My sweetest sex ever

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Hello all. This is vinesh from the southern most part of India. I’m a regular reader of Sex4Stories. So I decided to post my best sexual experience to you. It is a magic happened in my life and it added more sweetness to my life. I was born in the outskirts of nagercoil (a small town near kanniyakumari). I was working as an ATC officer in Banglore. I was from a well mannered family.

Before that I had some good experience which paved me a way to have an extraordinary experience with my partner. I was keen to have good romantic sex. I always like to take it for a long time. Now a days it’s getting better and better. I turned to 25 and as usual, marriage talks where started in my house.On a good day my parents told me to take leave, to attend a marriage function. At first I refused because they are just relative and I love my job and I always like to be in the control tower. But my father told that I need to attend the function otherwise people will start to forget me. Also he said that I have played with the bride in my childhood. I got a bit curious and came to my hometown. Everything went good and the marriage morning arrived. With full of tension my mom is trying to wake me up. I got a bit scared with her voice and got up suddenly.

Me :Mom. What happened?
Mom :Groom ran away with another girl. Are you okay to marry her?
Me: :What?
Mom :Son..
Me :Are you mad??
Mom :Dear look at her situation. She’s a good girl. But that stupid guy had a relationship with another girl. He ran away with her yesterday night. Dad asked If you are ready to marry her, then her life won’t be spoiled.

See in India, especially in the southern most part of India a cancelled marriage is seen as a sign of bad luck to a girl and to her family. If a marriage stopped in the marriage day morning then the life of the bride is just a question mark. It was considered as a shame to the family and people start to criticise the family. As my father is so close to the bride’s father ( The bride is my great-grandfather’s brother’s daughter’s granddaughter. Also in some critical situations our parents helped each other. So we were so close to each other. But as I gone to other city for my higher studies I forgot about her.), to avoid such a pandemic to their family they decided to find a new groom for the marriage. In such a filtered search among the relatives for a good groom and in a sign of good reationship between both our fathers, I got the first place in the list. This is what happened when I was sleeping last night.

Me :Mom, I don’t even know her face, I know nothing about her, How can you tell me to do this??

At this moment, my dad entered the room…

Mom :Look dear. She is a good and well mannered girl. I’m seeing her from childhood. She will be good for your life.
Dad :Don’t you remember her. You both played with each other in your childhood.
Mom :(To Dad) It happened more than a decade ago.Will he remember her.
Me 🙁 I was fully confused) Can I see her?
Dad :Get up from bed first. I’ll make the arrangements.

They both gone and I was in the bathroom. While brushing my teeth, my mobile called me with a notification. My dad send me her pic. Even the preview made me so curious. When I saw her picture my heart skipped a beat. She was such a beauty. She almost looked like the mallu actress manjima mohan. I started to remember that sweet face which I use to play in my childhood. I was impressed. At that time my deep mind slapped me and said “Beauty is always Danger. Be wise”. So I wanted to talk to her. Because nowadays most parents doesn’t even talk well with their children. They don’t know about their child’s deep mind. In such urging situations things can go ugly. When I got out of the room my mom came there.

Mom :Did you see her pic?
Me :I need to talk to her.

Once again Dad’s entry.

Mom :Are you stupid. You can’t talk with her now.
Dad :You both go there and see her. I’ll do the other things. (He was such a cool guy).

Me and my mom gone to her house. The house is filled with sadness and she was in her room alone. We both are allowed to meet in our private space and I was looking that beauty. She was wearing a red and white chudithar. With a bit of sadness and fear she was so upset and looking at the floor near the window. With a charming face and with assets of 34-24-34 and 5’3 tall she was gorgeous and no one will hesitate to marry her. She was just 22 years old, but she looked so mature. Even with sadness her face was beautiful. she was one of a kind. I was impressed by her looks. Even though she noticed me entering the room, she was standing still like a statue.

Me :Look. Don’t worry about what happened. Ok. Be cool.

She was standing still without any reaction.

Me :Anita. Correct??
Anita :Mmm..
Me :My mom didn’t used your name until now. so I…Sorry about that..
Anita :Mmm..
Me :Actuallly I wanted to ask you an important thing before entering our relationship. If you don”t mind….
Anita :What?..
Me :Are you in relationship with anyone??.

She was starring at me with a bit of anger and sadness..

Me :Don’t mistake me. Nowadays many are not exposing about themselves to their parents initially. But when the situation goes out of control, it causes a pandemic to the family, just like that idiot. If you need my help now, I can help you out.
Anita :Nothing like that.
Me :Ok. Great. But I had a relationship..

