A question often asked by those who deal with psychological problems is: What is normal? The answer to that seemingly simple question will probably never be answered.
The people within a particular society usually are well aware of what is considered acceptable behavior for them. And therein lies the problem of the main characters of this novel.
Betty and Joan Howard are women possessed of deep and abiding passions, passions which control their lives and lead them to overstep the bounds of acceptable societal behavior time and time again. In their search for physical satisfaction, the fiery women are helplessly driven to take their pleasure where they can — risking everything for the promise of gratification.

MOTHER WITH THE HOTS — the story of women tormented by their needs and the fear that they are abnormal. The tale is a lesson to our society, and food for serious thought.
-The Publisher

Betty Howard slipped her slim hand through the folds of her robe, as she watched little Eddie Somner pushing the power mower around the plants at the front of the yard. Her fingers moved between the slick, pink lips of her hot cunt and found her swollen clit. She rubbed it slowly, bringing more slick fluid from within her belly to make her pussy even more slippery.
This time I’m going to follow and see what takes him so long to put the lawn mower away, she thought. I’ll bet he gets his rocks off looking at Billy’s dirty pictures. She slipped one slim finger into her hot hole as she rubbed her throbbing clit with another.
She rubbed faster as she watched the teen trim around the last of the bushes and head toward the house with the mower. When he had gone around the corner of the garage toward the tool room she slipped quietly out the side door and into the garage. Through the dusty glass in the door she could see Eddie as he put the mower in place and opened the door of Billy’s tool cabinet. He looked up at the picture of the nude brunette with her pussy lips open and unzipped his pants.
Betty had seen enough. She opened the door and stepped through, opening her robe as she entered the tool room. Eddie spun around, his stiff cock still in his hand and his mouth hanging open.
“Wouldn’t you rather have the real thing than a picture, Eddie?” Betty threw her shoulders back and shoved her full tits forward.
Eddie still didn’t move. He stood there in the gloom of the tool room holding his long, slender cock in his right fist. His mouth hung open and his big eyes were glued to Betty’s big titties. If he moved at all it was only to tremble slightly.
“Come on, Eddie. A nice young man like you must have seen lots of women.” She reached over and felt his rigid cock between her thumb and finger. “Ah, good. Nice and hard. Put it back in your pants until we get inside the house. That is, if you’re interested in a woman my age.”
Eddie found his voice. “Uh, I, ah. Yes, ma’am.” He eased his hard cock back through his fly and zipped up his pants. Betty pulled her robe back around her and felt Eddie’s hand go into hers, waiting to be led into the house.
Oh, Lord, he’s just a baby, she thought. What at her waist and shrugged her shoulders and arms out of the robe. It dropped over her ankles.
Once again she reached for his shorts and this time he let her pull them down. His hard cock sprang up out of his shorts as they slipped down. Again he put his hands on her shoulders and lifted his feet as she slipped his last piece of clothing off one foot a time.
Still on her knees she put her arms around him and squeezed. His cock stood up between her full tits. She pressed her titties together, put her arms around him again and pulled him against her.
“Tell me what you’re going to do to me, darling,” she said. “Tell me what you’re going to do when we get on the bed.”
“Tell me how you’re going to push your hard cock up my hot cunt and fuck me until both of us come together. Tell me how you’re going to suck my tits and tease my clit and make me want you.”
“Yes,” Eddie stood there with his hands on her shoulders and his cock between her tits as she squeezed his chest against her cheek.
“Oh, come on, darling,” she released him and started getting up. “Let’s get on the bed.”
“Uh… I… ah. Yes, ma’am.”

She took his hand and led him over to the big bed. She turned his hand loose and crawled up on the spread, moving over to give him plenty of room. He just stood there.

What am I doing? Am I actually going to screw this teen? But she had already started out through the garage, leading Eddie by the hand. She knew she would be powerless to stop until she reached the king-sized bed in her second story bedroom.
Betty pressed Eddie’s cool, moist hand against her thigh as she led him through the kitchen and hall. When they started up the stairs she pushed her robe back and guided his arm around her hips. She put her arm around his shoulder and pulled him over against her. She could feel his cool, sweaty hand just above her hip and his forearm bounced on her jiggling ass with every step she climbed.

Betty paused at the door to the bedroom. “Do you want to back out?” she asked.
“No, ma’am,” answered Eddie, his voice trembling.
“Come on, then. Let’s get you out of those clothes.” She had to pull his arm from around her to get his shirt off. He stepped out of his shoes and she knelt down and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Eddie put his hands on her shoulders to steady himself as he lifted first one leg and then the other far her to pull his trousers off. When she reached for his shorts he grabbed the elastic band around the top and held them tight.

“What’s the matter?”
“You first,” he answered.
Betty smiled. Kids had a sense of right and wrong that defied explanation. She untied the sash at her waist and shrugged her shoulders and arms out of the robe.
“Come on Eddie, darling. Don’t you want to get on the bed with me?”
“Yes, ma’am.” He put a knee on the bed, then the other, his slender cock swaying slightly from side to side. And there he stayed, kneeling on the edge of the bed.
Betty turned around and scooted over to him, letting her feet hang off the bed on either side of him. “Here, let me.” She put her hands behind his rump, opened her mouth and sucked in his cock, wetting it with spit and pushing it into her throat before letting it slowly slide from her glistening lips. “Now it’s good and slick. Push it up my pussy.” She fell back across the bed and pulled her knees up. “Come on. Get up here on me. I’ll guide you in.”
“But Mrs. Howard…”

“Come on, Eddie. Use that big cock of yours. Push it up my hungry cunt and screw the hell out of me.”
Eddie started forward. He wondered where he could put his hands to let himself down. He wanted to put them on either side of her but her knees were pulled up and her thighs and legs were in the way. He looked down at her cunt, a large nest of dark brown hair with a wet, pink slit down the middle. So that was what a real, live pussy looked like. It sure was more exciting than the big poster in Billy’s tool cabinet.
Betty raised up and caught his arms. She pulled him down with her as she fell back on the bed and his head landed on the pillow of her tits. Without even thinking he moved, is head around until he could flick out his tongue and rub it across her swollen nipple, then he pulled the nipple into his mouth and sucked as he circled, the firm nub with his tongue.

“That’s it, honey,” sighed Betty. “Suck my tit. Get me all wet and hot for you.” She pressed his head to her with one hand while she ran, the other back and forth across his shoulders.

Slowly, tentatively, he closed his fingers around her other nipple and, finding no resistance, opened his hand and moved it down so he could cup her breast. He squeezed, making her titty tip stand up, and moved his mouth over to close around that nipple.
“Eddie, honey, you’re making my pussy so hot. Aren’t you ready to put your hard cock in me yet? Let me get it in my hand and I’ll guide it in.” She pushed her hand down between them. “I’ve got it. Oh, God, such a big cock. Slip on up a little and let’s slide it into my cunt.”
Eddie wiggled forward, his small body slithering up over Betty. The tip of his cock touched her slick cunt lips and slipped through, sliding in without resistance. Betty pulled him up until his hard cock was all the way in her hot pussy.

“That’s it, darling. You’ve got a good cock. It’s in me now. Fuck me. Pump your cock in and out of my cunt until both of us come all over each other.”
“Ah… I… I don’t know how?”
“Don’t worry. I’ll help you. Lift your butt a little and then ram it back down.”
Eddie followed her instructions. He raised his ass and let it settle back down. His cock slipped back a little and slithered back in slowly.
“Faster, honey. Ram your cock back and forth real fast. Shove it in and pull it back. It’ll come natural once you get the hang of it. Fuck me, faster.”
He pulled back again and shoved his cock back in to the hilt. A moment later he pulled back again and slammed back into her.
“Don’t stop between your thrusts, Eddie. Screw me with steady strokes. Pull back and shove forward and pull back again.”
Eddie started fucking then. He pulled his cock back and rammed it back home and pulled it back again without stopping. On his third stroke he felt Betty’s cunt come up to meet him.
“Atta boy, Eddie. Fuck me like that. Fuck me fast and fuck me hard and I’ll make it good for you, too.” She had her hands on his ass, urging him on.

Suddenly the thought hit Betty that Eddie had said he didn’t know how. This was his first piece of tail. Her cunt was the first one his cock had ever been in. She felt a warm glow start in her belly and her cunt muscles contracted. Her whole body shook as little electric charges radiated out from her belly and exploded in her head and cream gushed from her cunt.
Eddie stopped. “What was that?”

“I’m coming. Your cock made me come. Don’t you feel the pussy juice around your cock?”
“Is it, all right?”
“Fuck me, darling. That’s what it’s all about.” Her cunt was moving constantly, contracting around his cock, pressing against him, pulling at him, gripping him. “Screw me and I’ll come again. I’ll come with you. Fuck me, Eddie.”

Eddie plowed into her again, sure of his movements now. He drove his hard cock into her slippery cunt with all the skill of a much older man. His smooth prick slipped in without the ripples caused by veins and muscles in older men and she shuddered at the thought of being fucked by such a cock.

And then the angle of Eddie’s thrusts changed. He was driving into her with his ass lower, pushing forward more than up and down. He was breathing faster and fucking faster and Betty knew he was about to come. She tightened her arms around his shoulders and turned her flowing cunt up higher.

“That’s it, darling. Fuck me faster and just let it happen. Shoot your hot cum up my cunt. Push your cock up in my belly and spray my womb with your white cum. I’m going to come with you, we’re going to come together, darling. Go ahead. Fuck me hard and shoot your wad.”
Eddie’s sweaty hands were around her tits and he was squeezing. She crossed her ankles around him and squeezed him down to her with her legs. The walls of her pussy closed in on his cock as it plowed back and forth in and out.
“It’s so good, darling. Your cock is making me feel so good. I’m about to come again. Go ahead and get it, Eddie.”
He seemed to loose his sense of timing and moved in jerking, spasmodic lunges.
“Uh… uh… uh,” panted Eddie. “Uh… I’m… I’m fixing to… uh… fixing to shoot… uh… shoot off.”
He pushed his cock all the way in and held it there, pressing as hard as he could. Betty felt the first drop of his scalding cum as it gushed into the depths of her cunt. She tightened her grip on him and another spurt of cum followed the first.
“Oh, God! Shoot it to me! Fill me up!”

His cock kept jerking and shooting and she felt her own creamy juices gush down to ooze but of her cunt around Eddie’s slender cock.
“Oh, Lord! So much cum! Hold it in me! Let me feel it as long as you can.”
Eddie couldn’t have moved if he’d wanted to. Betty’s arms and legs were wrapped around him and held him tight. Both of them were sweating and gasping for breath and neither had any desire to move.
Betty slowly straightened one leg and let it drop to the bed, then the other one. She breathed a sigh and ran her fingers through Eddie’s sun-bleached blonde hair. He lifted his head and looked up at her.

“How’d you like it, honey?” she asked.
“Gee, Mrs. Howard, that was the best thing ever happened.”
“Call me Betty.”
“How old are you, uh… Betty?”
“What? Oh. I’m forty-one, Eddie. I’m just forty-one.”
“Can I take my peter out of you, please? I think I’ve got to pee.” His voice was shaking.
“Of course.” She lifted her hips as he raised up and backed off. “Use my bathroom. Right over there.” She, pointed toward the door with the full length mirror on it.

Betty could hear the water spattering in the bathroom as she lay on the bed. Eddie had a good cock, that was for sure.
[missing text] old was really ridiculous. She’d have to watch herself.
The bathroom door opened and Eddie stood there looking down at himself. “I’m all sticky. I’ve got sticky stuff all over me.”
“Come over here, and I’ll take care of it,” said Betty. She patted the bed next to her.
Eddie went to the bed and climbed up. He crawled over to Betty and dropped down beside her. His hand went out to feel one of her large breasts.
“You’re not ready to fuck again, are you?” she asked as she covered his hand with hers and pressed it to her tit.
“Are you?” He raised up and looked toward her cunt.
“Not quite.” She rolled over and took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Slowly she slipped his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. It was almost smooth, no flaring ridge around the back of the head as more mature cocks have. And there were only a dozen or so heavy golden hairs growing from the area just above the base of his prick.
“Such a fine cock,” she said. “It sure made me come. It gave me the best fucking I’ve had in a long time.” She lay her cheek on his abdomen and flicked her tongue up and down around the head of his cock. Excited by the taste of herself on his smooth cock she raised up and took his half-hard prick into her mouth. She circled it with her tongue and pressed her lips down toward the base. The smooth, slim shaft slipped easily into her throat. She pulled back and drove her head down again. And then she was beyond stopping. She felt his cock grow fully hard as she deep-throated him until he came again.

“I’m… uh… I’m shootin off again,” he stammered.

Betty didn’t answer. She kept jamming his cock into her throat again and again as she tasted his hot cum and felt it squirting down her throat. Her cunt quivered and her juices seeped from her slack pussy lips and ran down her thighs.

At last she let his long cock fall from her lips and she lay down on the bed. “Use the shower if you want, Eddie,” she said. “I’ll get your money for cutting the grass.”

“That’s all right, Mrs. Howard. I’ll clean up when I get home and you don’t have to pay me.”
“Oh, yes, I do. If you went home without your money your mother would wonder what was wrong.”
“Yeah. I forgot.” He picked up his clothes and started putting them on. “It don’t seem right that you have to pay me.”
“Lot’s of things don’t seem right,” said Betty as she got up and opened the drawer of the nightstand. She took out her wallet and counted out fifteen dollars. “I put in a little something extra for you this time, Eddie.” She laid the money on the side of the bed. “You’ll be back Saturday after next, won’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. Why don’t you let me cut your grass every week?”
“Billy does it when he’s home. I’ll see you in two weeks.”
Eddie took the money and left. Betty stretched out on the bed again and ran her long fingers over her breasts and down along the insides of her tapered thighs.

Let’s see, she thought. It’s been a long time but maybe I can remember. She pressed her pussy lips apart with one hand while she put the index and middle fingers of the other to her clit.
It was before the divorce, she mused. I think we were living at Midville. I know there were two of them and they fucked me good.
Still rubbing her clit she slipped two fingers of her other hand into her slippery cunt. One of them fucked me while the other one watched. And then that one fucked me, too.
She started moving her fingers in and out of her dripping hole with the same rhythm she was rubbing her erect clit. I remember they had more energy than anyone that ever fucked me before. Their cocks were long and slender and they fucked fast. I came and came. Oh, I’ve got to take it easy with my fingernails!

Oh, damn. I’m coming already and I didn’t get a chance to remember all the details this time either. Okay. I’ll make it as good as I can. First I take my clit between my fingers like it was a little cock and I jack it off while I fuck myself with my fingers. One more finger. I’ll fuck myself with three fingers and I’ll come harder. Oh, God, it’s good. I’ll jack my clit a little faster and make it better.
Betty leaned her head back, her eyes closed tight and her mouth wide open. She pulled her knees up and stroked her clit between her fingers while she rotated three fingers around in her contracting pussy. Her breath come in little gasps and her belly quivered. Cunt cream gushed from her twat and she lowered her legs.

“It’s not a young cock,” she sighed aloud, “but, it’s good.” With her eyes still closed she started crying. When she could compose herself again she got up, went to the bathroom and drew a tub of warm water and soaked herself until she felt clean all over. She quickly washed and stepped from the tub, dried herself with a brisk rub of the towel and put on a clean robe. She straightened the cover on the bed and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

What got into me, she asked herself in her mind. I’ve got to get a hold on myself or I’m going to mess up good. She moved around the kitchen, taking containers of leftovers from the refrigerator and combining them to make soup for her lunch. I’ve got a date with James this evening. That’ll make everything all right. When I’m with him everything seems to go so well. He’s got a good, big cock, too.
Betty heated her soup and poured it into a bowl, took crackers from the cabinet and sat down at the kitchen table to eat. Her thoughts started roaming again. When the kids are with William I feel so lonely, she thought. What can I do to shake this feeling? Every other weekend it’s the same, I’m alone and I don’t know what to do.

She got up and poured herself a glass of Coke. Why can’t I get interested in something the way other women do? I could take up ceramics or something, but I don’t care for that kind of stuff. I guess the only thing I’m really interested in is making my pussy come.
Betty put her dirty dishes in the dishwasher and walked through the house, looking for something to do to take her mind off her loneliness. Once again she walked upstairs. In Joan’s room she picked up dirty underwear and carried it to the clothes basket in Billy’s room she picked up a golf ball and put it on his dresser with his ping-pong balls, then went to her own room.

I’ve got to do something, she thought. I could take up exercising but, God knows, I’m thin enough. She went to the full length mirror on the bathroom door and dropped her robe to look at herself. Her dark blonde hair was only sparsely streaked with gray and looked frosted. Her face was pretty, her blue eyes sparkled and her skin was tanned. She decided she didn’t look a day over thirty, no, make that twenty-five.
She turned to the side and examined her body. Her breasts were full but firm and their thirty-eight inches stood out from her thin body as well as other women’s did when supported by a bra. Her body tapered in to a twenty-five inch waist and there were no wrinkles across her abdomen although she had had two children. Her hips were well rounded and her long thighs and legs tapered gently, no lumps or broken veins were to be seen.
I guess I could pass for twenty-five if I had to, she thought. There’s not another forty-one year old in town that can make that statement honestly. She ran her fingers through her dark brown cunt hair and smiled at her reflection. Still looking in the mirror she pressed her cunt lips open and looked at the thin, pink stripe that appeared in her curls. Suddenly she turned and ran out the door.

She went to the dresser in Billy’s room and grabbed a handful of ping-pong balls and went back to her room. She pulled a pillow from under the spread and carried it to the foot of the bed and sat down. She wadded up the pillow and propped it under her head as she leaned back. Facing the bathroom door she pulled her knees up and watched as her cunt lips opened by themselves. She took a ping-pong ball and placed it between the lips of her pussy. Watching herself in the mirror she pushed it in. She laughed and placed another ball in the grip of her cunt lips. It didn’t want to go in so she wet it in her mouth and popped it into her twat. One after another she wet the ping-pong balls and pushed them into her cunt until all four were lodged within her.

Betty stood up and carefully took a step. The sensation of having the balls roll around as she moved was quite stimulating. She walked out into the hall and down the steps. At the bottom of the stairs she turned around and went back up. Climbing the stairs was like having a long cock moving around in her cunt. Every step was a thrill. She went back to her room and put on her robe.
Now, she thought, now I’ll just go about doing all the things I usually do and see what happens. God knows, I’m coming almost constantly. Why didn’t I ever think of this before?

She bent over and touched her toes without bending her knees and the balls moved around and sent a small glob of cunt cream down her thigh. Next she placed her feet apart and bent forward again but instead of straightening up she dropped to a squatting position and one of the ping-pong balls shot across the room as if fired from a gun.

She retrieved the wayward ball from the corner of the room, washed it off, and popped it back into her pussy.
Oh, yes, she thought. This will keep me going until James comes this evening. Maybe I should keep them in while I go out with him. No. He has something to put in there, and I don’t want to give him any reason not to fuck me. God, how I love to get fucked. Let me go down to the den. I’ll put on some music and try doing the Twist, and the Charleston and a few other things.
She went down the stairs, two at a time.

