My Loving Step Mother Ch. 02

As I mentioned in my last story, my father travelled a lot for work. He was quite often gone 20 days of each month. I know this was hard on my step mother, Terri, because as I came to realize, by listening through the walls, she enjoyed and was very enthusiastic (noisy) about sex. Too bad that she had to go night after night, alone in bed, masturbating. Yes, I could hear that through the walls as well.

Terri, in her mid 40’s, was, let’s say, voluptuous. She had shapely hips, big tits, and a sexy smooth belly. She loved to tan, and her skin was a gorgeous bronze, except for her lily white ass and tits. She had sassy short blond hair, and she never went without looking perfect.

All of this was difficult, to say the least, on an 18 year old boy. Within weeks of moving in with my father and step mother I had settled in to a routine of masturbating with Terri’s dirty panties, and I was in a constant state of intoxication from the scent of her cunt.

We slowly became more and more comfortable around one another, and this became shockingly apparent when she walked into the bathroom one afternoon while I was in the shower. I have no idea how long she was there, but when she spoke it scared me to death. The shower had a clear glass door and wall, and there was absolutely nowhere to hide. She stayed for 2 or 3 minutes asking me what I wanted for dinner and chit chatting. After the first minute I gave up on trying to hide my cock, and I just went with it.

Terri would walk around in the morning in her panties and an open blouse while getting ready for her part-time job at the bank. I loved to see her ass in her, always too tight, panties. But, on the days that she wore pantyhose I got the best show. Terri wore sheer-to-top pantyhose, and she usually didn’t wear panties underneath. Her pantyhose were basically see-though, and Terri’s tan lines, and her sexy white bubble ass, were clearly visible through the sheer nylon fabric. I loved seeing her ass crack, but seeing her from the front was the real treat. Her hairy bush was visible almost as if she was naked. It was almost funny, it was like she felt that because she had her pantyhose on that she wasn’t naked, and she would walk around the house, and even stand and talk with me in her near nakedness. She was driving me insane, and I spent about half my time trying to hide ragging boners.

I got to the place, mentally, where just spunking on her back while she was lying in the sun (she thought it was warn tanning oil) was just not enough. I had been smelling the crotch of her dirty panties, pantyhose, and any other clothing that had been on her pussy, for weeks. I could not go more than a few hours at home without sniffing something that smelled of Terri’s cunt.

One afternoon, after I had secretly ejaculated on my step mothers bare back, I was rubbing a mixture of tanning oil and my semen into her warm skin. I was letting my finger drift closer and closer to the crotch of her bikini as I stroked the back of her thighs, several times I gently squeezed the globes of her ass. I wanted this woman in the nastiest, most incestuous way.

That day at lunch Terri had made up a batch of margaritas, and while she was still out sun bathing she asked if I could pour her one. I asked if she wanted salt on the brim of the glass, and my dirty mind was already at work. She did want a salted rim, so I went inside and stroked my dick until I came in my hand. I got some semen on my finger and rubbed it liberally around the rim of the glass before dipping into the salt container. I filled the glass with the frozen margarita mix and took my step mother her nasty treat. She had two more of these dirty concoctions before going out for dinner with her girlfriends.

While she was getting ready to go out I patiently waited until I knew she was naked in the shower, and then walked in to her bathroom to ask her if she would bring something home from the restaurant for me to eat later. I stood and watched her soaping her gorgeous body for several minutes before speaking. My step mother let out a little yelp when she realized I was watching her, but I figured turn-about is fair play.

She told me she would, and then in an almost joking tone she said, “Now get out of here and stop peeping at your naked mother.”

I just laughed and said, “OK, see ya later.” “Have fun with your girlfriends tonight.”

While Terri was out with her crazy girlfriends I was at home alone enjoying the fresh scent of the bikini bottoms she had been wearing all day. I was caught up in the scent of her cunt, and the knowledge that she had unwittingly been tasting my semen all afternoon. It was a week night, and none of my new friends were doing anything, so I just stayed in and watched some TV. I was dozing off when I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to find three drunk women on the front step, my step mother, and two of her three friends. Terri was very clearly the most intoxicated, and the other two had helped her to the door where they handed her off to me.

Terri was so drunk that she could barely even walk, and the 3 inch heels she had on were not helping her cause. She was wearing the tightest little white tennis skirt (shorts) that she owned, with a soft pink silk tank top blouse, and 3 inch slide on sandals. Her hair was perfect, her tan was perfect, her round ass was perfect, and she was just plain fucking hot. As Terri stepped inside, with my help, her friends started kissing me. They tease me all of the time, so this was nothing new. They were both kissing my neck and cheeks and giggling, until my step mother said, “Stop kissing on my boy, he’s not yours.”