She was looking me like a culprit.

Me :Not now. We brokeup a long time ago. I don’t want to hide such things from my partner.
Anita :Ok.
Me :Don’t tell this to anyone else. Even my mom doesn’t knows this.
Anita :Ok
Me :You wont face anything strict from me. You need to take care of my family. Other than that you can be yourself.
Anita :Ok
Me :Also I don’t like people who tells lie
Anita :For me too.
Me :Finally a humble request. Don’t wake me unnecessarily while I’m sleeping. Ok
Anita :Ok(with a little cute smile).
Me :Are you Okay for this marriage?

My mom intruded the scene. Waiting on the doordtep.

Mom :Son. It’s getting late. We need to go.

I looked at my mom and then turned back to Anita.

Anita :I’m OK.
Me :Nice. See you later.
Anita :Bye.

I was so happy that I came to know something about her. With her reactions on the conversation my mind said that nothing is problematic there. So the only thing left is getting ready. On the way my mom asked me

Mom :Is everything Okay there.
Me :Yes mom.
Mom :Are you happy now.
Me :Ofcourse.

Then she called my dad and put a green signal to my marriage. As the good luck time is from 11 to 1 I had enough time to bath (nothing more than a bath). Finally on the stage I married her. The entire family was filled with joy(my babe too). We got functions until night around 9. Inbetween I touch her hand and it will be smooth as silk and soft as feather. That made me so tempted towards her. I know it was not good to have sex with her on that night, But my culprit mind and the temptation made by her, overtook my sense. In order to take her to the comfort zone I was cracking some jokes inbetween to make her smile. Everything went well. It was around 9:45 when we are ready to go to bed. While we enter the room my mom called her to the kitchen. I was super angry with my mom. I was sitting in the bed alone. Within minutes I heared the door opening. My sweet doll entered the room. With her body filled with shy, her face and eyes facing the floor, with a large tumbler of milk in her hand(normally my mom offers me milk when I go to bed), in a pink silk saree, with some jasmine flowers in her head, a small forehead pendant, a cute bindi in her forehead, jewelleries like ear rings, necklace, chain, bangles in her hands, rings in her fingers, hip chain, anglets, toe rings everything with a pink skin background with a beautiful juicy body, standing like a doll, I was searching for my sense which told me to not have sex with her tonight. I was super tempted on her. She was slowly walking towards me. As she comes towards me my heartbeat raised as never before. She came near me and offered me the milk. I asked her to sit and I had a sip of mik and offered the milk to her.

Anita :I don’t want this much. You can take more.
Me :It’s enough for me dear. Have it dear. You need to get stronger.
Anita :(with a little smile) Ok.
Me :Drink…Drink..

While she was drinking the milk it felt heavenly to see milk passing through her throat. My stupid mind is urging me like ” What are you waiting for. Eat her”. But in her case I wanted to take it even more slow and steady as the reaction of today’s effect will affect my entire life. So I planned to take it nice and easy. She placed the tumbler on the table and sat on the right side of me. I sat even closer to her by turning towards her. At that time I saw her boob struggling inside her blouse under her saree and below that her cheesy hip. It felt like I was about to go uncontrollable on her. somehow I controlled my mind and turned my eyes towards her face. But it was even worser than that. She was in a bit of shy with eyes down to the floor, her forehead pendant is a bit hanging on her head, a wide quarter moon forehead, cute thinner eyerows, below that two eyes just like black grapes floating on milk covered by cute and even eyelashes, next comes her sharp nose, her apple like cheeks is calling to be eaten up, her soft and elegant ears with hanging cute ear rings, her juicy lips it is cherry red even without lipstick and juicy and fleshy like orange, and a sea cone like throat below her curved chin. Really I had some tough times to control myself. Finally I started a convo with her.

Me :Dear. Are you ok?
Anita :Yes, I’m good.
Me :Things could have gone ugly. correct?
Anita :You saved my life.

I started to feel like a super hero. Slowly I kept my hand over her hand. It felt like keeping my hand over cheese. she was so milky and her skin was so soft like a baby. Slowly tapping her hand and…

Me :Do you really like me?
Anita :Yeah.
Me :Really? From the bottom of the heart??
Anita :Why are you asking me like this?
Me :I think this question is important to start our life.

She remained unanswered. she doesn’t know what to tell.

