Seductress neighbor needs a willing virgin to transform

~~~ Present Day ~~~

“C’mon, man! I need this! Her text says…”

“I know what it says,” I told my friend. “Tommy showed me his phone when he did this.”

“So you fucking did it for Tommy but you won’t do it for me?!”

“What? Fine!” I said, finally giving in.

“Thanks, man! I owe you, dude! Seriously!”

I went to my closet and got the fluorescent orange paracord down from the shelf. I didn’t even bother to put it away in the garage anymore. I’d lost count of how many of my classmates had tied me up with it. I handed the bundle of thin rope to him.

I was wearing sports shorts and a T-shirt – nothing constrictive – that would work. I’d mistakenly worn jeans or denim shorts once or twice. That had quickly gotten uncomfortable.

~~~ Flashback ~~~

I thought back to that very first time — Remi.

Remi had stayed the night for his 18th birthday. I had turned 18 two days after school started. I was the oldest in our class. We played video games until the wee hours of the morning – and then slept in. I must have slept hard that night. I had woken up when the door of my bedroom closed and the lock clicked.

I found myself tied to my chair – with my friend (Remi) and my neighbor (Lilith) staring at me.

Lilith had moved into the house next door over the summer.

She was gorgeous – ungodly hot. That first day of school, she was instantly lusted-after by every male in our class – and hated by every female.

I felt sorry for her, honestly. Who wanted to start a new school the last year before graduation?!

Lilith was undeniably fuckable. If I had not already promised myself that I was waiting for marriage, I would have joined the queue to ask her out.

The guys were pissed; they said she was playing cat and mouse with them. Personally, I thought they were just upset because she didn’t immediately swoon when they flexed their muscles or their intellects. One thing was certain; she wouldn’t fuck anybody who wasn’t 18.

She talked to me now and then – both at school and when we happened to run into each other outside. I did my best to treat her like I treated the rest of the girls in our class.

I don’t know how many times I started to head out the door and discovered that she was leaving the house to run or walk as well. When I saw her, I usually turned around and headed back inside.

Her jogging outfit always looked like it was painted on. Her body was tight in all of the right places; it was also firm and round in all the (other) right places. Trying to follow Lilith (as she walked or jogged) was a matter of taking your life into your own hands. Not only were YOU distracted by all of her parts moving JUST right – but so was every other male on the streets and the sidewalks. It was positively unsafe!

We were a month into the school year when Remi stayed the night and I had my first experience of watching my hot-ass neighbor use my friend as a stage-prop to provide me with a live porn-show.

~~~ Present Day ~~~

As Johnny lashed my wrists and ankles to my gaming chair, I noticed his phone lying on the bed next to me. I couldn’t resist looking down at the text message on this screen.

“Tie Jimmy to his chair and text me. I’ll let you fuck me on his bed while he watches. This only happens once. Make it count.”

“You might as well go ahead and text her so she can head this way,” I told him.

I wasn’t sure why I bothered; it was like she somehow knew – every time. I didn’t know what Lilith spent all of her time doing but I never saw her go do anything (other than walk or jog – always, seemingly, at the same time as me) and – when anybody texted her to have sex in my room – she showed up within seconds.

As Johnny tied the last knot, I heard the doorbell ring.

Johnny and I had been in school together every year since Kindergarten. I don’t know how many PE classes we’ve had shared over that time. I have never seen that boy move so fast in my life. I swear he hurdled my bed. I heard him race down the hall and screech to a halt on the linoleum flooring inside of the front door.

Lilith led him into my room, by the hand, a couple minutes later. Johnny looked like he’d already jizzed himself. His eyes were glossy with lust. My prick started slowly growing – my mind was already racing ahead to what was coming.

~~~ Flashback ~~~

Lilith never touched me, ever. Like I said, we’d probably done this a dozen times now. She had never touched me at school, or anywhere else either – but I noticed it the most here (in my room) – largely because she physically maneuvered the chair (that I was tied to) to make sure I had a front-row seat for the disrobing, the foreplay, and the frenzied fornication.

From the very first time, my lust was something tangible. My only resistance against her was that I had promised myself to wait until marriage to fuck my first pussy. I masturbated. Who didn’t? I would jerk off as soon as the two of them were gone. I would cum in buckets. Lilith knew how to drive me crazy.

I was never quite sure how she managed it. I talked to my friends, afterwards, and they swore that she stared into their eyes the entire time. I knew better. I was there – watching – over and over again.

She stared into my eyes as she removed every single article of clothing – first from her own body – and then from theirs. She stared into my eyes as she sucked them off, as she stroked and licked them back to hardness, as she sheathed their cocks in the rubber, and again as she fucked them until she’d gotten three orgasms – each one louder and wilder – before she would let them cum.

That was the other thing. Every single one of them – all of the friends and classmates who had tied me to my chair to fuck Lilith – swore that she fucked them raw.

