Anitha honey queen in trichy

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Hello friends am anitha from trichy aged 18 years.Everyone calls me ani or honey.I love people calling me like that.All your comments are welcomed..

I am a girl born to a single mother. She works in home washing utensils and vessels.Am a girl struggling of things.I love to live the life which other girls wanted to live.I am studying 1 St year college.
The story is all about my sexual experience and the cheatings which i had experienced by my boyfriend and my girlfriends.My body stats are 34 27 36.My boobs will be round with pointed nipples.My hip will be a curvy one to attract every guy.My ass is bigger for me but i love my ass because i love getting fucked in doggy position.

I am a more lonely and reserved girl till my school when i joined college in the girls hostel everything started changing day by day.We are four girls(me,sathya,charu and madhu) in one room.I know what is porn and sex because i studied biology in my school.But first time i watched porn and sex movie on my birthday night.It was around 11.45 pm all my friends waked me up from sleep and started wishing for my birthday.Exactly 12 am i cutted cake in my entire life that was the first time i celebrated my birthday cutting the cake.Tears started rolling due to joy and happiness.

My friends switched on the laptop and told there is a surprise for me.I was waiting for the surprise suddenly porn movie started playing i was shell shocked.I closed my eyes but they forced me to watch.After some time i got normal and started watching it like anything.I was out of my mind and completely involved in those porn without my knowledge i started rubbing my pussy.My friends started teasing me.Then started the real thing we all planned to play truth or dare.

Truth or dare will be continued in the next part.

All your comments are welcomed on [email protected]

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