Satisfied with Business women Madhuri

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Satisfied with Business women Madhuri

36 years old business women how fulfill with her dreams and satisfaction with me

During the last few days when I was out of service, one of my old clients called me and said that he needs your service urgently. I’m not doing it right now. But she said please and my friend Madhuri needs your service but I agree that it is ok. Madhuri called me the next day. She said where will we meet. Let me meet you wherever you like, ma’am. She said ok and sent the details photos. I sent her photos of my details. after seeing Madhuri looks very beautiful in the photo. She called after an hour and said that she will meet at her house the same night. OK as always. I am ready and doing white in the place she said. Meanwhile she came and pick me up. She is wearing blue color shirt and maroon color pant. Age 36 but looks like a 26 year old sword.

Looking at her, she is as beautiful as the moon. His skin glows like marble. When i thinking she is so hot when after reach home to directly start with sex to her will we get out of the car and when will we leave him later few minutes discuss to each other. within couple of mints we will reach his flat still i think how i satisfied with her i feel like after drop car to pick her go to room start sex but reality is after entering the she says just relax and watch the movie. she said i will fresh up and come and join with you. still I’m waiting for her and thinking how to fulfill with sex with her. after couple of mints she will come in green saree and browse less braw and loose. she looks like Georgiou’s and hot figure look like. then she will come and sit in front of me. i take her hand kiss on fingers and hands slowly later i kissed to his his neck then slowly i do in one hand to push her boobs slowly and do another hand put to her leg

in my pant in my penny was so exactly like horse power zero to 250 I’m egally wait to fuck her. I’m still doing to madhuri French kiss and liking and pushing her boobs and penny. her lip’s like strawberry its awesome taste then i will remove her dress total now she was nude. madhuri also remove my dress we both are in room with out dress we both are nude. she looks my penny its too large suddenly she will shock and asked me. your penny was too large previously i couldn’t she this type of penny. she said my pushy and me very luck to see your penny. then i was liking her boobs and pull her pussy she said shh shhs shh ahhh ahh ahhh loudly she expressions are too hot and very excitement to sex her. after couple mints i liking i do fucking her. i put my penny to her pushy. suddenly they said loudly hoo noo baby its pain full fuck me baby shh shhs please fuck me.
then i will do hard sex to her we both are involve in deep sex. i kiis to her lips and liking her boobs and deep fucking. she said hooo baby fuck fuck fuck mee shh shhs please suck me hooo god what feel he was so good i also enjoy to sex with her later couple of mints madhuri lose her sperm i also lose my sperm then we both are take rest in couple of mints.

after sex we eat some food and discuss to each other then i put my head on her legs and tasted to her boobs and liking her milk. she said shh shhs shh her expressions awesome. then i do directly liking her pushy she said wow what a feel baby do it again still i liking her pushy she feel so happy they said again thank you baby come fuck me please i couldn’t control my feels come and me then she will liking my push. after coupe mints i do sex with i put my penny her back side hole she said loudly hoo god fuck me shh shhs huuuu uuu shhh shh i also fuck her happily. i fuck her to nearly 1hr after 1hr she will lost her energy. but i couldn’t lose my sperm still im asking please come baby.
she said baby i had pain in my pussy please stop it . then i will do take an oil and massages to her total body and pusyy then we will do deep sex we both are speak loudly shh shhh ahh baby baby good she said few words to me. why baby you stop service. your service is too god its aswome. please dont stop. in free time i will call you and come and fulfill with my dreams then i said ok. after sex we both deep hug and sleep. its morning 8am we both are fresh madhuri was come IN front of me and give deep kiss
she said dont stop your service its too good i will call you in im free then she will drop my location.

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