Brother & sister share apartment…& more

The summer between my first and second year of college my parents let me know that I would be taking my sister back to school and sharing the apartment I lived in with her. I could not complain for two reasons. The first is that my sister was pretty cool. An athletic gal she was … Read more

Hubby and his friend

This incident happened during 2023 Christmas party. I got married in 2018 with my husband. After giving birth to first child my husband and myself had sex very rarely and it was reduced during covid days.

Mom catches and watches her son masturbating and cumming Family taboo

Incest, mom catches and watches her son masturbating and cumming, James’s mother not only catches her son masturbating himself but also watches him cumming while masturbating herself. “Mom! Mom! I want you,” said James out loud while masturbating himself. Imagining his hand was her hand, he slowly stroked himself while imagining his mother stroking himself. “Touch … Read more