Betty walked ahead of James King as they left the restaurant. At the curb he reached around her to open the car door. “I took the liberty of taking a room in a motel,” he said as they pulled out into the street.
“Why? I have that big house.”
“Your kids might come before you expect them. Besides, I feel like I should furnish the place.”
“You never were practical. You could stay at my place until time for the kids to get back tomorrow afternoon. Nobody would know the difference.” She put her hand on his thigh.
“Are you in a hurry?” he asked as he dropped his hand over hers.
“I don’t want to waste any time when I’m with you.”
“After we’re married we’ll be together all the time.”
“James, you know I can’t marry now. I have to get my life straightened out first. The doctor says if I can’t remember what it is that’s bothering me I’ll never be happy,” said Betty.
“Can I help?”
“No. There’s something unpleasant but I don’t know what it is. All I remember is happy incidents.”

James turned in at the motel. “Do you want a drink at the bar?”
“No thanks.”

They walked into the room hand in hand. James turned to make sure the door was locked. When he turned back around Betty had slipped off her blouse and was working on the button and zipper of her skirt.

“You are in a hurry, aren’t you?” he laughed.
“Only for you. Unhook my bra, okay?”
“Sure.” He walked over to her and she turned around for him to undo the catch. When he opened the catch he slid his hands around her body to fondle her huge breasts.

“Take your clothes off first,” she said. “I want to be able to touch you, too.”

James removed his coat and hung it over the back of a chair. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Please, hurry,” she whispered as she watched him undress.

James smiled and slipped the rest of his clothes off. “Now what?” he asked, as he stood and watched her step out of her panties.
“Now, let’s fuck.” She went to the bed and flipped the spread back. “Let’s get on the bed and fuck.”
“Come here I want to put you on the bed.”
Betty went over to him and put her arms around his neck. He bent and caught her around the thighs and lifted, pulling her up against him. Their lips were pressed to each other in a deep kiss and Betty wrapped her legs around his waist. James moved his hands to hold her juicy cunt open as he slowly lowered her onto his hard, upright cock.
“Oh, God. That feels so good,” breathed Betty as she pulled her lips away from his. “Let me on down until I’ve got it all.”
James lowered her a little more. His cock slithered up into her well-lubricated cunt. Using her arms and legs she worked herself up and down on his long rod. It slipped in and out easily as she lifted and lowered herself. Her large tits were pressed tight against his hairy chest and they rolled up and down with her gyrations.

“Put me on the bed so I can get more of it faster.” Betty made no attempt to disguise the fact that she loved having his cock in her pussy. Cunt cream oozed from her crack and ran down James’ cock as she anticipated the fucking she was going to get.
He eased her down on the bed without taking his cock from her twat. When she rested on her back he continued to come down until his thick prick was fully within her. He lowered his chest to her titties and got up on his knees. Working his hands under her ass he started pounding his throbbing cock into her steaming cunt.

“Oh, it’s good. But slow down. We don’t want it to end too soon.” She had his earlobe between her lips.
James stopped and withdrew his cock from her cunt. He stayed by her on his knees while she turned around straight on the bed. Once she was situated he got between her legs again and guided one of her thighs up to his waist. Slowly he eased himself down on the thigh and she turned toward him and put her other thigh over his side and reached down between them to guide his cock back into her throbbing cunt.

“Now. Fuck me slow and make it last all night,” said Betty. “I’m all yours.”
“Of course. Why?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to see what you’d say. Just stay close and can give you all of my cock.”
Pivoting on her, thigh he eased his dick into her cunt and drew it back almost effortlessly. With one arm under her neck and around her shoulder his other went to her tits. He traced his finger around her areola, then pressed her nipple with his fingertip. He took a nipple between his thumb and index finger and rolled it lightly until it hardened and became a tight, erect bud in his hand.

“You make my cunt all juicy and hot. Do you feel it trying to squeeze your cock?”
“I sure do.” He moved a little faster, his rigid cock rippling into her slick cunt. “Do you feel my cock jerking every time it goes in?”
“God, yes. That’s what makes it so good.” She tightened her legs around his body. “Push it to me, James fuck the living shit out of me.”
“You’re getting it, honey. I’m going to screw you till you beg for mercy.”
Pivoting on her thigh, James rammed his cock all the way up to her womb and slipped it back with an easy movement. The ridge on the back of his cock head scraped the lining of her cunt, and sent thrills through her body. More fluid seeped to her cunt.
“Oh, God! It’s good!” She rubbed her hand up and down on his shoulder. “Make it last. I could do this all night.”
James kept his pace, plugging in all the way up to her womb and slipping back until only the head of his bulging cock remained between the pink lips of her pussy. And quickly he reversed his direction and his long, thick cock slithered back into her steaming cunt.
“I’m coming, James, you’ve got me coming already!”

James’ hand went to her ass and as he pushed his cock into her he pulled her to him. The tip of his cock banged against the end of her tube and she tightened her grip on him. She caught her breath and a gush of slick oil oozed out between her trembling cunt lips and his plunging cock.
“I came. Darling, I came.” She kissed him.
“Hang on. I’ll make you come again.”
“I know. Just keep on fucking and I’ll keep on coming.”

James increased his speed. Still pivoting on her thigh he rammed his rippled cock into her flowing cunt faster and harder. With each stroke his cock head banged into her womb and she gasped every time she felt it.
“Oh, God. Oh, ifs good. Oh, fuck me hard, harder. Oh, I’m going to scream. Oh!”
He pushed her over onto her back and put his weight behind his thrusts. His long cock rammed solidly against the end of her cunt canal.
“Oh, hell! Oh! Jam it to me. Oh! Fuck me deep!”

James plowed into her with all the strength he had and her hips came up to meet him. He was pounding her hard and fast and couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted to. His balls drew up and he felt his climax building somewhere between his balls and his asshole.

“Here I come!” he panted. He pushed his cock solidly into her and held it against the end of her channel as spurt after spurt of pearly, white, hot cum pumped into her womb.
Her climax appeared with unbelievable speed.

The empty feeling in her gut, the heat radiating out to her whole body, the gush of juices running down her twat onto her asshole, and down to the sheet, all happened almost at the same time. The dizziness that followed was so intense that she almost passed out.
When James’ cock stopped jerking he let out his breath and collapsed on top of her. Only when his breath was coming easier did he attempt to move. He rolled off to the side and lay quietly until they were both breaking normally again.
“Would you like to walk over to the lounge for a drink before we screw again?” asked James.
“No, darling. I have to get back home. Why don’t you dome spend the night with me at the house?”
“People would talk if I stayed there. Want a bath before you go?”
“I’ll clean up at home. I want to be near the phone just in case Billy or Joan should call.” She stretched and raised her arms above her head.
James put his hand on her tit. “Do you want to go now?”
“I’d better. I worry when they go to see William. I don’t know why. Maybe I just worry for nothing.” She rolled over and hung her legs off the bed. “Do you think I worry too much?”
“No. You probably have a reason, even if you don’t know what it is.”
They dressed and he drove Betty home, kissed her at the door and drove off into the night.
Betty went up to her room, undressed and went to the tub to soak herself clean. She caressed herself with a soapy cloth, paying particular attention to her crotch where she rubbed harder, and longer than anywhere else.
She took the four ping-pong balls from the soap dish on the lavatory, wet them and popped them, one at a time, into her moist cunt. She went to bed and rolled around, enjoying the sensations the four balls produced. After a few minutes she went to sleep, nude.
The ringing of the phone woke her.

“Mom,” said Joan’s voice. “I have a date with Jack and he’ll bring me home. Is it all right?”
“Yes, darling. Don’t be top late.”
“Thanks. Bye, Mom.”
“Bye, darling.”

I wonder if she’s putting out for Jack, thought Betty. She’s with him all the time. I wasn’t fucking anybody at eighteen. I was nineteen before I lost my cherry.

Betty rolled over and marveled at the thrills of the ping-pong balls produced. Her cunt was wet and she felt sure that she had tossed and turned all night to feel as good as she did. She put on a robe and left the ping-pong balls in place while she fixed coffee and toast. She made her bed and spent the next six hours sitting, standing, walking, running, squatting and bending with the four ping-pong balls in her cunt.
Betty had just finished dressing when Billy came home at four o’clock. “How was your weekend?” she asked.

“And your father?”
“He’s okay.” Billy went up to his room and started on his homework while Betty went to the kitchen to plan supper.

Joan was at a drive-in movie with Jack Edwards. He had his arms around her and was rubbing one of her tits as they watched the R-rated movie.
“What are you up to now?” asked Joan as one of Jack’s hands went to her, knee and started sliding up her thigh.
“Trying to convince you that you peed me.” His hand slid up until he met the fabric of her panties.
“Not like that, I don’t. Why do we always have to fight?”
“Because you won’t admit what you really want.”
“Well, I sure don’t want you sticking something in me. Not your finger or anything else.”
His fingers went through the leg opening of her panties and into her cunt hair. “Come on, Joan. You want it as much as I do. Let’s go somewhere and park.”
“No. You’d better move your hand.” She had a threatening tone in her voice.
Jack wiggled a finger and it found the slick juice from her cunt where it had spread out into her pubic hair. “See how slick it is? That proves you want me just as much as I want you.”
“The only thing that proves is that I’m human. Move your hand.” She shifted slightly in the seat, moving away from him.
Jack pushed his hand forward. His index finger slipped in her cunt cream and skidded between her pussy lips. Joan swung and caught him full on the cheek with her open hand. The sound of the slap could be heard several cars away and the sound as much as the pain brought tears to Jack’s eyes.

“Oh, come on. We can go somewhere and park and…”
“No, hell, we can’t! Take me home now, Jack, or I’ll never speak to you again.”
Jack started the car and drove to the house on Elm Street without talking. He pulled into the driveway and started around the car to open the door for Joan but she called, “Don’t bother,” she got out and went into the house.
The house was quiet, no sound came from either her mother’s or her brother’s rooms. Joan went to her own room and dressed for bed. After a few minutes she quietly got out or bed and tiptoed down the hall. She opened Billy’s door and stepped inside.
Only a trickle of light filtered through the window and Joan had to wait for her eyes to adjust before going over to the bed. She moved lightly, her bare feet making no noise on the carpet.
“Billy, are you awake?”

No answer.

Joan sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hand on his shoulder. “Billy, wake up.”
“Huh? What is it?”
“Move over. Let me lie down with you.” She pushed back the cover, slid into the bed and covered herself.
“What’s the matter, Sis?”
“Oh, Jack got me all upset. We went to the drive-in and he kept playing with my tits and running his hand up under my dress and getting me all hot and bothered.”
“Want me to knock a knot on his head?”
“No. I want you to cool me off. He started my pussy drooling. I feel like I’m slick all the way to my knees.”
“You want me to screw you?” Billy couldn’t believe his ears.
“Yes. Remember how we used to play when we were little? Now, I want it in me. I’ve used my finger so many times it just doesn’t do much good anymore.”
“Sure, Sis.” He pushed back the cover and started pulling off his pajamas. “But why didn’t you get Jack to finish what he started?”
“I can’t. You know the reputation some girls get.” She sat up and pulled her gown over her head.
“Do you mean you don’t put out for anybody?”
“That’s right. Please hurry.”

Billy reached out and found her more by touch than by sight. He put his hand on her breast and pressed it toward him. She scooted over to the center of the bed and Billy eased his knees over between hers.
Joan reached out and took his hard cock in her hand and tried to pull it toward her dripping cunt but Billy had ideas of his own. He dropped back on his haunches, pulling his cock from her hand, and bent his head down to her titties. His hard tongue quickly circled one of her nipples while he put his palm over her other tit.

“Oh, my God. I’m already hot, you idiot. Fuck me. Put your stiff cock up my hot cunt and let’s get something going.”
Billy lifted his head just long enough to say, “I want you hotter.” He dropped his mouth to her other tit and put the first nipple against his palm.
Billy let his wet tongue trail across between her titties and down her belly. He jammed his tongue into her belly button and let her feel his teeth around ft.

“Oh, my God. Hurry up, Billy.” She tangled her fingers in his hair and tried to pull him back upon her. He pushed her hands away and left a wet streak down across her abdomen to the thick crop of golden curls at her crotch.
Joan suddenly spread her thighs and pulled her knees up. Billy ran his fingers down the insides of her creamy thighs from her knees to her cunt. He moved his fingers around her twat, probing, teasing and finally pulling the lips of her cunt open wide.
Feeling his way with his tongue, Billy found her clit and closed his lips around it so he could use his tongue like a pool cue to tap her little nubbin. She pulled her knees as tight to her shoulders as she could to force her clit out and allow Billy to get at it as easily as possible.
In moments Billy had her moaning with every breath and rocking her hips up with each tap of his tongue. Then he changed his tactics. He released her clit and stretched his mouth open to enclose her whole slit. His tongue went down to probe into her hole and then went back up to tap her button. Time after time his nimble tongue took the same route, plugging into her juicy twat only to come back out and slip up to her clit, tap it and then back down again to her hole.

“Billy! Oh, my God, Billy! Get up here and put your cock in me before I explode!” demanded Joan.
Billy only worked faster, jamming his tongue into her steaming twat only to jerk it back out and slip it up to bang against her clit while his fingers teased the tender, slick flesh around her cunt and ass. His eager cock was fully erect and he was sure his lubricating juices were dripping from its tip but he liked teasing his sister.
Not since they were children playing doctor had he even considered fucking his sister. Back then they had only a rough idea of what screwing was all about and he had taken his cock in his hand and ran the head up and down through Joan’s pink slit but there had been too much friction and neither of them realized that it was actually supposed to go inside her. They’d decided it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and by the time they learned better they no longer played nude together. They had been told it was wrong.
Now Billy let his mouth slip from her drooling cunt and go up through her curly bush and along her abdomen, leaving a mixture of saliva and pussy juice on her smooth skin. He sealed his wet lips around her belly button and sucked, sticking his tongue into the indentation.
“Hurry up and put your dick in me! Fuck me, NOW!” cried Joan.

Billy raised his head. “You’d better hold it down or Mom will be in here and then all you’ll get is in trouble for being in my bed.” He put his lips back down around her belly button and slid them up across her stomach and between her tits.
Joan tried to reach for his cock but he twisted away from her.

“Give me your cock, Billy! I’m burning up!” she whispered with anger in her voice.
“Okay, Sis. I was just teasing.” He got up on his hands and knees. “Guide me in.”
She wrapped her slender fingers around his bursting cock and pulled him to her, guiding the head of his prick between her juicy cunt lips. As he pressed toward her his slick cock slid into her slippery cunt without resistance. She caught her breath as his full length slithered into her tight twat tunnel. Her legs went up around his waist and pulled him down tight against her.
He lay there for a few moments, straining against her even though the full length of his cock was already buried in her cunt. At last he pulled back, three inches of his rippled shaft sliding out of her clutching pussy. She jumped and quivered and a sound of surprise escaped her lips.

“What’s wrong?” asked Billy.
“It feels funny coming out, like it was sucking my insides out or something.”
“Different from other guys?”
“I haven’t had other guys.”
“If you haven’t had other guys, how’d you loose your cherry?”
“I busted it a long time ago.”
“Come on, and fuck me, Billy. We can talk later.”
“Nothing doing. How’d you loose your cherry?”
“I was fucking myself with Mom’s douche gun and I pushed it too hard. Now will you shut up and fuck me?”
Billy didn’t answer. He simply pushed his cock into her again and drew it back slowly, half expecting her to cry out or pull away. Instead he felt her legs go back around him and one of her arms went around his neck while the other slipped up under his arm and around his back.
“Oh, my God. I never knew it was this good. I feel my pussy juice building up so much, I think I’ll turn wrong-side-out when I come.” Her hips came up off the bed to meet him when he started down again. She swayed as she brought her hips up and he could feel her titties rolling against his chest.

Billy was more interested in Joan’s reaction to each move he made than he was in getting a piece of tail at that moment. He found that her hips came up and her belly quivered under him when he started driving into her. At the same time her upper body twisted slightly to the side and her titties rolled against him. As he pulled back she lowered her hips to lengthen his stroke, and when he was back all the way she blew out her breath and sucked in more air which she held until he had gone in and out again.
As Billy started driving down, the arm Joan had across his back tightened and pulled him to her. Her legs tightened around him to make sure he drove his cock all the way in. And as soon as his pelvic bone crashed into hers she loosened her legs and her hips started drooping away from him, starting his cock on its way back out again.

“Oh, my God, Billy. You’re really fucking me. I’m actually getting fucked. Billy, darling, fuck me faster. Make me get it. Make my pussy come.” She tried to increase the pace but Billy held back, trying to make it last as long as he could.
“Don’t rush it, Sis. At this rate I can probably last long enough for you to come two or three times.” He kept plugging away at the same pace, running his cock with its rippled shaft in and out of her cunt and never breaking his rhythm.

“I’m coming! I’m coming, Billy! Is that right? Can you go right on when I come?” Joan’s voice was tight.
“Yes. Come on. Don’t try to hold it back.”
“Oh, my God. Do you feel it?” She was getting louder. “Do you feel my juice?”
“I feel it. It’s all over my balls.” He worked his hands down under her hips. “See? It doesn’t bother me. I’m still screwing you.” He picked up his pace just a little. “I’ll probably come with you next time.”
“I’m still there, Billy! I’m still coming! I never came like this before. What’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s wrong. Have you ever had a real, live cock before?”
“Don’t fight it. Let it happen.” He slipped his knees forward just a little and lifted her hips with his hands. When he drove into her with his knees closer and her hips up his balls made a wet noise when they splashed into her wet ass. The sound excited him and he drove harder. Joan’s was the tightest cunt he’d ever been in. It seemed to cling around his cock when he pulled back, like hundreds of little fingers trying to hold his cock in. And when he pushed in, it was like pushing a new hole through warm grease with little fingers gripping but unable to hold on because of the slippery oils.
The thought of what was happening made Billy’s cock get even harder. He rammed it into his sister’s flowing cunt harder and faster, pulling her hips up to meet him with each thrust.
“Oh, my God, Billy, I’m coming again!”
“Me too.”
“Kiss me!”

Billy pulled his head up from her shoulder and his lips met hers, opened and his tongue went between her lips. Her own tongue was moving, circling around his and then snaking out and trying to crawl down his throat.
She got that empty feeling in the pit of her stomach and it radiated out like a slow electric shock all over her body. And when it hit her cunt it erupted in a fast flow of slick cunt juice.

Billy also had a funny feeling in his guts, like little cramps, small spasms that caused his ass to contract and his balls to draw up in their sac. And the pumping started, his muscles contracting down below his balls, pumping the pearly, white, hot cum from the tip of his prick into his sister’s coming cunt.

Joan shook so hard she almost bit Billy’s tongue. She was shaking all over, her cunt squeezing and loosening around his cock, sucking, him dry. Her jaw was trembling so hard she could hardly breathe and her breathing was so loud Billy was afraid it would wake their mother. Joan’s arms and legs were squeezing him so hard he was about to yell.

“Easy, Sis! Relax! Breathe slow and deep and relax!” He lifted his weight off her, pulling his hands from under her ass and pushing himself upright but leaving his jerking cock within her pulsating pussy.
“It’s okay. I’m all right.” She took a breath. “I’ve never had anything like this before.” She grabbed another lungful of air. “I didn’t know what fucking was all about.”

