Lockdown, I Fucked My Daughter

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Being a dad is a pretty tough job, the stresses and strains of bringing up kids can be overwhelming and my teenager daughter had always been a handful. Going through high school it was clear to me that Rachael was an exceptionally clever kid and she would need a lot of money spent on her in the form of private tutors for all of her subjects. As early as ten or eleven her ability far outpaced everyone in her class and even her entire grade and I was rarely able to help her with her homework anymore. She had to change high schools twice before she hit eighteen because every time she went to a smarter one she would soon outpace everyone and eventually need another new high school.

Now she was in her final year and soon she would be ready for her dream of Harvard or Stanford, and I just hoped all the scholarships she would win, would pay her way because I was fast becoming broke with all her educational needs. However, with all the trouble her genius created, I was still proud of her. How couldn’t I be, she was a model student, respected in every school she’d attended, and destined to enrol in one of the countries finest colleges. Yet now there was a whole new problem. Ever since she turned eighteen and was legally allowed to have sex, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking her.

I knew it was crazy, but I just couldn’t get her out of my head. Her mom had walked out on us years back, and ever since I’d pretty much devoted my entire life to Rachaels every need, and I guess over that time I had entirely forgotten about my own. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in years, and I hadn’t had sex since my wife left me. Sharing the house with a beautiful teenage girl had turned into the ultimate temptation of desire.

Rachael would almost always walk around the house as she’d always done, semi-naked, covered in nothing more than a tiny towel, or in just her underwear. Hell, I’d even seen her topless a half dozen times since she’d turned eighteen, and she just didn’t care. I guess because I was her dad she didn’t realise what it was doing to me.

It was when the lockdown started, and we were pushed together twenty-four-seven, that I guess my innocent little girl started to realise her dear daddy was not just her father. At one time I’d been a husband, and husbands have certain needs from their wives. Now that I and she were in lockdown together, I started to feel that she was tempting me more and more, maybe even toying with me.

“What do you think of this?” Racheal asked me, she’d just finished her shower and came downstairs to the living room with nothing more on than a skimpy towel hung around her beautiful breasts. Her breasts had filled out and now she was eighteen and her body was amazing. With the tiny towel riding up over her ass she might as well have been naked.

“What?” I said, my eyes glued on the tv, watching an old sports game. Turning and seeing her almost naked again I didn’t know what to say. I never chastised her, so I guess I just sat, jaw dropped, as she plunked herself down beside me on the sofa.

“These earrings daddy. I got them before the lockdown but didn’t get a chance to wear them. Aren’t they cute?” She asked immediately jumping up and giving a quick twirl to show off how they danced with the movement. Big silver jangly bracelet style earrings.

“They look great,” I mustered. I wasn’t able to keep my eyes on the earrings, because as she twirled, the towel lifted up, and I couldn’t help but see her fully naked ass and hairless vagina, as it floated up and around.

“Really? Do you really like them too?” She asked. She looked amazing, much shorter than me at six-foot, her a little over five-five. She was still pretty tiny even though she was all grown up, but her body was closing in on a woman’s body now. On glimpsing her vagina, I was surprised that she didn’t have any pubic hair yet! Maybe she shaved down there, I thought to myself. Maybe she liked it that way.

“Were you looking at my ass dad?” She asked without a care for my embarrassment.

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