Mom helps injured son take care of his sexual needs

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I pushed my cock deep into her mouth as I came hard. Sheila always knew how to suck my dick properly. I shot several spurts of cum down her throat. She swallowed it all in one gulp and then continued sucking on my sensitive head until there was no trace of any cum. We hadn’t fucked in like a week and I was getting agitated.

I looked around the seedy coach’s office. Probably nobody knew about what I was doing. Sheila stood up and we kissed as I groped her small breasts. I sometimes wished they were larger.

She broke the kiss and said, “That was hot, boyfriend.”

“Damn right, babe,” I replied.

We both laughed and I pulled my football shorts up. It wouldn’t be a good idea for the captain of the college team to be found pants down fucking a cheerleader at halftime.

She organised herself and cleaned off the spit on her face and we quickly walked out. I locked the coach’s office and headed to the dressing room. Sheila blew me a kiss. I grabbed it and placed it in my heart.

She had been mine since the first year and now in the third year, we were still madly in love.

“What the hell man!” a voice shouted at me.

I turned to see coach, a big muscular bearded man in his 50s. “You took too long. The team is heading out for the second half. We need you to be 100% focused. You’re the goddamn captain for fuck’s sake. Get your head in the game. We need to dominate the midfield. You’re the anchor of the midfield.”

“Yes, coach,” I said. “I always give my best for the team.”

“Now get out there and win us the game.”

I ran quickly into the pitch and caught up with my teammates.

The game started a few seconds later. A few minutes later, the striker passed to me and as I prepared to hit a long ball to one of the wingers, I felt someone shove into me and I fell down. I tried to stand up but the referee blew his whistle.

Suddenly, I realised all my teammates were running toward me. What was happening? I felt dizzy. My world was spinning. There was a burning searing pain in my elbow. I looked at my left hand just as I felt it. My hand had snapped into two. Halfway between the elbow and the wrist, my hand was fractured. Somehow during the fall, it had snapped like a twig.

My teammates surrounded me. I could see one of the defenders confronting the opposing team. The medical doctor arrived with a stretcher. The last thing I saw was the referee surrounded by several players brandishing a red card. I passed out.

I woke up several hours later in a hospital. My hand was bandaged. I could see coach and my mother seated on a bench near my bed.

“Hey, Mom,” I spoke softly.

She jumped up anxiously. “Oh my god, Brad. How are you feeling? I’m so sorry. I thought I was gonna lose you.” Tears were welling up in her eyes.

“I shouldn’t have played football, Mom.” I said struggling to keep my emotions in check. “Now I won’t play professional football again. This injury has ruined it for me.”

“Don’t say that, kid,” Coach said stepping up to my bedside. “It’s just your hand and you play football with your legs. You can still make it as a pro. You’re just 20 anyway.”

“No more football for him,” Mom said angrily. “He should focus on his college degree.”

“But Mom-” Before I could finish, the doctor walked in.

He took my vitals and then asked how I was feeling. I told him I’m feeling good. There was no pain in my bandaged hand.

“You need to stay home for a few months.” the doctor said.

“How long?” my Mom asked.

“Five or six months. It’s a severe injury.”

“Too long, doc,” I said.

“It’s never too long for good health.”

“I have a professional football career and a college degree to worry about.” I shouted.

“Hey, calm down,” the doctor said soothingly. “Your fracture is a very serious one. You need to be in rehabilitation. I’ll write a letter to the college recommending a gap year. You’ll be fine, Brad. I have painkillers for you and a rehab program.”

“Okay…I’m sorry I overreacted…I think I can handle it.”

“Great,” the doctor walked out.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” Coach said and walked out.

A few hours later, I was helped to my bedroom by Mom and Dad.

I spent the next few days just swallowing painkillers and doing rehab. Mom stayed at home with me most days. We got to spend a lot of time together. She would help me dress, feed and keep doing what the doctor wanted me to do.

Around the second week, Dad had left for work. Mom was in the kitchen.

I realised my dick had been hard the whole morning. It needed release. The bad thing is it was my broken hand that did the jerking off. I tried using my right hand but it wasn’t the same. I felt frustrated and so horny and helpless about it.

Mom walked in with breakfast. I quickly shoved my hard cock between the sheets.

“Get up, Brad. Rise and shine.” She smiled.

“Could you give me some privacy?” I said nervously.

