felt it under her foot earlier, but now she had the urge to get a much better look. Plus, she was beginning to feel slightly guilty, doing what she’d asked Chuck NOT to do; paying more attention to her husband and his new lover than to him.

Tina kissed Chuck deeply, then slid off his lap to her knees. “Your turn,” she winked as she removed his shoes and pants.

The bulge in his snug green boxer briefs looked promising indeed. Tina quickly pulled off her jersey, freeing her braless breasts, and then, after a moment’s consideration, shimmied out of her skirt as well, leaving her completely naked.

She knew Mick would now have a great view of her ass and the plump folds between it as she leaned forward over Chuck’s lap and kissed her way along his still covered shaft. His cock jumped appreciatively at the attention.

She teased him for several moments with both lips and fingertips as he ran his hand through her long, wavy brunette locks, pushing them back and away from her face in anticipation of what was coming.

Her curiosity and lust finally compelled her to remove his boxers. His large, thick shafted cock broke free like a coiled spring. Her eyes lit up with joy and desire.

“Hey, Mick,” Tina called to her husband. “I picked a good one this time, baby!”

Mick broke free from Lonnie’s breasts long enough to take a look. He smiled appreciatively. “Good for you, hun. Enjoy!”

“Oh, I will,” Tina cooed. Looking up, she noticed Chuck’s confusion at the exchange. “Last time we picked up a guy, it turned out he had a pretty small package,” she explained. “I still had some fun with him, but I prefer my men with a bit more to offer.”

Chuck laughed. “Well it’s nice to know I qualify, I suppose.”

“Oh, that you do,” Tina grinned up at him. She took his throbbing member in her hand, pointed it at her lips, and kissed the tip. “You might even be over qualified.”

Then her lips parted and she took his glans in her mouth. Chuck groaned loudly as she continued her journey down his shaft, stopping halfway. Tina was confident in her deep throat abilities, but wanted to build up to it slowly.

So instead she began a slow, teasingly torturous suck and jerk, her fist working in tandem with her mouth and tongue, slurping and tugging on his cock, already slick with her drool. Each time she bobbed her head downwards, she took him a little deeper, until finally deciding to truly demonstrate her talents.

Pulling his cock from her wet lips, she licked his tip, running her tongue in circles over it. Then, inhaling deeply, she thrust her head forward, almost violently, and swallowed his cock whole in a single gulp.

Chuck howled in surprise and pleasure. Tina held her position for several moments, her dark, watery eyes staring up at him as her throat fought her gag reflex. Finally, she came up for air, gasping for breath and leaving a long trail of spit between his cock head and her lips.

“Holy fuck,” gasped Chuck, “that was fucking intense!”

“Oh, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” Mick called over. He’d been taking his time with Lonnie, nuzzling and sucking at her large, Hershey Kiss shaped nipples between kissing her lips, and currently had a hand down her skin tight yoga pants, but had turned his attention to his wife when he saw her move to her knees. Mick loved watching Tina give head, and knew the new guy was in for a real treat.

Lonnie stood suddenly, removing her pants along with the miniscule G-string she’d worn under them only to keep her plump pussy from standing out too obviously in the form fitting pants. Despite her initial reservations earlier at the tavern, she was loosening up and starting to enjoy herself. And as wet as she was already getting, she wanted to keep from staining her pants since she had no change of clothes.

Mick’s attention quickly returned to her, a dark, curvy vision of womanhood, now nude before him. Unlike Tina, Lonnie was completely bare, not even a shadow over her mound, nor a single razor bump.

He reached out and touched its smoothness appreciatively. “Regular waxing,” Lonnie answered his unspoken question.

Lonnie allowed him to tickle her sensitive slit for a few moments before deciding she needed some cock, too. Instead of getting on the floor, she kneeled on the couch next to Mick and started undoing his pants. Mick happily helped her along and in moments they were down around his ankles, then kicked off, along with his underwear.

Lonnie took in the cock now begging for her attention. She was no Size Queen, and while it wasn’t the biggest she’d ever had to work with, it certainly wasn’t the smallest. Sliding her hand along the shaft with an open palm, she guessed it was somewhere between five and a half to six inches long. It would do the job, as long as Mick knew what he was doing.

Leaning over him, her long, natural curls dangled over his cock. She swept them back, then jumped right in and began sucking him.

