My romantic first time -1

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Hi all, i am madhu and i am 25 now. This happend when i was 23 with my first love sibi ,at when we were on a trip to singapore. We both met at collage and became friends and slowly we had feelingds for each other.

At first he only used to touch my hand when no was looking, and used to hold my cheeks in his palm.during our collage days For our project we were asked to stay in hostel for preapring some stuffs,and as we both were good in these project stuff we used to hang around and prepare and that night we were on library .., while searching for some stuffs ,and later only we noticed we were alone. ,

He noticed it first and pulled hos chair near mine.., and held my hand and leaned on my shoulder talking about some project stuff. Then i told him we shouldnt be in here like this , i felt somewhat uncomfartble being alone with him and having him his close. So i said we should leave to sleep. When i tried to stand up, he held my hand tight and he stood up to, and came very close to me. Now i was pushed to wall, and he was hovering on me.,

He held my cheeks with his hand and looked me deep in the eye , i felt something, something that is undescribalble.., and i said ” I LOVE YOU SIBI” looking in his eye.he smiled and kissed me in forehead. That was our first kiss, then he pecked me on cheeks and he is now turned on completely.., i just couldnt leave there.., he suddenly kissed my in lips, and i was shocked. I donot know how to respond., He broke the kiss and looked me in eye and again hee kissed deeper and i gave in. We started kissing more and he started rubbing his body over me, i just wanted this to continue but i stopped him and said we should go and sleep., He too said ok and we leaving , he again pulled me back and hugged me tight and kissed my neck with his wet lips., Oh i can still feel tjose wet lips on my neck and i couldnt hold back.., i kissed him again in his lips and we were holding each other so tight and he started rubbing his body over my chest…

And slowly he put his hand over my boobs and started pressing it while kissing. And we rubbed our face to each other while he started pressing my boobs and slowly he moved to my neck and started leaving wet marks…, I ciuldnt hold myself and i just pushed his hwad closer with my hands. And he agaim looked me in the eye and said “i love you madhu” , i wish we can be longer here but i wanted to make things special.., he said. But i couldnt control myslef and pulled him and started kissing all over his face., Suddenly we heard a sound outside, as we werw near the library door., We stopped and decided to move out.

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