“No, there’s nothing on you I haven’t seen before.” She placed the breakfast tray at my bedside.

Then she abruptly pulled my sheets off me. Immediately, my hard cock sprung up pointing to the ceiling. I was about 7 inches when completely hard.

She gasped. “What the hell is that, sweetie?”

She looked at it in horror for what seemed like an eternity. I jumped out of bed careful not to injure my broken arm, and quickly perused the wardrobe for some shorts to put on. Mom had been helping me dress since the injury but she had never seen my dick rockhard.

I sat on my bed trying to push my legs through the shorts. She came back to her senses and knelt infront of me to help me dress up. My dick hit her cheek accidentally leaving a trail of precum. She grabbed it by the shaft and shoved it down my shorts. I had never been this hard before.

“Why are you so hard today?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s just morning wood.” I answered.

“So do you need some sort of relief?”

“Yeah but Sheila can’t come here. She’s miles across the state.”

“Can’t you use your hand?”

“It just isn’t the same with my right hand. I’m a southpaw, remember?”

“Oohh right.” She looked uncomfortable. “The more you use it, the better it gets. You know that?”

“I guess so.”

“I could help you out.”


“Not by jerking you off.” She said. “I could get you some porn to make you focus. I know it’s hard with your broken hand and dealing with constant sexual urges.”

“Sounds like a great idea.” I paused for a second. “Don’t you think it’s weird for my Mom to get me porn?”

“Hmmm,” she thought for a bit and smiled. “No I don’t think so. I’m not really sexually attracted to you or you to me. So it’s just normal.”

“Okay, what about Dad?”

“Let’s keep this between us for now,” she sighed nervously. “I’ll talk to him about it”

“Okay great. Thanks, Mom.” I said.

She left me to eat my breakfast. I watched her fat ass as she walked out. Today, she was dressed in a long skirt and tight blouse. Her big boobs and long hair on show. She was indeed beautiful.

The next day, I woke up to find my dad installing a TV directly at the wall near the foot of my bed.

“Hey, Dad,” I said and then noticed the boner again.

“Hey, son,” he answered. “I’m putting up your flatscreen for you. Your Mom asked me to do it. How are you feeling?”

“Relatively better. The pain is less now.”

“It will get better.” He tightened the last bolt in the wall. It looked to be hanging at the right height. “I have to go to work, Brad. Have a nice day. And take your medicine.”

“I always do.”

He walked out. A few minutes later I pulled some Vaseline in a drawer and tried to masturbate. The hand movement wasn’t working. I tried for a few minutes. Nothing.

Mom walked in on me again. This time, it was undeniable. She caught me jerking my dick.

“Oh sorry,” she said clearly in shock.

“What the hell, Mom,” I covered up my nudity. “Would it bother you to knock?”

“I didn’t mean to do that,” she walked in again.

This time, she was dressed in her yoga pants and sleeveless bathing suit. Her long black hair flowed to the lower bottom. Her perfect hourglass figure unmistaken even though she had grown a little plump over the years.

Oh my god! I realised something. Mom was a real life Milf.

She stood at the side of my bed with a Wi-Fi router. This was the porn she meant, I guess. “You’ll use this to get any porn you like to jerk off to.”

I didn’t want porn. I wanted Sheila to come over and give me a blowjob.

“What’s bothering you, honey?” She always noticed the concern on my face.

“I don’t think the porn can help. I need Sheila to come over and help me out. It’s much better.”

“But I thought fast internet would help.”

“Not at all. I can’t do a thing with my right hand,” I sighed in frustration.

She put her hands on my shoulder and said, “I understand it’s difficult for you…”

“Do you really? Do you know what it is like to lose your career and all sense of purpose?”

I was angry at everything that had happened to me, the injury, the gap year, and possibly the inevitable breakup with my girlfriend that was coming soon.

“Don’t beat yourself up, Brad,” she said. “I think I could help you out.”

I was quiet for a moment, trying to calm myself and then spoke. “How are you going to help?”

“I can, you know, just jerk you off. Help you deal with your frustration.”

“Isn’t that going so far?”

“Hmm…as long as it stops there, there’s really nothing wrong we are doing.”

“I guess so. But are you sure you want to do it and whenever I want?”

She chuckled. “Don’t be greedy, dear. I will do it and I’ll stop when you cum. No second rounds.”

“Don’t you think it could be construed as…incest?”

