My honeymoon trip :part-02

Ankit my hubby is sleeping with Rima ,his wife on bed in a luxurious room as we both enjoyed sex after it ,we have dinner together as we both are on bed without any a newly married couple ,we slept in each other’s arms as our sexual organs are nude but too exhausted ,so we eyes opened after 3-4 hours of sleep as I can see my hubby Ankit in sound sleep ,his long thick penis have got some erection.I walked to washroom as I took refreshment and came on bed ,now I am sitting near his waist as I am bit confused about my early morning sex or to have sleep.let him sleep and make his penis hard ,so I hold his penis in my hand and started jerking it slowely as my lips are on his strong thighs ,I am kissing it .as I am looking towards his face also but he is still sleeping and my hand is masturbating his penis fast as my lips are loving his thighs to legs.Ankit is sleeping on bed with his legs straight as I can see his penis in semi erection ,I leaned my face on his penis and took it’s glans to shaft in my mouth as I closed my mouth and started sucking it without giving the penis eyes are on my hubby’s face as I can see his face reddish and in a sudden his eyes opened as he smiled on I left his penis as he wake up and asked…….

“oh my sexy wife ,suck it ,it’s yours only.”

And he walked towards washroom as I am bit shy ,took a bedcover to cover my nude body as Ankit came in room as he have put a towel on his waist.I slept on bed while covering my nude body as Ankit came on bed and hold the bedcover to throw it away from my nude body.I put my legs crossed as I put my arms crossed on my boobs but Ankit smiled……”oh Rima ,I was sleeping as you started loving my penis and now you are bit shy
(Rima)I can’t say.” As he put his lips on my lips ,I took it in my mouth to suck as Ankit is pressing my breast hard ,he is leaning on my face and pushed his long tongue in my I am sucking it while sleeping ,he is massaging my breast and my hand have hold his penis as I am masturbating it fastly.later on ,Ankit took out his tongue from my mouth as he put his face on my breast and took it in his mouth ,he is sucking my breast as I have hold his hairs tightly.just like a mother breastfeeding his child ,I am doing so with my hubby and he changed the breast as he is sucking my breast as his hand is on my vaginal zone.after a while ,he left my boobs as he asked…….

“Rima darling ,now we will enjoy sex in 69 position
(Rima bit unaware )what is 69 position Ankit ?
(Ankit)you are really fool or making me
(Rima)I don’t know what it means ?.”

As Ankit slept on bed with his legs straight ,I am on his top as I have put my face towards his waist and my sexy ass is up and over on his legs are wide as my hubby’s face is under my waist .now I hold his long cock as I started kissing it and I can feel Ankit pushing his long finger in my vagina ,a nice position for oral sex as our sexual organs are near our partner’s face and I am kissing my hubby’s penis as I can feel his finger fucking my vagina.later on ,I opened my mouth as I took his long penis in my mouth and started sucking it while Ankit is fingering my vagina while licking my ass I started sucking his penis as my mouth is moving fast while holding it and giving it a nice and fast jerk ,Ankit is now licking my vagina as he pushed his finger in my vagina to lick it.our early morning love session is in process as our honeymoon trip have started a day ago ,it’s our second meeting for love.after a while ,I left his body as we both are nude and Ankit asked…….

“Rima do you love anal sex
(Rima )no my dear ,enjoy my cunt here ,but I will give you chance to fuck my ass also .” Rima ,a newly married gal of 22-23 years is on bed without any clothes as her two orange shaped boobs are tight ,her hubby is pressing it hard as my sexy ass is nude ,it’s of no use right now and my vaginal zone is too hot as it need fuck.

Ankit walked towards refrigerator as he took out a bottle of beer and we both are sitting on sofa as he started pouring it in two glasses ,he asked me…….

“Rima have it once ,I am sure you will love it taste .”

And I took a glass full of beer as Ankit lit a cigarette ,I started drinking beer as I took cigarette from his hand to I am drinking beer while smoking cigarette as he pressed my breast hard ……..

“how are you feeling my lovely wife ?
(Rima)nice ,love to drink it again .”

As he poured beer in my glass ,I started drinking it and my hand is on his chest as I am rubbing his hairy chest.after drinking beer ,I am bit unconscious as well as in drunkun I stand infront of my hubby as I spread my legs wider and put one leg on his thigh ,as he is kissing my legs to thighs ,I am standing like a hot blonde.He is kissing my soft thighs as his hand is moving on my ass and than I put my other leg on his thigh as my one leg is on ground.ankit poured beer on my thigh as he started licking it with his long tongue and I am screaming……

“oohh aahh Ankit love my cunt .”

As he licked my thighs and now I pushed my hubby on sofa as I sits on his face with my legs vagina is over his mouth as he hold my waist and I put finger on my cunt as he is licking it like a dog with his long tongue fucking my vagina.ankit is pressing my breast hard as I am shouting”oohh aahh I will cum soon ,lick it hard and fast ,” as his tongue made my cunt wet ,my vagina started dripping juice in his mouth as on his Ankit took me on bed as he asked me to knelt down and now while sitting behind my sexy ass ,he pushed his long cock in my wet cunt and have hold my waist tightly ,as his long cock is going inside my vagina ,I am feeling it’s brushes in it and he fucked harder as I shouted”oohh don’t fuck my cunt like a prostitute ,I am your wife ” as he fucked my cunt again and while penetrating it hard ,he is in joy” you are my wife but unexpected that your hymens broke on first night ,too many gals have sex before her marriage ” as I am swinging my ass ,I said” oh I am sorry for not losing virginity before first night ,isn’t it ?.”

As he is voiceless but his hard penis is making sound in my cunt .my vagina is getting the friction from my hubby’s hard long penis as I am moving my ass my vagina turned like a hot boiler as he is not going to cum soon but I need a break as I moved my body forward and his cock is out of my vagina.I walked to washroom as I am nude and in drunkun State ,coming back on bed ,I lye on it as I put my legs wider as my vagina is feeling pain inside but my caring hubby took out a butter cake from refrigerator as he started rubbing it on my vaginal outer surface.slowely ,he pushed some butter in my vagina as he is fingering my vagina while putting butter in it as I am screaming in joy…….

“oohh aahh uumm Ankit now fuck me hard.” As butter melts in my vagina ,my hubby Ankit is sitting in between my thighs as he pushed his long penis in my wet cunt and started fucking it fast with power.I am enjoying my fuck as he leaned on my top and I hold him tightly ,as I started bouncing my ass fastly to enhance our fuck pleasure.its a nice morning as our sexual climax is at peak ,my hubby on my top is kissing my lips as he shouted”oohh my wife have my cum ” as his penis poured sperms in my vagina.we both are sleeping on bed for a while.

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