Rainy Night with office colleague

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Myself Sudheer from Hyderabad a decent, professional guy with good atheletic body..like to share my experience with one of my office colleague(rashmika). Coming to the story, our office conducts training at Hyderabad, and Rashmika came from other city to attend it. Generally, our office provides accommodation whoever comes out from other places. But, after my invitation to my home, saying that my parents are out of city for some function, she agreed to come to my home. By getting green signal from her, I have prepared my mind to explore my things.

Rashmika is of fair complexion with 34-28-36 shapes and of too sexy in nature. Her sweet voice is good asset to her. When our training completed for the day, I have taken her to my home. Soon after we reached, heavy rain started on that day. I asked her to freshen up and relax so that I can prepare tea for her.She went to washroom and get her dress changed, leaving her inners at washroom. When I reached washroom, I smelled her inner wear, and got aroused by it.

After that, I played some melodious music and offered her tea. She felt so happy and get relaxed. Some time passed away with some discussions. I played Fifty Shades of Grey movie in Tv, and sat beside her. As the movie goes on with some steamy scenes, she got aroused saying..

R:hey Sid, I want to leave to my Hotel, I will not stay here..
S: Its raining heavily, how can we go..
R: then stop the movie..am not under control..
S: who told you to control..Lets spice up some time.
Telling that, I place my hand on her and looked deeply into her eyes..Iam so horny and like to go with the flow..

R: closing her eyes, said make love to me
I kissed her forehead and started coming down with so much passion. .caressing her ear lobes and hair with my both hands, I moved close to her and kissed her passionately.. she moaned..Ahhhh..hhh
R: Bite me Sid and kill me ..
I bite her lips and placed my hands on her boobs and started pressing so gently…Her moans continued…
R: Suck my boobs..my baby..
I have taken nipple into my mouth and started sucking hungrily..like a baby….I noticed her underwear got so wet and dripping with her juices…Slowly I inserted my fingers in to her wet pussy..first one finger then two fingers and ramming into her vagina…Her body started shivering with my activity.. and seeing me passionately..
R: Oh baby..u r doing great…come and bang me hard with your big one…Honey..i can’t wait..come over me please…
She is begging, but I havenot stopped fingering..i have added my touge with the fingers and just sucking her juices..wildly
After some time, she reached orgasm and took my tool and placed in her mouth and started doing blowjob..
R: I will suck you till yu bleed…u fucker..
She is sucking me so hard and iam enjoying it very badly…
R:Now, start fucking me ..u fucker…
I haven’t listened her voice in that wild sense..and in that foul language…really Iam on heavens in that rainy night..
I undressed her and placed her in doggy position, which is my fav position and pushed my big tool inside her pussy and started fucking her so hard…Her moans mixed with the sounds of clouds and she is jumping like a dog…after 5 min..i lubricated her ass and pushed inside it..she is very fond of ass fucking and her bums are dancing vigorously up and down…I fucked her ass 10 min..and discharged my juices on her ass and boobs..as like in porn videos..she sucked my big tool..the last drop of it and reached to washroom to clean up herself..

After the dinner, we ended three more sessions, the whole rainy night being wet outside the streets and as well inside our bodies. .this ends my story..and continue with all my encounters around India… So to all the ladies who would like to catch up with me.. can mail me for your good passionate sex… [email protected]

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