“Not really. It’s just jerking off. It’s not like I’m blowing you or having sex with you. Besides, it’s my duty to help you go through difficult times.”

“Okay, I get it,” I realised my dick was hardening. “Can we start now?”

“Alright,” she sat next to me and pulled the sheets down. My cock sprung up unexpectedly. She chuckled.

“You have a big dick, son,” she touched the shaft and started running her fingers along it.

I let out a soft moan.

She begun moving her fingers up and down along the shaft. My dick twitched noticing foreign hands on it.

“I never thought I’d say this,” I muttered. “But you’re good at this.”

She continued stroking and then she spit on my dick and used her saliva as lube. She jerked it faster and harder.

I moaned loudly. She spat more saliva until the whole dick was wet.

I gazed into her eyes. She smiled at me wickedly. I was on the edge.

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” I shouted feeling embarrassed by how loud I was. Or was it how much I was enjoying it.

She spoke softly almost seductively. “Just cum for me, sweetie. Let go. Cum for mommy. Don’t hold back.”

I cried out as long spurts of cum shot out at rapid speed quickly coating her face and hair. Some went into her mouth. She continued milking my cock as I twitched and spasmed from the intense pleasure.

I was surprised she didn’t run away from my cum or hesitate to finish me off.

“That was intense, mom.” I said lowering my breath.

She stood up all covered with cum built up over the last few days.

“Wow that was a lot of cum. I’m surprised Sheila isn’t pregnant yet.”

“Oh c’mon, mom,” I said feeling a bit embarrassed.

“What? It’s just a joke.” She laughed and said, “I better go clean up.”

Later in the day, we went to the doctor. I found out I was ahead of schedule on my recovery. Things were going good for me.

Two days later, I woke up with a raging boner. Hard as a rock.

I needed release badly. I walked into the bathroom in only my boxer shorts and a vest. I was disgusted with myself. I couldn’t take care of myself. Even a shower in the tab was a problem. I just sat there in the tab until mom walked in.

“Any trouble, sweetie?” She said.

Today, she was clad in a pink bath robe. I couldn’t help thinking she was totally naked underneath.

“I can’t seem to focus.”

“Oohh!” She interrupted, her eyes darting to my bulge. “Is it because you’re hard again?”

“Not really.”

“It’s okay. Mom can help you get rid of it. You just have to ask.”

Before I could say any more, her hands were pulling down my shorts. She knelt outside the tab and started jerking me off. I was at full hardness in seconds. She used her saliva to wet my dick. Her hands were moving up and down quicker.

“There is no need to shy away from asking me for help. I understand you have needs. And it’s my duty to fulfil those needs.” She spat more saliva and continued, “I’m only doing this until your hand heals or your girlfriend comes over. It’s not a big deal so don’t think much about it.”

“I’m close, mom.”

“That fast?” She seemed surprised and laughed. “Okay, cum whenever you are ready.”

“Can you extend back a bit? I don’t want to cum in your face again.” I said feeling weird about the whole situation.

“I can handle a little cum on me, sweetie.” She muttered.

“But what if Dad sees it or smells it,” I said.

“It’s okay.” She pulled out her huge breasts and pointed the dick towards them. “You can cum here instead.”

That was all it took. Her breasts. And I was cumming while panting heavily. She continued jerking me off as I shot my cum allover her tits and neck. I closed my eyes enjoying the moment. It was heavenly.

Suddenly, I felt something warm on my dick. I opened my eyes and found her swallowing my dick down her throat.

I fidgeted and pushed her off. “What the hell! You were only supposed to be jerking me off.”

“Calm down,” she said as she lightly licked the head. “It’s nothing. I’m just cleaning it. It’s something I always do after making someone cum. I’m sorry. That’s too much information. I probably shouldn’t have done it.”

“It’s fine. I just got freaked out for a moment there.”

“Great. Now let’s go get some breakfast.”

For the next few days, I got a ritual morning handjob and breakfast usually served together in bed. I realised our arrangement helped keep my sexual hormones in check. My healing bones were better now.

My father had no idea what was going on. I was starting to enjoy the handjobs actually but I needed something better. I didn’t know how I would bring it up. This whole situation with my Mom was already as awkward as it could get.

A few weeks after my first handjob, I hadn’t cum in a few days because Mom was busy with a lot on her plate. Her book club, the church, shopping, etc.