Stevie had been the first to tell me that. I remember coming home from school that day and checking my trashcan. The used condom was there – right where Lilith had left it. I even invited him over and showed it to him. He argued with me. After that, I gave up.

~~~ Present Day ~~~

Just like always, Lilith stared into my eyes as she removed her clothing. She peeled off her crop-top to reveal a lacy, red bra underneath. I hadn’t seen this outfit before. She looked even better than usual in the red.

I could see her beautiful C-cup breasts – impossibly firm and perky – but her areolas and nipples were hidden. I groaned. I already knew what they looked like. I had seen them so many times that the image of them was burned into my brain – but I longed to see them once again.

She worked her tight shorts off of her hips to reveal a matching pair of blood-red boy-shorts. Her mouth-watering ass cheeks peeked out of the bottom. God, how I wanted to gnaw on her ass!

Although I never saw Lilith lying in the sun, she always had the most amazing tan. I knew from experience that she had no tan-lines. Wherever it was that she sunbathed, she did it nude.

She stood before me in her sexy panty-set and her matching socks. She waited until my eyes had fully devoured her luscious form before she proceeded. Johnny didn’t notice the delay, his eyes (and brain) remained lust-fogged.

I knew, from talking to the others, that he would remember this day as the most enjoyable of his life. He would forever insist that Lilith was the most amazingly beautiful woman in the world. He would fondly refer to their joining as the best pussy he’d ever fucked.

My temptress effortlessly reached behind her back to unhook her bra. She bit her lower lip as she eased the straps off of her shoulders and I finally got to see those captivating nipples. They always looked hard enough to cut through steel.

I found myself licking my lips. I looked up to see her smiling. It almost looked like she wanted me to bite them as much as I wanted to bite them. I wondered if it was just lust-fog, coloring my thoughts. I was sure that my eyes looked just like Johnny’s.

Her fingertips worked at the waistband of her boy-shorts, teasing them down, slowly revealing her bare mons and her tight slit. She was always shaved bare. Always. No stubble. No razor-burn.

I knew, also, how flawlessly pink she was inside. I knew how impossibly pristine her inner lips, her clitoris, and her vaginal entrance looked. After fucking a dozen of our classmates, her vulva and pussy looked like they had never been touched. My breath caught in my throat as she stroked a fingertip down her slit while pulling her panties away.

I wanted to touch her, to taste her, to devour her, to mount her, to fuck her. I wanted it so badly. She was slowly tearing my resolve away. Each time we went through this – as she fucked another of my friends and classmates – she wore me down a little more. I knew I couldn’t resist her much longer – no matter how much I had promised myself that I would wait for my true love.

She snaked a fingertip through her trench, once more, brought it to her mouth, and sucked it clean.

“I wish this was your cock,” she told me, quietly, as she pulled the glistening digit from her lips and held it in front of her face.

I nearly came in my pants.

Still looking at me, she removed Johnny’s clothes. She turned him sideways on the bed and got him onto his back – with him looking away from me. His cock was standing tall, anxious for what was coming. Johnny didn’t know what that was – but I did.

~~~ Flashback ~~~

First she would give him the blowjob of his life. Next she would lick and suck his balls and taint as she slowly stroked his cock back to stiffness. She would stare into my eyes the whole time.

Then she would lay with her head on my pillow and look into my eyes as Johnny fucked himself silly using her body. She would whisper tempting, naughty things to me as my friend grunted, groaned, and cursed as Lilith used her pussy to wring a powerful orgasm from him.

