My Loving Step Mother Ch. 03

Step mother inner slut starts to show

I was so exhausted after the evening’s events that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I dreamt all night about how it felt to be inside my step mother, and how I had sexually abused her in her drunken state. I wished that I was sleeping in her bed with her.

I woke with a panicked feeling. I considered going out before Terri was awake, because I feared facing her. I got dressed and tip toed down the hall so not to wake her. Hearing the television, I remembered that I had left it on last night when I had gone to answer the door. I hadn’t gone back to turn it off before taking Terri to bed. I walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice. I had just taken a drink when my step mother called to me from the family room. I almost spit the OJ on the floor. I went in and sat down to talk to Terri, having no idea what to expect.

It’s important to state that Terri is my step mother. She and my father had married before I was eight years old, and she had always been an important part of my life. Terri couldn’t have kids of her own so she had always treated me like her own son, and we had always had a very loving and tender relationship.

My step mom got up from her chair, moving kind of slowly, and looking like she had just worked out at the gym, and came to sit with me on the couch.

She said, “I have to talk to you about something.” I could feel my face turning red. I was wearing shorts, and Terri reached over and started stroking my thigh. I instantly felt less worried. With one hand still on my bare thigh, she raised her other hand to my face and rubbed my cheek. “Was I a terrible mother last night?” she asked.

“What?” “What do you mean?”

She replied that she knew she had over indulged and that she was probably obnoxious when she had gotten home. I laughed and explained that she was not obnoxious, but that she was very drunk, and very funny.

She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and said, “You’re such a sweetheart, I just love you to pieces.” “Now tell me the truth, how rotten was I really?”

I told her that I didn’t know what she meant.

She went on to say, “well, I know that I can’t even remember going to bed, and I know that you must have had to help me.”

I told her that I had and that it was no problem.

She continued, “I woke up in my night gown, and I wonder how I got into it, and into bed.”

I was blushing again and I told her, “I helped you because you asked me to.”

“See, I’m a terrible mommy, you must have been so embarrassed to see me all naked.”

I just kind of laughed and smiled, and Terri squeezed and then slapped me on the thigh. I was still laughing, and blushing, and told her that I really didn’t mind. And that earned me a kiss on the cheek, and a little snuggle. As my step mother was snuggled up to me she slapped me on the thigh again and said, “ya know, you didn’t need to take my panties off.”

I was silent for a moment, thinking of what to say. “I know. I’m sorry. But they came off with your shorts” I finally replied.

“Oh sure they did” she said with a giggle. “And my bra too, did that come off with my top?” she asked.

I giggled nervously and said, “Well I just wanted you to be comfortable.”

She just laughed and said, “I bet you copped a feel!” Then she started tickling me.

We wrestled around a bit and then I said, “I suppose I did.”

All of the sudden Terri stopped and starred at me. She was silent, just starring in my eyes. “You naughty boy” she finally said. “Did you feel mommy’s boobies?” I didn’t respond. “I knew you did,” she said. “They are so sore this morning.”

I still didn’t respond.

“Well at least you weren’t too traumatized by the experience of stripping your mom and putting her to bed,” She said just before punching me on the arm. We then wrested around a bit more before she started tickling me again while asking me over and over, “what else did you do dirty boy?” I just giggled and laughed and tried to get her to stop tickling me.

Even though I didn’t answer her questions she went on asking and tickling. “Did you touch my bottom?” “Did you touch my pussy?” “Did you kiss me?” “I bet you kissed me,” she said several times.

My mind went blank when she asked if I had touched her pussy. Oh my god, did she really just ask me that.

“I know you like looking at my pussy through my pantyhose you know,” she said, “I’m not blind.” And I know you look at my ass,” she said. “I shouldn’t be surprised that you touched me,” she said. “I’ve been a terrible tease to you; prancing around in my panties and having you oil me when I sunbathe.” “I know you get erections, and that’s OK,” she said. She rubbed my cheek again and said, “all boys lust for their mommies, it’s OK, and perfectly normal.” “I want you to be completely comfortable with me,” she continued. “If you want to touch me it is OK” she said. Then she asked again while holding my face and looking in my eyes, “did you touch my pussy last night when you took my panties off?”

I was afraid to answer, and I couldn’t keep looking in her eyes. “I can tell you did, didn’t you?” “Is that why you can’t look at me?” she asked. She took my face in her hands and said, “Look at me, tell me what you did. It’s OK that you needed mommy to help you feel better. Just tell me what you did.” I told her that I had touched her, and pushed my finger into her. I was expecting the worst, but she rubbed my cheek and kissed my lips gently.

