I satisfied my sister in law’s sex thirsty.

In order to leave the newly wedded couple alone, I left my brother’s house and rented a house. I’m Arun working in an I.T company at Bangalore.
One day a call came. Nimmi another staff of Coimbatore asked me to pickup her from the containment. She didn’t know the way to our office. Expecting a modern girl, I went there. But she was in her half saree with lovely appearance.

She came to our office for one month training.

On the way she only was talking. I understood that she hated married life. This was because her sister’s husband disappointed her sister after marriage. Her husband didn’t touch her at all during nights. Nimmi asked me why those guys were wasting the lives of their wives.
She said that she would have sex that too with a nice partner to her satisfaction.

We went inside the office. In the evening she asked me to take her with me to my house. After seeing my house she would go to her sister’s house in Bangalore.

As soon as we entered she closed the door. She said that I was her best selection and decided to have sex with me. She removed her dress and became nude. She made me also nude. She pushed me on the bed and told that she would rape me if I didn’t cooperate with her. She teased me saying,

“Penises are always slaves to the pussies”. I took it as a challenge. So I lay on her and stared proving my vigor and manliness. I kissed on her entire body. Especially on her boobs, naval, thighs and on her pussy. Kneading her boobs, I admitted my tongue and whirled round. When I licked her pussy and clitoris, she could’nt

control herself. She raised her hips and turned her head on both sides. Prattled meaningless words.

She begged me to insert my penis into her pussy and fuck her. But I didn’t care about it. I went on tuning her by biting her boobs and thighs. She had her orgasm and the viscous liquid started flowing. I sucked and drank it. Again I was licking her inner and outer pussy. At last she surrendered and accepted her defeat. She begged to pardon her and said that I was a real hero of her and her pussy was always a slave to my cock.

Then only I allowed my little brother to invade into her little sister. Then the fucking game went on for one hour. We both enjoyed utmost. When we both touched the peak at a time we hugged each other tightly enriched the supreme pleasure. After fucking her in various positions, we took the lunch and slept together.

In the morning when she begged me to marry her, I simply refused. I said that marriages are fidgeting the men and keeping them in lock- ups.
So I asked her to come and enjoy as long as she liked that. So for the whole training period we both enjoyed and enjoyed every night.

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