Me :I know you are not confident on me.
Anita :Not like that. You know very well that stopping a marriage at last moment will affect the entire family.
Me :That’s why we both got married today.
Anita :But I was not interested to marry a total stranger too. I can’t handover my life to an extreme stranger without knowing anything about him.
Me :That’s correct.Then how you selected me.
Anita :My parents told we both are so close in our very childhood.
Me :Do you still remember that moments
Anita :Not much.
Me :Me too. Because we are so little.
Anita :But I have seen you in random events.
Me :Really.??
Anita :Yeah. Sometimes in functions, sometimes in bus, or somewhere else
Me :Is it? I don’t think I have seen you often. I was fully immersed in studies in schooling, after that I won’t come here often.
Anita :Mostly I’ll be with my uncle. So you may not noticed.
Me :Maybe
Anita :Most time when I see you, you will be following your mother, like a child.
Me :That’s when I was a kid
Anita :Even around four years ago. At that time when you got the job. When I was seeing, you are following your mother.
Me :(What a shame) Oh. Ok.
Anita :Then after completing my degree my parents was interested to marry me to you. But they said you rejected me.
Me :(confused) That’s around 2 years ago i Think. correct.
Anita :Yeah.
Me :My mom simply asked “Are you ready for marriage?”. I simply said “no”. Maybe if they said it’s you, things may happened different.
Anita :Hmm.
Me :Anyway. Finally I got you…

I just put my other hand in her back and tapping. One hand in her hand and other in her back. That felt like a lot of heat

Anita :Hmm..(With a cute little smile)
Me :But I never recognize you in such occations.
Anita :Mostly I avoid facing males. I studied in girls school and in college too. So I’m so shy towards males. I don’t know how to deal with males.
Me :Ok..Ok.
Anita :In future if I did anything wrong, unknowingly, please forgive me.
Me :It’s Okay dear. No worries

I just kept my hand in her thigh. I saw a small shock with shy in her face. I rubbed her thigh and her back

Me :Baby. Are you ready for this.
Anita :Hmm.(With a lot of shy filled over her face).
Me :Ok dear. If you felt uncomfortable or if you want to ask me something you are free to talk. Ok.
Anita :Hmm. (In a low voice)
Me :First lets remove these fancy items. They will disturb us a lot.
Anita :Ok.

She was removing her ear rings and wearing the stud. I helped her to remove the nacklaces and chains (except thaali and a small chain). Next chance was given to the bangles(here too some exceptions). But I was eager to remove her hip chain. I made her to get up. Suddenly I approached her like I was going to hug her. She was shocked a bit and standing still like a statue. I put my hands around her hips and removing her hip chain. At that time her juicy melons were crushed by my sturdy chest and I felt her hot breath in my shoulder. I pushed her back, by holding her hips after removing her hip chain. She looked shocked a bit. I looked her face and nodded my face like asking “what”. She gave me a wide smile. I gone near her and kissed her forehead and removed her forehead pendant. I noticed that some of her shyness have gone away and somehow she’s getting ready to make it happen.

Me :Dear, Let’s keep these things in the cupboard.
Anita :Mmm.(nodded her head and looked at my eyes)

We both kept all our jewelleries in the cupboard and then we gone near the bed. I pushed her and laid her in the bed with her legs hanging. I laid myself near her and looking at her eyes. She too got a bit ready for this and waiting for my action, looking at my eyes. Slowly I gone near her and started to kiss her lips softly. Placed my hand over her hip and started to give her a gentlle massage in her hip and back. She started to enjoy that. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the lipkiss. Then I suddenly pulled myself back and took my hands off her. She stayed for a second and opened her eyes looking for me. I gave a wide smile to her and she too smiled. I rolled her and made her to lie over me. She was looking at my face. I pushed her face towards me and i started eating her lips softly. Along with the sweet liplock, I was cuddling her. Some gentle taps on her hips and ass and boobs. It was heavenly. I haven’t enjoyed such a soft and smooth girl before. She was resting her hands in my shoulders. After sometimes, I laid her on bed and I gone to her feet. I holded her foot in my hand and I started to kiss it. She tried to take her foot, but I didn’t let her go. I licked her from big finger and gone upwards and I suddenly leave it. When I came up she was closing her face with her hands. Suddenly I pulled her saree mundhanai. Suddenly she covered her breasts. I gave her a sweet smile. She smiled back with shy.

Me :Won’t you give that to me dear??

