My mom yoga

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My mom body colour is brown with mature figure 34 boobs 30 belly with little fat and 38 back . I have sean my mom bathing many time her mature body look more sexy and hot in towel .. speacially her flessy thighs

Now back to the story my dada is a very hard work man . Leaves with us very little for 1 or 2 week rest of the time he went outside for buisness.
My dad nam is mohan as he is very hard working so he yous to maintain his body very well. But my mom becaming fat sitting at home

One day dad told my mom tho do yoga I will appoint one yoga teacher for u. Mom became happy to maintain her body. That time I was at home by I don’t want to do this bullshite.

The day yoga teacher came dad introduce my mom and start doing yoga introduction .. with vedic sit-up and pt . Mom yous to wear saree all the time she wear saree while doing yoga. she face no problem in basic yoga.

Dada thn thanks yoga teacher and said I will be out of business for 1 months . I want my wife fit. Yoga teacher nam is rahim( muslim). I means muslims becz u all know mulim have great stamina with there cut dick compare to bengoli man.

Now day 2 came dad already gone . Mom was in regular saree and start yoga in terace mean while . I went with my friend karim for a walk… Karim and we chit chat regarding horny muslim man . Karim said muslim have more stamina than any other community man.. thn he spoke that rahim was a man who leave alipur was very horny . Alipur is our city wear mom yoga teacher came from and his name also rahim. I want to know is it the same persone

Karim said he is a yoga teach … And karim said he run a women yoga class but he is so clever and horny that he hade sex with many women
I was shocked asked how did he know he said. Don’t tell any one .. he like bengali women mode so arti aunty who leave near our hose he seduce her and fuck her.
I was shocked and asked how did u know he said I saw him teaching arti aunty yoga in terace ande he touch internees part of her and .. he got access of her vegina and he sex in the trace his dick was of 10 inch ….

I an shocked and told karim that i m leaving I have a work. I immediately went to my house and went to terrace and spyingly watch what rahim is doing with my mom….

Rahim was genral and today he became body and touch my mom body to show her the yoga poses …
And chatting with her … Mom enyoy the yoga..
Rahim intentionly doing the yoga position in that maa saree went up to the belly and whole thigh shows be expose
He said my mom to lie down and hold her west with hand and leg up.
She does show on fist chance saree directly went down and white penty was seen. Rahim saw that and smiled mom try to cover it but rahim said don’t break your position .

Rahim came close to mom and instructed my mom touching my mom leg and showing him the right position. While doing show he touch my mom beautiful thigh and move his hand up and done to seduce mom . And said
Vandana you bengali women have very sexy thigh… My mom blush and said nothing thn rahim said to relax.
Thn again same position but this time mom hod the saree to cover her penty but it is totally wast.
Rahim took the chance and spread your leg in up .
Mom losing her balance but rahime hold her and said ok you have to do more practice for this
Rahim hold her west ant he directly seeing mom pussy area penty coving this and some hair is comming out was seen
I could clearly see rahim Bonner on pent
Thn rahim said could u bande vandana

Mom- yes I can
Rahim so can I distract u to see your balance
Mom- yes sure
Rahim ok take it esy rahim start moving his hands on thigh and inner thigh also mom was enjoying it but body shake due to sexual feeling
Rahim said – good balance bandana now I m doing little more if u balance it I will give u 200 rs rewad for best preference
Mom- ohhh thn I will sure win it
Rahim now slowly went to my mom innner thigh and put his one finger on my mom pussy lips above penty and start rubbing slowly
Mom- what r u doing rahim
Rahim- I said it is hard one u have to pass it for 200 rs
Mom took it lightly and said I can balance it
Rahim got green signal he started rubbing mom pussy from penty and now he put one finger little deep and mom started ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmm tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hmmm what r u doing
Rahim – so do u lose it or you will still win
Mom- ummmmmmm mm ummmmm ooo I can win
Rahim remove her hand mom relax said I won
Rahim said on this is your 200 rs mom totally eyes closed and said thanks rahim said you can win 500 but bad luck… U lose that
Mom said how you said 200
Rahim +- if you can hold your feeling for more I can increase my rate
Mom oooo on next time I can sure win that also

Rahim on next position tod time you have u take 2 lag toward your head wile lieing
But you have to lift your saree it is disturbing u
Mom said ok and she lied down and said I m not abel to do this
Rahim I can help but….stop.
Mom- but what
Rahim but holding u is very deficit

