My Loving Step Mother Ch. 02

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As I mentioned in my last story, my father travelled a lot for work. He was quite often gone 20 days of each month. I know this was hard on my step mother, Terri, because as I came to realize, by listening through the walls, she enjoyed and was very enthusiastic (noisy) about sex. Too bad that she had to go night after night, alone in bed, masturbating. Yes, I could hear that through the walls as well.

Terri, in her mid 40’s, was, let’s say, voluptuous. She had shapely hips, big tits, and a sexy smooth belly. She loved to tan, and her skin was a gorgeous bronze, except for her lily white ass and tits. She had sassy short blond hair, and she never went without looking perfect.

All of this was difficult, to say the least, on an 18 year old boy. Within weeks of moving in with my father and step mother I had settled in to a routine of masturbating with Terri’s dirty panties, and I was in a constant state of intoxication from the scent of her cunt.

We slowly became more and more comfortable around one another, and this became shockingly apparent when she walked into the bathroom one afternoon while I was in the shower. I have no idea how long she was there, but when she spoke it scared me to death. The shower had a clear glass door and wall, and there was absolutely nowhere to hide. She stayed for 2 or 3 minutes asking me what I wanted for dinner and chit chatting. After the first minute I gave up on trying to hide my cock, and I just went with it.

Terri would walk around in the morning in her panties and an open blouse while getting ready for her part-time job at the bank. I loved to see her ass in her, always too tight, panties. But, on the days that she wore pantyhose I got the best show. Terri wore sheer-to-top pantyhose, and she usually didn’t wear panties underneath. Her pantyhose were basically see-though, and Terri’s tan lines, and her sexy white bubble ass, were clearly visible through the sheer nylon fabric. I loved seeing her ass crack, but seeing her from the front was the real treat. Her hairy bush was visible almost as if she was naked. It was almost funny, it was like she felt that because she had her pantyhose on that she wasn’t naked, and she would walk around the house, and even stand and talk with me in her near nakedness. She was driving me insane, and I spent about half my time trying to hide ragging boners.

I got to the place, mentally, where just spunking on her back while she was lying in the sun (she thought it was warn tanning oil) was just not enough. I had been smelling the crotch of her dirty panties, pantyhose, and any other clothing that had been on her pussy, for weeks. I could not go more than a few hours at home without sniffing something that smelled of Terri’s cunt.

One afternoon, after I had secretly ejaculated on my step mothers bare back, I was rubbing a mixture of tanning oil and my semen into her warm skin. I was letting my finger drift closer and closer to the crotch of her bikini as I stroked the back of her thighs, several times I gently squeezed the globes of her ass. I wanted this woman in the nastiest, most incestuous way.

That day at lunch Terri had made up a batch of margaritas, and while she was still out sun bathing she asked if I could pour her one. I asked if she wanted salt on the brim of the glass, and my dirty mind was already at work. She did want a salted rim, so I went inside and stroked my dick until I came in my hand. I got some semen on my finger and rubbed it liberally around the rim of the glass before dipping into the salt container. I filled the glass with the frozen margarita mix and took my step mother her nasty treat. She had two more of these dirty concoctions before going out for dinner with her girlfriends.

While she was getting ready to go out I patiently waited until I knew she was naked in the shower, and then walked in to her bathroom to ask her if she would bring something home from the restaurant for me to eat later. I stood and watched her soaping her gorgeous body for several minutes before speaking. My step mother let out a little yelp when she realized I was watching her, but I figured turn-about is fair play.

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