Mother and son play lovers in a play

Josh was not a typical young man. He worked hard on weekends and part time thru the week at a gym as a personal trainer. During the week he attended classes at the local college. He had lots of women interested in him. He was exceedingly handsome. His 6’2″ frame was like a sculpture of a Greek god. His piercing blue eyes made women swoon when he looked at them directly. Josh had broad shoulders and a narrow hips and wash board abs. His muscles were very well defined. He had almost no body fat. Gorgeous, a hunk, beautiful specimen of a man were some of the ways the local woman would describe him. He had a silky smooth voice and he could sing like the crooners of yesteryear.

Josh lived at home with his mother. Mary was forty four years old. She was stunning with an hourglass figure and long jet black hair. She was diminutive in stature when compared to her handsome son. She only stood 5’4″ tall unless she was wearing her four inch stilettos. Her hips were wide but she had a narrow waist and a medium bust. Her legs tapered beautifully from her thick yet firm rear to very elegant ankles and small pedicured feet. Her eyes were deep dark pools that a person could lose their soul in if they stared too long into their abyss. She was graceful in every sense of the word. Watching her walk could easily become a favorite pastime of any man that was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of her.

Josh and Mary weren’t just mother and son they had become friends as Josh became a man. They relied on each other for financial and emotional support. They shared many interests. Their common love of music and live theater had them attending shows and singing duets together at a local karaoke bar often. On weekends mother and son would go out to a play or go to their favorite bar to throw darts and sing. They were a crowd favorite when they sang together. They spent more time together than most married couples do. To say the least, they truly enjoyed each other’s company.

Occasionally Josh and Mary would try out for parts in locally produced plays. They had landed small parts at times but never on the same play. On a particularly sunny Saturday early spring afternoon Josh waited anxiously for his mother to get home from the grocery store. He had landed the lead in a musical love story and he couldn’t wait to tell his best friend all about it.

Mary burst into the kitchen just bubbling with enthusiasm. Before Josh had the chance to tell his overexcited mother the good news, she blurted “I just got the part of Penelope in the new musical! I got the female lead! Can you believe it?”

Josh just laughed at his mother’s excitement. Then he said, “Mom, I got the part of Patrick O’Shaughnessy. I got the male lead. We’ll be in the play together.” He was grinning from ear to ear.

Mary smiled proudly at her son as she hugged him tightly. “I am so excited we’ll be in the same play together for the first time. This is going to be so much fun! I have always wanted to be in a play with you Josh.”

The play was about a spring/winter love affair between an older woman and a much younger man. It was set in Ireland. The premise was forbidden love and the struggle for the lovers to overcome the obstacle of religious prejudice and age differences in Irish catholic southern Ireland. The character of Penelope Lange was English and protestant, while the character of Patrick O’Shaughnessy was Irish catholic. In the end their love prevails. The playwright was trying to make the statement that love conquers all. It was loaded with great songs and a real touchy feely dialogue. The play was a real tear jerker and well written.

The fact that mother and son would be playing the parts of lovers hadn’t fully sunk in yet as the two celebrated their good fortune. Then almost simultaneously the two friends realized their predicament. Mary’s hand went up to her mouth as she gasped in shock at the revelation that she would be required to play out the part of lover to her own son.

Josh picked up on the problem and his eyes grew wide. He offered, “If this is a problem mom, I can turn down the part and take a different role.”

Mary waved her son’s offer off and replied, “If anyone is going to give up their lead role in this it will be me son. If you think it would be too awkward to play the part of my lover, I will step aside and let them give the role to someone else. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.”

“Mom, we can do this.” Josh replied. “I would never forgive myself if because of me, you lost this chance to shine, like I know you will. Let’s just do it. We got this mom. I know it will be a little awkward at first but it’s just acting. The show must go on and all that, you know?”

“Right, it is just acting after all. We can and we will do this.” Mary said trying to sound more convinced than she really was. In the back of her mind she harbored doubts about playing the part of lover to her exceedingly handsome son. She was also feeling butterflies in her stomach over the prospect.

Mary was from old money but had been disinherited when she became pregnant with Josh. Her entire family had turned their backs on her when she told them that she would be having a baby out of wedlock. Josh’s father was as handsome as Josh if not more so. He split town when Mary told him of her predicament. She had moved away from all she ever knew. She settled in a small mid-western town and took a job as a cashier at a local grocery store where she still worked to this day. She had raised Josh entirely on her own and he was her whole world.