Mom- how
Rahim- my face will be mom your boobs atometicly and my dick will rub your pussy so it is difficult
Mom- ooo so don’t do it leave do othe position
Rahim no it is the main yoga becz u have to lean it for feetness and 2 3 time only I can hold u thn u will became master of it without help
Mom- ooo thn do it nobdy will see us here
Rahim immediately jumped and told her saree to lift up to west and thn told her to left her leg
Rahim hold the leg and doing so he intentionly took out his dick as mom could not see him and place it on my mom pussy lips above penty and directly went to here big boobs and his face was on nipple
Mom was in total ses position but mom is help less she was getting the hard dick try to entry her pussy ….. But instede of telling any thing she start enjoying
Rahim said do u like this pose
Man- yes
Rahim now do u want 500 challange
Mom- yes yes
Rahim said on i will try to distract you but u have u be in this position ….
Mom- ok … But what r you going to do
Rahim- better than last time and harder thn last time
Mom- said hmm
Rahim what happend you don’t like it
Mom- no no it is very okward position that’s why
Rahim don’t worry this is ses position that why awkward don’t think it is a yoga just feel it is a sex position and enjoy it becz you want to get 500 rs
Mom- but it’s realy yoga
Rahim trust me it is yoga best position and u can seach it on internet
Mom+- no no it’s ok
Rahim – remember just think this position as a sex position thn only u will will 500
Mom- ok
Rahim thn starts putting his dick deeper as he was going mom and he start biteing mom nipple.
Mom does not wear bra so rahim directly get her nipple
Mom start enjoying and she with in a minute started hmmm.mmmmmmm aaaaaaaaa tooooooo ummmmm suck it
Rahim took the chance and said bandana u like my dick and mouth
Bandana- I love it I wise…. Stop
Rahim – why did u stop say it I want to hear it plz
Mom- I wish youd dick whole directly in my pussy and fucking me hard aaaaaAaaAaa i love itttt ummmmmmmm
Rahim is it so ….he remove my penty little and put his dick inside mom
Mom- ahhhh Hhhhbb aaaaaaaaa I love it baby fuck my pussy hard plz aaaaaa I love it
Rahim – now look at my eyes babat leave the position and enjoy fucking of my dick
Mom- oooo yes oooo I love your dick it’s so big fuck me baby hardest
Looooooooooooooooooove ummmmmmmm ahhhhh
Rahim thn open my mom saree and make her nude and he too became nude and he took mom on his lap and it look so sexy
My mom mature body fuck by a long thick big dick on a muslim man
Rahim- u r sex goddess I have not fucked any women like u u r so mature big women
Mom- I m also filing by a muslim man dick it so huge I can feel it in my Vegina
I love it ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmm it is tearing my pussy
Rahim-, when I first saw u … I saw your hairy armapit from sleeveless blouse….and I thought u must have great hairy pussy
Mom- ooo so u want to fuck me from first day hmmmmummmmmahhhh hahahahaha
Rahim – no I just want to test your pussy and show my strenth to you
Mom- u have great dick I loving it u have great stena not like my husband small dick
Do it faster shubh ajjj ummmmm hmmmm ummmmmmm deep
Rahim -, when I first saw u I just scan your body. … And I spcl done yesterday pt so that I cane get your boobs up and down
Mom- ooo.
Rahin – I have one dream … To suck your pussy while doing yoga tomorrow and u suck my dick
Mom – I would love to do that baby….now fuck my faster I came 3 times baby
Rahim thn came to conclusion and lift my mom and start fucking and finally rahim escalate rahim thn gone.

Next day dad came… mom feel sad but.
I woke up early I saw in sleeveless saree … Transparent and she open her penty anek kept it on the bed and welcome … Rahim

Rahim also came in short and t shirt
Then went to the trace start yoga…. Rahim said today I will show u new yoga ….
Rahim thn said u have to hold my neck Frome your thigh … So that that I give up…
Dad was watching yoga

Mom said ok… Thn he put both the thigh on rahim neck… But rahim also…put her face such a way that his face goes into the pussy under saree he found naked pussy my dad did not notice that …

Dad say hot it properly bandana … Dad don’t no rahim was smelling mom harry pushy
Thn mom pur pressure and rahim face went intu the pussy lips … And he started sucking mom pussy.
Maa stat morning oooo yessss ahhhh yessss ummmmmmmm
Dad that she putting pressure in rahim neck but actally rahim was sucking mom pussy…
Mom enjoy in front of dad…. Thn … Rahim give up … He cone out with water … Rahime said u sweat so much .. but actally mom organ took place mom enjoys very much…
Thn he said my dad that … Next yoga step we hona do….buy u have to help us… Dad said ok.
Rahim said bandana has to sit on my lab and hold me titily… And it’s your duty to u have to move her west up and down … And try to lose her great
Mom came on rahim lab and rahim minutely put his dick on mom pussy mom was shocked but smiled… And hold her title ly …now dad hold mom west and doing up and down to lose her greap
Buy mom was enjoying fucking helping her husband … She hold rahim more titely…and enjoy fucking but rahim was excited and told her I want to fuck u…now …

Rahim made a plane said today your wife is not doing well… He need a warm water bath… Dada saud ok… But rahim said it is spcl … I have to tech …the same yoga in bathing … Dada said …how this is posible…

U don’t worry I m expeert …this way he fuck my mom when ever he want

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