“What else did you do sweetheart?” she asked. I felt guilty but I told her that I had tasted her. She said she could tell that I had been sucking her nipples, but she used the term “nursing”, and I could instantly feel my cock stiffening.

“Did it make you feel good to nurse on mommy’s nipples? She asked.

“Yes”, I answered, “and I tasted you in other places.”

“Oh my” she said, “I wasn’t expecting that.” Now she was beginning to blush, and it was beautiful on her.

She was really turning me on now with her openness, so I blurted out, “I licked your pussy.”

She was stunned and quiet for a minute then she just changed the subject. “I know you masturbate with my dirty panties,” she said. “And you cum in my clean panties too.”

My face must have been bright red, and all I could say was “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Oh honey, it’s OK baby, I still wear them even though I know you ejaculated in them. I know your dried cum is touching my body and I do it because I know you know.” My cock literally leapt to attention. She told me that it doesn’t bother her at all that I use her panties to relieve myself. “I love that I can do that for you baby, it makes me feel good that you love me that way.” “Do you take my dirty panties to you room?” she asked.

I told her that I did and that I liked to smell them before rubbing myself with them. She asked if I liked the way she smelled and told me that she sprays perfume into her panties in the morning because she thought I would like it.

“You do that for me? I asked.

“Oh of course baby, it is so important that you enjoy the experience,” she said. “A woman’s panties are very important to a young man.”

Where is she getting this information I wondered, from porn movies?

“Do you need me to do anything else to make you feel better?” she asked. I was too stunned to answer, so she continued, “I can tell that you’re erect right now, do you need relief?” I literally had no idea what to say. Terri got up from the couch and walked down the hall to the laundry room. When she came back she was holding the bikini bottom that she had been wearing the day before. She sat back down without saying a word, reached over and unfastened and unzipped my shorts and pulled my very stiff cock from my underwear. She didn’t look up at my face; she starred right at my cock which was now jumping and throbbing in her small hand.

“Oh goodness” she said, “let mommy help.” And with that she wrapped her bikini bottom around my cock and started stroking. I was in heaven as I spread my legs slightly and leaned back to give her better access. She was clearly a hand job expert, and I had never been so turned on. When I started humping my hips uncontrollably to meet the strokes of her delicate hand, she knew my orgasm was building. At that point she looked me in the eye and said, “How do you want to do it?”

“What?” I said.

“How do you want to cum?” Do you want to cum in mommy’s hand?” “Do you want to cum in the crotch of my bikini? I was just about to answer when she made one more offer. “Do you want to cum on the ass of my bikini?”

“Yes” I blurted.

“I know you love mommy’s ass, don’t you dirty boy?”

I don’t know why I said it, but, “yes mommy” was my only response.

My step mother carefully positioned the bikini in one hand while stroking my cock with the other. I arched my back a little and unloaded the best orgasm of my life. How had so much cum built up in my balls over night? Rope after rope of semen spurted and slashed on the ass of Terri’s bikini bottom and up her forearm.

“Oh my, wasn’t that nice” she said as she fixed her gaze on the mess she and I had just made. She carefully set the bikini bottoms on the side table and asked, “Did mommy make you feel better baby?”

“Mmmmmmmm, yes mommy, that made me feel very, very good”

She was still holding my cock in one hand as she leaned in to kiss my lips. As we kissed she sucked my lower lip into her mouth, and then with her face right in front of mine, she said, “I’m hungry now, but later you’re going to tell me about putting your cock in mommy’s bottom last night.”

I was once again shocked and speechless.

After we ate breakfast I fell asleep on the couch where I had earlier received an amazing hand job from my step mother, Terri. She had stroked me off with her bikini bottom wrapped around my shaft, and I had cum all over the ass of her bikini. I was full, exhausted, and feeling good as I napped on the warm summer day.

After a few hours of napping I was woken by Terri rubbing my face and telling me she was going to go lay in the sun. She asked if I could come out in a bit and oil her back.

I said, “sure,” with a smile. “I’d love to.”

As she stood and walked away I saw that she was wearing the bikini bottom that I had cum all over. She hadn’t cleaned it, and the wet streaks of cum stained fabric were clearly visible. What a sexy fucking tease. I lay there on the couch, stroking my cock for a while, fantasizing about the night before.

“Are you coming?” Terri yelled from the back yard.

I laughed and thought to myself, no, but close. I went outside and there was my step mother lying on her tummy on the chaise lounge, no bikini top, and without her head covered. I was kind of bummed that her face wasn’t covered because I planned to cum on her and mix it with the tanning oil for a dirty massage. I wasn’t going to even try to do this if I thought I might be caught.

I took the oil bottle in my hand and was just about to remove the top when Terri turned her head, looked back at me and said, “you don’t need that yet, I want you to ejaculate on me first like you always do.”