Mary had never accepted promotion at her job because her time with her son was precious. She went to work at eight every morning and was off by three thirty every afternoon from Monday thru Friday. She made it a point to spend time with Josh everyday and she saw to his every need. Josh excelled in school and sports but his real passion was theater and singing. Mary encouraged him to pursue his dreams. She also taught him that he could do anything he wanted in life if he tried hard enough and never gave up.

Josh had picked up on what his mother taught him. He was very tenacious when it came to what he wanted out of life. He didn’t even know how to give up on anything. Once Josh set a goal for himself he stayed with it until he either got it or something better. Working as a freelance personal trainer he could set his own hours. He charged more than the other trainers. He made good money at it too. Josh got results. He was tough on his clients, always pushing them beyond what they themselves thought they were capable of. He was voted best personal trainer four years in a row.

As soon as Josh was old enough to legally have a job, he did. Josh had been helping his mother pay bills ever since. He never griped about it. He just figured everyone in this world should pull their own weight if they could. Josh was kind to other people and he was very thoughtful of others. Almost everyone who knew him, liked him.

The first night of rehearsals was mostly about getting familiar with the script and getting to know each other. There was no one there that knew Mary or Josh so when the two leads were introduced they both stood up and shook hands as if meeting each other for the first time. Josh and Mary agreed the cast didn’t need to know mother and son were playing lovers. It was Mary’s idea to play it that way. She and Josh had talked about it at home. So even though they shared the same last name people would assume they were no relation. There were two others who shared the same last name as them. Smith is a quite common name.

With scripts in hand the actors disbanded and headed back to their perspective homes. Mary always read a script from front to back as soon as she could. She thought it best to know the whole story not just her parts. She was impressed with the writing. Then she got to the first love scene in act two. Her heart skipped a beat. It required partial nudity, but nothing too risqué. Mary thought to herself it won’t be that awkward. She would have her breasts on display briefly. She continued reading, when she got to act four scene three she had to read it several times. It was almost pornographic in it’s description. It was the scene where the two lovers are caught at it after promising other characters that they would stop. This required full nudity with no way to cover up.

Just then Mary heard a sharp knock on her bedroom door. She just about jumped out of her skin. Then she said with a trembling voice, “Yes Josh?”

Josh came in and sat down on the edge of his mother’s bed with script in hand on the same page as Mary. “Is this going to be a problem for us mom? If it is, you just say the word and we won’t do it.”

“Is it for you Josh?” she asked back with a slight tremble still in her voice.

Josh tried to gauge his mother. He could usually tell how she felt about things. This time Josh had trouble reading her. He sensed that she was apprehensive about the scene, but there was something more there. At first he didn’t recognize it, then he was taken aback by it when he realized it was excitement and sexual tension. His mother was turned on by the scene. That’s when Josh saw his mother kind of for the first time all over again.

The first time he had seen her he was a newborn just learning to use his eyes. Then all he saw was mother. This time he was seeing Mary, the woman. A real flesh and blood woman, with real flesh and blood needs and desires. Josh had never seen his mother as anything but mother until that very moment. Now Josh felt awkward. He didn’t know what to think or say. He decided to use his mother’s wise advice she had often given him. “Let’s sleep on it and see how we feel about it in the morning mom.”

“Ok Josh. That sounds like a good idea. Good night sweetheart I’ll see you in the morning.” Mary said sweetly.

Josh leaned in and gave his mother a goodnight kiss on her cheek, and left for his room. On the way there he was examining his own feelings about the scene. By the time he was getting into bed he was forming a tent in his pajama bottoms. There was no doubt about it the prospect of performing the scene with his mother was turning him on too. What should he do about it? Was the question that would rob him of sleep most of the night.

Mary was doing no better. She read the rest of the play and loved it. It was a beautiful story that was well written and the song lyrics were brilliant. She so wanted to play the part, but that scene with her own son was going to be the deal breaker. How could she do that with her own son? She kept asking herself.