He would pass out for a few moments, she would ask me if I was ready to fuck her, and then she would pick up her clothes and leave my room completely naked. Johnny would wake up, dress, untie me, thank me, and then leave. Later, he would call my phone – or catch me at school – and ask if it all really happened.

~~~ Present Day ~~~

Johnny’s cock was a couple inches longer than any I’d seen so far. Lilith stood over him with her ass to me. This was new. Before, she had always faced me as she slid their penis down her throat – telling me with her eyes that it was my cock gliding between her lips – and invading her slender pharynx.

She bent forward – somehow remaining perfectly balanced on my mattress – and lined her mouth up with his phallus – taking the head between her lips. She pushed her face downwards, towards his balls, and I watched his prick distend the front of her throat as his length filled it. I looked up to see her amazingly pink pussy peaking at me from between her outer labia. Precum glistened within her gorgeous gash.

I heard Johnny moan as Lilith swallowed. From the way her jaw was moving, I could tell her slender tongue was sneaking around his cock to tease his balls at the same time her throat muscles continued to milk the spunk from his dick.

I watched her esophagus tremble as Johnny groaned and his penis belched rope after rope of his jizz up into Lilith’s body – which she sucked straight towards her stomach. I knew there was no way he had cum that much but her belly briefly ballooned – as if her abdomen had been overloaded with spunk. The sight of her rounded tummy made me think of some kind of fertility totem. My cock ached with need. Johnny sighed, contentedly.

Lilith pulled her face off of him, stood, and moved between his knees. She looked into my eyes, took his cock in her mouth, and sucked the head. Her cheeks sunk in from the suction and Johnny moaned. She wrapped her hand around it and gently stroked it as her mouth and tongue moved to Johnny’s balls. He groaned as her ministrations began to reawaken his desire.

Her tongue snaked along his taint and teased the crack of his ass. His cock got harder. It was easier, now, for her to stroke him – which she continued to do – at a steady pace. Her fingers and palm teased and tempted his cock head each time it was within their reach. Johnny moaned. Lilith unrelentingly stroked his dick and fondled his cock-head until he was growling. He was ready to breed her.

She got Johnny to his knees, lay down in the middle of my bed, and opened her legs – inviting our lust-addled classmate to fill her – to skewer her. He was oblivious to the fact that she had sheathed his cock in a prophylactic as she maneuvered him into place.

He sucked one of her nipples as he lined himself up. He nibbled her ear as he entered her holy place, promising her that he would give her a baby.

“You can try,” she told him, looking at me, staring into my eyes, “but Jimmy will be the father of my children – else I will die childless.”

It was the first time I had ever seen Lilith look sad. It was brief – little more than an instant. Her eyes quickly refilled with lust. But I knew I had seen it.

That perverse transparency evaporated the last of my resolve to keep myself from her.

I had seen her lusty looks bestowed on so many. I had watched her beguile and bewitch peers and adults, alike. The honesty of her expression in that moment was something that I was sure I was the first (and only) one to have witnessed.

“What did you say?” I asked her.

I stared into her eyes as Johnny continued to thrust into her – groaning and moaning. It was like watching a horny mutt humping a bitch in heat.

She was silent for far longer than I had ever heard her be before.

“I am waiting to have children until you are willing to be the father,” she told me.

“And if I refuse?”

“I will wait.”

“That’s why you only fuck them with protection?” I asked.

Her eyes shifted – for just a moment – to the young man who was obviously getting close to nutting inside of her. Then, she looked back at me.

“That’s part of it.”

“Part of it?”

“I want you to be my first,” she said.

A bark of laughter exploded from my lungs. “Your first?” I asked.

“The first skin to touch me, inside,” she clarified.

I thought of the many times I had jerked off. This school year, most of those times had been to images of Lilith’s body. In a way, it made sense, oddly. My cock had never touched the insides of a woman; her pussy had never been touched – skin to skin – with the sexual organ of a man. I nodded.

“Kiss him,” I told her.

I was trying to remember if I’d ever seen her kiss one of her lovers on the lips. She’d sucked their cocks and their balls. Her lips had teased their pricks, their taints, and their nipples – but had she kissed them?

“Is that an order?” she asked.

Suddenly, I decided that I didn’t want her doing this with anybody else.

“No,” I said. “Save those lips for me.”

“Gladly,” she purred. A smile curled the edges of her mouth.

My cock lurched in my shorts. Her eyes noticed. She licked her lips until they glistened and then worried her lower lip with her teeth.

She reached down and shoved a finger into Johnny’s ass. He screamed as his balls erupted and he buried himself inside of her to deliver his seed to the comforting care of the condom he unknowingly wore.

Lilith took his head in her hands, kissed his forehead, and laid his cheek against her breastbone, snuggling his spent form to her own. She looked into my eyes the whole time.

Johnny was panting. His eyes were closed. Lilith eased him to his side, sucked his penis clean, and rolled him back onto my bedcovers.

Having finished the show, she told me, “I am yours whenever you are ready, Jimmy.” She was looking into my eyes – just like she always did.

She started gathering her clothes – just like she always did.

I realized she was about to walk out of the door with her clothes in her hands – just like she always did.

“Put your clothes back on,” I told her.

She looked at me for a moment and then laid the items on the foot of the bed. She began dressing. She continued to look into my eyes as she reversed the strip-tease she had given me earlier. There was no lust in her eyes; no temptation. She was simply obeying what I had told her to do. She was not unhappy or exceptionally pleased – she was just being obedient.

Once she was dressed, I said, “Untie me.”

She stepped over to follow my directive.

Her musky scent filled my nose.

“Kiss me,” I whispered.

Her eyes shot to mine. “Is that an order?” she asked, once again.

“Yes,” I said.

She pressed her lips to mine. They were soft – creamy – like butter. She hadn’t done anything more than give me a light kiss but it had been so comforting. It wasn’t exactly what I had been expecting.

She was watching me analyze the kiss.

“Kiss me like you want me to give you a baby,” I told her, “and, yes, that’s an order.”

I’m not sure how she did it the way she did – tied to the chair like I was – but it was like an orgasm and a kiss all in one. I was out of breath by the time she released me.

Her sultry smile was back again. She was a predator and I was her prey. Bound to the chair as I was, I felt a brief spike of terror run through my body. She stood, waiting.

“Untie me,” I directed her once more.

When the last knot was gone and the ropes fell away, I stood to my feet.

She stood, still waiting.

I cupped her jaw in my palms and held her face in my hands.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked her softly.

“Please,” she begged, just as quietly.

I tried to give her the kiss she had just given me. She overwhelmed me once again. I pulled away to find her arms around my neck.

“Can we use your bed?” I asked.

“Please,” she whispered, once more.

I took her by the hand, led her around the bed (where Johnny still lay, naked and unconscious), to the door. She dropped the condom in the trash and stepped into the hall. I joined her and eased the door shut.

As we headed out my front door and across the lawn, I looked at her house.

~~~ Flashback ~~~

How many times had I looked at that house, imagining her – inside – naked? I always imagined her stretched out on her bed, looking at me. I was always standing at the foot of her bed – my eyes devouring her body.

It was easy to picture what she looked like nude. I had seen all of her so many times; I had a better idea of what she looked like than I did my own body.