On this particular day, Dad was out of town. I was at home watching a game. Mom returned during the night with dinner. We hang out and ate and laughed. Normal family time.

Later in the night, she was helping me get into bed when she noticed my dick slightly hanging out of my boxers.

“You seem uncomfortable, honey.” She said sarcastically.

“Not really. We can do this tomorrow. Besides the handjobs are kinda monotonous now.” I said.

“We could try something different,” she shrugged. “I could blow you instead.”


“It’s no different from a handjob. It will feel even better.”

“I don’t know. The blowjob reminds me of my girlfriend. It might be very weird for me. It could, you know, appear more sexual than what it is.”

She chuckled. “You’re taking this all seriously. Just think of it as motherly help. It’s nothing really.”

“Don’t you see anything wrong with what we are doing?”

“No,” she sighed. “And you shouldn’t either.”


“Now lie on your back on the bed. Mommy will take care of your boner.”

I lay down as she pulled off my shorts, my injured arm across from her.

I couldn’t help but glimpse the midsection of her breasts protruding from her robe.

Her cold fingers wrapped around my growing dick. The other hand lightly caressing my balls.

I closed my eyes momentarily burying myself in the pleasure of her expert handjob. Maybe after all, she agreed that the blowjob was going too far.

More saliva. More ups and downs. More slimy sounds of dick jerking.

I glanced down and saw that her robe was open and her huge tits were bare for all to see.

My dick twitched giving away the evident arousal her tits caused.

She smiled. “They turn you on, don’t they?”

“They are sexy.” I replied.

Suddenly she lunged down and deepthroated my dick. Completely swallowing it like it was the sweetest candy in the world. I gasped in shock and let out a moan which I intended to be in protest but was actually out of pleasure.

She started her back and forth motions. My dick responding in kind by getting harder. As her saliva made it wetter. She paused to look at me. Clearly, she too was aroused. Her other hand had disappeared under her robe to where I would say her pussy was being fingered.

“Any problem?”

“We didn’t agree to a blowjob”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, don’t. Keep going.”

She didn’t need me to say anything more. She bobbed up and down on my cock, furiously sucking it. I threw my head back and let out a moan. My dick glistened with her saliva and she looked at me in the eye with the most sexy gaze anyone ever gave me.

I yelled out and then hissed as huge globs of cum shot directly down her throat. She continued blowing me like nothing had happened. I twitched and shook and cried out for her to let go of my sensitive cock but she kept it in her mouth and throat the whole time.

“That’s so good, Mom,” I said, panting as she sucked off the cum stains on my dick.

“I knew you’d like it.” Mom smiled, still holding my dick.

“You’re great at it.”

“I’ve always had a talent for sucking cock.” She giggled.

“Damn right you’re talented.” I said.

She stood up to leave and I could see a small wet patch on the floor. I guessed those were her juices on the floor. Before I could ask her, she had said good night and left.

Over the next few days, she gave me blowjobs once a day while simultaneously rubbing her pussy.

One time, she slipped under the breakfast table and made me cum in under 5 minutes. That evening, I served her cum before she served me dinner. A few days after, she made me cum while I struggled for balance in the shower.

I got very used to it until dad showed up earlier than expected one evening. He wasn’t supposed to be back until late in the night. I was seated in the living room, the cable channel playing some old movie and Mom on her knees, naked, sucking me off and rubbing her pussy with the other hand.

I had the shutting sound of a car door. “Mom, are you expecting anyone?” I interrupted.

She gasped and her lips rose off my dick in slow motion. She spent a second too long on the mushroom head but eventually pulled away. “No one, baby,” she said.

Just as she finished talking, we both had a key enter the front door. Mom jumped up like a ninja and quickly traversed the the entire room in a few steps and hurried upstairs. I used my free hand to push my dick back in my pants just as Dad entered the room.

“Hey, son,” he smiled. “Don’t tell me I just found you jerking off?”

“Aah…it’s not what it looks like…” I fidgeted. Fucking useless right hand, I thought.

Dad burst out into laughter. “It’s cool. But try to do it in your room next time.”

I noticed Mom’s robe still at my feet but obstracted from Dad’s view by the table between us. I used my leg to surreptitiously push it under the table. My heart was pumping vigorously. My dick was still somehow hard. No way was I going to hide it anywhere.