From his position on the couch, Chuck had a wonderful view of Lonnie’s thick, round ass, along with her glistening vulva and meaty pussy lips, thrust upwards as she bent over Mick’s lap. She was only a few feet away, and Chuck could easily reach out and touch her. But he hadn’t been invited to do so, and wasn’t sure what the protocol was.

So instead he focused his attention back on Tina, who had resumed her enthusiastic blowjob, licking, sucking and drooling over his shaft like a true porn star.

Chuck finally had to pull her off of him. “Unless that’s all you want out of me tonight, you definitely need to give me a minute.”

Tina grinned wickedly. “Yeah, no, I definitely want more.”

“Tell ya what,” said Chuck, suddenly inspired, “change places with me.”

Tina’s eyes lit up with understanding as she stood and took Chuck’s seat on the couch, while he in turn knelt before her.

Tina scooted down and opened her legs, offering him easier access.

Chuck took his time, kissing his way slowly up her legs until he reached the crease of her vulva. He licked around her in slow circles, moving closer and closer to the center.

Tina grabbed his hair, encouraging him with her moans to finally stop teasing her and plunge his tongue between her pussy lips, dipping into her, tasting her essence.

Tina squealed as his tongue darted in and out of her fiery hole, then slid up to her clit, flicking it repeatedly.

Again Tina pushed against his head, guiding his mouth over her. Chuck wrapped his lips around her engorged button and began to suck while keeping his tongue moving over it in a steady lapping motion. “Oh, fuck yes, just like that, keep going,” she moaned.

Tina turned to again watch her husband. Lonnie was still sucking his dick, her head obscuring most of the action from this angle, but from the look on Mick’s face, Tina knew he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Their eyes met and he smiled at her. Tina blew him a kiss.

Then her eyes rolled back and suddenly she was shaking uncontrollably. “Oh, oh fuck, right there, right…there…yes, faster, faster, oh God, oh fffff….”

Chuck had to grab Tina’s hips and hold on as she started bucking under him, keeping his lips locked on her clit as she came, his tongue darting wildly to lap up her juices as she gushed.

Finally, she pulled Chuck away from her still quivering pussy. “Okay, okay, enough! Whew, holy shit, need a break.”

Chuck moved up beside her on the couch and kissed her, his face sticky with her juices. Tina didn’t mind the taste of herself at all on his lips.

Breaking the kiss, Tina snuggled into him as he wrapped his arm around her warm body. Taking his still hard cock in her hand, she stroked it slowly with her fingers. “Do you mind if we watch them for a bit while we take a breather?”

“Not at all,” he answered softly, kissing her cheek. Tina rested her head on his shoulder and continued to lightly play with his cock and balls while together they watched Mick and Lonnie.

Chuck was starting to truly appreciate this new experience. He had been worried it might be a bit cold and mechanical, Tina using him simply to get off while she watched her husband fuck another woman. But Tina was surprisingly affectionate, breaking away from watching the other couple from time to time to give him an adoring kiss, or nuzzle closer against him, allowing his free hand the chance to explore her body as hers explored his. The scent of her shampoo and perfume flooded his nose, mixing with the smell of sweat and pussy still drying on his face.

They continued to watch as Mick and Lonnie switched positions. Lonnie stood from the couch, stretching a bit and Chuck again took the opportunity to admire her dark curves. Turning, she caught him looking, and gave him a sexy, not at all shy smile.

Then, to his surprise, Lonnie lay herself prone on the couch beside him, her head now resting on his thigh.

Lonnie glanced up at Chuck, then back over her head towards Tina. “Wanna watch your man fuck me?”

“Hell yes!” Tina exclaimed.

Mick was already on his feet, slipping a condom on to his spit covered cock. Then he moved into position, kneeling on the couch between Lonnie’s legs. “Um, can you guys scoot down a bit? I could use a little more room.”

The three obliged, everyone shifting over until Mick had enough room to maneuver. He took Lonnie’s legs and lifted them over his shoulders, then guided his cock to her already well lubricated cunt.

Lonnie gasped as Mick eased himself inside her. Chuck watched, fascinated, as her eyes fluttered and her mouth opened wide, now moaning as Mick began to thrust.

Her hair hung loosely on Chuck’s thigh, and Tina swept it back and away from her face, and now it was tickling Chuck’s balls as Lonnie’s body rocked against him.

