Sex with a stranger

Bina Mishra is a married lady of 26 years ,as her white complexion makes her beautiful,her figure of 34-26-36 makes her attractive,two lovely boobs with long browenish aerola is sexy as my round dome shaped ass swings when I put G string only or leave it uncovered and my vagina is glittering like diamond ,have reddish face with black mounds on hole ,a significance of too much intercourse.I am in my dinning space as a mechanic is repairing A/C of my bedroom ,wearing a night gawn of light blue colour, it’s transparent as well as upto my knees length.I walked to my bedroom as mechanic is repairing it,a young guy of 27-28 years is busy in his work as I walked to my kitchen and have a glass of water for him ,now I came there as I asked him……

“have water please.”

As I leaned down to give him the glass ,my cleavage can be seen easily.He is eyeing at my boobs as I asked……..

“like to have tea or coffee
(Mechanic)a cup of coffee madam.”

And I moved to my kitchen as I prepared two cup of coffee and my maid left home after completing her household I came to dinning space with cup of coffee as I can see mechanic coming out of my room……..”madam I have repaired it ,now come and see it.” But I ask him to have coffee first ,he is sitting on chair as I am sitting on sofa with my cup of coffee,putting my legs crossed ,my body is visible in my transparent gawn as he is drinking coffee while eyeing my beauty ………

“how much I have to pay ?
(He smiled)only service charge of 500 RS..” as we both walked to my bedroom and he switched on the A/C ,as I sit on my bed’s corner and he is standing near A/C ,his back is infront of me as I felt horny ,I put my hand on his waist and he is surprised as he turned back.looking at me , mechanic smiled………

“madam you need service of your blower also .”

As I kept my eyes looking at him ,I started removing his trouser and he is smiling on me ,his trouser is on ground as I stand infront of him and he hold me tightly in his his lips are kissing my face to neck as my boobs are pressing hard on his chest,he started sucking my lips and my hand is unbuttoning his shirt.He is shocked as well as surprised on my act and he is kissing my face to neck as his hand is lifting my gawn upto my waist.a young guy is semi nude infront of me.we both are loving eachother as I pushed my tongue in his mouth and my gawn is upto my waist as he is rubbing his palm on my sexy bum.a stranger mechanic is sucking my tongue as I am brushing my boobs on his chest and he is rubbing his finger on my hand is on his ass as I pushed his head back and took out my tongue from his mouth ,my head is on his shoulder as I said………

“make me satisfy ,you young guy and I will pay for it
(He slapped on my ass as he took out my gawn from my body )no madam ,I will give you service for free.” As I have put my arms on my boobs to cover it ,he pushed me on bed as A/C is cooling room ,we both are on bed and mechanic put his hand on my breast as he is pressing it hard……….

“what’s your name ?
(He smiled)Saket and yours
(I smiled)Bina Mishra .”

And he leaned on my boobs as he hold one and started sucking my left boobs while putting it in his body is in erection as my vagina is in fire and I am screaming in joy…….”oohh aahh Saket suck my breast hard .”

As he left it and took others in his mouth and I am rubbing my legs on vagina is covered with panty as he is near my waist ,now took a pillow and pushed it under my ass ,so I stretched my legs wider and he removed my panty.looking at my vagina ,he put his face in between my thighs as his lips are kissing my vagina but I widend its hole and Saket is rolling his tongue in my vagina as I am feeling fucked with a long tongue ,my shyness turned into my desires as he is licking it fastly ,my sexy voice “oohh aahh lick it fast” is making him hot and after a while ,Saket turned me back as he asked me to I am like a bitch on bed as he is sitting behind my sexy ass ,he pushed his long finger in my vagina as he is fingering it hard.looking to him ,I asked…….

“Saket are you single
(Bina)yes Bina I am still single ,have to do masturbation .”

And I can see him removing his undies ,now I got look of his 8-9 inches and 3 inches thick cock ,as he put it’s glans on my cunt ,he slowly pushed it inside my glory hole ,his hard penis is going inside my deep vagina as he have put his hand on my he fucked me hard as I shouted”oohh Saket your cock will tear my vagina ,it’s too hard” as he fucked me again and my vagina have swallowed his cock inside as he is fucking me with speed and power,I am feeling on top of world as his hard penetration is making my vagina dry and firesh ,I started swinging my heavy ass fastly.saket have put his hand on my breast as he is pressing it hard and making my vagina dry while fucking me hard as my sexy sounds “oohh yes your cock is giving me a nice fuck ,fuck hard ,I will cum soon.”

And my sexy ass is moving fast as my vagina poured cum inside and Saket took out his penis as he is licking my cum with his tongue to taste it.a stranger came in my house to repair A/C as I seduce him to make myself satisfy with his we both moved inside washroom as I urinated there and Saket took refreshment ,I can see his long thick erected cock.we both are back as I came to my room ,I can see my main door still opened ,so I ask Saket to close it.

He wrapped a towel on waist as he walked to door and came there ,now I am sitting on bed’s corner as I pulled his towel and hold his cock in my hand.I removed it’s skin as I put my lips on his penis and started kissing it ,from base to shaft to glans my lips are loving his penis as I took out my long tongue from my mouth and started rubbing it’s glans on it ,Saket is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh you are too hot you bitch aah” as he put his hand on my breast to massage it and I opened my whole mouth as I took his cock inside ,now sucking it like a whore with my mouth giving the penis a nice and fast body is too hot as A/C is cooling the room and after a while ,Saket hold my hairs as he started fucking my mouth with his long penis and his glans is hitting on my deep throat ,after a while I pushed him back as his penis is out of my Saket ask me to be like a four legged animal ,as I put my arms on wall and made my legs wide and he pushed his long cock in my vagina from back as his 1/2 of penis is in my cunt ,he hold my waist and started fucking me hardly .now I am swinging my ass as my both boobs are hanging from my chest but Saket hold one to press it hard ,I am on sexual climax as he is going hard in my vagina and he is screaming in joy…….

“oohh aahh you are too hot and sexy love to fuck you again.”

As he is fucking me for 10-12 minutes my vagina is like a hot boiler and I started shouting…….

“oohh Saket my cunt is in fire make it wet ,pour your cum ,rain it inside .”

As his penis is rock hard in my vagina and good to have his cum in my vagina as his penis have last laugh in my glory hole.He fucked me and satisfied my cunt.

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