Sunday morning came with a vengeance. Both Mary and Josh were dragging butt by dawn. Josh made it to the kitchen first, so he made coffee and started the bacon. Mary came in and started helping. This was a dance the two had danced so many times together. Josh poured coffee for his mother and himself. Mary grabbed the creamer out if the refrigerator and added it to each cup. She returned the creamer and got the eggs. Josh stirred the coffee and turned the bacon. Mary turned on the other burner and got out the egg pan. Josh sprayed the pan with spray oil and Mary cracked the first egg into it. Breakfast prep continued like this until the toast popped up indicating it was time to eat. By then the two were both on their second cup and feeling a little better.

After breakfast was done and the kitchen put back in order, only then did either one of them speak. “So what do you think mom? Are we going to do it or not?” Josh asked.

“I really don’t know if we should Josh. Just reading the scene was giving me unnatural feelings towards you. I don’t like how perverted it made me feel about myself. Do you understand what I mean?” Mary said very matter of fact.

Josh always admired his mother’s honesty and candor. “I got those same feelings mom. Last night I saw you for the first time as a woman and not just as my mother. I couldn’t sleep all night. I don’t feel perverted or dirty over it but I do feel a little sad.” Josh said with tears welling up in his eyes.

“Sad? I don’t understand. Why sad?”

“Because mom, I will never see you the way I used to again. I will from that moment on see you as a beautiful vibrant woman. Desirable in every way that a woman is to a man. You have lost your motherhood in my eyes and now all I will ever see when I look at you is a beautiful woman. Can you understand that mom?” Josh asked with tears rolling down his cheek.

By this time Mary, being empathetic to her son’s anguish, had tears of her own. “Oh Josh! Baby don’t cry. I am so sorry if I made you feel differently towards me. Please son, let’s just forget about this damn play and go back to the way we were.” Mary said in the most motherly of tones.

Josh said, “It’s not your fault mom, and it’s too late for us to go backwards. My perspective has changed forever. I will never see you any other way than the way I see you now.”

“How do you see me now Joshua?” Mary asked.

Josh tried to choose his words thoughtfully. “Mom when I see you now, I see a woman who is extremely desirable. I see a woman I have loved my whole life. I see an unselfish woman who has dedicated her entire adult life to me. I see a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous woman that any man ,including myself, could fall for very easily.”

Mary blushed at her son’s praises, but she also gasped at what he had just said. “You mustn’t say things like that Josh! It’s wrong. You know it’s wrong to have those kind of thoughts about me.”

“I know mom, but when you had those kind of feelings towards me last night I picked up on it. That’s what caused me to see you in a different light. I can’t not see you that way now. I can’t help it mom.”

“Joshua! Get a grip! You can control your emotions and feelings. You aren’t trying. We can do this play without having it ruin the mother son relationship we both cherish. We will do this play and we will not let it destroy our lives.” Mary scolded her son.

This seemed to have the desired effect on Josh. Josh saw his mother again as mother. He set his jaw and his resolve. He decided that his mother was right and this play would not cause him to lose his self control.

“You are of course right mother. We will not be ruled by our baser instincts and drives. We will play our parts to thunderous applause and rave reviews.” Josh replied sounding quite convincing. However in the back of his mind he was visualizing him and his mother in the scene that had them both on edge.

Mary was having doubts of her own. She was wondering if she didn’t just steer her and her son down a path from which there was no return. She also thought privately that she may have done it on purpose. Did she really want for this to lead to a permanent change in the nature of their relationship? Why hadn’t she just decided to give up the role and avoid any temptation? Deep in her subconscious she already knew the answer. Deep down she had desires that had been directed at her son for a long time.

Mary met Josh’s father and fell for his handsome features and his silky smooth voice. She was bowled over by his easy charm and flattering compliments. Josh’s father was the only man Mary had ever been with and it was just the one time. Now she was up against it again. Josh looked so much like his father did twenty four years ago. Now he was starting to talk to his mother the same way his father did so long ago. This was different though. Josh loved her. It would be safe to love him back this time. Mary was lost in thought for several hours as she tried to sort her feelings and motives out.

Josh struggled with his own demons. He couldn’t get thoughts of him and his mother playing out the near pornographic scene together. He was rock hard at the thought of it. This did make him feel dirty and perverted. He mentally admonished himself for not controlling his urges. He tried in vain to get control of his body and his mind. However the harder he tried the harder he got. Finally in desperation he went into the bathroom to relieve himself.