She slowy moved down her hands to her cute little belly. I sat on her just like the cowboy position and lifted her hands and kissed them. Then slowly I stared moving towards her boobs. She started to breathe a bit heavily. At that time It was lovely to see her boobs moving up and down. Slowly I started to kiss the exposed portion of her boobs. She became unrest a bit. I was holding her hands against the bed and started to lick and kiss her boobs. Slowly I got up, to tap her boobs and started to remove her jacket.She started to enjoy it. I removed all the hooks and freed up her milky boobs. Now the milk tank us under the control of her bra. I taped my face from her neck to her belly. She became restless and started to hold my hair. After some tapping and playing I made her to stand up and removed her jacket away and thrown it on the bed. It was a nice sight. Slowly I hugged her and playing with her ass, along with some kisses in her face and neck and ears. By the time my dick is fully erect and ready to get into her gloryhole. I got so mood and removed her saree and skirt. Now my doll is just wearing a red Bra and Panty. Such a wonderful sight to see her like this. I became so uncontrollable at that moment. I hugged her tightly and gave a strong liplock. She behaved like she was shocked at first and after some seconds she too hugged me and we started to taste our lips fully. After a deep liplock I saw her eyes. It was filled with lust and I was thinking that she was almost ready to make it happen. And then,

Me :Baby, Will you do me a favour?
Anita :What dear(In a husky voice)?
Me :Will you help me undressing myself?

She then slowly removed my shirt button and we removed the shirt. Then she removed my banian and the accidental touch of her finger on my chest created shocks on me. Then I was removing my belt and my pants. She was watching what I’m doing. And then I removed my panty, I got a shocking reaction from her face. She was a bit panic on seeing my erect dick standing like a cell phone tower.It was around 7 to 7.5 inches long and reasonably thick. I pulled her towards me and I hugged her and kissing her ears and slowly i told her.

Me :Don’t worry baby, I won’t hurt you.

Slowly I removed her bra and panty and made her full nude. Then I made her to lie on bed fully and eating her beautiful assets with my eyes. Her eyes questioned me like “What dear”. I gone fully mad and I spreaded over her. I pushed her hands against the bed by holding her palms tightly and locked her legs on bed with my legs. Now I started a deep liplock and ploughed her tongue with my tongue. She started to enjoy that and she was responding well. I gone down and holded her hips and started to suck her boobs and slowly biting her nipples. She started to moan and she was tapping my head and back. Then I started to rub her pussy with my fingers. She started to breathe heavily and moaning. With my one hand in her pussy and other hand in her boob and mouth on her other boob, I know she was enjoying heavenly. Within sometime I felt some wetness on her pussy and I wanted to taste her pussy. I licked all the way from her boobs to her little belly. I suddenly stopped everything and looking her face, She was enjoying the feel for some seconds and then she searched for me. And then I placed my hand in her pussy and..

Me :Baby, Shall I taste it??
Anita :Hmm, You can do whatever you want….

With a million dollar smile, I spreaded her legs. She was watching me carefully. I blowed her pussy from the top to bottom.She growled and pushed herself towards the bed. I was continuously blowing her pussy and licked with my tongue inside her pussy. She gone mad on me. She was pushing my head and pulling my hairs. She was moaning and growling. I then decided to satisfy her before entering her. While my mouth was playing on her pussy,I was tapping and squeezing her boobs. She was moving her entire body and it made me even more mad on her. After sometime she was breathing heavily and started to blabber a bit, then she..

Anita :Dear, I can’t control myself,…HHuuuuuhhhhhh,,…….Mmmmmmm….
Anita :Dear, I can’t take this….Huuuuuhhhh,…Aaaahhhhhh….

She was moaning heavily and I suddenly felt some shock reactions and she started to slow down. Also she started to drip a bit. I thought she attained orgasm and was looking her face. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the moment. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at me. Her face is filled with happiness and a bit of shyness. Then I gone to the bathroom and cleaned my mouth. After coming out,..

Me :Baby, Clean yourself.

She then got up and gone to the bathroom. I was waiting for her in the bed. Eventhough her heat was reduced a bit, my dick is still erect. I thought to make her blow it, But later I thought, it will be too fast to her. She came near me and I made her to sit near me.

Me :Baby. Are you happy?
Anita :Hmm(with a smile)
Me :Consider about me too.
Anita :(little laugher)What should I do to make you happier.

I pulled her and laid her on the bed. And I laid myself over her just like in cowboy position. My dick was just touching her underbelly.