Tina began to stroke Chuck again as they watched Mick fuck Lonnie with slow but hard strokes, pounding deep into her with every thrust, her noises becoming louder, more passionate. “Oh, fuck yeah, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Just…like…that…!”

Her heavy breasts bounced repeatedly with their movements, tantalizingly close to Chuck’s free hand. He desperately wanted to touch them.

Looking up at him from his lap, Lonnie caught his questioning look. “Go ahead,” she said, “play with my nipples.”

Chuck was thrilled to comply, immediately grabbing her closest tit and pulling gently on her chocolate nipple. “Don’t be gentle,” Lonnie grunted, “pull them. Pull them hard!”

Chucked took her hard nipple between his finger and pulled, stretching it to what he thought must surely be a painful length, but the loud moan Lonnie let out below him was not one of discomfort.

His other hand was still around Tina, and it now found her breast as well. Chuck marveled to himself over this new experience; both his hands around the breasts of two different women at the same time!

Tina was still jerking his cock, moving in rhythm with the thrusts of her husband. Suddenly she released his shaft and grabbed his face, turning it to hers. “Fuck me,” she pleaded.

Pulling him up from the couch, she slipped a throw pillow under Lonnie’s head. “Sorry, stealing your headrest,” she giggled. Lonnie could barely gasp an acknowledgement, caught in the throws of a pending orgasm. Chuck’s hands now absent, she pulled at her nipples herself, clenching her teeth tightly as her body tensed. “Faster!” she barked at Mick. “Harder!”

Lonnie was already squealing in orgasm as Tina bent over the armrest of the couch, presenting her ass towards Chuck. Chuck wasted no time slipping on a condom before stepping up behind her. He then penetrated her fully with one thrust. “Fuck!” Tina belted out. “That’s DEEP!”

Chuck didn’t need to be told Tina wasn’t looking for soft and gentle. The way she pushed back against him, impaling herself on his rod, tossing her mane wildly as her head rocked back and forth, clued him in.

Her groans were guttural, animal like. Chuck spanked her ass, left, then right, sharp cries of both pain and pleasure erupting from her.

Mick had flipped Lonnie over and was now fucking her doggie style on the couch as well. The two couples faced each other as they fucked for all they were worth, enjoying the excitement of not simply fucking, but watching the others fuck at the same time.

Chuck was now thankful for the Viagra. He was working up quite a sweat, his energy levels running on red, but his cock never wavered, never wilted, and he dug deep to find his reserves as he pushed harder and harder into Tina’s tight, willing cunt.

Chuck could feel her body tense and her pussy clamp down on him as she cried out loudly. “Oooooooh, fuck, fuck fffffuck!”

A hot river of juices streamed from her pussy, pushing their way past his still raging erection to soak his balls as they slapped against her clit.

“Don’t stop!” Tina yelled, her head swiveling back at him with a determined glare. “Don’t…fucking…stop!”

Her pussy clenched again around his shaft as she let out a loud barrage of unintelligible gibberish. Still more cream leaked from her pussy, the air thick with the scent.

Lonnie was howling as well, although Chuck barely noticed her, too busy trying to give the wanton vixen beneath him what she demanded.

“Okay, okay,” Tina gasped. Pushing back against him one last time, Chuck could feel her vaginal walls still contracting as he held his position balls deep inside her.

Slowly, gently, he finally slid himself from her. His latex covered shaft was coated in a mix of clear and creamy goo.

Tina collapsed to the floor, panting for breath. Chuck joined her, his legs feeling weak, and they held each other, kissing quite tenderly as they recovered.

Their quiet moment was broken as Lonnie let out yet another scream of pleasure. Looking up over the couch, they discovered Mick had again flipped her over and was now fucking her missionary style. The sounds of their bodies slapping filled the room, Mick now grunting loudly as well. “Oh, FUCK!” he bellowed.

Lonnie’s screams matched his own as they came together.

Tina and Chuck watched as the pair collapsed into each other, sweaty bodies coming together in an exhausted embrace. “Good job, baby,” Tina called out playfully. “Looks like you fucked her good.”

Looking down, Tina saw that Chuck was still hard. “Oh, shit,” she gasped. “You didn’t cum yet? I thought you came when I did!”

“No,” Chuck shook his head with a grin. “It was close, but I was too busy obeying your orders.”

“I’m so sorry,” Tina apologized. “I’m usually not that selfish. Here, lay back, let me finish you.”