In her own room Betty went to bed and tossed and finally got up and took Billy’s ping-pong balls from the drawer of her nightstand. She made a mental note to buy Billy some more before he missed them. She went to the bathroom and wet the balls, then popped them into her cunt, one after the other until all four were up in her twat.
Bending from side to side she made sure they were seated properly and went back to bed.
As Betty flexed her muscles to make the balls move she tried to remember what it was about the two guys that she screwed that made them seem so important. There were two of them, she thought. They made my cunt do things it had never done before. God, I wish they were here now. They’d be so much better than these things. Young cocks stay hard. They could fuck me all night.
She placed her hands on her abdomen and pressed. She could pull the balls up with her cunt muscles and press them back down with her hands. Oh, yes, she thought, they could push their cocks up in me and pull them back and shoot their stuff and keep on fucking until they came again and again. Why can’t I have a strong cock to fill my cunt every night?
She flexed her muscles and pressed her abdomen until she was so tired she dropped off to sleep with the balls still in her cunt. And dreamed about stiff, cocks that could come and come without getting soft.

Billy Howard used his mother’s station wagon to date Ellen Jackson on Monday night. He had the inside of the windows in the back part of the wagon covered with masking paper and it took only a minute for him to cover the remaining windows when he parked beside the body shop at the local Chevrolet dealership.
“I’d never have thought of parking here,” said Ellen.
“It looks just like the other cars parked here to be worked on,” said Billy. “Let’s get in the back.”
They climbed over the back of the seat, onto the mattress Billy had put in the rear. Billy left his loafers on the floorboard at the driver’s seat and quickly slipped out of his pants as soon as he was on the mattress. Ellen pulled her sweater over her head and unhooked her bra while Billy got his pants off.

“Do you want my skirt and half-slip off?” she asked as she slipped her panties off.
“Suit yourself. I’m in too much of a hurry to care.”
In the darkness Ellen felt around to find Billy’s cock. As soon as her hands found it she dropped her head down and sucked it into her hot mouth. Her tongue ran around the bulging head as she held the skin back with her hands.
“You’d better watch that,” said Billy. “I’m so hot I’ll shoot off in a minute.”

Ellen raised her head long enough to say, “We don’t have a lot of time, honey. Can we do it this way this time?” Without waiting for him to answer she took his rock-hard cock back into her mouth and didn’t stop until the head of it was wedged in the tight constriction of her throat.
“Oh, hell, yes,” said Billy as he pushed her skirt and half-slip aside and buried his face in her crotch. He turned his head from side to side with his mouth against her cunt lips to spread them apart, then flicked his tongue out to lick her clit.
Not able to communicate with her voice, Ellen showed how much she liked his action by popping the head of his cock through the narrow part of her throat half a dozen times. She could feel fluids running to her twat and knew Billy would realize that this also showed how much she liked his tongue on her clit.
Billy rolled over on his back and guided her as she threw her leg across to straddle his head. Ellen lowered her crotch by spreading her knees as far apart as she could. Once she was in this position she could move her cunt up and down on his mouth. By being on top Ellen had complete control of her head. She pressed the head of his prick between her tongue and the roof of her mouth and bobbed her head up and down, just letting him feel the tight spot in her throat with the tip of his cock.
Billy used his hands to hold the lips of Ellen’s cunt wide apart. His arms were out to the sides behind her thighs and he could move his head up and down enough to drag his tongue back and forth, down across her erect clit and back up to dip into her juicy cunt. As his tongue went into her hole he could feel her twat grabbing, trying to grip it and pull it inside. When his tongue crossed over her clit he could feel her bottom tremble with excitement. And when he got back to the hole again there would be a fresh supply of cunt cream to grease his tongue and tickle his taste buds.

Ellen started driving her head further down, taking his cock head into the tight spot between her palate and tongue again. She deep throated him faster and faster as her own desire drove her to press her cunt down harder against his tongue. She had her hands on his balls and ass and she drove her head down until her chin hit the hair above his cock and her nose contacted his balls.
Once she had found the range she jerked her head up and down rapidly, sucking, pressing and jamming his cock into her throat. The taste of his male fluids were driving her wild. Just knowing that she was making the clear oil come out of the tip of his dick set off the heat in her belly and she knew she was going to come in just seconds.

Excited by the depth to which Ellen was taking his cock into her throat Billy stuck his tongue all the way out and made it into a hard shaft which he started jamming into her cunt hole by nodding his head. His chin and lower lip rubbed across her clit. He could feel her trembling and when she stiffened up and a tremendous flow of cunt cream ran into his mouth he was not surprised. He opened his mouth and sealed his lips around her twat and sucked, rubbing her clit with his tongue.

The fact that Ellen came didn’t make any difference in the way she handled Billy’s cock. She kept deep throating him and running her tongue around his cock head when she came up only to put his cock deep in her throat again as soon as she had run her tongue around it once. When she felt the last of her cream sucked from her cunt she popped Billy’s cock head in and out of her throat several times without taking time or lifting her head enough to use her tongue. She could tell that his cock head was swollen and she knew that each move she made would send little messages along his nerve fibers to thrill him all over.

Billy started moving his tongue back and forth between her clit and her hole again, taking time at each end of his route to give special attention to both her bud and the path to her cunt. He made his tongue stiff to run around her clit, flat to cover the distance between, and hard again to go up into her cunt. His mouth was pressed hard enough against her to keep her crack open so he moved his hands. He ran them up and down the sensitive inside of her thighs, cupped her hips and probed around her asshole.
Both Billy and Ellen were going at each other faster than they ever had before. Ellen was so hot a steady stream of pussy cream was running from her cunt into Billy’s mouth. Billy’s cock was jerking although he hadn’t really started to come. Ellen squeezed his balls and ran her fingers around on his hips and he wanted to come so bad the top of his head was about to blow off.
Finally Ellen pushed her lips down to the hair around his cock and left the head of his prick deep in her throat. Instead of lifting her head she simply worked the muscles in her throat. At the same time she pushed a long, slim finger into his asshole and he came. Cum spurted from the tip of his jerking cock and burned its way down her throat to her stomach. His hot, white cum triggered her own and she pushed her crotch down against his mouth as her fluids gushed into his mouth again.

Neither of them wanted it to end. They held onto each other, not letting go until both were breathing normally again. Finally Billy said, “We do have to go, you know.”
“Yes. I still have homework to do.”
“And if I want to use Mom’s station wagon again I’d better not keep it too long.”
“I love your MGB but this is neat. We can carry a bed anywhere we go.”

Billy was pulling on his pants. “Yes. I’ll see if I can get it for a whole weekend sometime.”
Billy stripped the paper from the windows and drove Ellen home, and then went home and up to his room. He undressed and lay down with a book from the school library. He was due to make an oral book report the next day.
Betty went out to the tool room at the garage to look far a book on macrame. When things got in the way she simply took them to the tool room and then had trouble finding them when she needed them. There was no light in the room so she took a flashlight and when Jack brought Joan home she cut off the light and stepped out where she could listen.
Jack parked in the driveway and sat with Joan for a few minutes with the lights out. Then the door flew open and Joan jumped out and slammed the door. Jack got out on the other side.

“It’s like this every time,” said Joan. “Why do you have to feel my tits? Why do you try to run your hand up under my skin? Can’t you ever date me without trying to undress me?”
“What do you expect, Joan? You kiss me and press yourself up against me and then you just want to go home. You get me all worked up and just leave me like that. I have feelings, too.”
“Yeah. You want to feel all the time. You want to feel me.”
“Joan, I love you. Isn’t it natural to want to get as close to the person you love as you can?”
“Well, you can just stay completely away from me from now on.” She went into the house and slammed the door before Jack had a chance to answer.
When Jack returned to his car Betty was sitting in the front passenger seat. “Get in and drive off just like I wasn’t here,” she said.
Jack got in and backed out into the street. “You heard?”
“I heard. She’s sending you home with a case of lover’s nuts. I don’t think it’s fair, but I don’t tell her what to do.” She slipped over next to him as he started down the street. “Are you in a hurry to get home?”
“No, ma’am.”
“There’s a motel out on the Midville highway. We could go out there,” Betty worded it as a simple suggestion but the tone in her voice was like a demand.
“Yes, ma’am.” Jack made a right turn and went out toward Midville.
Betty slipped farther over, leaning against Jack when they were out of town. She put her hand on his thigh and rubbed lightly. “Do you think maybe I can help relieve some of the tension Joan helped you build up?” she asked.
“At the motel?” Jack’s voice trembled a little.
“In a room at the motel.”
“You and me in a motel room?” Jack’s voice had gone up at least half an octave.

Betty reached over and took his right hand off the steering wheel and guided it into the opening of her robe and against her breast. Jack curled his fingers around a firm tit, then pulled his hand out of her robe and put it around her and let it hang over her shoulder and back down to her breast again.
“You’re not teasing me, are you, Mrs. Howard?”
Betty’s hand moved up his thigh to feel the bulge in his pants. “I’m not teasing at all. Do you want me?”
“Oh, yes, yes, ma’am.” He had to fight to hold the car on the road.
“Tell me just exactly what you want, Jack. Use the dirty words and tell me what you’re going to do to me.”
“I’m going to the motel, and I’m going to sleep with you.”
“Jack, if that’s what you’re going to do you might as well take me home. We can sleep in our own beds.”
“Ma’am?” He eased up on the gas, unsure of himself.
“Use the short, dirty words, Jack. My hand is on your cock. Now, tell me what you’re going to do.”
Jack thought a moment before saying, “I’m going to screw you.”
“Tell me more, and what you’re going to do is fuck me.”
“Oh, hell, Mrs. Howard. It just doesn’t sound right. I mean saying that to my girlfriend’s mother.”
“Feel where my panties are stretched tight, Jack.” She patted the hand that was on her titty.
Jack pulled his hand out of her robe and took it from around her neck, then laid it on her knee and pushed it up her thigh until he felt her cunt hair.
“You aren’t wearing any panties.”
“That’s right,” she said as she pushed his hand down between her thighs. “Now tell me what you’re going to do.”
“I’m going to push my cock in there where my hand is…”
“In your pussy. I’m going to push my cock up in your pussy, and fuck you while I suck your tits. I’m going to keep fucking you until I bust my nuts and shoot my cum in you. How’s that?” Jack was working his finger between her hot cunt lips where they were slick with her pussy juice.
“There’s the motel up ahead. That’s fine, but I’ll bet you do more than that before you’re through. I have an idea you’re going to use more than your cock and I’m going to use more than my cunt before you take me home.” She reached in her robe pocket and took out a bill. She looked at it as they passed a mercury vapor lamp, put it back and took out another. By the lights at the motel she could see that it was a twenty.
“Here, Jack.” She handed him the bill. “Go get us a room. All I have on is this robe.”

He took the money and went into the office. In no time at all he was back with a key. He drove down to the end of the motel and got out. Betty followed him into the room and sat down on the bed.

“Time to get out of those clothes,” she said.
Jack kicked off his loafers and unbuttoned his shirt. He found a hanger and placed his shirt on it. He took down another hanger and removed his pants and hung them up. In just his shorts and socks he looked over at Betty.
“Aren’t you going to undress?”
“I’ll let you take my robe off. Go ahead and get out of your things.”

Jack stood on one foot to remove a sock, then stood on that bare foot to pull off the other. He looked at Betty, then turned his back to her and pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them and looked back over his shoulder at Betty again.
“You might as well turn around, you’re standing in front of a mirror,” she laughed. Jack looked back and saw her reflection in the big mirror in front of him. He turned around and took a step toward her. She stood up and held her arms out to him while looking at the massive cock protruding from his crotch and swaying slightly as he walked toward her.
As he came close Betty dropped one of her hands to reach for his gigantic cock. She’d seen a lot of cocks but never one of such magnitude on an eighteen-year-old. Her fingers didn’t quite reach around it, and it must have been more than ten inches long.
“Jack Edwards, where did you ever get such a big cock? If only Joan knew what she’s missing!”
“Gee, Mrs. Howard. Do you really think it’s big?” Jack reached for the sash at her waist, caught it and pulled. The robe opened just enough for him to see the valley between her titties, her belly button and just a little of the brown curls at her cunt.
Betty dropped her shoulder and the robe started sliding. Jack didn’t wait. He reached out and pushed it down her arm. She slipped her arm out and changed hands on his cock so he could finish getting her robe off.
As the robe dropped to the floor Jack stepped back to look at Betty until her hand on his cock stopped him. Her dark blonde hair hung past her shoulders and her blue eyes smiled at him. Her skin was tanned but still had that rosy look and her enormous tits pointed at him without sagging. Their silver dollar size areolas were dark against the lighter mounds and her large nipples were erect. Betty’s waist was like a wasp’s and her hips flared out and were smooth. The dark brown hair around her cunt was curly and glistened with the moisture of her lubricating oils.

“Good gosh, Mrs. Howard. You’re beautiful,” said Jack, still looking, his eyes open as wide as his mouth. “You’re beautiful.”
“What was it you said you’d do to me?” asked Betty.
“I… I said… I don’t remember,” he stammered as he reached out to put a hand on each tit.
“Let’s get on the bed,” said Betty as she pulled him toward her. “Let’s get on the bed and see if you can remember.”
She turned him around and when the bed was just behind his knees she pushed him down across it and dropped to her knees and had his cock in her mouth before he knew what was happening. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and pulled the skin back with her fingers as she ran her tongue around the ridge at the back of his cock head.
“Ohh! Gosh!” moaned Jack.

Betty pushed his knees up and took his balls in her palm, rolling them around. She let his cock slip from her lips as she raised her head and looked up at his face. He was holding his head up, watching her. She smiled and bent back down, licking her way from the tip of his cock to the base down the top. Turning her head she pulled his cock to the side and licked her way back out to the tip.
She tried to stick the tip of her tongue into the little slit at the tip of his cock head and then pushed his hard rod over to the other side and licked her way back down to its base. This time she opened her mouth and pushed one of his balls in. She moved her tongue around it and let it go and licked her way back to the end of his cock on the opposite side.

Clear oil glistened on Jack’s cock head and she licked it off before taking the full length of his shaft into her mouth and throat. The head of his cock wedged itself into the constriction of her throat and she kept pressure on the rest of it with her tongue and teeth and lips. And then she started moving, slipping his cock head back up into her mouth and jamming it back into her throat while she varied the pressure on the rest of his prick.

“Gosh! Get up on the bed so can get to you, too.” His fingers were tangled in her hair and he was rocking his hips from side to side.
Betty scrambled up on the bed. In just an instant she was on top of him in the classic sixty-nine position. His cock was back in her throat and her lips were against the thick hair around his root.
Jack looked at the split in her crotch, only an inch from his nose. Using his nose and lips he opened her cunt and ran his tongue from end to end, tasting both her clit and her hole. He ran his hands along her belly and up to her tits. Taking one in each hand he let her nipples rest in his palms as he nuzzled his mouth up into her dripping cunt. The slippery heat of her pink twat added to his excitement and he almost shot his wad before he got started.

Betty sensed how close he was to coming and opened her mouth, holding his cock only with her teeth until he calmed down. Presently Jack started moving his tongue again, pushing it in and out of her dripping cunt hole. Her clit was against him somewhere between his lip and his chin and everytime he moved his tongue he moved his lower jaw and rubbed her passion button. She could have gone on sucking him all night but she knew that if she wanted him to come in her cunt she’d better get his cock in it before they went too far to turn back.
Dropping his rigid dick from her mouth she said, “Jack, I want you to fuck me now.”
He rammed his tongue into her cunt once more before he turned his head aside. “Gosh! Okay!”

Smoothly Betty lifted a leg and rolled from over him and onto her back. Jack rolled over and crawled around until he and she were both lying with their heads at the head of the bed. She spread her legs and he got his knees between hers. Betty reached down and took his gigantic cock in her hand and guided its head to the mouth of her waiting cunt.

“Do we… do you need what about birth control?”
“No need to worry. Ease this big thing in me, Jack. Push it in slowly, it’s damn big.”
“Gosh, Mrs. Howard. Coming from you that’s a compliment.” He inched forward, pushing the head of his cock between her dripping pussy lips. She pulled her knees up against her sides and tried to relax but she anticipated the pain of being stretched by his huge cock and drew up.
“Easy, Jack. Work it in slowly. I’ve never had a prick as big as yours before.” She moved the head of his prick around, trying to get it lubricated as much as she could. “Now. Try it now, Jack. Work it back and forth, and see if you can get it in without killing me.”
Jack started rocking his hips back and forth, feeding only a fraction of an inch of his king-size reamer into her anxious cunt. Betty wanted to scream and tell him to stop, but she wanted to get fucked even more. When he had half of his ten inches inside her she wrapped her legs around his body and her arms around his neck.

“That’s it, darling. Keep working it in just like that. Keep it coming to me, but don’t get in a hurry.”
“Gosh, Mrs. Howard. You make me feel like a man, talking like that.” He kept rocking his hips, giving her more and more.
“Call me Betty. And you are a man. You’re too much a man to be wasting this big cock on girls. I know how to appreciate it.” She wiggled her hips from side to side. “Oh, God, it’s a big one. Have I got it all now?”
“Fuck me, Jack. Fuck the hell out of me.”
Jack cased his cock back about two inches and pushed it in again. Gaining confidence he drew back a little further on his next stroke and pushed it back in a little faster. With each stroke he used a little more of his cock until he had more than six inches of it running in and out of her steaming cunt. He leveled out and picked up speed, the veins of his cock shaking Betty’s whole bottom end as they rippled through her stretched pussy lips.
“That’s the way, Jack! Give it to me!” She started rolling her hips up to meet him, adding another inch to his stroke.
“Is it all right? Am I doing it right?”
“God, yes!” Her legs were moving up and down, trying to move him faster. “I’ve never had a cock like this!”

Jack’s cock was hitting bottom with each stroke and Betty’s belly started fluttering and then that electric feeling started sending chills over her, and a big glob of cunt cream forced its way out between the stretched lips of her twat and Jack’s big cock. She squeezed him with her arms and legs and shuddered so hard Jack stopped dead still. “What’s wrong?”
“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I came and I’m going to come again! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She was pulling him back and forth with her legs, getting him started again.

Jack started moving his giant cock again, slipping it in until his balls, slapped her ass and pulling it back further than he had before. He got up on his forearms and bent down to wrap his lips around a nipple without breaking his stride. Betty lifted her tit to him, squeezing it to make the nipple stick out farther.

“Fuck me, Jack! I’m coming again! Can you feel the juice? Can you feel my hot juice on your cock?”
“I feel it.” He had her nipple between his teeth.
“Come with me, Jack! Come with me!”

Jack dropped her nipple and started pounding his cock into her cunt with all the strength he had. His eyes were closed and he was holding his breath as his hands slid down her sides and under her hips.
“That’s right! Push me up to you! Fuck me!”
Jack caught a quick breath and slammed his throbbing cock into her flaming cunt like a jackhammer. His swinging balls pressed against her soaking ass and he felt more of her hot oils ooze out to run across the crack of her ass and down to his hands.
His abdomen started trembling, and his balls drew up. He seemed to ram further into her as his breath escaped through his cramped throat and cum spurted from his cock into Betty’s womb until it was filled and then squirted out between them along with her pussy oil to drain down and drop to the bed.