I was so caught off guard that I just kind of stammered.

“Did you think I didn’t know?” she asked. “I can smell your cum on me, it smells like sex,” “and I can feel it on my body every time you masturbate on me.” Then there was a moment of uneasy silence that was finally broken by her saying, “I like it, I want you to keep doing it if it makes you feel good.” “Do you want me to turn over so you can cum on my front?” “You haven’t done that.” She added.

I had just titty fucked her and cum on her chest and face the night before, she was just too drunk to remember. Something about this idea of her watching me stroke off onto her body was thrilling and embarrassing at the same time.

I said, “OK.”

“OK what?” “Do you want me to turn over?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Yes what honey,” she asked, tormenting and teasing me.

“Yes, mom, I want you to turn over.”

“Why sweetheart, what do you want to do?” she asked. “Do you want to masturbate and cum on mommy?” she added. “Tell mommy what you want so I can make my baby boy happy.” She was getting off on this, she wanted to hear me saying everything I wanted her to do, and everything I wanted to do to her.

“I want to look at you mom, and I want to rub my hard cock and cum on your body, and then I want to watch you rub my cum into your tan skin.”

“Oh my,” she said. “Will that make you feel good baby?” “Mommy can do that for you,” she said before biting her lower lip.

As my step mother turned over she made no attempt to cover her boobs. The contrasting tones of her tanned chest and belly, her dark wide areolas, and the pure white flesh of her globes made my cock leap. She laid there on her back looking up at me almost expressionless. I just starred for a moment and then opened my shorts, and as I pulled my underwear down my hard cock sprang out.

Terri drew a sharp breath and then said, “that’s my baby, just take them off.”

I followed her instruction and removed my shorts. I was standing completely naked in front of my own step mother, and she was eyeing and inspecting me from head to toe. Terri then pulled on the arms of the chaise and raised the back a little so she was now sitting in a semi-reclined position.

She reached out one hand and said, “come here.” So I straddled the lounger and walked up to her. As I got close enough she grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me in closer, giving me a few strokes before laying back and letting go of my cock.

I was now standing over my gorgeous step mother stroking my throbbing hard cock. She was glistening with sweat in the hot sunshine, and I was jacking off in front of her. Terri was wearing only the bikini bottom that I had stained with cum earlier in the day. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her body as I masturbated for her. I stroked my cock slowly because I wanted this to take a while. My step mother would open her eyes once in a while and reach up to give me a few strokes. On one of these occasions I stepped forward until my cock was right in front of her face. She stroked my cock with one hand and massaged my balls with the other, and while she was doing this I gently pushed forward and the head of my cock slid across her face.

“Oh goodness,” she said.

I was hoping she would open her mouth to suck my cock, but she didn’t. I went back to stroking my cock as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the heat of the sun. I reached down and rubbed her belly, then slid my hand up to fondle her tits. She let out a few low humming moans, but kept her eyes closed. I rubbed down her belly again, and down to her bikini. I squatted down several times and rubbed my cock on her belly, then poked her nipples with my swollen head.

I drug my cock back and forth between her big tits a few times, and then, without opening her eyes, Terri lifted her tits, pressing then together and she said, “is this what you want?”

“Yes mom,” I replied.

She let out another little moan and said, “is this how you want to show me how much you love me?”

“Yes,” I replied as I began tit fucking her.

“Yes what?” she said.

“Yes mom, I want to show you how I love you.”

I wanted to pinch her nipples as I fucked her tits, but she was already doing that herself. She pinched her big hard nipples so hard a few times that I caught glimpse of her biting her lip in a painful grimace. This was causing my orgasm to build and I began fucking her tits harder.

She just kept saying, “oh,” “oh,” “oh,” and breathing deeper, and deeper. When I felt my ball tighten I stood and arched my back and felt rope after rope of jizz shooting from my cock. When I was finished cuming, I looked down and realized that I had missed my step mother’s tits all together. She was looking up at me with only one eye open, hands next to her face with fingers spread. I had given Terri a semen facial. Cum was all over her face and in her hair, across one eye, both cheeks, and over her lips. My cum had clearly entered her mouth, and she looked somewhat stunned.

She laid there with her hands up, but not touching her face, and said, “my goodness sweetie, that’s not what mommy was expecting.”

“Oh my gosh mom, I’m so sorry,” I said.

“Oh baby, it’s OK, I was just surprised, it just kept squirting, and squiring, and squirting on me.” I asked if I could help her clean it off and she said, “No baby, I’ve never had semen on my face, but it’s suppose to be good for my skin.”

“What?” I asked, a bit confused.