Chuck lay back on the soft carpet as Tina straddled him. She guided his shaft between her legs and sunk down onto him.

“Tell me how you like it, Chuck,” she purred softly. “I want to please you now, make you cum.”

“Just…just start slow,” Chuck stammered. “I’m really…sensitive now. But it..sh,shouldn’t take much.”

Tina smiled warmly, leaning in to once again kiss him with her soft, moist lips. Her hips began to move slowly over him and again he felt the warmth over her along his shaft, slick and tight as she rode his cock gracefully, patiently coaxing him to higher and higher levels of arousal.

Her breasts hung gently swaying over him, her nipples brushing against his chest. Her eyes stared at him intently, watching his face and his body, gaging his reactions to her subtle movements, feeling his pleasure slowly building to its inevitable climax.

“Don’t hold back,” she said softly, “I wanna feel you cum in me.”

Chuck’s hands lightly traveled her body, along her back, hips and ass, then around to her breasts, squeezing them softly before again moving to her back.

Tina increased her speed, but kept her movements gentle, pulling herself up to the tip then softly gliding back down along his thick, swollen shaft.

She could feel him tensing beneath her, his cock somehow swelling even harder as his climax approached.

“Yes, yes, let it out, let it all out.” Tina felt his cock expand and then pulse repeatedly as he growled and howled in orgasm under her. Without warning her pussy clenched as his cock rocked against her G-spot, and suddenly she was cumming again too.

She continued to grind over him, milking the last drops. She wished she could feel his cum inside her, but safety took priority over that particular pleasure, and she knew she could get it from Mick again, soon.

Both finally spent, Tina gave him one last lingering kiss before rolling off and laying beside him.


“So how did you two get started with this?” Chuck asked.

The four of them were all again reclining on the couch, sipping a fresh round of drinks as they relaxed in the afterglow.

They’d remained naked, but had cleaned themselves with the baby wipes and placed some towels under them to sit on.

The vape pen was again making the rounds and this time Chuck accepted, although only taking one light hit.

“It started simply enough,” Mick replied after a long toke. “Watching porn together, watching threesomes and amateur couples swap. Talking about it, fantasizing, that kind of thing.

“From there, we decided to visit a swingers club. The first time, we just watched, amazed by the variety of couples fucking around us. The second time we were a bit bolder, and had sex together in the group room as well. Then we just…started meeting people. Talking to them. Picking their brains about how they pursued the ‘lifestyle,’ as they call it. What their boundaries were, how they handled jealousy.”

“That was my biggest fear,” Tina chimed in, “that Mick would become insanely jealous of seeing me with another man. That we’d both feel guilty afterwards, or become distrustful of each other. But we talked about it, a lot, before we even thought of actually trying something with another person.”

“There’s got to be a lot of trust involved, I would think,” mused Lonnie.

“Oh, yes,” Mick answered. “And we discussed our rules and boundaries. No playing with others apart from each other. No ‘taking one for the team,’ one of us having to fuck somebody we weren’t interested in just so the other could get with someone they liked, and so on.”

“We started slowly,” Tina continued. “We found a lovely woman at the swingers club who was there by herself, looking for a couple. I played with her only a little before letting Mick fuck her. It was nerve-wracking at first, but I found myself really enjoying it, watching them please each other. Although Mick still held back a bit. He made her cum, then came right back to me to finish. And that made it truly special.

“We agreed from then on that no matter what else we did, or who we did it with, that we’d always make sure to come together again afterwards and reconnect. It really strengthened our bond.”

“Speaking of reconnecting,” Mick broke in,” do you mind if I take my wife back now, Chuck?”

“Of course,” Chuck laughed. “Thank you for sharing her with me.”

Tina kissed Chuck one more time. “Thank you,” she said, “you were wonderful.”

Lonnie scooted over as Tina took her place by Mick’s side. Embracing her husband, she kissed him passionately.

“So, I’m still curious,” Lonnie said, “why go through all the effort of trying to pick the both of us up tonight when you could have just gone to the swingers club and met a couple you know would be willing? We could have said no and your night would have been ruined!”

Mick grinned. “True. But the swingers club got…old, after a while. And it’s not exactly our scene. Plus, the closest one is in Philly, about an hour away, and neither of us wanted to be in the city tonight. I’m sure it’s crazy over there right now after that game.”

