Sex with Innocent aunty

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For studying MBA I came to Mumbai . This incident happened when I was in my final years. I was staying in a rented house, during one particular time. I couldn’t pay my rent properly. House owner name is Raghu, he started shouting and created a big scene. And at the end he also blamed my parents. That really pissed me off to core. I was waiting and praying for him to die.

House owner Raghu have a wife, her name is Shylaja. This lady is so innocent in character. Her Way if talking is so childish and immature. I was not attracted to Shylaja aunty initially. Shylaja Husband is rich because he’s getting more rent and she has more assets. But Shylaja is in her 46 age but she never had any kids. One day personally I went to my house owner house for giving the rent. That time he went somewhere, so Shylaja aunty was lonely in their house. She’s so innocent and not educated much, so she invited me to her house. She was in her white nighty. She was mopping the floor. I casually waited for giving the money I saw Shylaja aunty mopping the floor. But suddenly I saw her big pulpy mangoes hanging inside her white nighty. It was a shaggy boob. Due to sweat, I could see through her transparent dress, her mangal suthra between her milk tanks. I got a big boner that I couldn’t handle. I covered it with my bag She bend down to mop and I finally saw her nipples, it was like a button. It was black in colour. And that time I had a big sexual urge to have sex but I needed a perfect plan to execute it. I still remember that those boob’s were swinging and bouncing like a fruit. I was in urge to drink and suck that milk tank.

Initially I checked with giving less rent, she acted like counting and told nothing. So I took several days leave from college and tested her, I intentionally played some sex clips and for that she had no reaction in her face. Usually a women would freak out but she never knew a thing about sex. I understanded that she’s so innocent in sex but I don’t know why her husband didn’t even tasted her pussy. If I’m in his place, I would have become a sex machine and fucked her. Shylaja aunty is chubby and had best wavy belly. She was 5’2 in height. Shorter than me. One day, I executed my final plan. I went to her house and said “aunty I fell on my dick “. Shylaja aunty asked what happened. I told her this and that. Then she asked me to show my dick. I showed my dick. It was in full boner. She said in a concerned tone ” why it’s so big! Wait I apply oil “. I was thinking, ” damn she doesn’t even know what a men dick can do “. She applied oil and I don’t know I cummed so fast. I dick was jumping like horse. Aunty was asking ” what’s this white liquid “. I replied ” It’s your future babies “.

So she was excited how she going to get babies and I was telling many made up stories because she has no much maturity to even understand about sex. So she was wearing a yellow nighty at that time, I closed the main door , she was washing her hands in kitchen I confirmed that she’s so innocent. So I went behind and started pressing those breast. I could feel her bra, her big nipples , her body heat and softness of her boob’s. I was pressing it and her breast felt like heaven. But I want to hunt this aunty like a animal which wait and hunt the prey. So I was kissing her and playing with her boob’s and I sucked her pussy and made sure her pussy was wet everytime. I once kept a gopro cameras in their house. I could see her husband is trying to make her pregnant but he couldn’t do, for some reason. One day I made aunty naked and recording her big breast with mangal suthra and her hairy pussy. That time I lost control over my sexual desires, so in main hall. I inserted my dick inside her and started fucking her so fastly. I was sucking her bouncing boobs and seeing her innocent face . Seeing that face making sound in please. When I was about to cum, I pulled her long her and made her suck my dick. I asked her to drink every drop of my seed. After that I changed my mind, next day without condoms I started fucking her.

I cummed inside her to make sure, she will get pregnant. Soon aunty and I went to movies, pub and many places in her car and money was free for me because aunty has so much money and she’s rich. For many days, I fucked her inside her own car. I once gave a creampie at terrace, while walking in stairs, I could see my sperms dripping from her nighty. Soon her husband stuck in accident and got paralysis. I thought a best revenge idea. In front of her husband. I fucked aunty and I made sure , that uncle heared every moaning and I wanted him to see my every sexual position. Since aunty is shorter that me, so I lifted her and began my thrusting is air. It was a best fuck In my life. She was so heavy so I took wall as support and fucked her even harder. Due to continuous sex, we both got tired and slept cuddling each others. I made sure, my dick was inside her sticky pussy. That uncle was in paralysis can’t move from his bed. He saw everything I did with his wife. Soon her husband also died and in that funeral she was pregnant. Everyone thought. It’s her husband’s work and everyone wished her good luck. Soon she went to village for pregnancy and gave birth to boy child. Still that innocent aunty believes her husband child she’s having. But only I knew that my kid she’s having. Later I only drink from her lactation boobs and I watch TV . I don’t need to pay rent nowadays. I can have sex if I get bored and for money, I have my innocent aunty ATM. Life is awesome.

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