Mother and son play lovers in a play

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Josh was not a typical young man. He worked hard on weekends and part time thru the week at a gym as a personal trainer. During the week he attended classes at the local college. He had lots of women interested in him. He was exceedingly handsome. His 6’2″ frame was like a sculpture of a Greek god. His piercing blue eyes made women swoon when he looked at them directly. Josh had broad shoulders and a narrow hips and wash board abs. His muscles were very well defined. He had almost no body fat. Gorgeous, a hunk, beautiful specimen of a man were some of the ways the local woman would describe him. He had a silky smooth voice and he could sing like the crooners of yesteryear.

Josh lived at home with his mother. Mary was forty four years old. She was stunning with an hourglass figure and long jet black hair. She was diminutive in stature when compared to her handsome son. She only stood 5’4″ tall unless she was wearing her four inch stilettos. Her hips were wide but she had a narrow waist and a medium bust. Her legs tapered beautifully from her thick yet firm rear to very elegant ankles and small pedicured feet. Her eyes were deep dark pools that a person could lose their soul in if they stared too long into their abyss. She was graceful in every sense of the word. Watching her walk could easily become a favorite pastime of any man that was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of her.

Josh and Mary weren’t just mother and son they had become friends as Josh became a man. They relied on each other for financial and emotional support. They shared many interests. Their common love of music and live theater had them attending shows and singing duets together at a local karaoke bar often. On weekends mother and son would go out to a play or go to their favorite bar to throw darts and sing. They were a crowd favorite when they sang together. They spent more time together than most married couples do. To say the least, they truly enjoyed each other’s company.

Occasionally Josh and Mary would try out for parts in locally produced plays. They had landed small parts at times but never on the same play. On a particularly sunny Saturday early spring afternoon Josh waited anxiously for his mother to get home from the grocery store. He had landed the lead in a musical love story and he couldn’t wait to tell his best friend all about it.

Mary burst into the kitchen just bubbling with enthusiasm. Before Josh had the chance to tell his overexcited mother the good news, she blurted “I just got the part of Penelope in the new musical! I got the female lead! Can you believe it?”

Josh just laughed at his mother’s excitement. Then he said, “Mom, I got the part of Patrick O’Shaughnessy. I got the male lead. We’ll be in the play together.” He was grinning from ear to ear.

Mary smiled proudly at her son as she hugged him tightly. “I am so excited we’ll be in the same play together for the first time. This is going to be so much fun! I have always wanted to be in a play with you Josh.”

The play was about a spring/winter love affair between an older woman and a much younger man. It was set in Ireland. The premise was forbidden love and the struggle for the lovers to overcome the obstacle of religious prejudice and age differences in Irish catholic southern Ireland. The character of Penelope Lange was English and protestant, while the character of Patrick O’Shaughnessy was Irish catholic. In the end their love prevails. The playwright was trying to make the statement that love conquers all. It was loaded with great songs and a real touchy feely dialogue. The play was a real tear jerker and well written.

The fact that mother and son would be playing the parts of lovers hadn’t fully sunk in yet as the two celebrated their good fortune. Then almost simultaneously the two friends realized their predicament. Mary’s hand went up to her mouth as she gasped in shock at the revelation that she would be required to play out the part of lover to her own son.

Josh picked up on the problem and his eyes grew wide. He offered, “If this is a problem mom, I can turn down the part and take a different role.”

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