The two shared a small two bedroom one bath apartment. The inner walls were thin. Mary could hear what her son was doing regardless of his best efforts to be perfectly silent. This drove Mary over the brink. She began imagining her son masturbating and soon she was more aroused than she had ever been in her entire life. With no resolve left Mary retreated to her bedroom to sort her frustration out before she did something stupid. She was sorely tempted to run to her son and throw herself at him.

Rehearsals were scheduled for Sundays all day, Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Mary and Josh both worked hard at learning their lines and practicing their songs. The tension between them was being abated by copious amounts of masturbation on both their parts. They only had six weeks until opening night.

The director was a slave driver. He was exceedingly meticulous. Going over every detail with a fine tooth comb. There was no full dress rehearsals until the week of opening night. When Mary and Josh were learning the love scenes they were fully dressed. Even then the director was pushing the two to put more passion into it. He demanded as much realism and authenticity as they could muster. He kept saying they were not convincing him of anything. He wanted to see them together and believe they were in love and they were on fire with passion.

Both Mary and Josh were having difficulties overcoming the fact that they were mother and son. Mary more so than Josh. Josh was having trouble because the fake lovemaking with his mother was making him obviously hard. This was uncomfortable and embarrassing for Josh. It also set Mary on edge. She got a perverse thrill and an ego boost from her son’s obvious sexual excitement. This however just served to cause Mary to feel dirty and perverted.

Mary knew that having any attraction for her own son was wrong. She loathed herself for feeling the way she did. However she felt powerless to do anything to curb her unnatural feelings for her son. She was so conflicted over the whole situation that at times she wanted to quit the play. Other times she loved how it felt to have her beautiful son lust after her the way he did. She tried to gain the will power to call the whole thing off. She desperately wanted to do the right thing.

As the weeks went by Mary and Josh tried to do their best to be convincing. They just weren’t quite getting there. Mary asked, “Josh what are we doing wrong?”

“I don’t know mom. Maybe we need to address the elephant in the room before we can get it right.” Josh said.

Mary considered her son’s words carefully. Then she said, “Ok. Let’s talk about what’s really holding us back. I have unnatural feelings for you and you have the same feelings for me. We don’t want our relationship to change. However if we are truly honest with ourselves, our relationship has already changed. Where does that information leave us?”

Josh thought for a moment. It was true that their feelings for each other had changed into something more than what they had always been comfortable with. “I think when we do the full dress rehearsal tomorrow, we should do the love scenes the way we would if we were truly lovers. Forget about being mother and son and just be lovers. The only way we can be convincing is if we can convince ourselves and each other.”

“We will be completely nude for the scene where we get caught together by the nuns and the priest. So far we have had the luxury of clothing to hide behind. This will test our resolve to the limits. Can you be nude with me and fake making love convincingly enough to pass muster?” Mary asked pointing out the difficulties facing them.

“I don’t think we should fake it.” Josh replied.

Mary was caught off guard by the boldness of her son’s statement. “We can’t do that! We are still mother and son and that’s wrong enough. We can’t actually have sex on stage! We would be arrested! Then we would be exposed as mother and son and they would throw the book at us. That’s preposterous! How could you even suggest something so reckless? I am surprised at you!” Mary was hot in more ways than one at her son’s bold suggestion. She was growing wetter by the second at idea of making love to her son on the stage in front of everyone. In spite of her vehement protest she actually loved the idea.

Josh was wounded by his mother’s rebuke. He felt betrayed. He knew his mother wasn’t being honest about how she really felt. Josh knew she was turned on by the idea, but she was too embarrassed to admit it. He calmed himself before he spoke so he wouldn’t lash out at the woman he loved. Then he said, “I want to make love to you mom. I need to make love to you, because I am in love with you. I have loved you for a very long time. I just never realized it until we started working on this play together. The lighting is such that no one will be able to see that we are really having sex. Mother, be honest with me, you want this too. Hell mom, be honest with yourself! Tell me you don’t want me the same way I want you. I bet you can’t. Look me in the eye and convince me you don’t feel the same way.”

“Oh Joshua, of course I love you. You’re my son. I will always love you, but you’ve got to understand that there are some things that we just can’t do. This is one of those things sweetheart. This is forbidden. We are not allowed to love each other as man and woman. It just isn’t done.” Mary said as she began to cry. Inside all she wanted was to give herself to her son but she thought she was doing the right thing. Mary knew that it was crushing her son’s spirit to deny him this way. She desperately wanted to make love to him. She just couldn’t get past how wrong it would be.