Once inside I told Terri that I would help her to her bedroom, but she wanted to go to the kitchen. She was leaning against the counter (so she wouldn’t fall over), and she asked me to pour her a glass of wine. I said I didn’t think she needed any wine, and sarcastically thanked her for forgetting to bring me home something to eat.

She said, “oh honey, I’m a horrible mother, come here.” I thought she was going to give me a hug, but as I stepped to her her hands came to my face and she brought her lips to mine for a kiss that was awkwardly long for a mother and son. While she was holding my face, our lips inches apart, she asked, “am I a horrible mommy, do you still love me?”

I said, “You’re a perfect mommy, and I do love you.” Then she kissed me again. I wasn’t sure how she was even standing up, but I gave her a glass of red wine and attempted to carry on a conversation with this sloppy drunk woman. The entire time I was ogling her body and stripping her with my mind. I was even openly rubbing my cock through my shorts as we chatted. I was leaning on the opposite counter when Terri decided to make almost a lunge across to my side. Luckily I was able to catch her, and even more luckily she had set her wine glass on the counter before making the crossing.

I was still leaning against the counter and now my step mother was leaning on me. I talked, she slurred, and as she pressed her big soft tits into my chest I had lowered my hands to her sexy ass. I was rubbing, cuddling, cupping, and squeezing the cheeks of her bubble butt, and she laid her head on my shoulder. She had stopped speaking, and I was enjoying her ass. I got a little braver and slid one hand up her side and cupped one of her breasts, hoping she was too wasted to notice. I was safe. And for the next few minutes I humped my cock against her hip while I fondled her ass and groped her tits. After a few minutes of this I said, “let’s get you to bed.”

I was not expecting a response and was shocked when she nodded her head against my shoulder and said, “OK.” I thought I was busted. But she didn’t say anything else. I helped her to her room and she just flopped onto the bed, face down. She was still dressed. I sat next to her and massaged her back and ass, and slowly worked my hands around and under her to unto the button on her shorts. I slowly slid the zipper all the way down before removing my hands. I was having an argument in my own mind at this point. Should I strip her, or just cover her with a blanket. I was way too horny to stop now.

I straddled Terri’s legs, just over her knees, and started gently pulling her shorts down. It was more work than I thought. My step mother has a full round ass and the shorts were tight. She wasn’t protesting at all so I got a little more forceful with my tugging and her shorts finally cleared her bubble butt, taking her panties with them. I removed her shorts and panties completely, and also her shoes. There was my sexy step mother, lying face down on her big comfy bed, bare assed and wearing just her silk top and bra. I was mezmorised by her white ass. The contrast of her tanned legs and lily white ass was the sexiest sight I had ever laid eyes on. And I planned on laying more than just my eyes on her sexy ass.

As I sat next to my step mother on the bed I was gently stroking, fondling, and squeezing her ass. Her skin was so warm and soft, smooth and sexy. The smell of her perfume was in the air, and I wanted more. Terri was sound asleep, or passed out. Whatever. As I played with her soft butt cheeks I placed one hand on each cheek and spread her ass open so I could enjoy the close up view of her butthole. I licked my finger and then touched the wet finger to her asshole. I gave that little rosebud a nice massage as I bent forward and began kissing her ass cheeks all over. I got up and stood at the end of the bed and holding her by the ankles I gently spread her legs open as far as I could before sitting back down next to her.

I was becoming bolder now, rubbing her pussy lips, which to my surprise were quite wet. I was sliding a finger into her cunt from behind while I was lying next to my step mother, kissing and licking the globes of her fanny. My finger fucking slowly built, and she was slightly moaning in response to the penetration. I got between her legs, lying on my stomach, and began licking my way up her inner thighs until I reached her wet pussy. I was drunk with the pungent scent of her perfume, her ass, and her cunt as I began eating my step mother out. I enjoyed her sweet and salty taste, much sweeter than the girls my age that I had gone down on.

As I was pushing my tongue into her cunt, my eyes caught glimpse of my step mother anus. I slid my tongue up across her taint and zeroed in the efforts of my tongue on her butthole. I licked and rimmed her sweet little pucker and could hear her moaning so slightly. I kept at her until I was fairly roughly spreading her ass wide open with my hands and forcing my tongue to penetrate her anus. My cock was so hard at this point, and I realized that I had been humping the bed as I tongue fucked my step mother’s asshole.