I had never met Lilith’s parents. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d ever even seen them.

~~~ Present Day ~~~

“Are your parents here?” I asked her.

“No,” she replied.

Her eyes told me there was more to that story but… I had finally decided to give in to her never-ending seduction. It would be better if I didn’t have to supply excuses to any adults at the moment. I let it go.

My brain took a nap and – the next thing I knew – I was standing at the foot of her bed. She was naked. I couldn’t see her tender pink goodies because her legs were flat on the bed and her knees weren’t far enough apart.

My eyes climbed her perfect body from her toes to her eyes. Along the way, I refreshed the mental picture I had of every piece and part of her – her feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, slit, clitoral hood, mons, hips, waist, navel, tummy, ribs, breasts, areolas, nipples, chest, collarbone, neck, jaw, chin, lips, mouth, nose, cheeks, ears, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, bangs, and hair.

I found myself sighing. There was not a damned thing wrong with her. She was my picture of absolute perfection.

I saw her mouth move and looked to see her worrying her lower lip.

“What?” I asked her.

“Am I… okay?” she asked.

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been jerking off to this picture of you for months – although – in my dreams – I can see your tasty pink bits.

Her knees moved apart slowly until I could just see her treasures, hiding within.

“God! You’re so beautiful,” I moaned.

“I want you so badly, Jimmy,” she moaned in reply.

“You’re just lying there,” I said.

“I can’t touch you.”

“I’ve watched you touch the others – lots of times,” I told her, confused by her words.

“That was different,” she said.


“This is… special,” she said, not quite meeting my eyes.

“… but I can touch you?” I asked.

“Yes. Please.”

She was almost begging.

“Maybe I should make you wait,” I told her. “You’ve tormented me for months.”

“I know,” she admitted. “I didn’t know any other way.”

“The others?”

“Tools – to get me access to you.”

“That’s a little creepy.”

“I tried talking to you.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I had rules for myself. You’ve bent my moral compass so badly now that I’m afraid it’s broken beyond repair.”

“I have rules too. I can’t initiate. I’m really not even supposed to talk about it. But I have never deceived you – and I don’t intend to start now.”

“If I ask you questions, you’ll tell the truth?”

She began to look worried.

“Yes,” she said, finally.

“If I sleep with you…”

“I will never touch another person unless you order it.”

“That’s a little hard to believe, considering the last several months.”

“I swear it on everything that is holy – or unholy – if you prefer. I swear it on my life.”

“I was saving myself for marriage.”

“I will marry you, if you desire it.”

That was the oddest wedding proposal I had ever heard of.

“What if I refuse to sleep with you until we’re married?”

“As long as you promise you’ll make me yours, I swear I’ll stop tormenting you.”

“You’re tormenting me right now,” I told her, glancing at her half-open vulva before looking back to her eyes and smiling.

She smiled back and said, “Good – but not as much as you’re tormenting me.”

“Wait. What?”

“I must have you, Jimmy. I need you. Please. My body aches for you. I have dreamed of joining with you.”

I stared at her for a moment. Some of her words were weird – but she was saying the same thing I was – sort of. She’d also promised to marry me – sort of. Now I wasn’t really “breaking” my rule – I was just collecting a down-payment – sort of.

I kicked off my left shoe and she gasped. I looked up and she was worrying her lower lip again. She had spread her knees a little farther apart. I watched her as I kicked off the other shoe. Her legs opened just a little wider.

“God damn, you’re so fucking hot!” I moaned.

Her eyes looked at me as if she was starving and I was a 12-ounce prime rib with all the trimmings.

“Nobody else?” I asked again.

“Make me yours and I promise to obey your every command,” she vowed.

Her words were still weird but her body was calling to me and I had wanted her for months now.

I thought back to all of my friends and their lust-fogged eyes and their muddled minds. There was none of that going on here. We were just two people – for all intents and purposes – negotiating on the purchase price of a new car.

My toe caught in the leg of my boxer-briefs and I nearly biffed it – but she didn’t snicker or laugh. When I looked up at her face, she was still anxiously waiting for me to join her. Join. That was the word she had used. Not fuck. Join.

I crawled across the bedspread, scooped her ass cheeks up in my hands, and slid my tongue up her perfectly pink trench. Her fingers immediately went into my hair. She didn’t pull or push, however, she just hung on like I was killing her. Her gasps, moans, and keening had my cock jabbing into the mattress. I shifted my hips to resolve the problem – I didn’t use my hands – I wasn’t letting go of her perfect ass.

Her glistening perfection tasted like wild honey. My taste-buds lit up. My mouth watered – even as I devoured her. She hissed and moaned. I could tell that she wanted to move her hips but she held perfectly still – enduring my every touch, taste, and tease.

She started cussing in some kind of foreign language. I had no clue what she was saying but I could tell that she was really happy about what I was doing to her. I was also really happy to be doing it.

If I kept this up much longer, I was going to cum all over her bed-covers. I headed north.

I covered her clitoral hood with my mouth, French kissed her clit with my tongue, and sucked – hard. She shrieked and trembled. Her pussy gushed and I dove down to suck the honey from her body – lapping up the stray droplets. It felt like my hair was at risk of being separated from my head.

Quite honestly, it just made me want her more.

I skipped over her clitoris and mons, as I headed up again, and tongued her navel – sucking and nibbling the edges.

