My Loving Step Mother Ch. 03

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Step mother inner slut starts to show

I was so exhausted after the evening’s events that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I dreamt all night about how it felt to be inside my step mother, and how I had sexually abused her in her drunken state. I wished that I was sleeping in her bed with her.

I woke with a panicked feeling. I considered going out before Terri was awake, because I feared facing her. I got dressed and tip toed down the hall so not to wake her. Hearing the television, I remembered that I had left it on last night when I had gone to answer the door. I hadn’t gone back to turn it off before taking Terri to bed. I walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice. I had just taken a drink when my step mother called to me from the family room. I almost spit the OJ on the floor. I went in and sat down to talk to Terri, having no idea what to expect.

It’s important to state that Terri is my step mother. She and my father had married before I was eight years old, and she had always been an important part of my life. Terri couldn’t have kids of her own so she had always treated me like her own son, and we had always had a very loving and tender relationship.

My step mom got up from her chair, moving kind of slowly, and looking like she had just worked out at the gym, and came to sit with me on the couch.

She said, “I have to talk to you about something.” I could feel my face turning red. I was wearing shorts, and Terri reached over and started stroking my thigh. I instantly felt less worried. With one hand still on my bare thigh, she raised her other hand to my face and rubbed my cheek. “Was I a terrible mother last night?” she asked.

“What?” “What do you mean?”

She replied that she knew she had over indulged and that she was probably obnoxious when she had gotten home. I laughed and explained that she was not obnoxious, but that she was very drunk, and very funny.

She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and said, “You’re such a sweetheart, I just love you to pieces.” “Now tell me the truth, how rotten was I really?”

I told her that I didn’t know what she meant.

She went on to say, “well, I know that I can’t even remember going to bed, and I know that you must have had to help me.”

I told her that I had and that it was no problem.

She continued, “I woke up in my night gown, and I wonder how I got into it, and into bed.”

I was blushing again and I told her, “I helped you because you asked me to.”

“See, I’m a terrible mommy, you must have been so embarrassed to see me all naked.”

I just kind of laughed and smiled, and Terri squeezed and then slapped me on the thigh. I was still laughing, and blushing, and told her that I really didn’t mind. And that earned me a kiss on the cheek, and a little snuggle. As my step mother was snuggled up to me she slapped me on the thigh again and said, “ya know, you didn’t need to take my panties off.”

I was silent for a moment, thinking of what to say. “I know. I’m sorry. But they came off with your shorts” I finally replied.

“Oh sure they did” she said with a giggle. “And my bra too, did that come off with my top?” she asked.

I giggled nervously and said, “Well I just wanted you to be comfortable.”

She just laughed and said, “I bet you copped a feel!” Then she started tickling me.

We wrestled around a bit and then I said, “I suppose I did.”

All of the sudden Terri stopped and starred at me. She was silent, just starring in my eyes. “You naughty boy” she finally said. “Did you feel mommy’s boobies?” I didn’t respond. “I knew you did,” she said. “They are so sore this morning.”

I still didn’t respond.

“Well at least you weren’t too traumatized by the experience of stripping your mom and putting her to bed,” She said just before punching me on the arm. We then wrested around a bit more before she started tickling me again while asking me over and over, “what else did you do dirty boy?” I just giggled and laughed and tried to get her to stop tickling me.

Even though I didn’t answer her questions she went on asking and tickling. “Did you touch my bottom?” “Did you touch my pussy?” “Did you kiss me?” “I bet you kissed me,” she said several times.

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