“Oh, God, almighty!” cried Jack. “I got it! I busted my nuts off in you!” And he fell on her gasping for breath.
“I got it, too! You shot more cum in me than I could hold. I feel it running down my ass. Oh, Jack, where have you been all my life? God, what I’ve been missing!” She eased her legs, down and marveled at the size of his cock. He had come, he was done, he was out of breath and still his cock was so big it felt like she had a whole bologna up her cunt.
“I’ve got to rest a minute,” said Jack.
“I couldn’t get up if I had to. Just lie here and leave it in me. Oh, God, did lever come! I’ve never come like that!”
“Can we do it again when I catch my breath?”
“What? Are you able to fuck again?”
“In a minute.”
“Rest a minute, honey. Rest a minute and we’ll do it again!”

Joan had gone through the front door without looking back. She had no idea that her mother had left with Jack. She only knew that she had to have relief. She went up to her room and put on her gown and tiptoed down the hall to Billy’s room, eased the door open and went in.
Billy was sitting on the bed in just his pajama bottoms, reading. He looked up and saw his sister and his cock jumped up and stuck its head out through the opening.

Joan closed the door, turned out the light and went over to the bed. She sat down and stroked her brother’s cock. “You’re ready, aren’t you, Billy?”
Billy reached for Joan’s tits. “We’d better be quiet or Mom will hear us.”
Joan pulled her gown over her head. “I’m so hot,” she whispered. “Jack kept feeling my tits and trying to put his finger in my pussy.”
“Why don’t YOU just give him a piece?” Billy stood up and pulled his pajama bottoms.
“He wouldn’t respect me.” She reached out and felt her brother’s cock. “Oh, my God! You’re as ready as I am! Let’s go!” She scooted over to the middle of the bed and spread her legs.

Billy followed and crawled between her thighs. He had his rigid cock in his hand but when she reached for it he let her guide it to her smoldering cunt. He moved forward as her legs went up to encircle him. There was no hesitation. Her well lubricated twat accepted his hard cock and it slipped all the way in without hitting any dry spots.
“Oh, my God! That feels good!” cooed Joan. “Fuck me, Billy!” She rocked her body, moving her titties against the hair on his chest.
“This is not going to be good. I’ve shot my load once tonight so I’m not in as a big a hurry as I was last night,” said Billy as he worked his long cock slowly back and forth in his sister’s drooling pussy.
“You must have fucked Ellen. Was it at her house?”
“No. We ate each other in Mom’s car.” He raised up, pressed her tits together and lowered his chest against them. “We didn’t have much time.”
Joan moved her hands up and down on his back. “Is she better than I am?”
“There’s a difference but I wouldn’t say either one of you is better than the other.” He worked his hands under her shoulders and held her tight as he continued screwing her slowly.
“Fuck me a little faster, Billy. I need it bad.” She popped her hot cunt up against him each time his hips started down. “What does it feel like for a man?”
“You mean fucking?”
“Yeah. Tell me about it.” Joan was breathing fast.
“Okay.” His lips were against her ear. “Your pussy is so warm and slick, my cock slips in and out easily. The heat feels good and it’s so tight it strips the skin back so the head slides against your flesh.” He moved a little faster, running his stiff cock all the way in and pulling it back until only his cock head remained between the inner lips of her flaming cunt.
“When I push it in, your cunt seems to close up so my cock is pushing the flesh apart, like drilling a new hole in something soft and warm and wet. When I pull back your pussy tries to grip my cock and hold jt in. It’s like a thousand little fingers closing around it but it’s too slick for them to get a grip. It’s the head of my cock moving against the warm, slick, little ripples in your pussy that makes, it good.” He stopped talking and rammed her really hard, driving his cock head up against her womb.

“I love to hear you talk like that. Is there anything else?”
“Yeah. Hearing you moan and feeling your legs around me and your titties against my chest and my balls banging into your ass all make it better.”
“What’s it like for a man to come?”
“It’s good. It’s like getting paid for all the work you’ve done. Yow fuck and fuck and it’s good but then you start feeling like you couldn’t quit if you had to. You feel your cock get harder and your balls draw up and you just have to move faster. And then you get a funny feeling between your balls and your ass and something tightens up in your guts and the muscles in your ass start tightening and loosening and it pumps the cum out and you feel good all over. There’s nothing else in the world like it.”
Joan tightened her legs around him, urging him on, trying to get him to move faster. Because his need had been satisfied earlier he kept screwing her slowly, teasing her, making it last and knowing it would be better for both of them if he didn’t rush it.
“Now you tell me,” he said into her ear. “Tell me what ft’s like for you. What does it feel like when a cock goes up your pussy?”
“Just fuck me now. I’ll tell you later.”
Billy stopped dead still. “If you don’t tell me I don’t fuck you. You can go back to your room and get it off with your finger.”
“All right, but keep fucking me. Keep your cock running in and out. Damn, I didn’t know it was so good until you stopped.”
“Okay.” He lifted his hips and brought them down again, his hard cock slithering easily through her gripping cunt lips. “Tell me what it’s like. Tell me what it does to you.”
“Well, most of the feeling is in my love bud, you know, the clit. When you run your cock in and out all the little ripples on it shake my clit and then when you go in all the way you, hit my clit and it feels good. That’s the way it is for me.” She moved her hands around on his back and shoulders. “Now, fuck me good.”
“There’s more to it than that. If you want me to screw you, you’ll tell me.” Billy almost stopped moving his hips again.
“All right, but don’t make me lose it. Keep going.” She took a breath and held it until she was sure he wasn’t going to stop. “Being around a guy I really like makes juice come to my cunt. It gets all slick and squishy and some of it runs out and gets on my panties and I feel like I just have to do something so I can come. Talking about it or thinking about it makes more juice and I get a funny feeling up in my stomach. Sometimes I have to put my legs together and twist so my cunt lips will rub each other and my clit.” She wiggled her hips slightly as she talked.
“That’s not all that gets me hot. Kissing pr rubbing my nipples or touching the insides of my thighs really sets me off. I was dancing with Jack once and we’d been kissing and he blew in my ear and held me against him and the juice ran all the way down to me knees.” Her arms tightened around his body and her legs went up higher. “Oh, my God! Just talking about it makes me hot. I think I’m coming! Hold me!”

Billy slipped his hands from under her shoulders and pushed them under her rounded hips. He pounded her harder, his cock flying into the wet, pink heat of her cunt. “Tell me about it. What’s happening?”
“My little bud is tingling. All kinds of hot, slick juices is running down my pussy. I can feel my whole pussy drawing up around your cock and your cock is going through my pussy lips like… I don’t know, it’s rough. It’s shaking my clit and then you’re bumping my bud every time. Oh, my God, it’s good.” Joan started shaking all over.

“I’ve got that funny feeling in my belly. It feels empty and it’s shaking, tingling. My tits are burning where your chest is against my nipples and that feeling in my belly is going all over me. It’s good! Oh, my God! Fuck me! My stuff is gushing! Fuck me!”
Billy rammed his hard cock into her, his balls banging into her wet ass. Joan gasped for breath, held it and strained against him until she had to breathe again. She grabbed another lungful of air and strained against him again as the heavy, slick juice gushed down her cunt and oozed out around his cock.

Joan went stiff, her legs locked around Billy’s hips and her hands pressing down at his waist. Billy pushed his cock all the way into her steaming cunt and held it there, pressing against the end of her channel, until she finally relaxed. Then he started pumping again, sliding his bulging cock through her slippery tunnel.
“What was it like, honey? What happened?”
“Oh, my God! I came! I juiced you!” She had to stop talking until her breath was coming easier. “That feeling in my belly. It moved to my pussy and all that juice came out. And then it got to my head and just seemed to explode. My eyes were closed but it was like watching fireworks and there aren’t any words to describe what happened then. I was seeing and feeling and hearing and it was like… it was like. Oh, I don’t know. It was good.”
“Not so loud. We don’t want Mom to hear.” He was moving smoothly again. His cock was as hard as it had ever been and he was pushing it in to the hilt and drawing it back almost all the way, leaving only the head within her hat, slick cunt.
“Oh, Billy. I came but I didn’t lose it all. I’ve still got some of the feelings and it’s getting good again. Just fuck me without making me talk. Let me get it again.” Her hips were moving up to meet every thrust.
Billy slipped his hands further upon her hips, his fingers pressing against her puckered asshole. He stuck out his tongue and ran it around inside her ear. He lifted his chest a little to let her push her tits together and then lowered himself again.
“I’m going to get it this time,” he said. “You get it, too. Come with me, Joan.”
“I will, darling. I’ll come with you.”

Billy started pounding his sister’s cunt harder, his heavily veined prick slipping easily into her slippery, pink heat. Of the half-dozen or so pussies he’d fucked, his sister had the best despite her inexperience. Her cunt was tight and she pushed it up to meet him. Her tits were tight against his chest and her hard nipples pressed against him. He was aware of the wet, golden curls around her cunt and slick juices were running down to his fingers.

“Billy, darling. I’m getting there again,” whispered Joan. “I’m going to come, and I think it’s going to be the biggest one I’ve ever had. Oh, my God! I’m coming fast!” She tightened her legs around him and closed her eyes and started holding her breath.
“I’m coming, too. Your pussy is grabbing at my cock and it’s making me come.” He caught her earlobe between his teeth and pounded her harder.

“Coming! Coming fast!” gasped Joan.
Billy didn’t answer, he just kept ramming his throbbing cock through her quivering cunt and into her trembling belly. His heavy balls drew up and his asshole sucked in. He was holding his breath as he reamed her tight cunt at a fantastic pace. The muscles in his ass started contracting and releasing, and he rammed her even harder.
“Oh! Oh!” gasped Joan as she felt a large gob of pussy cream start down toward Billy’s cock.
That triggered Billy. His cock started squirting cum into her coming cunt, spraying her womb and blending with her oily fluid. He pressed her cunt up against him with his hands and strained, trying to get more cock into her. Even his belly was contracting as his muscles pumped his hat, white cum into her.
And then they both relaxed. Billy, with his hands still under her slick rump and his cock still in her twat, went limp and Joan’s arms dropped from his back and her legs fell on top of his. When Billy got up the strength to roll off Joan he moved to the side, his long cock slipping from her cunt. Joan felt his cum and her own juices follow his cock out of her cunt. It felt as if gallons of hot fluid ran down from her quivering pussy, across her ass and onto the bed.
“Can we wash together?” asked Joan.
“I’m afraid Mom would hear us. Don’t go yet. Just lie here with me for awhile.” He reached over and curled his hand pound one of her tits. It was moist with their sweat and her nipple felt softer than it had when it was against his chest.
Joan turned toward Billy and caught his spongy cock. “It sure is slick. It feels all rubbery and slick.”
“Yeah. It’s getting soft now. It’s done its work and it wants to rest.” He put his other hand over her cunt. “My. You’re in a puddle. I didn’t know we made that much goo. We must have really come a lot.”

“I know I did.”
“Me too. Can we do it again later tonight?”
“If it gets hard again before you go to sleep, come to my room. It’ll mean another bath but it’s worth it.” She leaned over and kissed Billy. His tongue slipped between her lips and hers came out to meet it. And then the kiss was over and she was gone.
Two hours later Betty came in and tiptoed up the stairs and down the hall. Both Billy and Joan were asleep and she was sure that they hadn’t missed her.

Billy left school before the last period. It was only a study hall and he was sure nobody would notice. Besides, be couldn’t keep his mind on his work for thinking about Joan. Sure, he’d fucked other girls but Joan was the best. Her cunt was hot her and wetter and tighter than any of the others.
He was still thinking, about Joan when he backed out of his parking space. At home he left his car in the driveway and went quietly up the stairs. If his mother was sleeping he didn’t want to wake her, she might ask why he wasn’t in school. He dropped his books in his room and started down the hall to the bathroom but stopped at the door at his mother’s room.
Betty was lying on her bed, nude. Her knees were up and she had her fingers between the lips of her glistening cunt. Billy stood and watched as she pressed her belly with one hand and something white popped out of her slick snatch. She pushed it back in with the fingers of the other hand only to press her abdomen again and force the white object back out.
Without thinking Billy stepped inside the door to get a better look. He couldn’t figure out what the little white thing was. Two or three minutes passed as he stood and watched. He’d never seen anything like it before. His mother was popping something white and round in and out of her pussy. Whatever it was glittered with the oils of her cunt.
“So that’s what happened to my ping-pong balls!” he exclaimed, as he realized what the little round thing was. “Oh, excuse me,” he stammered and started to back out of the room, his eyes still glued to his mother’s cunt.
“Wait!” she called. “Don’t go!” She sat up and a shiny ping-pong ball popped out of her wet pussy.
“I… I was starting to the bathroom,” said Billy and started backing out of the room again. “I’ll go now.”
“Wait! What’s that bulge in your pants?” Betty was looking at the print of his hard cock.
“It’s… it’s nothing.”
“Well, I want to see that nothing. Come over here.”

Billy’s hand went to his prick, then dropped back down to his side. Slowly he walked toward his mother, never taking his eyes off the lips of her cunt which were slightly apart. He stopped a yard short of the bed.
“Come on! Come over here so I can reach you.”
Billy’s head was in a whirl. Betty was a good looking woman and she excited him. She’d always excited him, but this was different. He’d never seen her naked before, at least not sitting Indian-style with her cunt lips open. He took two more short steps toward her and she reached out and put her warm hand on his hard cock.

Billy looked at Betty for the first time as a whole person, not just at her cunt or tits. He realized that she looked as good as Ellen or Joan. Her dark blonde hair had only a hint of gray and that looked as if it had been put on at a beauty salon. There weren’t any wrinkles around her blue eyes or on her neck where so many women seemed to age first.
Her breasts didn’t sag even though they were as large as any he’d ever seen. Her nipples stuck straight out and the dark area around them was larger than a half-dollar. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her lean body. Her waist was tiny and accented her full hips. Her thighs tapered smoothly and her legs curved gently at the calves with no bulging muscles or veins.
“Man, you’re beautiful,” said Billy as he stood and let her hold his cock through his pants.
“Take your clothes off, son. Let me look at you.” She started unzipping his jeans, pressing his cock down so the zipper would slide over it.
Billy unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. He wore no tee-shirt and the muscles in his shoulders and chest rippled as he twisted to toss his shirt to the chair.
“Ohh, you’ve got a nice chest. Take off your pants.” She moved her hand so he could finish pulling down his zipper.
Silently Billy stepped out of his loafers and lifted one leg so he could slip his jeans down over it. He changed feet and pulled his pants off and tossed them to the chair. Betty grabbed his jockey shorts and jerked them down and his cock snapped to an upright position. Billy stepped out of his shorts and stood before his mother, wearing only his socks.
Betty took his rigid cock in one hand and cupped his heavy balls with the other. She leaned over and pressed her cheek against his chest. “You’re a big guy now. I should have known but I didn’t. You should have told me.”
“Gee, Mom. You’re my mother. I thought you knew. I’ve been dating for two years now.”
“Yes. You’re eighteen now.” She squeezed his throbbing cock for emphasis. “You’re a grown man.”
Her cheek slid down onto his stomach. Billy felt her pull his foreskin back, but when her warm, wet tongue started running around his inflamed cock head he caught his breath in surprise.
“Get up on the bed,” she said as she raised her head. “Get up on the bed so I can get to you.”

Billy got on the bed and lay on his back. He watched as she put one foot up on the bed and bent her other knee, squatting with her cunt open. She put her hand over her twat and caught the little ball that popped out. She squatted twice more, then threw the three ping-pong balls to the foot of the bed with the other one. Then she lay on her side and took Billy’s cock head between her lips and flicked her dripping tongue across it.
“Mom, turn around so I can get to you, too,” pleaded Billy.
“Not yet,” said Betty, lifting her head. “Let me suck you off first, then you can eat me if you want to.” She took half the length of his cock into her mouth, wetting it, teasing it with her tongue.
“Oh, Mom. Your mouth is so wet and warm.” He pushed himself up. “At least turn around so I can touch you. I can’t reach you like this.”

Betty turned round and lay on her stomach with her hips next to Billy’s shoulder. He put his hand on her hip and squeezed as she took the rest of his throbbing cock into her mouth, pushing the head into her throat.
“Mom! Oh, Mom! That’s good! That’s so good!” He pushed his hand into the valley between her hips and slipped it down across, her asshole to scratch through the wet, brown hair around her cunt.

“Hmmmmm,” she said and moved her legs farther apart. She took his balls in her hand, lifting them. She slipped her head up and down, forcing his large cock into her tight throat. She wasn’t in a hurry, she took his cock into her throat and pulled it back without any jerking movements. She played around his asshole with a curious finger which she wet with saliva and pressed against his puckered opening.

Billy wet his finger in her cunt and pressed it to her asshole. He went back for more juice and pushed his finger into her rectum. Betty answered by pushing her finger into his asshole and sucking him harder and deeper. He worked his finger in and out of her ass with the same rhythm she was using on his cock.
Betty pulled his long cock out of her throat and slipped her lips off of it. The next thing Billy knew she had taken his balls into her mouth, holding them in the wet heat. He pushed his finger up her ass and held it there, waiting to see what she was going to do with his balls. She dropped them and turned around to look at him.
“Billy, do you think you could put this big cock where your finger is?”
“Your asshole? I don’t know. I never have.”
“Neither have I but I want to try. Let me turn around.” As soon as he moved she got on her stomach in the middle of the bed and put a pillow under her hips and abdomen.
Billy got between her thighs. He pushed her hips apart and looked at the little, brown indentation. Betty reached back, caught the cheeks of her ass and pulled them apart, freeing Billy’s hands to probe around the orifice, trying to loosen it up.
“Mom, I don’t know if I can get my dick in there or not. It’s awful tight.”
“Here. I’ll get up on my knees so you can wet your cock in my cunt. Maybe that’ll make it easier.” She scrambled up on her knees and reached back to pull her ass open again.
Billy felt the tightness of her brown bun with his finger. “Maybe I can loosen it up with my finger first.” He wet his index finger in her flowing cunt and pressed it into her asshole. He twisted his wrist and when her asshole tried to twist with him he put his finger back into her pussy to pick up more juice. He returned his finger to her asshole and once more pulled it out and went back for more lubricant.

Finally his finger moved freely in and out of her asshole and he finger fucked her for a few moments before putting his other index finger in her cunt to get it wet. Pulling the first finger to the side, he pushed the second up next to it. He had to strain to get it in but once there he could move both in and out together. After working his fingers together for about a minute he started pushing one in while he pulled the other out.

“It’s getting looser, Mom. Can I put my dick in there now?” he asked as he twisted both wrists around so his fingers were nails together instead of side by side.
“Leave your fingers there and push your cock in my cunt first to get it wet. And Billy, I’ve never tried this before. Take it easy.”
Billy moved his knees up close behind her and slipped his hard cock into her wet cunt. He could feel the slick goo clinging to his prick as he slipped it out. Pulling his fingers apart as hard as he could he tried to stretch her asshole one last time before pulling them out and trying to get his cock up in their place.