I also sucked, nibbled, and licked the bottom of her perfect globes – before attacking her areolas and her nipples in the same manner. Her noisy appreciation – the hissing, cussing, and moaning – continued and fed my lust-fueled desire to give her as many orgasms as possible before I took her to be my woman – my wife.

I nibbled her collarbone – then her neck – her jaw – her mouth.

Her eyes burned into mine. I swore I saw flames boiling inside of them.

When I let her breathe again, she called my name and simply said, “Please.”

Her arms were around my neck. This felt more than right. Why had I waited so long?

I scooted my hips forward, grabbed my aching cock and held it – millimeters from her entrance.

There were tears in her eyes. I kissed her cheeks, but she only repeated her pleading as her eyes burned into me.

I set the head of my prick against her entrance and I swear static electricity, mixed with fire, bounced between our bodies. I eased forward and the crown slid inside with the barest of hesitations.

I got about a half-inch inside of her channel and felt the passage narrow. A hymen? How the hell?!

I looked down into Lilith’s eyes once more. The tears continued to stream from them.

“Last chance,” I told her.

“I want you, Jimmy. Take me. Make me yours,” she replied.

I don’t know if it hurt when I took her cherry. She was already crying so it was impossible to tell. She gasped – but I couldn’t decide if it was from pain, shock, or delight.

I kept pushing into her and – when there was no more of me left to give – she squeezed my neck and kissed me hard. I nearly blacked out before she released that kiss.

She looked up at me and said, “Make me yours. I need to cum on your beautiful cock.”

I’d seen this woman get fucked by a lot of dicks. This was the first time she’d ever called one ‘beautiful’.

I began stroking my penis in and out of her vagina, peppering her face with kisses – from her leaking eyes, to her lips, to her jaw, to her ears, to her neck.

After a couple of minutes, I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm.

“Fast or slow?” I asked.

“Fast and hard. Please,” she asked softly – but without reservation.

I reached under her and grabbed those perfect ass-cheeks in my palms again. I held on like a rock-climber – and then I began fucking the most beautiful woman in the world – just as hard and fast as I could.

She was cussing in that same guttural language again and I continued slamming my cock into her grasping channel as hard as I could – occasionally bumping her cervix when she thrusted her hips forward to meet me.

She shrieked as she came. The look on her face was divine. Making this woman cum was like checking an item off of your bucket list – it was supremely satisfying. Her vagina writhed around me and I was a little amazed that it didn’t push me over the edge and have me nutting inside of her – but I wanted to give her another one. I could wait a little longer.

She was crying again. Her sadness broke my heart. These looked like happy tears – but it was so hard to be certain. She took my face in her hands and pulled my lips to hers. I had to release her ass to move as she desired. I compromised by relocating my hands to her other perfect pair of globes – her breasts.

That brain-fog – that I had seen in my friends – when they’d fucked Lilith – I could feel it taking over my mind as she kissed my breath away. Suddenly, the fog cleared and it was like stepping out of the shade into the bright warm glow of a sunny spring day – full of life and exuberance – after a long hard winter.


When had we traded places? Lilith was now looking down at me – sitting on my cock. Her naughty, talented pussy was doing wonderful things to my rigid prick. Beautiful things. Heavenly things.

Her fingers were gripping the tops of my shoulders – at the edge of my collarbone. She was holding on like she was worried that I might throw her off – like some sort of rodeo bull.

I felt something slide – slither? – past my hip, along my side, between our bodies. Something that looked like a black extension cord – with a weird end – appeared midway between our chins. It moved like a snake. The head was about the size of my thumb – and looked like an oversized Valentine’s Day conversation heart. Maybe it was Lilith’s absolute lack of concern about what the thing was – or her failure to be alarmed at its sudden appearance – but – somehow – I knew it belonged to her.

“What is that?” I asked her.

“My tail,” she said, somewhat shyly.

“Since when do you have a tail?”

“Since I came on your virgin cock,” she told me.

The head bumped against my chin and slithered up to rest on my bottom lip. It moved – down my neck, chin, and chest – to thump against my stiff left nipple. Lilith leaned forward and gave me another soul-searing kiss. Her tail bumped and teased my nipples – back and forth – from one to the other and back again – as she sucked the breath from my lungs.

The black appendage appeared – once more – touching my lower lip – as she raised herself up, looked into my eyes, and whispered, “Suck it, Jimmy. Please.”


“It’ll make me cum.”

Her eyes were begging me. She was still riding my cock. I wanted to hear her cum again – to watch her. I wasn’t sure I wanted that thing in my mouth, but the sounds and faces she made when she came – they were crazy sexy!

I reached up and took it into my hand. I rubbed my thumb over the head – or was it the end? Lilith shuddered and keened.

Watching her face closely, I stuck the end in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. Lilith whined in ecstasy. The way she behaved – it was like it was a big clitoris. I sucked it, hard. She screamed, and her pussy squirted all over me. Fuck! I lost it. My cock lurched and I felt my orgasm overtaking me.

Lilith’s tail yanked itself from my hand and mouth. It zipped out from between our bodies. It disappeared behind her. It slid inside of my ass just as my climax arrived. I gasped – but was immediately frozen stiff by the intensity of my orgasm.