Me :Baby..Shall I go inside you.
Anita :(waited for a second)Yeahh..
Me :Sure. If you are not ready we can stop this..Your wish is the most important thing for me.
Anita :I’m Okay dear. I’m ready.

I just moved near her face and started to kiss her all over the face and making her ready for the next round. I was squeezing her milky boobs and playing with her lips. She started to moan. I placed my hand on her pussy and started to rotate my finger over the lips of her pussy. Again she started to become wet. I was not interested to finger her because only my dick should enter her pussy at first. And then,,..

Me :Baby, Can you do me a favour??
Anita :What deaarr??…
Me :Hold my dick and place it in your sweet hole.
Anita :Hmm(felt a bit confused and looking at me)

She then slowly holded my dick. It felt like never before when she touched my dick. Her soft and smooth fingers made my dick even more hard. I guided her to wide open her legs and I moved my hip towards her sweet hole,,..

Me :Baby,,,This may hurt you. If you got any pain or if you are not comfort, just tell me.Okay.
Anita :Okay dear.
Me :Don’t shrink your legs.
Anita :Okay

Slowly we placed my dick on her pussy entrance. I slowly gave a bit of thrust. It was tight. As she was wet it wasn’t super tough. I was keep watching her eyes as my dick controls were handed over to my doll. As I entered my dickhead her eyes wide opened and I can feel that she was not so comfort with my thrust. But with the heat from her glory hole, my dirty mind kick started and with some slow and smooth strokes I was entering her nicely. Her face was changing like she is getting something.

Me :Baby. Is it hurting?
Anita :Nuooh..

With her sound I guessed she’s getting a bit of pain and she’s ready to take more. But it felt like something is stoping my actions. My dirty mind is cheering up me that ‘my doll is a virgin and take her to the heaven’. I started to give more and more thrust, her face reacted like she started to get more pain. Once I broke her virginity she started to shout in pain.

Me :Relax dear, Relax…..

Somehow she managed to not to scream. Slowly I took my dick outside and I tried to make her easy. She was bleeding. I helped her cleaning her blood with a towel. Then we washed our private parts and we came to the bed. I offered her some water. She drank the water and we are sitting on the bed.

Me :Baby, Is it pained much?
Anita :No dear. I’m okay wirth it.
Me :Your face said that “it pained a lot”.
Anita :Anyway it will pain. correct.
Me :Ofcourse. But if needed we could slowed a bit.
Anita :It’s okay dear. It wasn’t so paining. I’m okay with it.
Me :Baby, Shall I ask you one thing.?
Anita :What dear.
Me :I wasn’t planning to ask you. But….
Anita :(smiling) What?
Me :Will you give me a blowjob,,,….
Anita :(with hesitation) What?
Me :If you don’t like leave it..
Anita :(after some seconds) Ok.

Then I was sitting on the side of the bed. I then made her to kneel down infront of me. She moved her face towards my dick and I holded her head to guide her. She holded my dick with her hand and kept her lips in my dick head. Yeahh it felt like heaven. I have never experienced such a soft lip in my dick. I started to moan and she was smiling. Slowly I guided until my outer skin. I was enjoying much and was controlling her at a slow speed. After sometime I pushed her back and stopped the blow.

Me :Baby, Shall we do in doggie?
Anita :Ok dear.

I helped her to position her in doggie, to match my height. Then I slowly kept my dickhead in her pussylips. By holding her hips, I slowly began to give thrust and was giving some gentle moves. Slowly I was shaking it and going deep inside her. As I go deeper, she started to moan louder. Even though I wanted to see her face reaction, this position will be good for now. Finally I fully entered inside her. Her soft and tight pussy along with her body heat, made my dick almost to burst. Slowly I increased the speed and she started to go mad. She became a bit unstable and was trying to getup. We both leaned back and ended up with the position like sitting on the throne. She was sitting on my lap and my dick was inside her. I had no options other than reducing the speed because it was not so comfortable for me. Slowly I reduced the speed. She placed her hands over my hands and made me to squeeze her boob. She further laid back and rested her head on my shoulder. I was kissing her neck and tapping her cheeks with my cheeks. Then I proceeded to kiss on her lip and some super slow strokes where going on, with a boob massage. I know she was enjoying much. Slowly I gone to her ears.

Me :Baby doll……
Anita :Yeah…..
Me :Will you ride on me.
Anita :(stopped riding)No.
Me :You will feel better dear.
Anita :I’m okay with this.
Me :Dear, I know ‘you wanted to go on me’.
Anita :How can I? We can continue this?
Me :If you are over me you’ll get more control and you can do however you want. It’s your day dear.
Anita :Okay. Help me to do that.