He managed to slip his foreskin down over his cock head before puffing his fingers out of his mother’s ass. And then he pulled them out, grabbed his cock and pushed it up against her asshole before it closed completely. He pushed the head into the dark opening and felt his foreskin slip back as he pushed. The head of his cock went in but that was all.
“Hey! Oh, wow! Take it easy, son!” Betty went forward a few inches but quickly pushed back to him. “See if it’ll go now, but slowly.”
Billy pushed but the little muscular ring held him back. He caught his mother’s hipbones and bent over her back, bunching his cock against the straining sphincter. Slowly, he felt it opening up, slipping further up on the head of his cock. With a hard lunge he drove his cock through the restriction and on up into her bowel. Betty jumped forward and Billy fell on top of her.
“Oh, God! Oh, shit! You’ve ripped me open! You’ve torn my asshole bigger! Oh, hell! Pull it out!” cried Betty.
Billy held his ground. He lay on top of her, his thighs between hers, until she calmed down and started working the muscles in her ass.
“Oh, it feels better now. But don’t you move! Let me get used to it first.” Despite her protests and crying there were no tears in her eyes. She only cried because it hurt when virgin territory was invaded.
Billy started working his hips back and forth, trying to move his cock in and out of her rectum but he just seemed to ride on her hips. He didn’t have the angle to work at it.

“Wait. Let me get back up on my knees,” said Betty as she tried to kneel.
Billy worked with her, lifting his hips and going back as she got back on her knees and put her head and breast down on the bed. Once again he caught her hipbones and pulled her back against his cock as he drove forward. Only a fraction of an inch went in before friction stopped him completely.
“Oh, shit. It’s all dry again. Billy, you’ll have to put your cock back in my cunt and get it slicked up again. We wasted too much time and let it dry.”
He pulled his hips back and his cock popped from her asshole. Quickly he rammed it back into her cunt and went up to her asshole again, working his foreskin in with his fingers before pushing with his hips. He felt her sphincter slip up over his cock head and slither up his shaft as his cock forced its way in to the hilt, pushing its way through her virgin hole.

“Easy! Your cock’s bigger and longer than I thought it was. Go slow till I get used to it.” She was still holding her hips apart.
“Mom, it’s hot and tight. I’ve never been in anything this hot or this tight before. It’s tighter than any pussy in the world.” He pulled his cock back slowly, marveling at the sensation of her sphincter rolling up his prick.
“It’s good for me too, son. It would be better in my cunt but it’s good. Move a little faster if you want to.”
Billy moved faster, but only a little. He was afraid he’d shoot his load and go soft if he moved too fast. But then again he didn’t want to move too slowly, he wanted it to be better for Betty than he’d ever made it for anyone.

As Billy pushed his cock forward he found that it moved into a tight area just before he reversed his stroke and pulled back. Betty seemed to flinch, to pull away from him at that point. He also sensed that her asshole was secreting a slick fluid similar to that produced by her cunt and he was moving easier although her ass was still tighter than even Joan’s cunt. He moved faster, ramming his cock into the tightest part of her bowels.
“Oh, that burns a little. Do you think you could get to me if I was on my back?” asked Betty.
“If you had your legs up I think I could.” He was still plunging his rippled cock into her, not easing up until she made up her mind about turning over.
“Let’s try it, honey. Let me get on my back and put that pillow under me.”
Billy pulled his hard cock slowly out of her tight asshole. He moved back to give her room and watched her turn over and work the pillow under her hips. When she raised her legs he moved back up against her and guided the head of his slippery prick to her puckered anus again. He put his weight behind his cock and it slithered once more into the slick, tight heat other bowels.
“Oh, yes,” said Betty as she blew out her breath. “This is much better. Fuck me, son. Fuck your mother’s asshole.”
Billy started pumping, pounding his hard cock into Betty’s slick shitter with the same confident strokes he’d used on his sister’s cunt. He was blissfully aware of the added heat and tightness of this hole and tried to compensate by thinking of the times he had failed to get his cock between girls’ thighs when he dated, to keep from coming too soon. But he was brought back to reality when Betty spoke.
“This is good. Every time you push your bumpy cock into me it shakes my cunt. I’m already coming, Billy. Do you feel the juice running down to your cock? Do you feel my pussy juice running down to slicken my asshole.”
“I feel it, Mom. I feel your asshole squeezing my cock, too. All those little rings in your asshole are trying to milk my cock. It gets harder and harder every time I push it in. I’m going to come in just a minute,” said Billy, not missing a lick.
“I’m coming again myself. Go ahead. Shoot your cum up your mother’s ass. Juice my guts good.”

Billy pulled his knees forward and spread them. He twisted his back and bent his neck and took one of Betty’s erect nipples between his hungry lips. She wrapped her slim fingers around her first tit and squeezed, making the nipple stand up even more. Billy opened his mouth to cover the whole dark circle and ran his tongue around and around the hard titty tip.

“Oh, God, there I go again! I just can’t stop coming!” Betty’s whole body shuddered and more slick pussy juice ran down around Billy’s pounding cock and on through the valley between her hips and onto the pillow.

Twisting around to take her other tit into his mouth Billy changed the angle his cock was entering her asshole and another gob of cunt juice seeped out of her cunt and ran down to grease the rippled shaft that was reaming out her rectum. Billy sucked her tit into his mouth and battered the nipple with his tongue before wrapping it around the nubbin and sucking while working his tongue around.

“Do that! Fuck my tit with your tongue! I’m coming and coming and there’s no time between!” She tightened her shapely legs around him and pushed her ass up. “You’ve got me coming constantly, son! You’ve got your mother’s cunt flowing!”
Billy straightened up. He dropped her tit from his mouth and slipped up until his cheek was against hers. Betty pushed his head up, turned her own and covered his lips with hers. Her moist, warm lips covered his whale mouth and her sweet, hot tongue pushed through his lips and on into his mouth. It moved around, exploring his teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue. And then it was against the roof of his mouth and sliding, pressing toward his throat.
He pushed his own tongue under hers and followed it out through his lips, through her lips and into the soft heat of her mouth. The sweet flavor of her mouth drove him to faster. He felt her working her tongue in the same frantic rhythm his cock was using on her asshole. Betty tongue-fucked his mouth and threw her ass up to meet each thrust of his hips.
Both Betty and Billy were lost in the heat of their, passion, their only thoughts were of getting at each other. Billy’s chest was burning where Betty’s nipples pressed up against it and his flying cock burned where the rings of muscles worked up and down on it, and his tongue was burning where it touched Betty’s. Betty felt the heat building up in her belly and knew that she was about to let go the biggest gob of pussy juice she’d ever dropped.
Suddenly Billy drove his bursting cock in hard and held it there. His mouth opened under Betty’s and he gasped and almost cried. His hot, oily, white cum spurted up into Betty’s guts and she started shaking inside, milking more of the creamy fluid into her. At the same time her pussy juice flowed down into Billy’s black cock hair and slippery oils ran from her asshole and dripped off Billy’s balls.
“Damn!” was all Betty could say.

Billy couldn’t make any sound except for his labored breathing.
Finally Betty got her breath enough to move. She ran her hands up and down Billy’s back, hugging and rubbing him. She still had her legs up around his waist and his cock was still pressed into her asshole as far as it would go.
“Me you all right?” she asked. “Uh huh. Let me rest a minute.”
“We’ve got to get up pretty soon,” she said.
“Uh huh. Let me rest a minute.”
“Please, Billy. Joan will be home soon.”
“Never mind,” came Joan’s voice from near the door. “I’ve been watching for a long time.” She turned around and ran out of the room.

Joan telephoned Jack from the service station down the street and he picked her up in just a few minutes.
“Hi, Lady. Want a ride?” he said.
“I’m not in a mood for foolishness.” She got in the car next to him.
“Well, I just dropped you out at your house and thirty minutes later you called. What’s wrong?”
“I can’t tell you. I just don’t want to be at the house right now.”
“Anywhere special you want to go?” He had pulled out on the street and was headed back through town.
“No. I’d rather not go back home until I get something out of my system. Do you mind?” She slipped over close to him and laid her hand on his thigh.
“Anything you say, sweetheart. I have nothing to do until school tomorrow.” He put his arm around her neck and let his hand hang down close to her breast.
“Let’s go out in the country. I’m all mixed up. I’ve got to sort things out in my head.” She laid her head over on his shoulder and closed her eyes. He realized that she was thinking and kept quiet, just letting his hand rest gently on her tit.
Joan tried to analyze her feelings. She knew her brother was fucking Ellen every chance he got. And she had thought her mother was getting cock regularly because she would get cross and irritable but after a date with James she would be her usual, happy self again. There was nothing unusual about both of them wanting a little sex that was their business.

She moved her hand up on Jack’s thigh until it was resting on the bulge of his cock. She wondered if it was seeing them that had upset her. She and a girl friend had watched a couple fucking in the back of a car at the drive-in movie and that had been fun. They’d gotten hot and played with each other’s pussies for relief. It couldn’t be seeing them fucking that had gotten her so upset.
I wonder, she thought, could it be that I was horny and needing Billy for myself? No. I wasn’t even thinking about sex when I got home. Seeing them did make me hot, my pussy is dripping right now. She moved her shoulders, pushing her head further up on Jack’s shoulder. He dropped his hand into the opening of her blouse and let his fingers lie between her titties.

Would I feel like this if it had been somebody else? No, I don’t think so. Was it seeing my mother putting out? No, I’ve known for a long time that she liked to fuck. I’d just never seen her before. Could it be that seeing Billy fucking somebody else would do me like this? Maybe. I’ve been in his bed for two night straight but I don’t think that would get me so screwed up. Joan wasn’t aware that she was rubbing Jack’s cock or that it was growing. Her fingers molded around it and she kept them moving a [missing text].

I wonder if it could be seeing them together, she wondered. She felt her face pow hot at the thought. My mother mid my brother were fucking each other, that’s what it is. I thought I was the only one in the family getting Billy’s cock but seeing him and Mother going at it was just more than I could take. They were fucking! My brother was actually fucking my mother! Oh, my God! I feel my pussy flowing again. It was just too sudden, I should have been prepared before I walked in on them.

Joan’s hand closed around Jack’s cock and squeezed as she thought about her jealousy at having caught Billy and her mother in such a compromising position. She didn’t open her eyes, just moved her hand while holding Jack’s cock through his pants.
Jack slipped his hand inside Joan’s bra and worked his fingers around her titty. She neither moved away nor pulled his hand out as she usually did. He began kneading the mound, making her nipple stand out and feel rubbery against his palm.
Jack was so surprised he almost lost control of the car when he felt his zipper being pulled down. He sucked in his gut to help as much as he could without putting his hand on hers and maybe frightening her out of whatever mood was making her open his trousers.
“Jack, can we go somewhere? I’ve got my head on straight now.” She pushed her hand in through his open fly and found the slit in his shorts. She pushed one finger through and let it rest against his hard cock.
“Uncle Dan’s farm is right up here. Do you want to ride down to the river? I have the key to the gate.”
“Is that where we used to go swimming when we were kids?”
“That’s right.” He squeezed her titty.
“Yes. Let’s go down there.” She started trying to pull his cock out through the opening in his shorts but found that his stiff prick wouldn’t bend enough.
Jack pulled off onto a narrow trail and stopped before a gate in a fence. He got out and opened the gate and Joan pulled the car through and stopped and waited while he closed and locked the gate and came back to the car. As he got back in, he pulled at his pants and shorts. His cock stood up just inside his open fly.
Joan reached over and pulled his bulging cock out of his pants as soon as he sat down. She wrapped her hand around it and leaned against his chest, looking down at his hard prick as he drove on down the trail.

When he put his arm back around her and slipped his hand down into her blouse again he discovered that she had unhooked her bra. He slipped his hand easily over her titty and squeezed it, then moved his hand over to the other one and spread his hand over it until her nipple was against his palm. Joan held his cock and Jack held her tit, as they rode the half-mile to the river.

“Jack, honey, you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Even the one I saw in that movie with Annette last month wasn’t that big.”
He pushed her back up in the seat and unbuttoned her blouse, pushing it off her shoulders and waiting while she struggled out of it. Next he pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and slipped it forward as she held her arms out. Before he could reach for the catch and zipper on her jeans she was pulling at the buttons on his shin, ripping one off when she couldn’t get it unbuttoned as fast as she wanted.
She reached for his belt but he overpowered her thin arms and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her zipper down. She wiggled her ass around on the seat and he pulled them down and off her feet. She lifted her butt and he had her panties off in one move. Her shoes had come off in the legs of her jeans and she sat totally nude before him.

For a moment Jack just looked at her, then unbuckled his belt and slipped his pants off. He held out his arms and she came into them, pressing her firm titties to his chest and planting her tongue in his mouth while wrapping her fingers around his cock. Her fingers didn’t quite meet around his throbbing prick but she didn’t notice. She was only interested in getting at him in any way she could.
When Joan moved her mouth from Jack’s and started nibbling at his earlobe he asked, “Do you want to get in the back seat?”
“Not just yet,” she answered and pushed herself up against him, forcing him back against the car door.
“Joan, are you really going through with it this time? Are we really going to love each other?” asked Jack. He’d tried for over a year but this was the first time she’d ever taken off her clothes.
“Do you mean are we going to fuck?”
“What do you think?” She worked her hand back and forth on his massive cock, slipping the foreskin up over the purple head to pick up and spread the clear oil oozing from its tip.
“I think maybe the waiting will have been worth it.” He tried to get an arm between them so he could feel her warm, pink cunt but she was pressed against him too tight.
Joan jumped back. “What do you mean — maybe?” She slipped across the seat to the other side of the car. “Don’t you know?”
Jack just sat there for a moment, too surprised to move. “Yeah,” he said. “It’s going to be worth all the waiting and then some.” He fell across the seat, trying to get a tit in his mouth but she wiggled away and he fell with his head on her stomach. He caught her behind the knees and snatched her butt toward him. All in the same movement he pushed her thighs apart and buried his face in her crotch, flicking his tongue up and down her sweet, wet slit.
“Oh, my God, Jack. Let’s get in the back. Let’s get in the back where we’ll have room to get at each other.”
Jack only lifted her hips and ran his tongue up into her steaming hole. Holding her up with his knees and chest he reached around and put a hand on each brown tipped titty and rammed his tongue rapidly into her cunt hole three or four times.
“Jack! Oh, my God! Jack! Let’s get in the back so I can get to you too!” Joan was trembling all over.
Jack lifted his head and moved back, letting her slide down. “Okay. Let’s get in the back.”

Joan didn’t wait to see if he was going to open the door for her. She scrambled over the back of the front seat and landed on the back seat with a plop that brought a groan from the spring. Jack followed and she was on him in a flash, throwing one shapely leg over his head and onto the shelf behind the seat and guiding his purple headed cock to her open mouth with both hands.

Joan’s mouth stretched wide as she wrapped her lips around the head of his prick. She hadn’t realized that his cock was so large. Surely he couldn’t expect to push this big thing into her tight, little cunt. But she forgot her doubts as the taste of his juices struck her taste buds and she started playing little games on his cock head with her tongue. She pushed the top of her tongue against the little slit at the tip and then ran her tongue around the rim at the back of the head. Spreading her wet tongue out wide, she moved it up and down first one side of his purple cock head and then the other. And then she was back at the lip, her tongue far back in her mouth trying to go into his little slit again.

Jack caught her below the hipbones, his fingers pointed out toward her sides and his thumbs spreading her cunt lips wide. Before they had settled down on the seat he had his lips between her soaked pussy lips and his tongue up in her steaming hole. As soon as her knees hit the seat he started running his tongue back and forth between her dripping hole and her erect clit. He ran his tongue into her hole and pulled it back out, pressing it against her slick flesh as he moved it to her clit where he pressed, tapped and ran it around the little bud. And each time he went back to her hole he found a fresh supply of pussy juice.
Joan had only the bulging head of Jack’s cock in her mouth and she was afraid she’d hurt him with her teeth if she tried to get any more of it in. She knew she should have had enough of it in so she could move the skin up and down with her lips but she just couldn’t. She hoped Jack would understand, she was trying to give him the best blow job she could. She’d never really had a chance to learn how.

She pulled her lips over her teeth and his cock, and let them nestle in the groove behind the flaring head. Her mouth had filled with saliva and some of the juice coming from Jack’s cock and she spun these warm juices around his gigantic cock head with her tongue. Then she ran her tongue from the bulging rim to the oozing tip and back down and moved it a little to one side and did it again until she had been all the way around his mammoth cock head. She found that she could move her lower jaw a little so she added that action and went around again.
Jack could hardly stand the sensations radiating from Joan’s hot tongue into his cock. He knew he’d come if it kept on but it was so good he just couldn’t put an end to it. He knew an awfully large amount of oils were running from his prick but all the warm fluid in her mouth made it impossible to tell just how much. And then he felt her take his balls in her hands and hold them lightly, letting them roll around, holding them between her palms so he could feel the heat of her hands, holding them in one hand and pushing them around with a finger. He was going to have to be careful or he’d shoot his wad without ever getting his raging cock anywhere near her cunt.

Joan wondered what all the pussy juice she was spilling into Jack’s mouth tasted like. As soon as he had first hit her hard clit with his tongue she had started coming and she was coming constantly now that she could taste his cock oil. Each time he ran his tongue around her clit she felt a gob of slick juice run down her cunt and each time he ran his tongue up her hole he sucked it out and made room for the next batch. Her belly was quivering and she was so engrossed in all the wonderful feelings Jack was giving her all she could move was her mouth and hands. If she hadn’t been sucking his cock she wouldn’t have been able to move that much. She wanted his big cock between the lips of her cunt but she just couldn’t tell him to stop what he was doing.

He didn’t know if Joan squeezed or if his balls were warning him he couldn’t take anymore, but Jack suddenly jumped, pulling his mouth off Joan’s cunt and causing her to let his cock pop from her mouth to ask what was wrong.

“Gosh, hon! Turn around and get on the bottom! I’ve got to get my cock in you! Now!”
“Oh, my God, yes!” Joan scrambled to get from aver him. She spun around and pushed her butt across the seat as soon as he was out of the way. She put one foot on the floorboard and the other up over the back of the seat. Jack bent to kiss one of her tits as he got between her open thighs. She squeezed the tit, making the nipple stand up between his lips.
“Hurry, honey. Eve got to have you,” she whispered.
He dropped the nipple and crawled up on the seat. She reached down and took his hard cock in her hands and guided the bulging head to the slick lips of her pussy. Holding him there with one hand, she spread her cunt lips with the fingers of the other hand. She moved the head of his cock around between her wet gates to get it centered as he moved slowly forward.
As his massive cock head pressed against her soft, hot flesh she felt a pint of hot juice run down to her cunt only to be held in by his mammoth cock. He pressed harder against her and she felt as if her stretched cunt was going to rip. She wanted to scream but was afraid he might stop. And then the head of his cock slipped through her tight pussy lips and she caught her breath as the pain burned through her.
“East,” she said. “I didn’t know anybody had a cock this big. Go in slowly. Don’t hurt me.” She got one arm from between them and put it around his neck. “I want so bad for you to fuck me.”
“Okay, honey. I’m going to work it in now. If it hurts let me know and I’ll go slower.” He had one arm around her neck and the other under her back.

Jack pulled back a fraction of an inch but his cock didn’t slip back out of her cunt, her tight inner lips were behind his cock head and only stretched outward with his withdrawal. He pressed back in and his cock bulldozed its way half an inch further into her dripping, stretched pussy. He controlled himself, working it in easily until a little over seven inches of his ten inch cock was up in her belly.
“Oh, my God, honey! Hold it! You hit bottom! I can’t take anymore!” cried Joan.
“It’s okay,” said Jack as he kissed her tear-filled eyes. “You’ve got enough of it for now. You’ll loosen up and next time it won’t hurt at all.” He eased back half an inch and worked his hands under her hips.
“If it starts hurting, will you stop?”
“I will, darling. All you have to do is tell me.” He started moving, slipping his cock back and pushing in again until he was almost as far in as he was when she stopped him. “Is this all right?”
“Oh, my God, yes!” She had her arms around him, squeezing him down against her tingling breasts.