Every time I had cum – during my whole life – there was an explosion in my brain – and my cock – and then it was over. This time, that explosion went on – and on – and on. It must have lasted for a full minute. I swear I screamed “Fuck!” over and over again – the whole time. At the same time, Lilith’s pussy pulsed up and down its entire length, again and again, milking my cock.

At last, she pulled her tail out of my rectum and the orgasm subsided. My throat was hoarse from shouting. Lilith collapsed forward – onto me – and devoured my lips and mouth with her own. I was already out of breath from screaming. Her kiss cut off my flow of oxygen entirely. I blacked out.

I awoke to Lilith kissing me, all over my face, neck, and chest.

As my body finally stabilized, she sat up – so that she could look into my eyes. She smiled at me, gave me another quick peck, and asked, “Can we do that again?”

“You’ll need to give me a little bit to…”

I gasped as her tail shot into my ass again. It touched a spot inside of my body and – immediately – my cock was rock-hard – and my balls were full.

Lilith smiled wickedly and asked, “How about now?”

“You’re going to kill me,” I groaned.

“Don’t worry, lover,” she told me, grinning wickedly. “I can bring you back again.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant but – at that moment – she began riding up and down on my rigid prick once more and – honestly – I just didn’t fucking care.

“Who are you?” I asked her, as she fucked me.

“I’m me – and you’re you – and now we’re tied together. You’ll give me power and I’ll use some of that power to help make you bigger, stronger, smarter, faster, and more successful.”


“A virgin succubus who finds a virgin male and binds herself to him loses the ability to find pleasure with others – but greatly expands her abilities. It’s rare. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find an 18-year-old male who’s still a virgin.”

I grinned stupidly, watching her hot ass body as she continued doing amazing things to mine.

“What’s the easiest way to get you to do something?” she asked me.

“Tell me I can’t,” I replied matter-of-factly.

“Me too,” she admitted. “I made up my mind I was going to be the one in a thousand who found myself a virgin. When I finally found you, I knew I had to have you.”

“So,” I asked, grinning at her, “you just wanted me for my body?”

“Maybe at first,” she said, smiling seductively. “The more you resisted me; the more I knew you were the one. I had to have you. You cannot believe how crazy you’ve been driving me!”

“You?! I’VE been driving YOU crazy?!” I growled.

I lunged at her, catching one of her nipples in my teeth, biting hard.

“Fuck – YES!!!” she screamed.

I couldn’t help it. She sounded so sexy. My cock pulsed inside of her. Lilith began riding me faster and harder, purring and moaning, milking my penis with her fabulous pussy.

“God! You are so fucking…”

Her tail darted into my anus again and we both screamed, once more, as our orgasms claimed control of our minds and bodies.

I felt her jizz splatter against my groin again but I was already cumming… cumming… cumming… one long, intense, brain-frying orgasm. My entire body was on hold as I just continued to cum, without end.

Lilith pulled her tail out of my body and my monosyllabic scream of the F-word was replaced with wheezing gasps – as I struggled to restore air to my lungs.

She laid her head against my chest and – as I tilted my face forward to kiss her forehead – I saw a bony spike – just sticking up out of her coal-black locks.

“Is that a horn?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. I could feel her smile on the skin of my chest. “My wings sprouted too.”

I ran my right hand up her back and discovered two small, leathery wings behind and below her shoulder blades.

“What are you?” I asked.

“I told you, silly,” she said, smirking as she looked up, into my eyes. “I’m a succubus – a sex demon.”

“My girlfriend is a sex demon?”

“Your girlfriend?” she asked, grinning.


“That’s even better,” she purred.

“You did swear,” I told her.

“I’ll keep my promise – just as soon as you want. Humans don’t usually get married while they’re finishing school, though, right?”

“Right,” I agreed, thinking about the month of high school we still had left.

“Do you want to be valedictorian?” she asked me.

“What? No! You can do that?!”

“I can be VERY persuasive,” she said, grinning.

“Most of our teachers are female,” I said, thinking about how persuasive she had been with me.

“I don’t HAVE to use sex,” she said, “but that’s not a problem.”

“Kinky,” I said, chuckling.

“I can be VERY kinky,” she cooed.

“You’re about to kill me with that tail up the ass. Thank you very much. I don’t think I can handle anything more,” I told her.

“Your prostate is very sensitive,” she said, grinning broadly.

My phone rang. Lilith reached over, unlocked it, hit the green button, and held the phone to her face. Her pussy was still doing amazingly naughty things to my cock. I laid my head back on her pillow and let her talk.

As it turned out, it was my mother. Lilith spoke to her like we’d been dating for years. I wasn’t sure my mother had ever even met her. She had said she was persuasive – and I guess I was finding out just how persuasive she was.

A half hour later, Lilith and I were helping my mom make dinner. I usually avoided this at all costs but my new girlfriend, lover, fiancé convinced me that I should help. As we worked, her tail – which was curled around my leg a couple times – was stuck up the leg of my shorts – coiled around my stiff cock.

My succubus girlfriend was giving me a handjob with her tail. I guess you’d call it a tail-job. She wasn’t stroking me hard or fast enough to cum – just enough to keep my brain focused on doing whatever it was that she ordered me – well, asked me REALLY nicely – to do. It’s hard to say ‘no’ when a girl has her tail wrapped around your cock.

She continued to tease and torment me as we ate dinner with mom and my sister – who was home from college for the weekend. When my family members took the dishes and went to get ice cream for everybody, Lilith crawled under the table.