“Semen is full of protein and I read that it is very good for the skin,” she said as she massaged my ejaculate into her face. “I’ll wash it off in a minute when I shower,” she added. I just starred at her, open mouthed, not knowing what to say but getting off on the sight. “I’ll be in in a few minutes,” she said.

“OK” I replied, as I went inside to shower.

I had worked up quite a sweat tit fucking Terri in the back yard, in the 90 degree heat. I turned the radio on in the bathroom and got into the shower. I was barely even wet when the shower door opened and in stepped Terri. I have a hard time putting into works how beautiful my step mother is when she’s naked. The tan lines alone would normally cause me to become instantly hard, but I had cum only 10 minutes earlier, on her face, so my cock was only semi-rigid. Terri didn’t say a word, she just placed her head under the water and wet her hair and washed her face. She had her back to me as she washed her face, so I poured some shower gel into my hands and started washing her back. Still not speaking, I continued rubbing my soapy hands all over my step mother’s tanned back and down to her white ass. What an amazing feeling to be openly fondling this sexy woman’s ass. Terri had placed her hands on the shower wall in front of her as I groped her fanny. As I stood and reached around to cup and wash her big hanging boobs, I realized that my cock was growing harder, and was now rubbing against Terri’s bare bottom. I was unable to stop myself from beginning to hump my growing cock against her bubble butt. I was cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples, and humping my cock up and down the crack of her soapy ass as she moaned softly.

Terri suddenly turned around, and pointed her finger, right in front of my face, and said, “oh no you don’t naughty boy.” “We still need to have a conversation about someone putting their penis in mommy’s bottom.” I tried not to smile but I couldn’t help myself.

Terri is a woman that wouldn’t say “shit” if she had a mouth full, and the word “fuck” will never slip from her lips. She always inserted the word “love, or loving” where most people would say “fuck, or fucking”. Other than the way she dresses, which I would call “sexy-classy”, Terri is otherwise normally very conservative. Or so I thought.

As I stood there in the shower with my naked step mother, trying not to smile, she had started stroking my cock, which had once again become very much erect. Terri was no longer looking at my face, but had lowered her gaze. As she was looking down, watching her hand tugging my dick, she began bending her knees and lowing herself in front of me. I was now having a hard time catching my breath in anticipation that my step mother was going to suck my cock. But she just squatted there in front of me, stroking my hard-on right in front of her own face. This went on and on and I was now holding the shower walls to keep from falling over.

I began to wonder, “does she want me to tell her what I want her to do?” “Should I ask her to open her mouth?” “Maybe she wants me to tell her to suck my cock.” I just could not force myself to say these things yet to my step mother, but I so desperately wanted to feel my cock throbbing in her mouth. Without saying a word I reached down and placed one hand under Terri’s chin, and with the other hand on top of her head I began pulling her face to my cock. She never looked up or said anything; she just opened her mouth and deep throated me. I held her by the chin and back of the head and could feel my cock actually entering her throat, and I didn’t want to let her go. She was incredible, allowing me to keep my entire shaft in her mouth for at least 10 seconds before she gently pushed against my thighs to let me know she needed air. I only gave her a few seconds before pulling her back onto my pole. This went on for a while, she was completely submitting to my will, and I was “loving” her for it.

After a few minutes, Terri sucked my balls and licked my shaft, paying special attention to my swollen head. I looked down and realized her eyes were wide open and she was looking straight up at me, looking me directly in the eyes as she sucked my cock head. What an amazingly beautiful sight, to see my gorgeous mature step mother gazing lovingly into my eyes with her jaw open wide, lips around my hard shaft, and her mouth full of my cock.

I could feel my balls tighten again, as she massaged them, and I reach for her head with both hands. Terri allowed me to control her movements as I literally fucked her mouth like it was her pussy. Stroke after stroke, I fucked all the way into her throat until I felt the semen moving up my shaft. As I began to cum I still held her head, but I looked down at her, and she at me. Just the head of my cock was in her mouth now, as she squeezed my balls and held my shaft. Her eyes went wide and she hummed rather loudly, as if in amazement, as sperm started pumping into her mouth. She never broke her eye contact with me while I was cuming in her, until my orgasm had subsided. I never saw a single drop of my semen drip form her mouth.

Still squatting in front of me, Terri reach around with both hands, grasping me by the ass, and saying simply, “oh honey,” as she leaned forward, snuggling her wet face against my cock.

In the past 24 hours, I had my cock in my mother’s pussy and ass, fucked her tits and given her sperm facials, twice, received the most amazing hand job of my young life, and had then been deep throated by my step mother, before enjoying watching her swallow all that I had spunked into her mouth.

What a day I was having, and it wasn’t even diner time yet.

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