Jack was acutely aware of Joan’s tight cunt lips gripping the skin on his cock, slipping it up and down each time he moved in and out of her twat. He felt the head of his prick pushing through her tight tube, forcing the walls to stretch as he went in. And he felt her slick cunt walls closing in behind his cock head as he pulled back. As the veins and muscles standing out on the shaft of his cock rippled through her stretched pussy lips he felt the head of his cock vibrating against the flesh of her slick, hot cunt. And still he controlled himself, driving in slowly to keep from hurting her.

Joan tried to relax, to keep her cunt soft so it would give without straining and causing soreness but she couldn’t. Her cunt had a mind of its own. It contracted around his gigantic prick in spite of her efforts and she knew she would be sore in the morning but it didn’t matter. She was being screwed by the biggest cock she’d ever seen, the only one other than Billy’s that had ever penetrated her pink, little pussy. Those bulging ripples on his shaft caused her whole belly to tremble as they shivered their way through her tight, stretched cunt lips. Those firm ripples made the head of his cock oscillate as it plowed along the slick, gripping walls of her pussy tube.
Joan’s mind was acutely aware of every little motion of his plunging cock. She felt her clinging cunt lips pushed up into her tight twat as he drove into her and her hard, little clit was pulled down against his bulging shaft.

She felt juices up in her belly start down but they were trapped by the tight seal of his huge cock against her tight pussy lips and she thought her tube would burst. She could tell that he had more cock in her than he’d had when he hit the cud of her tube but she didn’t feel the sharp pain she’d felt then. And when he started pulling his cock back she could feel the rim around the flaring head scraping her lubricated cunt walls and it sent heat out from her twat into her whole belly.

She knew that her nipples had swollen and were pressing against his hairy chest and each little bit of friction sent heat from her breast throughout her chest and she hugged him tighter. Each time he started into her cunt with his rock-hard cock her tapered thighs moved up, turning her quivering cunt up to meet his thrusting shaft. And when he reached the bottom of his stroke his swinging balls crashed into her upturned ass and sent an additional sensation of heat shooting up from her hips.
“You’re really giving it to me,” she panted through her tight throat. She moved her head enough to get her lips against his cheek.
“You’ve got the tightest cunt in the world. It’s making my cock feel better than it ever has.” He lifted his head and pressed his open lips to hers.
“Fuck me,” she said into his mouth as her warm, pink tongue went searching for his.

Jack pulled her hips up tighter against him and started fucking faster, sending his cock head flying through her stretched cunt. He felt her cunt draw up in protest as he reamed it faster, and that inspired him to fuck hers even harder. He drove his rippled cock into her clinging cunt until his hipbones met hers and his dark crotch hair ground into her golden curls and he jerked his throbbing cock back to jam it in again. He couldn’t have stopped then if he’d had to, even if she’d begged him to.

Joan was coming constantly, her bursting cunt was filled with her, cream and his cock and she wanted even more. She was holding herself up with her legs around his body and swinging toward him to meet every thrust of his hips. She wanted to go on forever but she knew it had to end, she had to come in one big blast or she would explode. She twisted her body to rub her nipples through the hair on his sweat-covered chest and reached down and pressed against his hips to urge him on.

Jack was suddenly aware of her cunt squeezing and letting go, squeezing and letting go and there was much more heat surrounding his cock and it caused his balls to draw up and the muscles around his ass to start spasming and pumping his hot, white cum into her already flooded cunt. He kept his cock farther up in her pussy and rammed it quickly back and forth while he continued to pump his scalding, thick fluid up her vibrating twat.
Joan, breathing audibly, screwed her cunt up against him, trying to milk every possible sensation from his spurting cock. She was coming harder then she ever had. Her cunt was stretched more than it had ever been stretched before and she was about to pass out. She fought to remain conscious because she didn’t want to miss any of the feelings she was experiencing. She pushed her tongue so far into Jack’s throat it felt as if it was ripping loose from its base but she tried even harder and felt the skin on her lip burst where it was pressed between her teeth and his.
And then his cock wasn’t moving any longer. It was pushed into her fiery cunt with more pressure than she had felt before and he was straining to get it even further in. He was pushing his pulsating cock into her twat with so much pressure he was bending her back, lifting her ass just by pushing into her with hard, constant pressure. She pulled her thighs back up almost to her shoulders, trying to help him reach a greater depth… but she had it all. The head of his cock was practically resting up behind her belly button.
They lay like that, his cock pressed into her, their arms around each other, her ass up against him and their open mouths pressed together, for several minutes. When their breathing had returned almost to normal Jack lifted his head and looked into Joan’s eyes. She smiled and kissed him.

“We’d better get out before we disconnect,” he said.
“I’ll show you,” he said and opened the door. With her legs around his waist and her arms around his necks he crawled out of the car and stood up. “Ready?” he asked.
“I don’t understand,” she said, still holding on. With his hands under her hips Jack lifted her slowly off his cock. It came out with a pop and gallons of juice and cum gushed out after it.
“Oh, my God!” exclaimed Joan. “My stomach feels empty.”
“Not really. You were so tight it couldn’t get out,” he said as he lowered her until her feet were on the grounds. “Let’s walk down to the river and wash it off.”

Jack took a towel from the trunk and put his arm around Joan, steadying her as she staggered along beside him. They walked down to the river and out into the cold water until it came up to their knees. Jack bent and splashed the icy liquid up over Joan’s soaked cunt and thighs. He rubbed her with his hands until all the slickness was gone, then washed himself and led Joan out of the frigid water to the bank and carefully dried here with the towel.
“I never knew it could be like that,” said Joan as she watched Jack dry himself. “I never knew fucking could be that good.”
“It’s as good as you make it, darling. And you do make it good. I’ll never be satisfied with anybody else, now.” He put the towel around his neck, placed his arm around her waist and started walking back toward the car. “I wish we could wait a little while and do it again but it’s getting late. Look at the sun.”
Joan looked lip and saw that the sun was dropping behind the trees. “Oh! We fucked away the whole afternoon! It didn’t seem like that long.”
“I’d better get you home before your mother gets worried.” They dressed by the car, got in and started back up the trail.
“Did you ever get whatever was worrying you straightened out?” asked Jack.
“I’d forgotten about it. It doesn’t matter now. A good fucking like that can straighten out anything.” Joan moved over against him. “I wish I’d known a long time ago that it would be like that.”

“Are you going to fight me from now on?” asked Jack.
“Only if you don’t want to fuck me.”
“You don’t have to worry about that. My cock will stand up and beg for it everytime I see you.”

They locked the gate behind them and drove slowly back to town. Joan, with her hand resting ant Jack’s cock, leaned against his shoulder and wondered why she had gotten so uptight about seeing Billy fucking their mother. At the house she kissed Jack good-bye and went through the door completely relaxed, as if nothing had happened.

Betty was putting supper on the table when Joan walked in. She looked up and almost dropped the bowl she was carrying.
“Joan, darling. I’m so sorry about this afternoon. You shouldn’t have seen that. It was something that had to happen but I should have had the door closed.” She put the bowl down and went back to the stove. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it, Mom. I think I was a little jealous but it doesn’t matter now. Nothing can upset me now.” She sat down at the table and started drinking her tea.
“Do you think I’m perverted?” asked Betty.
“Oh, hell, no. I went to Billy’s room at night before I found out how much better it is with someone you really love.”
“Do you mean Jack?” asked Betty as she turned around to study her daughter’s face.
“Yes. I’ll never be satisfied with Billy again,” said Joan with a big twinkle in her eyes.

Betty wanted to agree that Jack was quite a fucker but caught herself. There was no need to ruin Joan’s happy mood. She just smiled and carried the rest of the food to the table, called Billy and sat down.
Billy came running in. “Joan, I’m sorry. I should…”
“Oh, shut up,” said Joan. “It doesn’t matter. Eat your supper and keep quiet.”

After supper Joan, Betty and Billy watched television together for the first time in months. When the eleven o’clock news was over Betty went upstairs, leaving Billy and Joan to turn off the television and lights. She went quietly to Billy’s room and grabbed the four golf balls off his dresser, then went to her room and closed the door.
She undressed, showered and sat down on her bed. She picked up one of the golf balls, feeling its weight, turning it around in her hand, rolling it around on her palm. Satisfied, she got up and went back to the bathroom, wet the golf balls in the sink and slipped them, one at a time, into her longing cunt. Holding her pink pussy lips closed with her fingers she went back to the bed and lay down.
With the light out she twisted her thin torso, causing the heavy balls to roll around with every move. The feeling was more intense than it had been with ping-pong balls. She pulled her legs up, placed the fingers of one hand in the lips of her cunt and other hand on her abdomen. She pressed down, making a ball pop out against her fingers. And she pushed it back in.

I’m going to concentrate, she thought. I’m going to remember everything. I know there were two of them and they were fourteen. Let’s see. Let me start at the beginning. It must have been about ten or twelve years ago. Oh, hell. Let, me get the pillows straight.

Betty turned over and got up on her knees. She placed one pillow at the head of her king-sized bed and took the other and pulled it down beside her. Then she rocked back down, her butt going almost to her heels, and one of the golf balls shot down to the bed. Betty smiled as she turned over, picked up the ball and pulled the pillow under her hips. Raising her legs again she pushed the little white sphere back into her soggy cunt.
Now let’s see, she thought. We were living in Midville. That had to be over ten years ago. Yes, it was just before we moved here. That would make it eleven years ago. She was pressing down on her abdomen, forcing a ball out of her cunt only to catch it and push it back up into her twat.
It was outside. I remember that. William had taken the kids to a show and I was outside and…

How did it happen? Let’s see. The next thing I remember they were naked and I was naked and we were in the garage. Oh, shit! Why can’t I remember? Let me see. I’ll go on to what I can remember and maybe it’ll come to me.

She pulled her legs up and pressed down hard, forcing all four balls out. She got up, went to the closet and found her vaginal syringe. In the bathroom she wet the plastic pipe. Then she bent over and worked the syringe slowly into her asshole. When it was in all the way to the rubber bulb she straightened up and went back to the bed, lay down and pulled her legs up. She pushed the four golf balls back into her cunt and started fucking herself in the ass with the plastic pipe of the syringe.

My, this thing is smooth, just like a cock, she thought. But they didn’t fuck me like this. I’d never had a cock in my ass until today. Now let’s see, we were in the garage. I was lying on my back on an old beach blanket and the one with red hair was on me. I remember his cock. It was smooth, no veins, no ridges, just long and smooth and hard. I had to show him how to move in and out without letting it slip out. God, he let it slip out several times and it went up through my pussy hair or down between my hips.

I remember the other one, the one with black hair, kept saying things like, “Fuck her good, Andy.” Hey, that was the redhead’s name. Andy. Andy was fucking me and his buddy kept telling him to fuck me good and stick it to me and things like that.
She pulled the syringe from her ass and slid it alone her cunt lips to pickup slick juices. Satisfied that it was slippery enough she put it back against her asshole and pushed. It slipped in easily and she continued fucking herself while exercising her memory. There, she thought, I’ve remembered one of their flames. Let’s see what else I can remember.
I put my legs around him and it scared him. He stopped and asked what was happening. His smooth cock was so hard. I remember it felt so good because it slid in without any resistance. It didn’t scrape against my cunt lips, it just shot straight in… Shot! That’s right, it shot. He hadn’t pushed it to me more than thirty times before he shot his load. I remember I thought I was getting cheated until his buddy pulled him off and pushed his hard, slim cook up in my pussy.

Oh, that second one, the one with black hair. He had trouble right from the start. He jumped on me like a dog on a bitch and pushed his peter in and tried to suck my tit and his cock came out. He got it back in and tried to get to my breast again and it came out again. I remember telling him that if he was going to screw me to get on with it. The other one laughed and I looked, over at him and his cock was still hard. Yes, that’s right. He had come, shot his cum in me and he was still just as hard as he was when he started.

Betty changed the angle the curved syringe pipe was going into her ass and felt it moving the balls around in her pussy. Satisfied with the new angle she tried to remember more about the cocks.

That black-headed one got kind of mad when I told him to get on with it. He fucked me as hard as he could. I guess he was trying to hurt me or something but it really felt good. His cock went in me so fast and hard the juices started running out of my crack so fast I thought I was going to dehydrate. He shot off and stood back and looked at all the juice and told his friend that he’d come that much.
And then the redheaded one was fucking me again. This time he wasn’t in such a hurry. He screwed slower and even tried to put his arms around me. I remember he said something like: Don’t be mad with me. How could I ever be mad with him? I was having more fun than I’d ever had in my life.

Betty placed one finger in her cunt, moving the golf balls around. Quickly she added another finger and pushed the balls around as she screwed herself in the asshole. She felt her belly start quivering and knew that coming was close. She closed her eyes as tight as she could and tried to remember what it was like to come on a cock for the first time.

Let’s see now, she thought, it was good from the very first stroke. When I finally came they had bath fucked me at least once. I can’t remember whether I came while the redheaded one was on me for the second time or when the blackhead was fucking me again. I think it was the first one. Yes. That’s right. The redhead was screwing me again and he managed to get one of my tits in his mouth and I told the other one to come suck my other breast. Yes, he had something in his hand and he put it down and came over and sucked my other tit and I really come. The cock that was going in my cunt was slim and my cunt cream just gushed out around it. It was hot as fire when it ran down across my ass. And the teen felt it and didn’t know what was happening but it got him so excited he shot another load and didn’t want to stop fucking. His friend pulled him off by his feet and got back on me himself.
Betty was ramming the syringe into her asshole at a frantic pace. As it went it pushed the golf balls up and they rolled down and she pushed them back up with her fingers as she pulled the plastic pipe back out. She was about to come but she wasn’t quite ready.
Oh, the black headed guy. He got his peter in me and started humping real hard and I came again, just that fast. It scared the hell out of him and he started crying but he didn’t quit banging away. He screwed me real hard until he shot off… yes, they called it shooting off. He kept jamming his stiff cock into my gushing cunt until he came again and then he jumped up and left. He picked up his gun and left his clothes and they both ran off naked.

Betty’s cunt was contracting and releasing, moving the balls all by itself and she pushed the plastic pipe hard into her asshole and held it there. Her pulsating pussy went into convulsions. Her fingers were against her clit but it was her twat that was moving, not her fingers. Her head was thrown back and the muscles in her neck were standing out like long fingers. Heavy oil flowed from her cunt and burned its way down around the syringe in her ass and on down to the pillow under her hips.
Slowly the feeling passed and she reined, pulling the pillow from under her hips and the pipe from her ass. She lay down to enjoy the weight of the golf balls in her cunt.

Oh, that was good, she thought. I feel as good as I did when those guys left me in that garage. Wait a minute! They had a gun, a pistol! They were raping me! That’s what I couldn’t remember!
She sat upright in the bed, all four golf balls floating from her cunt on the stream of cunt juice. Those teens had a gun, she thought. Now, let’s see if I can remember just what happened. It was almost dark and I went out to get some clothes off the line and I felt something against my back. And somebody said, “Drop them clothes and get in that garage,” and I did. I looked back and saw those two guys and the gun and I dropped the clothes and went to the garage. Then he told me to get my clothes off and I did while the other one spread the blanket.
Oh, God, it’s all coming back to me now. The one that spread the blanket, the one with the black hair, pulled off his clothes and took the gun and held it while the redhead got his clothes off. The guy with red hair, the one called Andy, got between my legs and told me he wanted a piece of pussy and he was going to fuck me and his friend was going to fuck me and if it wasn’t good they were going to kill me. And then he started and I was excited and scared and I had to help him, and it was good and I loved it… oh, God! All these years and I didn’t know what happened.
She started sobbing, crossed her arms around her knees and leaned over and started crying aloud.

Billy ran from his room in his pajama bottoms. At the same time Joan came out into the hall in her thin gown. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
“I don’t know. It’s Mom.”
They ran to Betty’s room and turned on the light. Betty was sitting in the middle of the bed, crying. She was nude. And she was shaking.
“What is it, Mom?” asked Joan as she ran to her mother and put her anus around her.
Billy sat on the side of the big bed, his hand on his mother’s naked shoulder.
Betty sniffed and lifted her head. “Oh, kids. After all these years I’ve finally remembered something that happened when you were just kids,” she sobbed.
“What was it, Mom?” asked Billy. “Is it all that bad?”
“All those months with the psychiatrist I couldn’t remember. It’s the reason we had to leave Midville, the reason your father and I broke up. I never knew what happened until just now.”
“Tell us about it, Mom. It’ll make you feel better,” said Joan as she picked up the syringe and golf balls and put them on the floor. “Get it off your chest.”

Betty stretched out on the bed. She started her story at the very beginning. “When you were five, Billy, and you were six, Joan, we lived in Midville. Your father had taken you to a movie and I went to get some clothes off the line. Two teens pointed a gun at me and took me to the garage and raped me. When it was all over they ran away and left their clothes and your father came home and found me putting my clothes back on in the garage. He didn’t know what had happened and I couldn’t tell him. Somehow it all got blocked out of my mind.
“All I knew was that I’d been on the blanket with two guys and I had enjoyed it. I couldn’t tell your father that but he saw the guys’ clothes and the next day he heard about the guys going home without any clothes. They told their parents that some woman had made them undress and raped them.

“Your father moved here, thinking that getting away from Midville would help but I still couldn’t remember. He believed I had raped those guys and it just grew between us until we just couldn’t live with it anymore.”
“Is that all, Mom?” asked Billy. “Is that all that happened?”
“Don’t you think that was enough?” asked Betty. “For over ten years I’ve been getting all hot and bothered everytime I saw a teen and I didn’t know why until Eddie Somner was cutting the grass Saturday. I kind of blackmailed him into bed and I remembered that I’d had teens before him. Since then I’ve been remembering a little more everytime I thought about it.” She placed her palms over her breasts. “Now I remember it all.”
“That’s not so bad,” commented Joan. “Did you really screw Eddie?”
“Joan!” said Billy.
“It’s all right, Billy,” said Betty. “Yes, Joan. He gave me a good roll in the hay.”
“With somebody like Jack I don’t think I’ll ever want anybody else,” said Joan.
“Yes. He’s a good one,” mumbled Betty to herself.
“What?” asked Joan.
“I’m sorry, darling. You left him so hot and bothered Sunday night I just had to help him out.”
“Mom! Do you mean you fucked my boyfriend,” laughed Joan.
“Yes. I’m sorry.”
“Oh, my God. Don’t be sorry. He really has a good cock. I don’t think there could ever be a better cock in the world.” Joan’s hand strayed over to feel the wet hair growing above her mother’s cunt.
“Is he better than me?” asked Billy.
“God, Billy. Have you been fucking Joan?” asked Betty.

Billy hung his head.

