I surrender myself to him

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I Surrender to him

Hey readers I am back with a new story of my experiences ..

I am Radha and I am single craving for some action.
Just when I was busy masturbating and dreaming about guys I decided to look for guys on dating apps .. and created profiles .
I got many matches because I put a very hot picture, with my cleavage visible. Any guy who would see it want to swipe right.
And then I connected to a guy named abhi
He was looking handsome in the photo but he looked little older in age about 30’s
Then we started texting each other he seemed very sweet and decided to meet him at a restaurant in Hyderabad, and met him at gvk mall.
He walked inside the mall wearing white shirt and was very hot !
I was ready to suck his cock just right there he was so hot !
Just in that moment .. He approached to me and he could see me drooling he was smiling and I felt like biting his lips he was making me go mad .. I could do anything just to touch him or kiss him I was in that state ..
He hugged me and I hugged back his smell made me faint, I got shivers .. I did not know the reason I was feeling this way but I loved all the butterflies and the attraction towards him most importantly the lust !

We walked and sat at a restaurant and we started talking .. he was generally asking me about me and I was answering him very politely like a good girl smiling and feeling little nervous and shy .. but he could definitely figure out that I was very much attracted to him and was getting horny .. he was enjoying my look and the way I was trying to be close to him.
I made up reasons to bend and show my clevage, I threw my purse first then again I wanted to remove my sandle and again put it .. and I wantedly showed him how my boobs looked ..

And I could see that he was enjoying the view.. he asked me .. will you come with me to the car ? I asked why ? He came close to my ear and said .. I want to touch the babies .. I simply took the purse and started walking with a smile he understood .. and he came outside too ..

He took me to the parking we sat in the car and as soon as he closed the door of the car .. his hands were on my boobs ..
He was looking at it first then, he touched slowly .. then came close and smelled my clevage .. looked at my face and suddenly pinched both my nipples with his both hands and I let out a scream ..
He said don’t you love it ? Biting his head and pinching me harder … I said .. aauuchhh yeaahh iove it abhii !
He said good, because I like it too.
I moved my face towards his and he moved a few inches away from me and I did not know why… But I wanted to kiss him sooo badlyy
I was calm he said I’ll call you again .. we should meet and just asked to leave for the day.

I did not say no or yes but just got down.
But I wanted to kiss him or touch him atleast..

Then days just passed and I kept waiting then my phone rang again and said .. meet me at the Ameerpet metro station.. and it felt like forever waiting for his call … By then each day I kept thinking of him …I had no interest in other matches and was touching my self by just his thought alone …

So I rushed and ran to the metro station only too look at him again .. I recognised his car and got in ..
He said so what do you want today .. I immediately replied I want to kiss you.. he laughed and said .. ahhaaan acha ?

I said yess please I am craving he said .. okay then .. earn it .. I asked him okay tell me how to earn it ..

He looked at me .. and said with a sly smile .. remove your bra .. and throw it in the back seat ..
I was very instant to do it … He laughed again and said ahhan so quick then remove your frock don’t sit on the seat but kneel down beside the gear road, in the front seat and put your hands behind your head
I was shocked but I loved the idea . I was so scard because if anyone who recognise me see me naked I will be dead.
So I still did it because I wsnted him so desperately ..
Then .. he looked at my boobs with a jaw drop as soon as I removed my dress and was pressing and playing with it while he was driving and was enjoying his ride .. while we were reaching the destination he asked me to get dresssed and not wear a bra just my frock and I did as asked and we went inside the hotel room, oyo .

As soon as we went inside he room he pushed me to the wall and teased my neck .. nibbled on my waist and touched my wet pussy and I let him .. do it ..
I was ready to surrender my self to him…
Then he left my body and looked at me in that condition and said .. you will do anything for me right ?
I said yes ! I will ;
He opened his zip and removed his beautiful hot dick .. it was warm with veins and wonderful to see
It looked amazing I wanted it in my mouth ..
I wanted to suck .. while I was thinking all this he slapped me tight I was hit my a shock I regained my self and looked at his face again he said .. open your mouth you bitch ..

I opened my mouth wide I did not even react to his slap I felt I deserved the slap …
I went on my knees and started sucking the beautiful meat .. it was yummy it tasted like a dessert, I was spitting on it and playing and he was enjoying the hell out .. I could see it .. he was moaning and enjoying everytime I went deep and holded his balls tight .. he enjoyed it ..

He was holding my neck with his hand and was chocking me .. he literally face fucked me and released his cum on my nose and eyes .. I let him do it ..
He went on the bed and lied down .. I moved to the washroom he said eyy ! I said what ? He said don’t move I said okay and sat on the floor he slept and woke up again because he got a few calls but I sat there with no pain or complain I was just waiting for him to wake up again ..

Once he woke up .. he looked at me .. he gestured me to come close I went like a puppy he rubbed my head and said come on the bed I jumped like a dog on the bed again .. he pointed his dick I went to job again .. I started sucking again .. with the dired cum on my face and smushed mascara .. he woukd have enjoyed my slutty face fucked face because he was laughing looking at me ..

Then he said I am married .. I looked at him and did not react he slapped me tight again, I looked up suddenly .. he said don’t stop .. I was sucking again …
He continued .. I am married .. and will you be my slave ?
I shook my head … He smiled and closed his eyes … Ever since .. I surrender my self to him …

Next part : how he fucked me everyday as I was his sex slave.
Write to me at : [email protected]

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