I got off the bed and stripped naked. Stroking my hard cock, I surveyed the bounty before me. I had just enjoyed eating out my step mothers cunt and asshole, and I wanted more. I moved up on the big king sized bed until my throbbing cock was right next to Terri’s face. She was still lying flat on her belly, legs spread wide, bare assed. I brushed her hair from her face and began rubbing the swollen head of my young hard cock across her forehead, down her nose, onto her cheeks, and across her painted lips. I so wanted to open her mouth and slide my cock down her throat, but I restrained myself for the moment and just enjoyed the sight and feeling of rubbing my cock on her face while stroking my other hand through her blond hair. This went on for quite a while, until I was leaving traces of pre-cum on her cheeks and across her lips.

If tongue fucking her butthole, and rubbing my cock on her face wasn’t stirring her from her drunken slumber, then maybe I could get away with more. Maybe I could fuck my step mother. I decided on one more little test. Holding my hard cock by the base I slapped it down on Terri’s face. She moved a little, but didn’t wake, so I did it again, and again, and again. I slapped her face with my cock for several minutes while working up the courage to fuck her pussy.

I got up and grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs back together. By this time I wasn’t being gentle at all. I just moved my sleepy step mother like a fuck doll. I mounted her, straddling her upper thighs and began sliding my cock up and down the crack of her ass. I was leaning over her putting much of my weight onto my arms, pressing down on her back and shoulders as I rubbed my cock in my step mother ass crack. Having enough of this personal torture, I spit in my hand and covered the head of my cock with saliva. Terri was still so wet from being eaten out that my cock slipped into her fuck hole with little effort. Once my swollen head had pierced her wet lips I just gave a long steady stroke until I was completely inside her cunt. While I was pushing into her, my step mother gave out a long slow exhale ending in a low groan. It was kind of a combination of a moan and a grunt, and the sound set my hips on fire as I began fucking her in earnest. It felt so good, and I had been fantasizing about it so long, that within 2 or 3 minutes I felt myself erupting inside my step mother’s hot hole. I left my cock in her cunt to the hilt as I caught my breath, and laid over her back. I was inside her for a long while before my cock slipped from the wet grasp of her cunt.

As I was lying there on this beautiful mature woman, I realized that I had been thrusting hard into her pussy, while forcing my weight down on her back. What more could I do with this fuck doll. I got up and sat by her face again, now rubbing my wet cock on her. I decided that I would try to turn her over so I could get her top and bra off. I wanted to suck her big long nipples.

As I rolled my passed-out step mother over she stirred a bit. I wasn’t sure if she was waking, so I said out loud, “let’s get you out of these clothes.”

She didn’t respond at all, and I began pulling her arms up so I could get her top off. Once her top was off I just had the bra to remove to have her completely naked. To my surprise I found that she was wearing a bra that had a front clasp. How easy was this, I thought to myself. Terri has nipples that are impossible to restrain. “Nipping out” is a daily occurrence for my step mother. And trust me when I say, everyone takes notice when her nipples are at attention. As I undid the clasp her big 36D tits pulled away from one another, but were still held within the sheer cups of the bra. I pulled one tit out of the bra and massaged it, before leaning over to flick my tongue around her wide areola and across her already hard nipple. Terri’s areolas are very bumpy, and her nipples stand up at least half an inch, even when they are not rock hard. When they are hard there is no bra or blouse that will contain them. I later learned that Terri would place electrical tape over her nipples at times to prevent the inevitable nipping out. I was always glad that she didn’t do this very often.

Once she was naked, and I had had my fill of suckling both of her erect nipples, I straddled my step mother’s chest and placed my again hard cock on her cleavage, between her soft titties. I was about to tit fuck Terri and I was going to enjoy it. I knew for a fact that at this moment I was the envy of every man who had ever licked his lips and fantasized about Terri’s tits. I held her big boobs together and began sliding my cock into her cleavage. I got a little carried away pinching her long hard nipples, and she began to toss a little, and moan. I stopped the titty fucking and looked down to realize that I was lifting her big D tits off her chest and I was holding them by just the nipples. I decided to be a little more gentle, but I could feel the orgasm building in my balls as they slid across my step mother’s skin, and I had no intention of stopping until cum was again pumping from my cock. I pressed her tits down and over my cock just as I erupted. The first spurt of semen hit Terri on the underside of her chin, the second roped up across her face, from her forehead, over one eyelid, and down her cheek. The remaining spurts pooled on her neck and between her boobs. I was exhausted, and slumped next to Terri on the bed. My step mother looked like a delicious whore, covered in my semen.