A few hours later, we had some quality family time and talked and laughed over dinner. We all retired to bed by 10pm. As I struggled around my bed for sleep, I felt something moving under the blanket.

I looked to my side. Mom was sneaking into my bed. “What are you doing here? I thought you said we can’t do anything with Dad around.” said I.

Mom shooshed me, her finger on her lips. “Be quiet. I’m here to finish what we started.”

“But it’s risky with dad around-”

She grabbed my cock under the blanket. “Are you sure about that, son?”

I shook my head and succumbed to the pleasure.

She pulled the covers away from my body and got between my legs. Within no time, she was deepthroating my cock. I gasped and sucked in air. She kept my dick in her mouth the whole time. I yelled out and warned her I was cumming. She sucked every inch of my dick as I shot my cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop and let my dick drop with an audible pop.

“Wow, Mom, that was magical.” I said, panting.

She laughed and moved up my body to kiss me goodnight. Instead, she gave me a full mouth kiss. We kissed for a moment. I could feel the intimacy in that kiss.

When the kiss broke, she whispered good night to me and quickly found her way out. I had a good night sleep that day.

The next morning, the doctor said I could start rehabilitation. In a month, I’d be able to use my hand properly.

During this period, Mom hardly gave me the daily blowjobs. Dad was around the house all the time. It was getting difficult to be stealthy.

A week later on a cold night, I was desperate and decided to try using my hand since it was healing. I poured lotion onto the dick and started masturbating. Mom walked in on me. She was surprised to see me with my dick in my hands. I explained and she made me promise not to do it until the next morning when she would have time to blow me. I reluctantly agreed.

That night, I listened through the walls as Dad fucked her brains out. She didn’t try to hide the screams. She was screaming and moaning at the top of her voice. I had a feeling she was doing it to make me hornier and to torment me.

The next morning, I woke up to Mom sucking my hard dick. She was between my legs with one hand cupping my balls and her mouth moving gracefully on my dick.

I let out a scream in shock. But there was no denying I was hard as hell.

She pulled off my dick, smiling. “Good morning, son.” Mom said, before diving back on my dick.

“Good morning, mom,” I replied between moans.

She was sucking my dick with a ferocity that took me closer and closer to my orgasm. I moaned softly, afraid Dad might hear me. I knew he was a late sleeper but there was a chance he could catch us red handed.

Mom stopped sucking and slowly stood on the bed. Her body was whining to an unknown rhythm. She pulled the straps of her bathrobe and they fell aside. I gasped with arousal. I could see her bare pussy underneath. Beautiful, wet, bald and desirable. It was the best sexiest pussy I’d ever seen. She pulled her robe off her shoulders and it fell back to the bed.

Suddenly, Mom was naked in front of me again. She knew her naked body turned me on. Her huge tits, her round hips, her fat ass, her hourglass figure, her long black hair. She was the perfect stereotype of a milf.

Although she didn’t want me to have sex with her, I still wanted to see what her pussy tastes like. Probably today was that day, I thought.

It wasn’t.

She smiled wickedly at me. “You’ve made me too horny for a while. It’s time you repay back all those blowjobs.”

“How?” Please let me fuck you, I said to myself.

She climbed onto my body. I adjusted a bit to accommodate her. She spun around so her pussy was above my face. It was wet and reddened like a pig on heat. She wiggled her ass above my face. It was the best fat ass I’d seen.

“You like it?” She teased.

I grinned. “Yes, I do.”

She lowered her wet pussy to my face. I found my mouth and nose soaked in her pussy juice immediately. I flicked my tongue along the lining of her vagina. She gasped and sat on my face completely.

Her hands jerked my hard dick as I ate her pussy. I pulled lightly on her clit and flicked my tongue along the vagina lining. She dived onto my dick and started sucking it with a ferocious passion.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart while caressing them, giving me a better view of her fat red pussy. I realised she was so wet that her cum was covering her whole pubic region and my face. I continued sucking her clit.

Her body trembled suddenly and she giggled. “Just like that, honey,” she said. “Suck my pussy just like that. Oh gosh, you’re so good at it.” She let out a moan. “I’m close.”

Her hands continued jerking my dick faster and faster. I was cradled up between her legs giving her the best pussy eating I’d ever given.

“Ooohh fuck, I’m gonna cum hard on your face. This is a final warning. I’m gonna cum, baby,” she screamed as I upped my intensity on her clit.

