With my gf/bestiee (half sex)

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Hello!! everyone!! I am Akhil from AndhraPradesh. This is my first (real) story.

My girlfriend(sindhu) is a sex bomb with 32-28-36. She has a good ass and cute boobs with dark nipples, I love her nipples a lot because it is always erected and stiff like buttons I’ll die to suck her nipples.I am with 7 inch dark dick with stout red tip, two inch thick.
Story.. We studied in same college. In my first year I don’t know who is she, I was rushing to class by steps all of a sudden I’ve seen a beautiful ass is bouncing in the tight jeans (its too good), I followed her eyeing on the ass crack its like two big mountains, with some anxiety I have seen her face damn she was too good with traditional look. Then i decided to love her and started my trails. One day my friend was talking to her in phone, I heard her name from him, I was happy that my friend had her number then i have taken her number. In between I requested him to introduce her, as he don’t have another option. We decided to meet in canteen, she came to him and they are talking normal stuff in middle he introduced me, we shaked our hands with a smile, she understood that i liked her, we started conversation and shared some stuff.
As days are going we became good friends and started to talk like lovers for hours together. I decided to propose her and we met in a park, talking some regular stuff in middle i gathered some courage and proposed her with one flower, she was surprised that she has no clue about it, with some blush and smile she accepted me and I kissed her at palm. I was totally blank in that whole scene, we hugged and remained for 10 mins we don’t want to break that beautiful moment but the time is running out, i dropped her at hostel with one more tight hug.
One day we were talking casually in middle i used a vulgar word that is modda(lund) she laughed, i asked her “do you know the meaning of it” she replied “yes”, i asked her to explain, she did with some naughtiness, i was acting like that i didn’t understood then with some detail explanation she said “all men have the same thing like a pole, which helps to fuck” in telugu she explained. My brother(modda) started to erect and i was in full mood, to continue that conversation i asked words in hindi and she started to explain in detail, i kept asking all about pussy and dick she explained very erotically. I opened my zip and started to shake my big dick she involved in it, i rubbed my dick with my pre cum all the nerves were bulged out because I was assuming my girlfriend pussy, at last i cummed like never before, I explained all the situation after that, she was little disappointed that she missed the chance to shag my dick without her presence.
We waited like anything for our fist kiss, we went to a flop movie, there was no audience at all. we started to touch our hands, our ear lobs become hot and we started to smooch with some little force, that was our first kiss. started to suck the lips very hard, my hands started to touch the boobs, with in no time i inserted my hand in her bra and searched for nipple, there i got it with full erection like a big button and i started to pinch, we were breathing heavily and increased force to kiss. We both are erected and unstoppable, i placed her hand on my dick above the pants she was rubbing i was at heaven. I requested her to show the boobs, initially she rejected after some pleasing she accepted and revealed her beautiful white boobs from black bra, my dick was oozing all the liquids that appeared(cum) on my pants, I was very happy to see such boobs with dark spot and i pressed it without her permission she is enjoying a lot, pinched her nipple and dragged towards me then started to suck it she is in heaven and searched for my dick.
she inserted her hand in my pants she found the sticky liquids on her hand and she started to shag my dick, we both were not in this world i sucked both boobs and made it like red melons by bites, I cummed on her hand my pant was with my cum stains.
Its my turn to satisfy her with some please she gave permission to touch the pussy, inserted my hands in to her pants she started to shake i controlled her not to moan, after some struggle i caught the pussy with hair and with ocean wet, i started to rub and inserted one finger she was making moans i was kissing and fingering, she came on my hands.we got satisfied and left to hostels with best memories.
Then after we started to make more romantic stunts in public places. I asked her for sex, as usual she rejected and with some drama i convinced.We both were waiting for next segment of love that is to fuck each other, waiting for right moment. I booked one of the best star hotel and we checked in normally.
The room was too romantic with good mattress(bed) and with beautiful flowers aroma. After locking the room, i pressed her in to the wall and started kissing, there is no limits to us. we both removed our t shirts and hugged very tight she is in red bra. The perfume smell from her drove crazy i started to remove her bra with in no time we hugged barely for first time with touching my hard dick on her pussy,i was pinching her nipple with my teeth and teasing her, she is in full mood. lifted by holding her ass with inserting my hands in to panty we kissed for 15 min. I was searching her asshole and pressing ass like that was my last day on the earth (beautiful ass) suddenly i got some liquids in to my hand that is her pussy is oozing liquids, wit some force i inserted hands deeper i got pussy hole, i was dragging all the liquids to asshole and trying to insert finger, she is moaning crazy.
I pushed her on to the bed and started to unzip her pants she was in shy that we were not naked before, I too removed my pant, we both are in pantys. The wet stain marks were visible from under wares, I smelled it from out side its magical, pressing the boobs with one hand I revealed the beauty of my baby, the baby pussy lips were dripping cum, that was my first experience to watch such a beautiful pussy with baby lips, the baby lips with dark black line, i opened with my two fingers oh my god its pink and oozing the pure white liquid, i started to kiss and inserted my tongue inside, she moaned very louder and pressing my head towards her pussy with force i was unable to breathe, finally she came and I drank all without leaving a clue that there was a cum.
Its her turn to drive me crazy, she removed my under ware and started to shake, she started to kiss and i was sucking her boobs, i asked her for 69, she said “okay”, i am at top of her and started to fuck with tongue she is kissing at my red tip and licking my balls, i was unable to control, i cummed on her face.
After kissing we regained arousal, she wore me the condom with some hand job.She is a virgin, I am unable to push inside her, after some struggle i found the exact hole and pushed half, she started to shout and cried in pain i got scared and seen her pussy that is in blood, she rushed to washroom to clean. She said ” I am scared of it, please don’t mind, we cant have full sex, lets make it simple with foreplay” I said okay and we continued the session for 4 hours.
After two years(we didn’t had sex) we broke with some reasons. This story is real.I think all men and women got wet and erected.If any one interested please mail me an do comment(only girls) to [email protected]. I am waiting for real time sex experience. Boys please don’t waste my time.

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