My wife teased a delivery driver during COVID19 lockdown

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This happened on a Sunday about a month in to COVID19 lockdown. The dialogs are based on what my wife told me after the incident, and I’m filled in a few blanks to maintain the story.

We slept in and woke up late on a Sunday morning. My wife got out of bed brushed her teeth and went to the kitchen to make tea while I proceed to brush my teeth and jump back in bed to catch the 8 am news broadcast on TV.

When my wife returned, she was feeling quite naughty, the tea was placed on the night stand, and she slipped out of her negligee. She helped me out of my boxer shorts and started to give me a blow job as I watched the final few minutes of the news. She licked me like a lollypop, slapping my cock against her tongue until I was fully erect and then started bobbing her head up and down. I picked up a condom from the night stand and handed it over and she, like a pro, slipped it on me., And straddled me.

As she got into a rhythm while riding me, her phone began to ring. It was an unknown number, so she took her phone and answered it. I was playing with her bum, squeezing and smacking it lightly, when she tapped my stomach and asked me to stop; she needed to concentrate on the call, as she was giving directions to our house over the phone.

She got off the phone a bit frustrated, and threw the phone on the bed. We had placed an online order at the supermarket a week ago, and the person who called was the delivery driver. He he was on his way.

My wife got off of me and picked up her housecoat from the clothes rack. I quickly jumped out of bed, and hugged her from behind and told her that she didn’t need it… She turned around and looked at me wife eyed, and said, “you want me to answer the door naked?”

I took the house coat from her hand and nodded as the door bell rang.. She gave me a wry smile and turned around to leave the room… I gave her a smack on her bum and followed her to the living room to get a good vantage point.

She walked up to the door, looked back at me and opened the door slightly to only show her head, and spoke to the man outside. It was clear that she was hiding from whoever was on the other side of the door.

Wife: You are the one who called me? from K****?

Delivery Guy: Yes, Madam, are you S************?

Wife: Yes, can you keep those boxes here please?

She pointed at the area just inside the front door as she stepped back and opened the door to let the man in. Though she was still behind the door, she wasn’t fully covered now.

To my surprise, it was not 1 but 2 men who came in, both carrying what seemed like heavy boxes. They didn’t see her at first. but the guy who came into the house first took a few steps inside so that he could give the other guy some room and he could see her. She didn’t react, and played it cool. The second guy turned around and left, while the first guy handed over a receipt to my wife who reached out from behind the door and took it.

Delivery Guy: Some items were not available madam, you will get a refund for it.

From where I was I could see him looking at my wife from top to bottom.

Wife: OK, Thank you very much!

The man left and she closed the door and ran back to me…

“You should have seen how his eyes widened when he saw me!! She yelped as I grabbed her and squeezed her!!

Took her over to the couch and she straddled me again.

“Oh My GOD, I’m so wet right now!” she said as my entire length slipped into her easily.

She got back into her rhythm and started moaning.

“That guy must be telling his friend what he missed” I said, as I scooted my buttocks to the edge of the couch, giving my wife a little more space to get more force into her strokes.

“They must be thinking that I’m some kind of a slut… walking around the house naked” she responded.

I couldn’t take it any more. “Can I take you doggy?” I asked her, “mhmmmm…” she said as she got off me and climbed on the the couch, she placed her hands on the headrest and arched her back. I took my position behind her and entered her again. Started with slow deep strokes while holding her hips. As I picked up speed, I garbed her ponytail with one hand and pulled her hair and grabbed her neck with my left hand.

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