“Also,” Tina added, “we enjoy the extra challenge of finding someone outside the ‘lifestyle’ to play with. It doesn’t always work out, but when it does, it just feels more…special, somehow.”

“Well it was pretty special for me too,” Chuck said.

“Same,” Lonnie chirped with a laugh. “I haven’t done anything even remotely close to this since my college days. And after several less than successful relationships, it was nice to just chuck all the bullshit and have a good old fashioned fuckfest.”

“Oh, no pun intended there, Chuck,” she finished, invoking laughter from the rest.

“Well, we’re both very glad to have given you such a memorable evening,” Mick said. “And it’s not over. Unless you want it to be, of course.”

Standing, he took Tina by the hand. “I’m taking my wife to our bedroom now. You’re both welcome to join us.”

Mick saw the look of surprise on their faces. “You can watch, if you’d like. Or, you know…whatever,” he winked.

Chuck glanced over at Lonnie. Her eyes again seemed to be sending him a silent message. This time, he understood it.

They both stood and followed the couple into their bedroom.

Chuck hesitated just outside the door. “You coming, Quiet Guy?” Lonnie asked, “or you tapping out?”

“Yeah, um, I…just need a minute. Gotta…use the restroom,” Chuck managed.

“Just down the hall, can’t miss it,” Mick directed him.

“Don’t keep us waiting,” Tina called after him, closing the door.

Chuck waited a moment, then went back to the living room. Digging through his pants, he found the second blue pill.

In the bathroom, he relieved his aching bladder, making sure to clean the tip, then looked at himself in the bathroom mirror.

He’d told the truth when he’d said earlier at the tavern that he’d never had an issue getting it up. That said, it had been a long, LONG time since he’d had sex twice in one night, and he had no idea if his stamina would hold up.

Nor was he absolutely sure Lonnie wanted to have sex with HIM. Maybe she just wanted company while she watched Mick and Tina went at it.

“Fuck it,” he said to himself, grabbing a paper cup from the dispenser. “No risk, no reward.” He quickly swallowed the pill with water and returned to the bedroom.

The sight that greeted him was amazing. Mick and Tina’s bed was huge, more than large enough for four people. A canopy of sheer red cloth was held in place above the circular bed by four large oak banisters, and was lit from above by a soft white light, casting the bed in a light red glow.

The headboard was lined with matching red cushions, and the bedspread had already been pulled back, revealing soft, satin looking white sheets.

Tina and Mick were on the far side of the bed, already wrapped in a passionate tangle.

Lonnie lay on the near side, propped up against the headboard with a few pillows. Seeing Chuck, she welcomed him with a gesture to come lay beside her.

“Did I miss anything?” Chuck asked lightly as he climbed in next to her.

“Just in time, show’s about to start,” she laughed.

To his delight, she nuzzled in close to him, and when he put his arm around her, she didn’t object. Together, they settled in to watch.

There was nothing rushed or desperate about the couple’s love making. Mick lay over Tina, kissing her deeply, while her hands explored his body, running along the muscles of his arms then over his back. They moaned softly and spoke not at all.

Tina’s hand slipped under him and found his cock, coaxing it back to life with light, simple strokes.

She pouted as Mick pulled her hand away, but her frown quickly turned to a smile as Mick began kissing his way down her body. He lingered at her breasts, then her belly, eventually slipping between her legs as she let out a soft sigh.

Chuck and Lonnie watched quietly as Mick ate Tina’s pussy, her body now writhing desperately on the bed.

Chuck felt his cock stir as he watched. Maybe the second pill was already kicking in or the first one hadn’t worn off. Or he was just that turned on. Didn’t matter, he supposed. He was just happy to know it was still working after the powerful orgasm he’d had not all that long ago.

Then he felt a hand on his thigh. He met Lonnie’s eyes and she smiled.

She was truly beautiful, Chuck thought. Her green eyes reflected the red mood lighting back at him, her oval face smooth and elegant and free of blemishes or wrinkles. Her lips were full, lush, and he felt the sudden urge to kiss them.

She didn’t stop him when he did. Her lips instead parted, accepting his tongue, and together they explored each other playfully.

It was Lonnie that broke the kiss, for the first time looking almost shy. Chuck caressed her soft cheek lovingly. “That was wonderful,” he said softly.

“It was,” she nodded, suddenly pressing her lips to his again. Then she leaned back and returned to watching Tina, now gasping in apparent orgasm. Mick moved up over her again and she guided him inside her, still squealing and wiggling as Mick took her.