I rested for at least half an hour before deciding I should clean Terri up a bit, and get her into her satin night gown. I got of the bed and stood in silent nakedness, surveying my dirty deeds, and enjoying the fact that my step mother was lying on her bed, dripping cum, and looking like a slut. As I stood there I realized that my cock was growing hard again. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and was shocked to see that it was only 11pm. I went into the bathroom and got a drink of water and decided I wanted to fuck her again, this time missionary.

I brought a wet warm hand towel from the bathroom and gave my step mother a whore’s bath. She was so beautiful, and I was so bad. After cleaning her up a bit I spread her legs and knelt between her thighs. I had planned to just lie down on top of her and slide my cock into her fuck hole again. But the position seemed awkward to me, so I decided to put my hands under her knees so I could pull her knees up and then push them up to her chest. Holding my step mother by the backs of her upper legs I looked down to see her cunt open up as if I had pushed a magic button. I also saw her asshole and dirty desire took hold. I was going to butt fuck my step mother.

As I was holding my sleeping step mother’s bent legs up to her chest, I lowered my head down to tongue her anus again, making sure to leave plenty of saliva on her tight little pucker. As I mounted her, I first slid my hard pole back and forth, up and down her wet cunt lips. Terri has long lips, and puffy labia, which is the reason she sometime has a very sexy camel toe. As I slid my cock on her I could not resist dipping into her wet honey hole. She was drenched inside with her own juices, and the load of cum I had recently deposited. I drew my hard sword from her wet sheath and then placed the angry head to her sweet little butthole. I had very little experience with anal sex. One girlfriend wanted to try it, but I was never able to get more than my mushroom head into her butt before she said enough. I came in her ass on several occasions, and she always enjoyed it, but it wasn’t really the deep anal fuck that I longed to give. I wanted to feel my step mother’s anus gripping and milking my shaft from the very base. I was going to put my entire shaft, not huge, 7 inches, up Terri’s butt. And I was going to enjoy every deep, tight stroke.

There I knelt, holding Terri’s legs with one arm, while gripping my cock and pressuring her asshole with the other hand. It took a few moments, but I kept going back to her honey pot for more lubrication, and her butthole finally surrendered. At first just my head was in her, and I savored the searing heat that was urging me to thrust. I wanted to fuck my step mother like a whore, but I didn’t want to hurt her, so it took several minutes before I had impaled Terri’s butt with my entire pole. I once again patiently waited for her insides to get acquainted to the swollen invader. I listened to her labored breathing and when I could wait no longer, I withdrew my cock and then slid it right back in to the hilt. Just as I reached the depth of the in stroke my step mother let out an animalistic guttural grunt. I slowly began fucking her bottom and each time I went deep I was rewarded with another guttural grunt. I started moving faster and was amazed that I was rock hard and still had no feelings of orgasm yet. I had never fucked three times in one night, and I found that with each orgasm, the next takes a bit longer to build. It was almost unfortunate for my step mother that I was reaming her asshole out with my raging cock and the end was nowhere in sight. Her moaning, groaning, and grunting was taking on a rhythm, and so was my pounding cock.

As I butt fucked my passed-out step mother I grew bolder and bolder. I was pinching and pulling her nipples in time to my cock thrusting up her ass, and I even slapped her tits around a bit. I pushed 3 fingers into her cunt while I fucked her butt and enjoyed the feeling like I was stroking my cock inside her body. This was getting me off and I was losing control of my senses. The last 5 or 6 thrust up Terri’s ass were hard, banging thrusts, pound my cock into her bowels where I spilled my cum. Her head was franticly moving side to side, and she was grunting. Not a sweet sensual moan. My step mother was grunting like an animal that had just been shot.

I could feel my cock shrinking inside Terri’s butthole and I could feel her body subconsciously trying to gently expel me. I stayed in her bottom, massaging and kissing the backs of her legs, rubbing her toned belly, and even sucking her toes. After a minute or two my sore limp cock slipped from inside her.

I laid there with my fuck doll step mother for another half hour before I had the energy to get up. It was still before midnight, so I took time to carefully clean my step mother’s body of any remnants of semen. I fingered her pussy and ass and cleaned her as well as possible before getting her into her night gown. Getting her under the cover was a chore, but I finally had the job done and bent over to kiss her good night.

As I kissed her cheek I whispered “good night,” into her ear.

“Good night sweetie,” she replied.

I just about fainted.

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