Josh was devastated by her rejection. He had big tears running down both cheeks. He knew she was lying to him and to herself. He wondered if she knew how much courage it took for him to confess his love for her the way he did. Probably not he surmised. He calmed himself yet again. Then he said in a shaky voice, “Just forget I said it then mother. We’ll do it your way. I was just getting carried away with the role. I guess I sounded pretty pathetic huh?” he said with an obviously forced smile while the tears were just streaming down his face.

Mary could see his heart was breaking. It was killing her to see him cut down so low, and by her own hand as it were. She was conflicted. On one hand she was doing what she had previously believed was the right thing to do. On the other hand she was being dishonest about what she really wanted. The fact that her son wanted the same thing caused her to have doubts about what was truly right and wrong.

Josh got up from the kitchen table and retreated to his room. He had to have some time alone to collect his thoughts and regain his composure. In his room he stared at the walls unable to breath or think. Josh felt like his guts had just been kicked out. His mother’s rejection hurt him deeply. He just wanted her to love him the way he now loved her. That wasn’t too much to ask.

Mary retreated to her room as well. She was growing angry with herself for her cowardice. She had always taught her son to be brave and honest. Now she was being neither. She did want him as her lover but how could she do that to her son? It was wrong. There was no question about that. Mothers did not have sex with their own sons.

The tension between Josh and his mother on the drive to the theater was almost palpable. You could have cut it with a knife. The rehearsal was going well right up to the love scene. After the fourth time the director yelled cut and admonished the lovers for faking it. Mary made eye contact with her son. In that glance she gave all the permission he needed. The next time the director yelled action the two started the same as always.

Josh stripped his mother’s costume dress off in a passionate rush. He pulled her voluptuous body in and hugged her to him tightly. He whispered in her ear ,”Are you sure?”

Mary looked up into her son’s eyes and nodded ever so slightly. She unfastened his belt and drew his pants down. He stepped out of them. Mary wrapped her arms around Josh’s legs as she pressed her face into her son’s crotch. She inhaled deeply as she savored the smell of Josh’s swollen cock.

The director was pleased. He indicated to the lighting man to bring up the lights a little. The lover’s angle was such that a clear view of Mary taking Josh’s hard cock into her mouth couldn’t be seen. Mary spent some time on her knees just giving her son pleasure. Josh was responding to her mouth and tongue. It looked convincing to everyone at the rehearsal.

Josh pulled his naked mother up into his arms again and kissed her full on the lips. There was more passion in that kiss than Mary had ever experienced in her whole life. She almost lost consciousness from the intense feelings it warranted. After the kiss Josh laid Mary down on a bed the lovers had made of hay and a heavy quilt. She let her son mount her between her legs. She slipped her hand between their bodies and took her son’s hard tool and guided it to her wet pussy. Then she looked her son in the eyes as he pushed his way back into the pussy he had come out of. She gasped as he began making love to her. They both moaned and grunted. They were very convincing. Then on cue the nun comes into the barn and sees the lovers. She retreats to report her discovery to the mother superior and the priest. All of whom come to the barn and interrupt the lovers before they climax.

One of the hardest things for Josh and Mary to do was to stop. But stop they did. The director was ecstatic with their performance. He said that they finally got it. Now if the two could just maintain that level of passion the play would be a huge success.

After the full dress rehearsal was over the entire cast was congratulating Mary and Josh on their stellar performance. All the two actors wanted to do was escape to their humble apartment to finish what was started on the stage. With the final duet sung they both tried to extricate themselves from their fellow thespians. However protocol demanded that they attend the traditional gathering for champagne and socializing. This is what was done to mark the last day of rehearsals and celebrate the inevitable opening night.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity Mary and her son were free to go home. When they arrived home they barely got thru the door of their apartment with their clothes on. Josh spun his mother around and pulled her light knit dress up over her head. He planted a passionate kiss on her full lips and hugged her nude body tightly to his. Mary broke the kiss and pushed Josh back at his waist. Then she deftly unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. Then just like in the scene she knelt and pulled her son’s throbbing manhood to her face.

