Reshma: A naïve sister part-1

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Hi, to all the readers. I’ll introduced myself as Rocky. This is my first attempt to narrate an incident and it is not a typical sex story. I tried to communicate as it is to you guys to conserve the true essence of it. I hope you like it but there is a possibility that it doesn’t fit into someone’s idea of a story. Please forgive me for any mistakes if there is any and do send your feedback, even if they are not encouraging. Now without wasting any further time, I go straight to the incident.

Since the good old days when yahoo used to allow chatting with strangers in various chat rooms, I was always very fond of those various online chat rooms to talk to strangers and during this lockdown the habit of chatting has increased exponentially. On one day, I met a married lady who introduced herself as Reshma from Hyderabad.
Rest of the conversation is as follows:

Me: Hi…who is this?
Reshma: I am Reshma, from Hyderabad. I am a married lady staying at my parents place as my husband has gone out for a week
for his work.
(She has told a lot of things about herself in one go, which lead me to believe that she is new to this world of online chatting. Anyways my plan was to
bring her to some sex-based masala chat somehow and was looking for the opportunity which she presented with much of my efforts.)

Me: So how is your day today?
Reshma: It wasn’t that bad, but something strange going on for last few days to me.
Me: What’s that?
Reshma: My brother stares at me whenever my pallu drops.

It was a go ahead for me to bring the conversation to incest, but have to go really subtle to not to offend her.

Me: It is a normal thing for young guys to stare at breasts or cleavage as they haven’t see such things in real. How old is your brother.
Reshma: He is 19, goes to college.
Me: I am sure he doesn’t have any girlfriend, that why he stares at your boobs (I used word “boobs” purposefully to assess her limits)
Reshma: Do you think so?
Me: Yes I do, glimpse of boobs or cleavage excites any young guy. Sure you are his elder married sister and should not look you in that sense but after all he
is just a young guy.
Reshma: You are right, I sometimes feel he stares my back when I bend for moping.
Me: I think he stares your butts. Do you have good figure measurements.
(That was a kind of next gear for me and was expecting a disconnect from her side as many ladies do that because for them I have crosses the limits of decent chat, but she stayed there)

Reshma: I guess so. I am 34-28-36.
Me: Yeah those assets of yours are real great. Your husband is a lucky guy and I am sure that your brother looks at your boobs and butts whenever he gets his chances.
Reshma: What am I suppose to do about it?
(I thought she is really naïve. She directly told me her figure in one go and she is not angry on her brother for ogling at her, rather she is concerned. I thought lets push her towards incest portion and see what happens).

Me: It is not something to great concern, he is frustrated because of not getting a girl to sexual pleasure.
Reshma: What could guys do in that state of frustration?
Me: Well nothing serious, he might ogle at sexy ladies, neighbour aunties and bhabhis just like he did to you. Since he is specially attracted towards you, he might try to sneak into bathroom when
you take your bath to see you naked, but as I said earlier nothing serious.
Reshma: Oh my god…do you thing he has already tried to see me naked?
Me: Well I don’t know but it is a possibility.
Reshma: Oh god..what if someone finds that. It will ruin his name and family’s name too.
Me: Well probably you could help him.
Reshma: How?
Me: He is sex starved, give him some experience to release his presure.
Reshma: How can I do that?
Me: Show him your boobs or let him fondle from just above, I mean with the clothes on. Perhaps some play with your boobs and ass will ease his mind.
Reshma: yeah I can do that, not really a problem for me and sure it can bring his mind to ease.
(To my surprise, she agreed to it rather quickly. I was curious that did she wants some fun for herself too or just concern about her brother)

Me: Hey just curious that are you doing this to help your brother only or you would do this for any friend of yours?
(In a subtle way, I called her a potential slut and It it didn’t go well)
Reshma: What do you mean to say. I am a devoted married lady and willing to do that only to help my brother. I will not do such a thing for anyone else.
Me: My apologies. I was just curious and want to help. I have nothing wrong in my mind. By the way how will you tell him that he can have some experience with you?
(I changed the topic)
Reshma: Yeah… what I suppose to do?
Me: You can directly tell him that.
Reshma: Are you mad? I can’t talk to him directly that he can play with my body. How can I say directly to that?
Me: Then you must give him indirect signals.
Reshma: Like what?
Me: Don’t correct your pallu when it falls while working. Bend more during moping to show him better of your butts. Wear deep cut blouse to show more of your cleavage.
Reshma: Okay
(I thought this might take years and might not reach to anywhere in a week)

Me: I have got a better idea. Do you share the same bed during night?
Reshma: We share the same room, but not the same bed.
Me: Do one thing sleep on the same bed tonight and try to touch your brother’s penis with butts.
Reshma: How would I do that.
Me: Simple, sleep your back facing him and before he go into deep sleep, rub your butts on this penis. I am sure he will get excite and will understand to take over from there onwards.
Reshma: Okay, yeah it is possible
(She has fallen into the incest trap and honestly I was bit worried that there is a possibility the she might end up having sex with him. So, I though I might warn her about the possibility)

Reshma: What should I wear? Sari or gown?
Me: Gown will be easy for him. Do one more thing don’t wear any bra inside the gown.
Reshma: Okay.
Me: By the way, what all you are going to allow him to do?
Reshma: He can fondle my boobs, play with my nipples above my gown.
Me: But what if he wants to touch bare skin of your boobs. I mean what if he wants to put his hand inside the gown. then?
Reshma: Should I let him touch them?
Me: Well if he is gonna play with then it doesn’t matter if he touches the bare skin.
Reshma: Okay, Yeah I guess you are right.
Me: One more thing, there is a possibility that he might try and get rid of your gown or he might try to kiss you. Would you allow that?
Reshma: Well getting gown off me is not a real problem for me but I can’t allow him to kiss me on my lips.
(This lady definitely have some strange norms regarding taboos for sure)

Me: What’s wrong in kiss?
Reshma: No, Can’t allow that.
Me: Okay then if he tries to undress your gown or tries to kiss you then you need to wake him up and tell about what he can do and what he can’t.
Reshma: Do I have to tell him?
Me: Yes, because in excitement he might do something which you don’t want him to do. So, you need to talk to him then.
Reshma: Yeah, I got your point.
Me: What about your panty? does he allow to put his hand inside the panty or to even remove them.
Reshma: NOOOOOOOO. He is not allowed to remove or put his hand inside my panty. He is not allowed to touch my vagina.
Me: Okay tell him directly if he does anything like that.
Reshma: I can show him my vagina though, if he wants.
Me: No no no…don’t even think about it. Do you think he could be contained after seeing a vagina from not banging it with his penis.
Reshma: yeah he might not.
Me: So don’t show vagina, if you don’t allow him to hump that.
Reshma: You are right. So, my panty stays there at all cost. I will offer my boobs and my back only for him to touch n kiss.
Me: You might as well allow the neck for kissing, guys do like kissing neck lining and it probably make you feel good too.
Reshma: Okay, yeah then I might allow him that. Thanks really for your help.

So Reshma was ready for the night’s encounter and I was skeptical about what’s gonna unfold to her. I really want her to not get hurt but one part of
my mind to have full encounter between her and her brother, which definitely bring a new dimension to their relationship. What happened next will be told in
the next part.

Those who liked it please share your feedback with me at [email protected].

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