Then I made her to get up and I was lying on the bed. I made her to sit in my dick and to hold my shoulders. By holding her hips, I lifted her and placed my dick on her vertical lips.

Me :Now It’s all yours baby. Take it as your wish.

She then slowly took me into her. I was holding her hips and enjoying her face reactions. She closed her eyes and taking it slowly. She was slowly opening and closing her eyes. Her eyes are filled with lust. Her lips were partially opened and she was moaning with her sweet pinky lips. Her face reaction was changing for every move. Below that her boobs were stretched and round. It was moving along with her movements and it was a pretty sight. Along with that I was holding and tapping her hips and ass. Above all my dick was inside her soft and hot pussy and my doll was riding on me.

Me :Huuuhhh…Baby. You are heavenly dear..

We both started to moan and she was nicely taking it as her wish and ease. Even though it was a bit tight, we both neglected the pain and we are enjoying. She was moving slowly and me too making some movements to support her and to give some surprises to her. Most of the time she was closing her eyes and enjoying. I was watching her reactions and tapping her hips and ass and boobs, sometimes pinching her body. It was something extraordinary. Her movements were making me to take her further. Finally I was about to cum.

Me :Baby..I’m going to cum in you.

She started to go madly. Speed started to increase and I heared the same moan while I heared when I was tasting her gloryhole. She closed her eyes and bend her face towards back and start groaning. I started to cum inside her. When I ejaculate inside her I noticed a shock reaction in her body and her body started to become reddish. I holded her hips and helped her to complete the round. After I drained my cum inside her, I stopped moving her. She remained like a bow on me for a second and slowy she spreaded over me and hugged me tightly. Me too hugged her tightly and making her relax. After a couple of minutes…

Me :Baby……Baby…..
Anita :Mmmm….
Me :Are you okay..
Anita :Mmm….
Me :Are you feeling relaxed now..
Anita :Mmmm…..

She raised her head and looked at my face. Me too was looking at her face. She then slowly got up and gently released my dick from her sweethole. She then gone to the bathroom and cleaned herself. I was looking at my mobile and the time is around 1 a.m. After she came out I gone to the bathroom and freshed up and cleaned myself. When I came out she was sitting on the side of the bed. When i came out she offered a smile on me and turned her head in a bit of shy. I gone near her and…

Me :Dear. It already crossed One o clock. By tomorrow morning a minor war will startup by my relatives. So shall we continue tomorrow night..?
Anita :Okay dear. It’s your wish.
Me :If you want we can continue.
Anita :No. It’s okay. I’m tired.
Me :Ok. Get dressed. let’s sleep.
Anita :Mm..

I picked up a shorts and a t-shirt from my cupboard and she opened her bag and taking a nighty. While I was wearing my shorts she picked up a bra in her hand.

Me :Hey, Do you wear inners while sleeping?
Anita :Yeah. Sometimes.
Me :Better avoid it. Sleep freely.
Anita :Mm..

She then weared her nighty and I weared my shorts and t-shirts. I then made my queen to sit and offered her some water. We both had some water and then I switched off the light and we both laid down on the bed. I rolled her facing towards me and we both started to cuddle and kiss each other.

Me :Baby. Are you satisfied?
Anita :Yeah dear.(smiled)
Me :Was it painful?
Anita :Just a bit.
Me :It’ll be okay in one or two days.
Anita :Hmm..
Me :Which one you liked the most dear??
Anita :Which one means..
Me :I mean which position you like??
Anita :Only today we started…
Me :Okay dear. Only if you shared your experience we can make it better.
Anita :I liked the one you suggested.
Me :I know my queen will like it.
Anita :Hmm…
Me :Tomorrow we’ll try a doggie.Okay.
Anita :I got so excited on it..
Me :I felt it.
Anita :You handled me nicely.
Me :You are so soft baby. Just like a baby.
Anita :Hmm(smiled).
Me :You are a different women. I know you have some desires in you.
Anita :Actually I was so panic about it. But you made wonders on me.
Me :Do you like me??
Anita :I know, You have the answers.
Me :I love you dear..
Anita :Me too love you.
Me :Ok. Good night baby, Sleep well.
Anita :Good Night dear.

After that my life went very much happily with my sweet queen. Now she carries my child in her womb. This is just my sweetest sex story guys. Your comments are welcome. Mail me at : [email protected] Thank You.

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