“Suck my clit. Stay on it.” She muttered like a junky about to get their hit. “Wooooaaahhh!!” She yelled out.

I braced myself for an outpouring and it was nothing like I thought. Shot bursts of sweet pussy cum jettisoned into my face. I found myself covered in cum to complete wetness. More female juice trickled onto my face. I realised I was going to drown in it if I didn’t swallow it all. So I drank her sweet nectar.

She convulsed and wiggled her ass in my face. I heard her moaning and as if fighting to keep her body under control with each cumdrop.

As she calmed from her earth shattering orgasm, she continued sucking my dick. After all her cumming combined with my view of her hot wet pussy, I was super hard in seconds and moments later, I was shooting thick ropes of cum into her mouth. She never stopped sucking and swallowed every drop of my cum. She sucked and pulled on the head letting it go with a popping sound. I gasped at the sensitivity of my dick.

“That was mind blowing,” I said as she climbed off my body.

She giggled. “I didn’t know you were so good at eating pussy.”

“I didn’t know you were so good at sucking dick.” I said, smiling.

“Stop it.” She laughed. “I have to go.”

She climbed off the bed and gathered her robe. I could see her naked beautiful body; her big tits, big ass, round hips and hourglass figure. She made a show of teasing me with a slight ass jiggle bending over to me.

I smiled realising my dick would be hard again soon. She smiled and tied the knot around her waist sauntering out of the room.

I knew she was going back to her bedroom and I also knew dad would be fucking her.

Later that day, I got a handjob in the bathroom and came on Mom’s tits. Then I watched her get in the shower naked, and wash off the cum. I couldn’t stop looking at her body. After a while, I left the bathroom because I was worried that Dad may find me with her.

The following week, I had a doctor’s appointment. He passed me off as fit and healed. To celebrate, Mom and I went out to a Hawaiian restaurant for lunch.

“I’m finally over the nightmare injury.” I said, while we dined on a table for two.

“I guess you don’t need me to help you out anymore.” Mom joked sarcastically. We both knew what she meant.

“Mom, it’s…okay with me if we continue…I mean if you continue helping me out.”

“Are you sure we don’t need to stop so you can find a girlfriend to do all that stuff?”

“Why do I need a girlfriend?”

“To do sexual things. With someone other than your Mom.”

“Stop it. Quiet. People might hear us.”

“Brad, honey, you do know what we are doing is illegal, right? It’s called incest. We could both end up in jail, you know.”

I sighed heavily. “So you think we should stop?”

She looked down with a disappointed face. “It’s about time.”

“Alright but can we do it at least one more time.”

“No we can’t,” she protested.

I frowned.

We ate the rest of the time in silence. Then drove back home.

Later that evening, my dick was super hard as I took the shower. I jerked off slowly but then got an idea and stopped. I wrapped a towel around myself and headed downstairs. I knew Dad wouldn’t be home in an hour or so.

Mom was cooking in the kitchen. She was clad in a short swaying yellow summer dress with flower patterns and a white apron on her front. The dress was so short reaching her sexy mid-thighs.

“Hey, Mom,” I said.

She turned to respond but some piece of cutlery fell from her grasp and she bent to pick it. The dress rode up her thighs til I could see the small hairs growing from her pussy and her nice big ass. I applied pressure to my boner beneath the towel.

When she stood, she quickly pulled down her dress. “Brad, are you hungry, sweetie?” Mom said.

“Not really.”

“I have a double date with your Dad and his favorite client this evening and we shall need some privacy. You can go out with a friend and spend some time having fun and probably get a girl.”

So that explained the short dress and panty-less pussy. And made my dick even harder.

“Okay I can give you privacy tonight.” I said.

“Thanks, honey,” she stepped up and kissed me on the cheek.

“But only on one condition…” I heard myself say sensing an opportunity.

She turned to me, her breasts raising high, a confused look on her face. “What’s this about?”

“If you help me with my boner.”

“But-but your Dad will be here in a few minutes and I’m ready. I’ve done all the makeup.”

“I’ll cum quick, I promise. And I’ll be out of here.”

“We talked about this. You said you’d look for a girlfriend.”

“Yes but I need some help only today. I miss your blowjobs already.”

“You know what? I’ll let you eat my pussy and then see whether it’s worth a blowjob.” She said.

I didn’t protest.