She put my hands on her horns and set the tip of my cock on her tongue. I yanked her head forward and rammed my aching prick all the way down her throat. She began swallowing, over and over, and my balls – that had already been teased and tormented for almost an hour – prepared to dump their cargo. Lilith’s tail snaked between my legs, brushed across my taint, and snuck into my ass – to target my prostate again. I came and came and came – until I could not cum anymore. Once again, my orgasm didn’t stop until she withdrew her tail. She finally relented when we heard the freezer door close.

She climbed into her seat as mom and sis returned to the table. Her tongue flicked at the corner of her mouth – as if some of my spunk had tried to escape. I knew she was just teasing. My whole damned load had been fired straight down her throat – into her stomach.

I reached down to see if I still had pants on. I had never felt her unzip the fly – or put everything back in order again when she was done. Magic? When I looked over at her, quirking an eyebrow curiously, she just grinned.

Lilith informed my mom and sister that I had proposed to her. They gave her hugs and congratulated us both, asking if we’d set a date. Lilith said it would be sometime the following summer. The two of them asked her about the invitation list and my lover told them that she didn’t have anyone to invite. They assured her that they’d take care of everything when the time came.

Lilith told mom to make it as big or small as she wanted – that she and I would be happy no matter what. Mom told her that we’d do a small ceremony with just family. Lilith said that was fine and squeezed mom’s fingers. My mother looked like she was in heaven.

Lilith asked my sister if she would be her maid of honor and my sister – who I would have sworn hated my guts – looked over at me like I was her favorite person in the world and assured my fiancé that she would love nothing better.

Lilith slept in my bed that night. My mother and sister acted like it was normal. I hadn’t brought a girl home in… well… never… and they behaved as if Lilith and I had been dating for years and that there was nothing – whatsoever – unusual about a beautiful girl spending the night – in my room – just the two of us – with no chaperone – possibly doing naughty things together.

Actually, there was no ‘possibly’ to it. Before bed, we fucked for another hour before she violated my ass with her tail again and I screamed her name forever as I came – long and hard – for the fourth time that day.

She obviously knew some kind of magic because – as loudly as I had bellowed – nobody came to my door to see if I was still alive.


The next day was Saturday. Lilith and I spent the morning moving her few things to my room. She made a few phone calls and – by the end of the day – there was a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front lawn of her house.

On Monday, she walked into the school office and changed her address to mine.

In Statistics, we had a pop-quiz. Lilith gave me a kiss as we sat down. I looked at the quiz sheet and it was like the answers materialized on the paper. I knew they were right. The magical image even showed the steps on how to get the answer. I raced through the quiz and turned my paper over.

Lilith was sitting in front of me. She was done too. I felt her tail slide up my pant-leg and leaned back as she started tail-fucking me again.

When the bell finally rang, she pulled me – by the hand – to the nearest bathroom, shoved me into a stall, whipped down my pants, and dropped to her knees to swallow my cock. I held her horns in my fists and fucked her face. She didn’t use her tail but it still felt amazing in her throat and I was cumming in seconds. She purred as she swallowed again and again, milking all of the cum from my body.

We headed to the lunchroom. The cooks asked her if she needed a tray but she curled around my arm and giggled that she’d already eaten. They smiled sweetly and looked to the next person.

None of my friends – even the ones who Lilith had fucked on my bed – acted like they recognized her anymore. The other girls in our class treated her like she barely existed. There was no negative reaction – or positive one – she was just THERE. It was like everybody expected us to be together because it was just like some unquestionable fact of life. When I asked Lilith about it, she shrugged and said it was part of her persuasive magic.


Seniors weren’t required to take finals. Our cumulative GPAs had all – pretty much – already been calculated. It wouldn’t have mattered. I knew all of the answers. Whatever magic Lilith used, it was incredible. It wasn’t like I was COPYING the answers; I KNEW them. I knew HOW and WHY that was the answer. It was fucking amazing.

Students often got yelled at for PDA. Lilith didn’t exactly hang herself on my body all day – but she snuck kisses often – with no objection from me. Nobody said anything – students, staff, or the administrators – it was like they didn’t even see it. They also didn’t see her tail or her horns.

She told me she could hide them if she needed to – but it didn’t seem to matter. Nobody reacted when her tail slid into my pants and she tail-jerked me during Statistics, each day, so that I was primed to deliver her “lunch” in the boy’s room – before we headed off to the cafeteria.

Neither my mother nor my sister seemed to notice it either. Lilith and I didn’t exactly fuck in front of them – on the living room couch – but they didn’t react to her tail sneaking up the leg of my shorts, the points of her horns peeking out of her hair, or our frequent lip-locks, cuddles, or caresses.


Personally, I had never been more contented in my life. I even tested the theory to be sure. I made Lilith promise not to tease me or touch me, sexually, for a whole day.

We still held hands – and we shared a couple quick pecks – but no making out, no foreplay, and no sex. I was just as happy to be around her that day – just sitting together – reading or whatever – as when we were fucking. I mean, there’s definitely a lot more of her in, on, and around me when we’re doing the whole Olivia Newton-John “Physical” thing – but I’m super happy being with her when we’re not fucking too.