“Sure, Mom,” said Joan. “Jack used to get me hot and I’d go to Billy’s bed to get cooled off.” She giggled at the thought.
“Was today the first time you let Jack screw you?” asked Betty.
“Yes, this afternoon. We went out to his uncle’s farm and parked down by the river. Mom, I didn’t know what I’d been missing.”
Betty eased Joan’s gown up and put her hand over her daughter’s pussy. “You poor darling. It must have hurt.” She patted Joan’s cunt lightly.
“Not really. He worked it in real slow and didn’t give it all to me until I got used to it. I’m a little sure but it’s all right.” She turned toward Betty. “I won’t lie to you. His cock filled me up. When he pulled it out and all his stuff and my stuff came gushing out I thought my belly was caving in.” She giggled again.

Betty reached over and felt her way into Billy’s pajama bottoms. She wrapped her long fingers around his hard cock and held it as she looked at Joan.

“If you want to see what it’s like in the asshole I’ll help you. Is that okay with you, Billy?”
“Gosh, yes. I’ve got to do something to get rid of his boner. You want it in the asshole, Joan?”
“I think so. I think I do. Will you stop if I tell you to?”
“Don’t worry,” said Betty. “I’m here to help if things got out of hand. You’d better get it doggie style until you’re sure. Get over here in the middle of the bed.” She moved out of Joan’s way and watched as she got out of her gown and on her hands and knees.
Billy stripped and got behind his sister, putting his hands on her hips and pressing the mounds apart to expose her brown bun.
“No, Billy. I don’t want it in my asshole. Put it in my cunt.”
Billy let go of her hips and pulled the head of his upright cock down and aimed it at her cunt. He moved it around between her pussy lips to pick up juice and then pressed it in, sending two inches of his cock slithering into her twat from behind.
“Oh!” she shrieked as she moved forward. “Get it slick before you shove it in. I’m sore as hell.”
Betty moved down beside Billy. She wiped her fingers through her wet cunt and spread the slick fluid along the length of Billy’s cock. “Try it now,” she told him.
He pushed and his cock slid easily into Joan’s twat. This time she pressed back against him and he started fucking slowly, pushing his hard cock in until his hipbones met her hips and pulling back until only his cock head rammed between her warm, pink cunt lips.
“Oh, that’s so good,” cooed Joan. “Fuck me slow like that.”
Billy kept pushing his hard cock up into her steaming cunt slowly, pulling her back as he went forward and letting her go forward as he pulled back. It was a new position for both of them and they were enjoying the novelty of it.

Betty was on her hands and knees, watching Billy’s hard cock slipping through Joan’s tight pussy lips. She saw Billy’s shaft getting wetter and wetter as it moved into his sister’s dripping cunt. And her own hot cunt started producing juices again as she watched her children enjoying themselves. She put a finger on her throbbing clit and started working it around, rubbing it, moving it, pressing it. She got off the bed and squatted beside it, playing with her love bud and watching Billy’s cock slipping back and forth in Joan’s slick cunt.

Betty stepped back up on the bed, moved to the head, spread her thighs and slipped her butt down under Joan’s head. Joan still on her elbows, opened her eyes and looked at her mother’s steaming cunt. She moved her hands up and probed with her fingers all the secret softness of Betty’s cunt lips and clit.

Joan was fascinated by the nearness of Betty’s pussy. She had never seen another twat so close before. She pushed her finger up into the steaming wetness of the dark tunnel. Without thinking she started pumping her, finger in and out at the same speed Billy was pushing his cock into her. Knowing what she liked she pressed Betty’s clit and, moved her finger around in circles, stimulating the little nubbin while fucking the dripping cunt with her finger.

Joan found herself bending closer to Betty’s crotch. As she lifted her finger from Betty’s cunt to run it up and around her clit with the other one she could see little drops of pussy juice collecting within the pink lips of the twat. Joan didn’t know why but she had to taste that slick fluid. If she dipped a finger in it and lifted it to her mouth she would have to neglect the passion bud she was playing with and she just couldn’t bring herself to do that to her mother. She lowered her mouth to within an inch of the lower part of Betty’s snatch and dipped her tongue into the glistening pool that had collected there.

The sweet, slightly musky flavor sent a wave of excitement through Joan and she put her mouth to her mother’s slippery cunt and replaced her fingers with the tip of her tongue, tapping and flicking across her clit. In a matter of seconds she started running her tongue down to taste the sweet cream and back up to massage the clit in the same rhythm Billy was running his hard cock into her creamy cunt.
Joan couldn’t believe the sensations she was feeling between Billy and Betty. She thrilled to the motion of Billy’s raging cock running in and out her quivering cunt, entering her from the rear. And she was floating in the ecstasy of the feel and taste and smell of her mouth on Betty’s pulsating pussy. And her excitement was heightened by the fact that she knew she was giving as much pleasure as she was receiving.
Never before had Betty been so satisfied by a tongue. She watched Joan’s head as it moved up and down while she was eating her dripping cunt. Sure, her pussy had been eaten out before by both men and women. She’d engaged in a few little girl games with her friends in her early teens. And several men had gone down on her since she and William had separated but she had never had a woman’s tongue on her clit and in her cunt. It sent chills through her and made her belly tremble. She caught her knees and pulled them further up and apart. She knew she was going to come on her daughter’s tongue and the knowledge excited her more.

Billy saw his mother position herself at Joan’s head and he watched Joan’s head go down to his mother’s crotch. Then be saw her head start moving up and down. He saw his mother look down and then close her eyes and smile, and he knew that Joan was eating Betty’s cunt.
Joan’s cunt got, hotter when she tasted Betty’s cunt cream and Billy felt the difference. His cock was pushing into a fiery hot, tight channel, and the fact that it was the first time they had ever entered a pussy from the back combined to make this the most exciting fuck he had ever had. He was getting all the enjoyment of fucking from the front but he knew he was going to enjoy it longer. He was building up more slowly than he did when he fucked from the front.

Joan was the first one caught up in the agonizing pleasure of coming. She felt her belly start quivering and her cunt closed tight around Billy’s cock. The heat in her belly started running down her cunt and it ran out around Billy’s cock in the form of pussy juice, gallons of it. It ran down her thighs and down Billy’s prick and pressed her mouth even tighter to Billy’s twat.

Betty realized that Joan was coming. She heard the sounds coming from her daughter’s throat and felt her press her tongue tighter against her clit and further up her hole. Without warning, her cunt started gushing and she almost blacked out as the dizzy feeling swept through her. She didn’t feel the oils run down over her ass, however. She understood when she heard Joan swallowing.
“Oh God! I’m coming, Joan!” screamed Betty. “I’m coming in your mouth! Eat me good! Make me come again! My juice is gushing down your throat! Oh, you make me feel so good! Ram it to me.”

Billy picked up his pace and screwed Joan faster. The sounds coming from Betty and Joan brought an urgency to him but he still had control, and still consciously set his own pace and postpone his coming until he had derived all the pleasure from fucking his sister that he wanted.
“She’s coming, too,” said Billy. “She’s coming all over my cock. I feel it running down my balls. Gosh! She’s hot and she’s burning my cock and the stuff running down my balls is boiling. Mom, her cunt is getting tight around me, but I’m not coming yet.”
“Yes, Billy. You can last longer from the back. Keep it up,” said Betty. “Keep fucking your sister so she’ll keep eating her mother’s cunt.”
Joan couldn’t say anything with her face buried in Betty’s pussy. She just moaned and started coming again before recovering from her first climax.
Betty felt the difference in Joan’s ministrations to her cunt and shuddered and started coming again without any warning. “Oh, Lord! I’m coming so hard I can’t stand it!” She started crying and pushed her cunt up against Joan’s face.
Billy moved up against Joan and pounded his cock into her cunt with all the speed he could muster. He took a deep breath and held it. Leaning over her back. Billy was able to reach around Joan and get his hands on her titties. He squeezed her nipples between his fingers and felt her push her ass back against him.

As Joan’s scalding cunt cream burned its way down over his balls Billy felt his balls draw up and his ass tighten and he plunged into her cunt even faster. He grabbed another breath and held it until his lungs were bursting. At last his ass muscles started pumping and he felt the first spurt of cum leave the tip of his cock and shoot up into Joan’s quivering cunt.

“I’m getting it!” he gasped. “I’m shooting my cum! I’m juicing your pussy, Joan!” He pushed his prick all the way into Joan’s hot pussy and held it there until all his cum had spurted into Joan’s already flooded cunt. Then he toppled to the side and lay there panting.
“God!” said Betty. “Look at his cock! It’s all drawn up. I was ready for him to screw me and his cock just shriveled up. Shit!”
Joan pushed herself up with her forearm. “Yeah. I wanted some more, too.”
“He’ll rest up. It’ll take a few minutes, but he’ll get his breath and his cock will get hard again. In the meantime, what do we do?”
“I don’t know.”
“I do. Let me get those golf balls,” said Betty as she crawled off the bed.
“They may be all right for you but what am I going to do?” asked Joan. “We need another cock around here.”
“I’ll put them in you. They’ll keep you satisfied until Billy gets his cock hard again.”
“What’ll you do?” asked Joan.
“I’ll make out.”
“Bullshit, Mom. I’m going to make a phone call.” She got up and headed for the door.
“Wait, Joan. It’s after midnight.”
“Jack won’t mind,” said Joan. “He told me he didn’t have anything to do until time for school.” She turned back toward the door.
“Use this phone, darling,” said Betty. “I think we do need another cock and I can’t think of a better one.”

Joan smiled at her mother and went to the side of the bed and sat down. She picked up the phone and dialed. Betty came over and lifted Joan’s leg up to the bed and pressed a golf ball between her slick pussy lips. Joan turned and put her other foot on the bed. She let her knees drop apart and Betty pressed another ball into her cunt.

Jack answered the phone and as Joan explained the situation to him. Betty pushed the remaining two balls into her cunt. She hung up the receiver and straightened her legs.
“He’ll be here in a few minutes,” said Joan. “What do I do with these?”
“Make ’em roll around. What did he say?”
“He said he’d skip school tomorrow and we could fuck all day.”

As soon as Jack Edwards knocked at the door Betty opened it. She was wearing the same robe she had worn on Sunday night when they went to the motel together.

“Come on in, Jack. We’ve been waiting for you. God knows, you don’t know how we’ve been waiting.” She pushed the door closed behind him and reached out to feel his cock through his slacks.
“Joan asked me if I’d like to play games with her and you,” he said. “Does she know all about us the other night?”
“I told her everything. Come on, let’s go upstairs and join Joan and Billy in my king-sized bed.” She led the way. “We’ve been playing around since a little after eleven and I’m afraid Billy needs same help. He got himself all pooped.”
“I can understand that. Both of you would be too much for any one man.” He reached up and patted her ass, feeling her hips work against each other as she went up the steps.

Betty stopped and turned to the side so she could look down at Jack. “Put your hand under my robe,” she said.
“Yes, ma’am.” Jack stepped up to the step lust below the one she was on and slipped his hand up under her robe. He turned his palm up and pressed it to her crotch, covering her hot, wet box.

As Betty continued up the steps Jack slipped a finger up her slippery cunt. “What the hell is this?” he asked as his finger contacted something hard and round.

“Ping-pong balls,” laughed Betty. “You’d be surprised how a few of them feel when you’re walking or climbing stairs. They keep me satisfied while Billy’s busy. Come on. I’m ready for a live cock.”
“Holy shit. Lead the way.”

When they reached Betty’s bedroom they saw Joan’s ass pointed toward the door. She was on her knees and they could see Billy’s knees sticking up and out on either side of her. From the gentle motion of her ass it was evident that she was sucking Billy’s cock.
“Hey,” called Betty. “Don’t waste a good hard cock in your mouth. There’s other holes to be filled.”
“Jack! Get out of those clothes!” said Joan as she turned and got to her feet. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She ran to him and threw her arms around him.
“Darling, are you sore?” he asked as he leaned over to kiss her. And it was quite a kiss. Her tongue shot into his mouth and she molded her body to him. He tasted Billy’s cock juice as her tongue slid along his.
“No,” she answered when she finally pulled away from him. “I’m keeping my pussy busy. It doesn’t have time to get sore. Get your clothes off and let’s give it a workout.”
Jack quickly slipped his clothes off and placed them neatly on a chair. When he turned back around he saw that Betty had replaced Joan on the bed with Billy. She was lying on her stomach with her legs slightly apart and she had her lips against Billy’s crotch hair. Jack slipped his arms around Joan from the back and put his palms on her nipples. When he pulled her back against him his cock slid up between the twin mounds of her ass.

“Look at them,” said Joan. “She’s got his cock so far down her throat she couldn’t possibly be breathing.”
“God, yes. Just thinking about what that feels like to Billy makes my cock feel like it’s bursting.”
“Nobody could get that big cock of yours down their throat,” said Joan. “Nobody’s throat could open that much.”
“Hers can,” said Jack as he moved one hand down to scratch the golden curls at Joan’s crotch. “She can gobble my cock down so quick it’ll make your head swim.”
“You’re kidding! You’ve got to be kidding,” exclaimed Joan as she reached back to wrap her fingers around his hard shaft.
“Betty,” called Jack, “your daughter doesn’t believe you can put my cock in your throat like that. Show her something.”
Betty lifted her head and let Billy’s cock pop from her mouth. She crawled over to the edge of the bed and sat up. “Okay, big boy. Come to Mama,” she said.

Jack walked over to the side of the bed and Joan came up close to get a good view. Even Billy crawled over to watch. Betty touched Jack’s big cock with her finger and gave it a little shove to the side. It swung back and forth a few times and soon stood straight out toward her face again.
“Did you ever see one this big before?” Betty asked Joan. “Did you ever see such a cock?”
“No, Mom. Isn’t it wonderful?”
“Good God Almighty!” exclaimed Billy as he stared at Jack’s mammoth cock. “Can you swallow that?”
“Just watch and see,” said Betty as she took Jack’s giant prick in her hand and caressed it gently. “I love to feel something like this. Only once in a lifetime does a woman get a chance to put something this big in her throat, or cunt.” She opened her mouth and slid it down the top of Jack’s bulging cock, leaving a trail of saliva behind it. She used her tongue to spread the moisture around.
“Let me see you swallow it,” urged Billy.
“She has to get it wet first,” said Jack. “It won’t go in her throat when its dry.”

Betty licked and slobbered until she had Jack’s immense cock wet from end to end. She put an extra coat of saliva around the rim behind the head and looked around at Billy and Joan.
“Okay, kids, watch closely. Here’s how it’s done.” She stretched her mouth open and took in the head. She held her lips back away from his cock to keep from disturbing the thick coat of saliva. She kept the head still in her mouth by letting her teeth rest lightly on it. Betty rolled her eyes around to make sure both Joan and Billy were watching. They were.
Still holding his cock head between her teeth she closed her eyes and slipped her hands between Jack’s legs to caress his ass. When she felt that her throat was relaxed enough she took a deep breath and pushed herself forward until his purple cock head struck the narrow part of her throat. At that point she stopped moving her body and seemed to stretch her neck out in front of her, driving her lips on down his shaft until they were against his cock hair.
Jack’s hands came around to rest in Betty’s dark blonde hair as the inside of her throat seemed to vibrate around his cock. She kept her lips around the base of his cock until both Joan and Billy were sure she would die from suffocation. Then she pulled her head back and caught a breath and started popping Jack’s cock through the narrow part of her throat, jacking his dick by pushing her throat up around it and puffing back.

“Oh, my God!” said Joan. “Will you listen to that slurping noise! I’ve never heard anything like it.”
“His cock must go down her throat all the way to her tits,” said Billy. “I’ve been sucked but I don’t have anything like that much cock.”
“I couldn’t even put your cock all the way down my throat,” Joan told him. “Our mother is a really special woman.”
“You can say that again,” said Jack. “And she knows how to make a man feel really special, too.”
“Maybe I’d better take lessons from her,” mused Joan.
“Oh, you’re special, too, honey,” said Jack. “You made me come better this afternoon than I ever have.”

Betty straightened up, letting Jack’s hard cock bounce to a stop in front of her. She took a few deep breaths before speaking. “Okay, kids, I’ve shown you I can do it. What do you want to do now?”
“Gosh, I don’t know,” said Joan. “I want Jack to fuck me but there are so many things I’d like to see, too.”
“I want to come,” said Billy. “You started sucking me and then you quit when Jack came in and Mom started but she quit when you wanted to see her put Jack’s cock down her throat. I just want to come before my balls burst.”
“Okay,” said Betty. “Joan, you want to see something but you want Jack to fuck you. Billy, you want to come. Jack, get on your back on the bed and let me slip my cunt down over your cock. Billy can fuck me in the asshole until he comes and you can save your cum for fucking Joan.”

Joan and Jack smiled at each other. He climbed up on the big bed and moved over to the middle and stretched out on his back. Betty quickly straddled him and lowered her cunt toward his cock.
“Oops,” she said and reached back under her twat to catch the four ping-pong balls as she pumped them out into her hand. “I almost forgot about them,” she grinned.
Everybody laughed.
Betty once more started lowering her slick cunt toward Jack’s hard cock. When she felt it touch the left side of her cunt she reached back and guided its tremendous head between her glistening pussy lips. She moved it around until she was sure it was covered with her cunt cream and started lowering her twat around it.
“Oh, this is the biggest cock in the world and it’s going into my little pussy.” She forced herself down, making little sounds deep in her throat as each inch slithered into her. Several times she stopped and lifted her ass slightly to spread the moisture around and make it go in easier. When she finally had all of it buried in her dripping cunt she spread her legs a little wider and lowered her firm titties down onto Jack’s hairy chest.
“Billy,” she called. “Wet your cock and ease it into my asshole.” She reached back and pulled the globes of her ass apart with her hands.
Billy got his knees between Betty’s legs and Jack’s thighs and reached down to scrape same pussy juice from around Betty’s cunt and Jack’s cock. He didn’t find much so he spat on his cock head and spread the fluid around with his finger. He put the wet head of his cock against Betty’s puckered brown orifice and pushed. His hard cock indented the aperture but didn’t penetrate.

“Oh!” cried Betty. “Get your finger wet and loosen up my asshole a little. I can’t take it until I get loosened up.”

Billy put his finger in his mouth and then pushed it against his mother’s brown bun. It went in to the first knuckle and then started pulling the flesh around her asshole in with it.

“It’s not slick enough,” said Betty. “You’ve got to get your finger slicker.”
“Let me help,” offered Joan. She moved up beside Billy and let the four golf balls fall from her cunt. She wet her finger in her pussy and carried the slick juice to her mother’s whole. She spread it around and got more pussy juice and greased the inside of Betty’s pucker.
“Now, Billy. Wet your finger in my cunt and push it in Mom’s ass.” She stayed close to watch.

Billy pushed his finger up Joan’s cunt to get it wet and then put it against his mother’s asshole and pushed. It slipped in easily. He fucked her ass with his finger a few times and then started pulling his finger to the side, stretching the tissues of her anus. Billy then reached over with his other hand and wet another finger in his sister’s cunt. He slipped this finger in next to the first one and fucked her with both fingers before turning his fingers around until the nails were together and puffing his fingers apart. In a few moments Betty’s ass opened up until he and Joan could see quite an opening between his fingers.

“Can you get your cock wet with my cunt juice without taking your fingers out?” asked Joan.
“Help me,” he said.