She climbed onto the kitchen counter and slowly spread her legs, dress riding high to her torso, to reveal the most beautiful pussy in the world. I had eaten it a few time already. I loved its nectar. I loved its look. And I loved sucking on her prominent clit.

I knelt between her legs and spread them a bit wider. I moved my hands up her thighs. She gasped. I pushed her dress to reach her belly button.

I ran my fingers over her pussy in a soft caress. She breathed heavily. I used my fingers to widen the pussy lips so I could see the clit better. I lowered my mouth to it and started sucking on it. Mom gasped.

I went lower and ate her wet pussy while finger fucking her. She was looking down at me, her mouth wide open and her eyes about to pop out the sockets.

I ate her pussy and assaulted her clit so eagerly that she was crying and moaning with sexual bliss.

My dick was rockhard. I pulled off my towel and started jerking off.

Mom pulled me deeper between her legs and closed her hips around my head. I pulled and sucked on her clit harder and more forceful. She grabbed my head and ground it on her pussy. Her juices got smeared on my face.

“I’m cumming, honey,” she muttered wildly. I had never seen her so turned on before. “Oh yeah, suck my pussy just like that. Suck momma’s pussy, baby. Oooaaaahhh!! Don’t stop!”

And suddenly, a brief outpouring emanated from her pussy as her body spasmed. I held onto her clit as she orgasmed. She screamed and tossed and turned. I moved my hands up her body and tweaked her erect nipples.

She screamed and shuddered as the gushes of pussy juice flooded my face and her thighs.

When she was calming from the orgasmic high, I stood quickly and without thinking about it, I rubbed my dick on her pussy. She moaned weakly and spoke. “This is wrong. This is so wrong. You can’t fuck your mother.”

“But I can rub my dick on her pussy, right?” I said.

She sighed nervously and covered her face with her hands. “Just push it in already,” she said reluctantly.

I obediently pushed my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was warm and wet.

I moaned involuntarily. “Feels so good around my dick,” I said as I fucked her hard.

“Fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy, son. I love how you feel inside me. Fuck me.” She spoke filthily.

I pushed her legs up her body so her knees were at her shoulders and her toes above her head. Her pussy was so bare and visible. She couldn’t protect it from my hard dick. I plowed into her with renewed vigor. Fucking her with a hunger that I had suppressed for months. All the hard dicks and sexual innuendos. All the times I wanted to fuck her and I couldn’t. I put all the emotion into every movement of my dick.

She screamed and tried to turn but I had her in a fixed position. Her fat red pussy was streaming with pussyjuice. She was sweating and breathing and moaning. My dick was pumping into her pussy at maximum speed.

I leaned nearer and we kissed albeit with some difficulty. She kissed back with a vicious lustful tongue.

Her pussy got wetter and wetter. I glanced down to see my dick covered in pussy cream. I fucked her harder.

She screamed one last time and her body shuddered as she had another massive orgasm. Her eyes rolled back, her nipples were hard, her pussy somehow got wetter, her body jerked with every move of my dick.

“Oooaahh you made me cum again. Your dick’s so good at making me cum. I love your dick, honey. You fuck so well.” She spoke breathlessly.

Immediately, I felt myself reach the edge. “Should I cum inside, Mom?” I asked, fucking her at breakneck speed.

“Cum in Mommy’s pussy. Mummy likes it when you cum inside.” She said playfully.

I fucked her harder and more intensely. She was moaning loudly now. I reached out and held the side of her face, absolutely consumed with desire.

“Oooohh!” I moaned as I shot my cum deep in her pussy. I bottomed out my whole dick inside her, still holding her legs. I was in a state of ecstatic sexual overdrive. My cum was shooting deep in her pussy. I kept my dick in her the whole time.

When the last shot of cum escaped, I pulled out slowly. I lowered Mom’s legs down so she could get off the counter. As I calmed from the high, I watched Mom adjust her dress down and push her boobs into it. I wondered how such a small short dress could fit around her fat ass and huge tits.

I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around myself. “That was great, Mom,” I said.

She sighed and walked up to me. “It goes without saying that no one finds out what happens between us. It’s our secret.”

“Of course, Mom. No one will know.” I said honestly, my hands wrapped around her waist before we kissed once again like lovers in a romance novel.

Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. I halted and looked up to the doorway. Dad stood by the door frame, arms crossed, a heartbroken frown on his face. I looked back at Mom. She was horrified. We had just been caught in the act.

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