Their love making was slow, passionate, romantic. They only had eyes for each other. So they never saw Lonnie as she moved her hand up Chuck’s thigh to stroke his awakened member, or how Chuck’s hand found her breasts and caressed them.

Lonnie began to touch herself, her fingers parting her labia then slipping deep inside her. Chuck was content to just watch for the moment, enjoying both the view and the feel of her long fingers wrapped around his shaft.

Eventually, though, he wanted more. “I want to taste you,” his deep voice intoned in her ear.

Lonnie broke into a wide grin. “I thought you’d never ask.” Then, more quietly, “I was waiting for Mick to do it but he never did.”

“His loss,” Chuck whispered. He kissed her, then started slowly working his way down.

Lonnie grabbed his head. “Don’t tease,” she said, “I’m ready. just go for it.”

Chuck quickly moved between her legs and paused only long enough to drink in the up close view of her beautiful ebony pussy. Everything about it was as dark as the rest of her except her labia. They extended just beyond her vulva, and while dark along the edges, they parted to reveal a deep, rich pink inside.

Chuck ran his tongue between them, tasting her for the first time. Her flavor danced sweet and musky on his tongue, and he savored it for a moment before diving back in to please her properly.

Chuck had always enjoyed eating pussy and had learned how to instinctively follow the woman’s lead, interpreting the movements of her hips or the sighs and groans she’d release as signs to continue or change up what he was doing with his lips and tongue.

Lonnie wasn’t shy about directing him, either. “Lick it, yes, right there. Now faster, that’s it, don’t stop, oh fuck yes, now suck that clit, God DAMN…”

Chuck latched on to her clit and sucked at it like a nursing infant, feeling it stiff and hard beneath his tongue as he flicked at it rapidly. “Yes!” Lonnie cried out, “yes, yes, YES! It’s…right…there…oh yessss!”

She came loudly, her hands gripping his hair by the fistful, pushing his face into her, practically drowning him in her juices.

“Get up here,” she panted, “get up here and fuck me.”

Chuck moved over her, pushing her legs open wide. Slapping his now fully engorged cock against her slit with a wet smack, he slathered it in her cream, then plunged the head between her pussy lips and pushed. Her cunt resisted momentarily, still tight and tense from her climax, but he worked it in slowly until it finally parted for him, accepting his girth into her.

Chuck felt the now familiar flush and realized the second Viagra had definitely kicked in. He was grateful for it, because he wanted to truly enjoy fucking this black beauty for as long as he could.

Then he suddenly stopped, remembering something. “What’s wrong?” Lonnie asked, looking concerned.

“Forgot the condom,” Chuck said guiltily.

Lonnie’s face relaxed. “Don’t worry about it. I can’t get pregnant. Long story. As long as you’re clean, I’m fine without it.”

“I am, I promise,” Chuck assured her.

“Then shut up and fuck me, white boy,” she said wryly.

Chuck obeyed. Pumping her with long steady strokes, they began the age old dance. Their bodies found a rhythm and worked together, her hips rocking in a circular motion under him, moving upwards to meet his downward thrusts.

Her hands found his ass, pushing him still deeper. “That’s some good dick,” she groaned, “oh yes, that’s some really good dick, baby. Keep giving it to me. Keep giving me that nice big dick.”

Her voice tantalized him, goading him on, encouraging his efforts, the bed rocking beneath them violently.

Chuck heard a scream of pleasure, then realized it wasn’t Lonnie.

He’d all but forgotten Tina and Mick, still fucking beside them, Tina now on her hands and knees as Mick plowed her from behind.

Tina was caught in what felt like an endless wave of orgasm, and Mick was not far behind her. She knew her husband’s cock well enough to know when it was on the brink of explosion.

Unable to verbalize, she could only wail out her pleasure as she came simultaneously with her husband. Mick had forgone a condom as well, having no need for it with her, and his hot cum soon filled her now aching pussy to overflowing.

They collapsed together on the bed, exhausted and spent, cuddling as they watched Chuck and Lonnie still going at it beside them.

Lonnie could feel her own climax building. Grabbing Chuck by the head, she pulled him closer to her, nose to nose, eyes locked into his. “Gonna make me cum,” she gasped, “keep going, don’t stop. I feel you getting close, don’t hold back! Come with me, come with me, oh, oh fuck, fuck yes, fffffff…”

She went suddenly silent, her mouth open but no sound, then finally emitting a loud cry as she threw her arms around him and came.