Joan looked the situation over and decided there was no way to get under Billy. She put the fingers of her right hand together and moved them around between her tight pussy lips. Slick juices trickled out onto her fingers. She got her fingertips up in her cunt and twisted her hand until she had a puddle of slick cream in her palm. Moving her hand carefully she carried the slippery fluid over and rubbed it onto her brother’s cock.
Billy pushed his hips forward until his cock was almost between his hands. Joan reached over and guided the head of his prick up to Betty’s asshole. He pushed forward with his hips and pulled his hands apart and his cock started in between his fingers even before they slipped from his mother’s anal opening. His cock slithered all the way into Betty’s bowels and he felt the pressure of Jack’s cock under his own.
“Oh, damn!” yelled Betty. “Wow! You sure went in fast!” She pulled away slightly but Billy followed and kept his long cock buried in to the hilt.
“It’s in,” he said. “I’ve got my cock up your asshole again and this time I feel Jack’s cock, too.” He started moving his cock in and out, feeling Betty’s tight shit channel and the slow curve of Jack’s cock. Easing his knees forward and putting his hands around to clutch her hipbones he started pumping in earnest, his cock flying through his mother’s shit chute.

“Wow!” said Betty. “You’re fucking my ass and my pussy’s already coming. Do you feel it, Jack?”
“I feel it. I’m just lying here and I’m getting as much out of it as Billy is. And he’s doing all the work,” said Jack.
“What about me?” said Betty. “I’ve got two cocks in me and I’m coming from the hole where the cock’s not moving. I heard about this when I was in college but I never thought I’d try it.”
“I’m getting it,” said Billy. “I just started and I’m getting it. I’m about to come.”
“Go ahead and come, Billy,” said Joan. “I want Jack for myself.” She started rubbing Billy’s back lightly. “What’s it like, Billy?”
“Gosh, Sis. My peter’s just rippling when it goes in over Jack’s. I seem to be pushing harder up against the sides than I was when I fucked her asshole before.” He stopped talking for a few thrusts. “Her ass is as slick as her pussy. And it’s tighter and hotter. She’s got a bunch of little rings up in there that stretch around my cock and just roll up and down it when I fuck. It’s like a bunch of little fingers gripping around my peter. Oh, shit, it’s good.”

Billy stopped talking and bent over Betty’s back. He pushed his butt up higher and started humping into her gut faster and harder. Joan watched his eyes close into narrow creases and sweat pop out on his forehead.
Joan’s hand went to her cunt and she slipped a finger up into the hole and put another finger on her clit. When she saw Billy put his hands on Betty’s shoulders and his toes dig into the bed she pulled her finger from her twat and moved around behind Billy. She lined up her finger with his asshole, eased it up against his little pucker and pushed.

Billy bounced up against Betty’s hips, driving his cock into her harder than he ever, had before. As his sister’s finger hit his prostate his cum spurted up his mother’s gut. Both Billy and Betty cried out as they came together. Billy fell off to the side and lay silent on the edge of the bed.
Betty inched forward, reluctant to let Jack’s cock slip from her pussy. When it did she rolled off and lay next to Billy, feeling his cock and balls with her fingers.

“Can you fuck me now?” asked Joan as she moved up to straddle Jack.
“God, yes.” He reached up and put his arms around her, letting his hands slide down to her hips.
“You’ll have to help me get your big cock in my little cunt,” she cooed as she lowered her titties to his chest.
Jack felt her hips and thighs, then caught her thighs and pulled her forward until he could reach around her and spread her pussy lips. He raised his hips and caught his cock just below the head and moved it around the dripping lips of her cunt to spread the lubrication around.
“Oh, that feels good,” whispered Joan. “You just rubbed it over my clit and I can feel all the squishy stuff running down through my cunt.”
“It’ll feel better than that once I get it in. Push your pussy back against it.”
Joan rocked back a little, letting her firm tits drag through the coarse hair on his chest. He lifted his hips at the same time and the bulging head of his cock popped through her juicy cunt lips.
“Oh, my God, it’s good. It doesn’t hurt like it did the first time.” She tried to spread her knees apart but she would have had to get up.

Jack moved his hands up on her hips and pressed down while he moved his hips up and down. Slowly his hard cock worked its way up into her warm, slick pussy. He let her lie there on top of him with half his cock up in her quivering belly before he started thrusting up into her. When he did start it was with short, slow strokes, moving his huge cock only enough, to slip the skin up and down on his shaft.
“What do you want me to do?” asked Joan. “Do I do the work when we’re like this?”

“No, darling. Just slip back a little to be sure it doesn’t slip out. All you have to do is hold your ass where I can get to it.”
She slipped down a little, lifting her ass a bit higher and he swung his hips up and his heavy veined cock slithered up into her burning cunt and slid back out. Both of them were thrilled by the tight fit of his big cock in her narrow pussy. With each stroke they were both aware of the slickness and heat and that special something else that they only felt when they were with each other.

“Could you get to me better if I was on the bottom?” asked Joan.
“I probably could. Want to change?”
“You’ve never screwed me on a bed before. Let’s do it like that first time. Do you mind?”
“Not at all. Do you want me to turn us over without taking my cock out of your cunt?”
“Yes, darling. Put me on my back and pound me good.”

Jack pushed his cock up into her cunt and tipped them over to the aide, rolling on over until he was over her. She pulled her knees up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He slipped a few inches of his ten-inch cock out and adjusted his knees, then pushed forward until he once again had all of it in her twat.

“How’s that?” he asked.
“Wonderful. Your big cock really fills up my cunt. I love it.”
“Any my cock loves your cunt.” He pulled it back slowly, paused a moment and then started back down. His hard cock burrowed its way through her pussy lips, up her chute and into the hot, soft tissue covering the end of her passage.
“Oh, Jack. I need it so bad. I need to come on your cock until I can’t tell when one stops and the next one starts. That’s the way it was out by the river. Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me until I can’t see straight.”
“I’m fucking you, honey. I’m fucking you, now.” He was using long, slow strokes and he pushed his hands down under her ass and lifted her cunt up to meet his cock each time it came down.

Joan’s tight cunt started secreting more juices to lubricate the friction of the tight fit. It got slicker and Jack’s cock went in easier, still rippling as his veins and muscles shook through her cunt lips but not meeting the obstacle of friction as it moved up into the deepest parts of her tunnel. And Jack moved faster, not rushing but building her up toward her biggest orgasm ever.
“Oh, my God, Jack. You’ve already got me coming. I come a little everytime you push your beautiful cock into my pussy. I’m having a good one about every ten licks you hit it and I can feel a big one building up all the time. It’s getting stronger and stronger. Ifs going to be bigger than it was down at the river.” She pushed her arms tighter around his shoulders and pulled him down harder against her breasts.
“Don’t try to hold them back. Let it happen. Ride with it and look forward to the next one.” He was humping her faster than before but still not with the frantic strokes of a man caught up in the rapture of orgasm.
“Do I fuck as good as Mom?” asked Joan unexpectedly.
“Huh? What? Oh, yes. You haven’t had her practice but your aunt’s just as good as hers. Didn’t I wait for you when I could have come in her just as easily?”
“Yes, darling. Fuck me good, I really need it.” Jack shifted his weight a little. Joan felt the hair on his chest almost cutting her nipples under his weight. And then his plowing cock was running through her cunt lips faster and she started coming constantly.

Her stomach felt funny and her belly had that empty feeling that quivered and sent those little electric sensations radiating out through her whole being. She could feel her hot fluids trying to run out of her cunt but there wasn’t room between Jack’s huge cock and her tight pussy lips for even a drop to escape and she could feel the pool sloshing around in her as she shook with the motion of Jack’s thrusting cock in her.
Still she could feel that big climax building up inside her. Her hands slipped from his shoulders down his back as she tried to urge him on, tried to get him to fuck her faster. She had to have that big one soon or she would literally explode. Even so she wanted more than anything else to make it good for Jack. She wanted to make it something special for him but she didn’t know how.

“Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard. Shove your cock up in me so hard I can taste it. I’m coming. I’m coming and I want to come more.” She strained, trying to push her thighs wider apart.

Jack pushed forward, his cock almost lifting her hips from his hands. He rammed his steel cock into her faster and the slightly different angle of his penetration took her to greater heights of ecstasy. So much fluid had gathered in her stretched cunt she though she would burst from the pressure his cock put on it when he rammed it in to the hilt.
And then Jack began breathing heavily, audibly, and holding his breath longer before exhaling into her ear. Instinctively her arms and legs tightened around him.

“You’re getting it,” she moaned, “I can tell.” She took a ragged breath. “I am, too. Fuck the shit out of me. Shoot your hot cum in me.”
Jack was concentrating on fucking too much to be able to talk. Her cunt got hotter and tighter and he pounded away, knowing he was within seconds of shooting more cum into her than he had ever shot before. His eyes were squeezed closed and little bright specks seemed to be shooting across his field of vision. And then everything turned red and his balls drew up and his asshole clenched and his guts spasmed and the little muscles between his asshole and his cock started pumping and his white, hot, milky cum erupted from the tip of his prick and shot up into Joan’s womb and filled it and splashed along the stretched walls of her twat and he held his bursting cock deep in her until his spasming died and all his cum had been pumped into her.

“San of a bitch,” breathed Billy. He was lying on the big bed with his head near Joan’s hips. “He fucked the living shit out of her.”
“That’s just what he did, all right,” agreed Betty. She was lying next to Billy where they had been watching Jack’s big cock entering Joan’s cunt. “He fucked her good. Both of them came and there’s still not a drop of it coming out. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”
“Yeah,” said Billy. “Damned if I ain’t hard again. Watching them got my cock right back up.”
“I know what you mean. I’ve got all kinds of juice running out of my cunt,” said Betty.
“Can I fuck you now?”
“Just wait a minute. I’m going to get up here so I can get my tongue in Joan’s cunt as soon as Jack pulls his cock out. You can do anything you want to then.”
“Get ready, Mrs. Howard,” said Jack. “I’m backing out.” He moved up higher on Joan and started lifting his hips, his ten inch cock slowly slithering out of her pussy.

Betty crawled up and pushed her head between Jack’s thighs and Joan’s hips. She was in such a hurry she started flicking her tongue across the smooth flesh between Joan’s cunt and asshole. On her knees and forearms she twisted her head around further and ran her tongue along the seam between Jack’s cock and Joan’s stretched pussy lips, tasting the salty moisture there.
Jack had raised up until he was well above Joan but his long cock was still partly in her cunt, keeping all the juices sealed up in the tunnel of her cunt. He could feel Betty’s tongue flicking across his cock and knew that she was in position to catch the fluid when it started out.

“Ready?” asked Jack.
“Uh huh,” answered Betty as she opened her mouth and pressed it to the underside of his cock and Joan’s cunt.
Billy had moved to the other side of the bed to watch Jack’s cock coming out of Joan’s cunt. There was only a fraction of an inch through which he could see the point of coupling as well as Betty’s mouth and probing tongue.
Jack lifted his ass and his cock came out of Joan’s cunt with a pop and the juices followed with a gush. There was no way Betty could have caught the whole flood, even if she could have had Joan’s hole completely covered before Jack’s cock slipped out. The gush filled her mouth and ran down across her jaw. It wet her hair and dropped to her shoulder, running down across her titty as she moved around to get lined up with her daughter’s cunt so she could start using her tongue to hit her clit and plug her hole.
Billy crawled up toward the head of the bed and threw his leg across Joan’s shoulders, straddling her and resting his hips on her titties. He slipped a hand under her head and lifted it as he guided his cock to her mouth with the other hand. When she took the head of his cock into her mouth he put both hands under her head and started lifting it until his cock struck her throat and lowering it until her lips were in the groove behind his cock head.

Billy watched his cock slipping in and out of his sister’s mouth and adjusted his knees further apart and his cock further up toward her mouth. He had found the range and started lifting Joan’s head faster, jacking himself off with her lips, tongue and throat. He leveled out and held a steady pace. Her tongue provided a friction against the bottom of his prick that gave him extreme pleasure without making him come too soon.
Jack watched his girlfriend being eaten by her mother and screwed in the mouth by her brother. He smiled. His cock had been satisfied and he looked around to see who he could satisfy.

Jack moved around to the foot of the bed and lay on his back. He reached above his head and pressed Betty’s thighs apart. She felt his hands and spread her knees. Jack slid on his back until his he was between her thighs and he put his hands on her hips and pressed down. She lowered her cunt until it was resting on his mouth.

He pushed his head back, raising his mouth until he could cover her slit with his mouth, running his tongue along her slick gash. Betty sighed into Joan’s cunt and lowered her butt until she was pressing her pussy down hard against the probing tongue.

Joan was still dizzy from the fucking Jack had given her and having her cunt eaten out as soon as Jack’s cock had slipped out was an added bonus. Her belly was still quivering from being fucked and hot, slick juices were still running down to her pussy. Her nipples were hard and the thin hair on Billy’s hips was rubbing them lightly. The fact that there was a cock in her mouth kept the excitement level high in her mental and physical feelings. Billy’s thin lubricating juices draining down her throat sent shivers of ecstasy down her spine.

Betty felt the fresh juices coming into her mouth and she sucked and tongued loan harder. Just knowing that she was providing pleasure to Joan gave her an added thrill. And Jack’s mouth on her cunt and his tongue running around her clit made her juices flow. Her belly was already trembling. A thin coat of perspiration covered her body and she knew she was going to come on Jack’s tongue.

Billy could feel Joan’s tongue working against his cock as he worked it back and forth in her mouth. He wished Ellen was where Joan was but he knew she would never agree to a family affair. Just the same he wished it was her mouth he was fucking. She knew how to take his cock much deeper into her throat than Joan did. What the heck, he thought. It’s more fun to be here where I can watch the others. And I like fucking Mom’s ass and seeing Jack fuck Joan. I haven’t got a thing to bitch about. I’m getting fucked and sucked more than I could if I was out with Ellen.
Betty came. Her trembling belly spasmed and squeezed her cunt cream down through her pussy and onto Jack’s tongue and into his open mouth. As the feeling of ecstasy swept over her, she tongued Joan’s cunt with renewed effort and was rewarded with a mouthful of fresh pussy juice.

Still dizzy from Jack’s fucking, Joan felt her mother’s tongue rubbing her clit with renewed enthusiasm. Her whole body started jerking and a new wave of dizziness swept through her. She tightened her mouth on Billy’s cock as her cunt spewed another load of juice and she came.
Joan’s head was still being pulled up and down by Billy as he fucked her in the mouth. She was creaming, gushing slick juice from her cunt and the dizziness and thrills that go with coming swept over her but there was more. Billy’s cock in her mouth seemed to be making her shiver in the throat. She could feel her mouth closing and loosening around his cock and she couldn’t help herself. It was almost as if her mouth were coming. Almost as if she were going to feel some kind of juice come up into her mouth and a new wave of ecstasy radiate from her mouth and throat.
Billy felt Joan’s mouth tighten around his cock. Her mouth seemed to fill with hot saliva and as his prick plowed into it his balls drew up in their sac and his hips tightened. All the muscles around his asshole and his cock started contracting and pumping his pearly, white, scalding cum into Joan’s mouth. He pulled her head up and pushed forward with his hips and held his cock against the back of her throat until he had no cum left in him.

Billy realized that Betty was coming and he wet his finger in the juice around her cunt and pushed it up her asshole. She pushed her ass back against his finger and spewed still more cunt juice into his mouth. He fucked her with his tongue and finger until her rapture had passed.
All four lay on the bed to rest. Joan lay curled up with her head on Jack’s abdomen, the head of his cock in her mouth while the others stretched out.

“Are you really tired?” asked Jack.

Joan let his cock come out of her mouth with a wet pop. “I have a little energy left,” she said.

“Well, let me fuck you doggie style. Okay?”
“Sure. Billy fucked me that way before you came.” She sat up and swung her feet off the bed. “Where do you want me?”
“Get up on the edge of the bed and I’ll stand on the floor. That way we’ll get the added pleasure of the bed bouncing.” He got up and waited far her to get into position. Looking over his shoulder he spotted the mirror on the bathroom door and went over to adjust it.
“What are you doing?” asked Joan.
“Fixing this so we can see ourselves. It adds something to it when you can see it happening,” said Jack. “Can you see yourself?”
“Close the door just a little. That’s it. I can see myself now. Come on, let’s fuck.”
Jack walked up behind Joan and eased his rigid cock up to her cunt. She watched in the mirror and reached back and pulled her pussy lips open.
“Oh, my God,” she exclaimed. “Look in the mirror. Your cock is so much bigger around than my cunt. It’ll never go in without ripping me open.” She worked her fingers around, trying to open her pussy even more.
“You’ll stretch. You did just a little while ago.” He put one hand high on her hip and took his cock in the other. Jack guided the tip of his cock up to the mouth of her twat, put a little pressure against her and looked around to see what it looked like in the mirror.
“Oh, Jack. I feel you pushing and I see it in the mirror. You’ve got your cock pushed up against me but it won’t go in. I told you it was bigger than my pussy.” She wiggled her ass around and the tip of his cock slipped between her cunt lips. “Oh, my God. The head isn’t all the way in and I’m being stretched wide open.”
Jack pressed a little harder and the head of his cock slipped in and her cunt lips closed behind the ridge around his cock head.
“Look, Jack. Look in the mirror. My cunt closed around your cock. I didn’t know it looked like that. It’s tight, like we were just one person connected there. Fuck me, Jack. Let’s see what it looks like when you fuck me.”
He caught her hipbones and pulled her back, threading her on his cock. He held her back with her hips against his hipbones, then let her slip forward slowly.

“Look! Look in the mirror when your cock slips out my pussy lips stretch back. Look at that. Oh, it feels so good and seeing it makes it feel just that much better.” She pushed her tail up higher and put her chin down on the bed. “Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard and let me see it and feel it.”
Jack centered himself behind her, almost blocking her vision. He started fucking Joan slowly, gaining speed as his cock became better lubricated. Finally he was stabbing his cock into her hot cunt with long, fast strokes, ramming his long cock all the way to the end of her tight cunt tube.

“Oh, my God, Jack!” Joan squealed. “You’re really fucking me, and I can see it and it feels so good. I’m coming already. It’s getting real good.”
“Jack! When you almost get it, let me suck you off! Let me take your hot cum in my mouth!” She was panting in expectation.
Jack screwed her faster, jamming his cock cruelly through her tight cunt. Her jerked her back against him as he drove in and let her slip forward as he came out. His fingers were bruising her hipbones but it didn’t matter. He wanted to feel his cum rising in him so he could get, his cock in her mouth and feel her sucking it out of him.

When he could stay in her cunt no longer he jerked his cock out and spun around to fall on the bed. Joan was on him in an instant, taking his cock head in her mouth and massaging it with her tongue.

His hips jerked involuntarily. His cum was boiling in his loins and out through his cock. He felt Joan sucking and his cum boiled out faster. He heard her swallowing and his hands went to the back of her head and pressed her closer to him.
And when all his cum had been pumped out Joan raised her head and he saw the white, pearly cum running down and dripping from her chin. He caught her face between his hands and pulled her up and kissed her, tasting his cum. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and put his arms around her.

“Well done,” said Betty. “Does anybody want anything to eat or drink?”
“Not now,” said Jack, lifting his mouth from Joan’s. “I don’t feel like moving.”
“You just get your rest, big boy. I’m going down to fix something to give you strength. I’ve got an idea you’re going to need it.” Betty crawled off the bed and looked around for her robe.
“I guess I could use a cup of coffee,” said Jack. “If you’ll bring it up here.”

Betty just smiled as she went out into the hall and headed for the stairs.

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