My night with my neighbour

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Hi friends lam Raju vijay l am very happy to post my true story,my age is 39 lam 5.6 feet my weight is 55,l am from Bangalore l used to go to my neighbour house everyday,in her house she and her father only are living her sisters and brother is living little bit far her house is next to my house ( besides my house)

l used to go to her house to watch tv,many times l used to think her to fucking her but l don’t know how to touched her l am longing to touch her at least to hug her,one night time l was watching tv with her house,l was watching tv on the chair she was sitting on the mat and watching the tv next to my feet,while we watching the tv suddenly she told me l have little pain in my hand,l told her give the balm l will apply for you first she told me it’s ok no problem,l requested her please give me the balm l will apply to your hand finally she gave me balm,first l put the balm on her wrist and l moved to her elbow,little by little l moved my hand to her armpit,when l touched her armpit she felt shy,but l didn’t care what she will think about me.

My desire is to her slow by slow l started to massage her hand,this l came to know she she will not resist me,this time l become bold and l took my hand straight and kept my hand on her breast and l started to press and massaging her,while l am massaging her boobs and Berlin nipple,she cannot control herself she holds my hands,this time l took my hands and l hugged her tightly,she also hugged me tightly and she kissed my lips and she took my tounge inside her mouth and sucked my tounge nicely,l was began to sucking her nipples she cannot herself she she is saying haaaaa Hassan hmmmm hmmmm while she was sreaming when l am hearing her sounds l also cannot control myself,suddenly l took her nightdress l make her legs to separate and l opened her vagina holes l inserted my tounge inside of her vagina holes,l was sucking and licking all over her vagina areas l drank all juice from her vagina,always my most desire in the world is to sucking and lick the women’s vagina nicely,l was licking her vagina nearly for 45 minutes she said enough enough licking,because of she urged l l took my mouth on her vagina already my sperm is leaking out because l am sucking her vagina for nearly 45 minutes,suddenly she holds my penis and took into her mouth she was sucking my dick nicely appa l cannot control myself l told her my juice is coming out, she is sucking more fast and began to released my juice in her mouth she drank fully,and after 20 minutes latter again my dick become temper this she told to fucking her because I was afraid to fucking her,she asked me why you are hesitate,l told her l afraid that you will become pregnant,she told you don’t worry l will take tablet for me not to become pregnant,when she said that l began to fucking her nicely for 20 minutes and we slept that night nicely,and early morning l wakes up and l went to my house,in that month l came to chennai for job and next time when l went l didn’t see her she also went to her relatives house,My dear friends l thank you all those who read my stories,please comment to my mails how you felt my stories thank you all,My email is ([email protected])

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