Chuck kept pumping, feeling the familiar tingling wave that started deep within him, slowly pushing it’s way up and out as his cock swelled then burst with a geyser of hot cum inside her, splashing against her cervix, then oozing out around the sides of his still hard shaft.

His thrusts slowed but still he pumped inside her, his head tossed back, howling his lust at the ceiling.

At last he finished, although his cock still felt rock solid. “Those pills really do the trick,” he thought, laughing silently to himself. He worried for a moment about the whole “if you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours” warning, but relaxed when he finally felt his hardon begin to subside.

Lonnie and he kissed softly for a few moments before he rolled off of her with a contented sigh.

“That was incredible,” Tina spoke from beside them, still laying comfortably against Mick. “We haven’t had the chance to watch another couple fuck for some time now; usually we’re always the ones being watched, if our new playmate even bothered to stick around for it. So this was a truly new experience for us. Thank you.”

“You’re thanking us?” Chuck laughed. “Pretty sure it’s we who should be thanking you.”

Lonnie laughed in agreement. “True that. Not EXACTLY what I had in mind when I went out tonight, but damned if I’m not glad I met you all!”


“You sure you’re okay to drive?” Mick asked. “You’re more than welcome to crash here if you’d like.”

The four of them had cleaned up and gotten dressed, then moved back out to the living room.

Everyone had one more drink except Chuck, who had volunteered to drive Lonnie home. Instead he rehydrated with some water.

“I’m fine,” Chuck asserted. “Fucked myself sober, I promise.”

“And I really do have to get home,” said Lonnie. “Gotta work tomorrow, unfortunately. Although I get the feeling I’m gonna be late. Worth it, though.”

“Well, it’s been a pleasure meeting you both,” smiled Tina.

“Same,” said Chuck, hugging her. “Maybe we can do it again sometime.”

Tina hesitated a moment before replying. “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but we…well, we don’t do this as often as we used to. We kinda save it now for special occasions. And we don’t often play with the same people more than once. But that’s not a hard, fast rule, or anything.”

“I understand, no worries,” Chuck said agreeably.

“We do hang out at the tavern often,” Mick added. “Perhaps we can all get together again sometime for a more standard night of socializing.”

“I’d be okay with that, too,” said Chuck, shaking his hand. Lonnie nodded her agreement.

Then, after an exchange of phone numbers, they were off.

The ride to Lonnie’s was quiet, but not awkward. Lonnie was rather tired, and while Chuck felt more alert, he wanted to keep his attention on the road.

They did talk a bit, general chit chat and about how crazy the night had been.

Then they arrived at Lonnie’s.

“Well, thanks again for the ride,” said Lonnie. Then, almost shyly, added, “and for, well…everything.”

“You’re welcome. And thank you, too. I had a wonderful time.”

As Chuck leaned in to kiss her, she turned her face, offering her cheek instead.

“Well..goodnight,” said Lonnie, reaching for the door and stepping out.

“Wait,” Chuck called after her.

She turned to him silently.

“Can I…I’d like to see you again.”

Lonnie sighed. “Look, this has been fun. But I’m usually not that…easy.”

“I never said you were,” said Chuck. “I just thought…I dunno. A drink? A meal? Some simple conversation? Whatever you’d be up for. No…obligations…for anything else.”

Lonnie considered him for a moment before answering. “Tell you what: give me your number. I’ll…think it over.”

Chuck gave his number and she typed it into her phone.

“Take care, Chuck,” she said as she turned towards her walkway. He watched as she took the steps to her door, started to unlock it, then stopped, turned, and came back to his car.

Chuck rolled down his window. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” said Lonnie, “just…”

She leaned in through the window and kissed him, a real kiss this time. “Just wanted one more,” she smiled. “You really are a good kisser.”

Then she was gone, back up the steps and into her house.

Chuck drove home slowly, minding the speed limit.

He hummed the Eagles Fight Song to himself the entire way.



I wasn’t going to set this story around a specific, real world sporting event at first. I usually shy away from real life settings and events in favor of an “Anytown, U.S.A” approach.

But I figured fuck it, may as well combine two of my favorite things: sex and football.

If you’re not an Eagles fan, my apologies. But hey, come on, you gotta admit that was one hell of a game.

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