Lilith had me enroll in college before we graduated from high school. Actually, we both enrolled. We were in all of the same classes together. Lilith told me to major in nuclear engineering. She said we would also end up with minors in mechanical and electrical engineering. She promised me we’d work together, travel the world, and get paid to do it.

That summer, we each took 12 credit hours. We took 24 hours in the fall – and another 24 in the spring. By the end of the first year, we had completed enough course-work to be considered upperclassmen.

Obviously, it would be impossible to attend that many hours of classroom instruction; all of our classes were remote. We did our homework in the morning and had the afternoons and evenings free to do whatever we wanted. The only time we went to campus was to attend labs.

The Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences got worried that we were cheating somehow. He called us in and gave us a test that he, personally, proctored. We aced it – and finished it in less than a quarter of the time he had allowed. Once he had graded it, he declared the two of us ‘savants’ and left us alone after that.


Lilith and I graduated a year later. We interviewed as a team and were hired to do inspections of nuclear facilities across the world – mostly electricity-generation plants – but pretty much anything.

It was easy work and we spent most of our time touring the world – and fucking ourselves silly in every hotel room. Normally, we stayed in the nicest places. Once in a while, Lilith would get a crazy look in her eye and she’d drag me off someplace where I feared for my life. We’d rent a room for an hour and fuck like animals.

We were never mugged, pickpocketed, or threatened – but I was still scared shitless. My sex-demon wife walked around like she owned the place, though. Maybe she did. Every scary person on every street – and hiding around every corner – all acted like they knew her – or at least knew who she was.

We ate and drank some crazy shit – every place we went – but every bit of it was amazing. Every new flavor she introduced me to was incredible.

I don’t know how old demons have to be to drink but I wasn’t legal in the States. I have no clue what the laws are anywhere else. It didn’t matter. I didn’t need alcohol. I was drunk on love.

More than once, Lilith promised me that – if I had a heart-attack while we were making love – she would resuscitate me. After spending the year with her as my betrothed – and then making her my wife – I had begun to believe her.


For all intents and purposes, Lilith and I still lived with my mom. We were almost never there. Our contracts for work – invariably – lasted for a full week – and Lilith always made sure to get them to pay for the room for Friday night and Saturday night as well. (Sunday’s were travel days.)

We didn’t own a house, didn’t pay rent, and never had to pay for our hotels – well – except when Lilith wanted to get dirty with me in some sleazy sex-hotel.

We had almost no expenses. All of our paychecks went into savings and retirement.

Every six months or so, though, some big-spender would proposition us – always both of us. Lilith would smile and thank them, assure them that we were patently loyal to one another, and they would get this look like their heart was broken.

She would pat them on the arm, whisper that she had a twin sister who was a total slut, and get them to agree to pay an insane amount of money to meet and fuck her.

The guy would get the money – in whatever form he chose – cash, bitcoin, gems, or gold bars – and hand it over to my wife.

We would find a trashy hotel, rent two rooms, and a woman who looked exactly like Lilith would walk around the corner of the building, greet the man, and follow him into the room.

Lilith and I would take the other. We would engage in what – for me – was a normal round of sex with my adorably hot wife.

We would get dressed, go outside, and Lilith would tap on the door. Her twin would open it, and we would see the man passed out on the bed with a huge smile on his face. My wife’s sibling was always already clothed. She would walk out, head around the corner, and disappear from sight.

It didn’t matter what part of the world we were in at the time, that’s always how it happened. We would go to the bank, deposit the money in our retirement account, and move on to our next assignment. The longest part of those events was always standing around, outside of the hotel, waiting for the bastard to regain consciousness.

I asked Lilith what her sister’s name was, and she said ‘Leah’. I never saw her use the phone to call Leah but, somehow, she always showed up when she was needed. I asked Lilith, once, if we needed to split the money with her sister and she just laughed and said ‘no’.


The weirdest thing my hot little sex-demon does is to occasionally drag me off to some remote area with heavy geothermal or hydrothermal activity – lava flows, steaming rivers, boiling mud, geysers, or the like. I have yet to actually witness her bathing in a bubbly pool of fiery magma but she disappears for an hour or so and comes back looking like she’s about half-lit.

The funny thing is that I’ve seen Lilith get into a drinking contest with any number of enormous brutish men and drink them all under the table – showing not the slightest buzz from the alcohol – even after downing drink after drink for hours.

When she returns from her private little recharge-sessions, I’m almost guaranteed to be fucked until I’m unconscious. It’s in those times that I wonder whether or not having children with this woman would truly be a good idea.

Lilith assures me that our kids would be human – if I wanted. I’ve never been brave enough to ask her what the other options are.

For now, I’m just taking things one day at a time – hanging on for dear life with my hot-ass sex-demon wife!


The end.

Thanks for reading!

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