Maanasa and me – Erotic Journey

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This is Rajath from Bangalore, working as an assistant professor in a B-school. The heroine of my story is Maanasa, a cute and horny girl originally from a small village near Mangalore.

The story I am narrating here is the one which happened in May 2017. It was on 13th May 2017 was the first sexual encounter between that sexy queen and me. A day that I remember for the rest of my life.

And it was on 15th May 2017 was the second sexual encounter between us. Probably I am going to remember it for all the seven lives of mine. But for these two days to come in our lives we waited for six long years. Before that, I must tell you how I got Maanasa into my life.

It all started on a monsoon day in the year 2011. I had just finished my masters and had joined as a lecturer at an MBA college in Bangalore. I was staying in Rajajinagar and my college was in Mysore road. It used to be an almost 45 minutes journey in college bus.

One day I boarded my bus and sat in my regular seat. Right in front of my seat, a new girl, wearing a bright blue color sari was sitting. Seeing that girl I took a few seconds to realize that I am a lecturer and not a student. My decency of the lecturer was blown away by her beauty.

As she was wearing sari I understood that she is a newly joined lecturer(but she was into the BCA department and I am into MBA. Though in the same campus different buildings). My imagination started taking a tour around a fantasy world of having that girl in my lustful life.

I started imagining talking to her, making her my friend, taking her phone number. Becoming close to her, developing a liking for her, roaming around with her, proposing her, kissing her and finally having her in my bed.

Isn’t it too fast to think of all this? But except the last one remaining all happened very quickly.

Very soon we became close to each other. exchanged phone numbers, started hanging out after college hours. During this time she already had a boyfriend. But their relationship was very shaky due to that boy’s over possessiveness (he was staying in Pune, not in Bangalore).

Maybe this was one of the reasons for her to become close to me. So in a way, I had become her unofficial boyfriend. Though we had not done anything which lovers could do. During all these days I never missed a chance to have a glance at her figure, her curves.

But one day when I was sitting with her at a coffee day in Malleshwaram I was having weird horny feelings towards her. She was looking very very sexy in her greenish tight t-shirt and blue denim. The cleavage in her t-shirt was making my dick rise. She was deeply engrossed in telling a college incident.

But for me, though I was acting as listening to her my imagination was going around what she could be wearing inside. If in case I get a chance to remove her t-shirt and denim what she could be wearing inside ( I have a huge fantasy for seeing girls in black bra and white panty).

As I was thinking like that she adjusted her t-shirt near her right shoulder. To my pleasant surprise, her bra strap was visible and it was black. Oh my god! My heart skipped a beat and without my knowledge, I had a hard-on below. I continued staring at her bra strap. She noticed that I am not listening to her.

Even she understood that I am looking at her shoulders with lustful eyes. She cut short her talking and in an annoyed face said let’s go back. I came back to my senses. Cursed at my misfortune. Dropped her back to her PG.

That night there was no texting or phone call from her (Every night we used speak minimum an hour on the phone). The next day when I got into college bus she did not even look at me. I thought this girl is doing too much. I also thought I might lose her.

The day went on and in the evening around 9 PM, I texted her saying sorry. After 30 minutes, came her reply and it made my head swing around. She asked, “If you liked my bra strip so much, why didn’t you touch it? I wasted no time in replying “Given a chance I would like to touch it now.”

Maanasa: Hahaha. I am not wearing a bra now.
Me: In that case, I would like to touch the part which used to be covered by a bra.

Maanasa: You naughty, better luck next time. PG gate is closed now. I can’t come out now.
Me: Wanna talk to you now.

Maanasa: No baby. You are very horny now. Listening to my voice you might fuck me over the phone call itself.
Me: If that is the case let it happen, baby.

Maanasa: No way. If something has to happen between us then let it happen in real and not virtually.

Like that chatting went on till midnight in the night. In the end, I was so tempted that I sent a pic of my hard dick. She was probably shocked and didn’t reply. (Later after many days she said she fingered heavily in the bathroom seeing my dick pic).

The next day when I boarded the bus she was shy and blushing. I sat in my seat and texted her, “What is making you so shy?” She replied, “You will get the answer in the evening.”

Throughout the day in college, I was trying to reach her over the phone. But she purposefully was not answering my calls and texts. She made me go crazy in waiting. In the evening while going back on the bus she avoided me and got busy talking with another lady faculty.

I was pissed off and decided not to approach her anymore. In the evening around 7.45 pm, she texted me. She asked me to take her to the same coffee day again. She was dressed up in tight black colored kurtha with matching dupatta. We went there on my bike.

Throughout the traveling no talk between us. Reached coffee day and ordered coffee. As we were sipping coffee I broke the silence and asked why she was ignoring me throughout the day.

Maanasa: You should get sweet things after some struggle, only then it will be very sweet.

In an annoyed mood, I said, “What is that sweet ?”
Maanasa: Today you will get to touch the softest parts of my body beneath my dupatta.

I had current passing through my body. I was all excited.
Maanasa: But, one condition.
I asked, What?

Maanasa: You should seduce me in this coffee day for next one hour. Only through your words and without touching me.

It was the craziest task for me. I loved taking that task. I recalled all the hot stories which I had read on websites like this. I made a wonderfully fascinating story of a guy breaking virginity of his colleague. As I was narrating the story I could see changes in her facial expressions. She was getting all excited.

We both forgot that we are sitting in a coffee day. At some points, she even took advantage of the privacy of the table and seating arrangement. She touched her vagina over the dress. While doing so she let out soft moans. It provoked me even more and made my story narration more intensive.

Guys, I must tell you that we forgot everything around us. I literally fucked her through my story. It was 9.30 at that time. She said let’s go back. We paid the bill and started back. While we were on the bike she said let’s go to the park near Rajajinagar metro station and sit for some time.

Her PG is 15 minutes walk from present-day Rajajinagar metro station. Those who know this station would be knowing a long stretch of the park. It goes below a high tension electric line, around 100 meters to the right of the metro station. We reached the park at around 9.50 pm.

In Bangalore, all park gates used to be closed at 10 pm. This park has multiple gates. All the lights were being switched off by the park watchman. We somehow entered the park without letting watchman know and sat on one of the benches below a tree.

Though lights were off it was still having some brightness due to full moon night. The watchman, unaware of our presence, went off closing all the gates.

Guys, It was just me and my heart-throb Maanasa in the entire park which has no lights. Remember we had just returned from one of the hottest moments in the coffee day. Both of us were not in our senses. We spent almost an hour in that park doing the most sizzling things (but not fucking).

As I am writing this am remembering that moment and pressing my dick. What exactly we did is altogether a different story which I will write in my next post. Even how I took her to PG at 11 o’clock is another hot encounter. (This is where I met her roommate Akshatha whom I fuck even today.)

I apologize for the lengthy narration. But I am hopeful that you liked my real hot story. Comments are welcome from everyone. I would appreciate the most if some horny gals and ladies come forward to express their wishes. You can reach me at [email protected]

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