Mary had her face planted against her son’s pelvis. Her nose was touching the top side of his cock. She inhaled deeply savoring the smell of her son. This time she could smell her own scent intermingled with his. This gave Mary sensory overload. She was literally dripping wet from how extremely aroused she had become. Mary knew what they were doing was so very wrong, she no longer cared about right and wrong. All Mary wanted with every fiber of her being was to make love to her most gorgeous son. With that in mind Mary took Josh into her mouth for the second time in one night.

Mary placed Josh’s hands on the back of her head. Then she reached around and gripped her son’s butt with both hands. She pulled him into her mouth deeper. He picked up her rhythm and pulled her onto his cock. Mary looked up into her beautiful son’s eyes, while her own dark eyes were tearing up from gagging a little from the intrusion into her throat. She pressed on, growing used to the sensation. Soon Josh was full on fucking his mother’s throat.

Josh couldn’t believe the way it felt. As he looked into his mother’s loving gaze, he became overwhelmed with a feeling of being loved. Josh increased the pace and veracity of his thrusts. Mary kept up even though it was difficult. She wanted her son to come down her throat. She didn’t know why she wanted it, she just knew she wanted it badly.

Josh felt his climax fast approaching and tried to pull out. Mary held his hips firmly in place and felt her son begin spilling his seed deep in her throat. Mary continued to suck on Josh’s meat, never letting his hard on fully subside. She sucked until his erection was fully recovered. Mary finally let her son’s hard cock slip from her lips. She rose to her feet and kissed her son passionately.

Josh was ready for more he took his mother by the hand and lead her to her own bed. Josh gently guided his mother onto the bed on her back. He spread her legs and put his head between them. He breathed in his mother’s scent. He savored the pungent aroma. His dick grew harder as his mouth made contact with his mother’s dripping pussy. Mary took in a sharp breath at her son’s contact. Josh began licking her wet pussy. He showed particular attention to her clit, causing her body to jerk and spasm with each flick of his tongue. Mary grabbed Josh’s head and pulled him into her hungry pussy. She started grinding her swollen clit into his tongue. Her hips gyrated as she held her son’s face right where she wanted it.

Mary climaxed like she had never before. The physical release was accompanied by an even more intense emotional one. Mary wept as tears streamed from both eyes. She had thoughts of how wrong this all was way in the back of her mind. Mary’s heart was certain that this was as right as anything could be. Her heart won that battle.

Josh sensed his mother’s shift in attitude about if this was right or wrong. He knew now was the time to seal their love forever. He moved up his mother’s voluptuous body and guided his throbbing swollen cock into his mother’s eagerly waiting pussy. He slid in with ease. Mary and Josh fell into a steady rhythm. They made slow patient love to each other. At times they were at the edge of climax then they would change pace or position just keep it going as long as they dared. Finally the two lovers were looking each other in the eyes and they simultaneously decided it was time. They began building speed and intensity. Josh was slamming into his mother’s pussy like a man possessed. Mary was clinging to josh and grinding her clit against her son’s pelvic bone with every inward thrust.

Mother and son came together. It was the most beautiful thing either one of them had ever experienced. They laid together for a very long time, each lost in the moment. A moment that would change their lives forever. Josh broke the silence, “Mom, I love you.”

“Oh Josh. I love you too. I guess I have always loved you like this. I just hope this doesn’t cause us any problems. I would hate myself if this ultimately hurts you baby.” Mary said looking genuinely worried.

“I don’t think it will mom. I think I will be yours and you mine from now on. I want it that way and I hope you do too.” Josh said with absolute confidence.

Mary knew better but she kept her fears to herself. She didn’t want to ruin the moment. Tomorrow was the opening. She looked forward to doing it all again as she wondered what the future held for her and her son. Privately she struggled with guilt and self loathing for going too far with her son. She couldn’t unfuck him. So now she figured she had better learn to live with it.

Josh was I awe of what just happened. He had never seen his mother as a woman until a few weeks ago. Afterwards he couldn’t stop obsessing about it. She occupied his every waking thought and even his dreams. No other woman commanded his full attention like his mother did. Josh was hopelessly head over heels in love with his own mother and he was happy about it. However he wondered how it would all work out in the end. Josh had doubts but he wouldn’t let her see it. He knew she was swamped with guilt over the whole thing. Josh showed nothing but absolute confidence so his mother wouldn’t start overthinking the situation. Josh wanted more and he was determined to get it.

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