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Hello guys,
I’m Shiva ( name changed), I’m a virgin guy. I have too much of fantasies. So I have a written a imaginary story. I’m a chennai guy. I’m 20 years old

Story starts….
Name of the heroin is Sarah. She is housewife. She is married to a police officer and his name is John. She is 32 years old but no kids. No one will believe that she is 32 years old lady because she looks so beautiful and young.

Today is their wedding anniversary so she was wearing a Sexy white lingerie
After her husband saw her
John:” you are looking a goodness of the Angel
She laugh”
Sarah: “I think you don’t want to do anything other than talking”
He laugh and jumped on her and started to kiss her and squeeze her boobs through her lingerie softly
While he was removing her lingerie, he got call from his office that he needs to come his office as soon as possible so he dressed up and went to work
She was disappointed but she is in mood for having sex so she started to fingering her pussy

There is theif outside her house. He was affected by her husband so he wants to revenge on him by robing his house. He saw that her husband went so he went inside the house by backside. After he went, he heard a sound
Sarah: “John , go inside” She is shouting and fingering her pussy
Theif was stunned by seeing this beautiful lady playing with her body
Sarah saw this theif
Sarah : “who are you? ” She asked to him and try to cover her with blanket
Theif laugh
Theif:” I’m here to take revenge on your husband”
Theif removed his pants and exposed his big dick to her.
She was in high mood. She was unable to control herself after seeing his cock. She never saw this big cock before.

Sarah: ” I never seen this big before ”
Without her control, her hand hold his big cock.
Theif pulled her and started to kiss her passionately and removed her lingerie and she removed her shirt faster and now they both are naked.
He pushed her to the wall and continue to kiss and he is squeezing her boobs harder. She was moaning in his mouth with the pleasure. He pushed her to bed and started to suck her boobs and fingering her pussy faster
Sarah:” aaaahhhhh aaaaahhhh go faster ”
He was doing faster and after a while, they both started to do in 69 position. He is enjoying her pussy like he is eating the last meal. She is sucking his cock like it is her chance.
After a heavy sucking, they both cummed in others mouth. He spread her legs and he put his cock in her pussy. She was shouting in pain because his big cock is stretching her pussy wider but she is enjoying.
Sarah: “yes yes go faster. Make me as your Cumslut. Dump your cum in my holes ”
Theif is well-known in kamasutra so he started to do those position with her. She is completely enjoying with him.
They both are satisfied by their session.
Theif: you are best lady in the bed.
Sarah: even you are best guy in ever
Theif took the lingerie from her
Theif: I’ll take this from you for the memory
Theif left from her house

After few days, Sarah got to know that she got pregnant by theif.

Reviews are most welcome
My gmail I’d : [email protected]

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