Banging a divorced acquitance

I am Roshan from Coimbatore. I moved to banglore in 2019. During 2007 one of my neighbour bro got married to a girl. I was 15 at that time. The girl was 23, her name was Pavithra and he was 27. They both had a healthy relationship. I use to stare her and flirt with her but she might have found out but didn’t resist. Around 2010 she left to Banglore with her husband due to Job transfer. Days passed i also got graduated and moved to different cities.

Finally in 2019 i moved to banglore. One day in food Street i met her when we both were with friends. She was 36 by then and i was 27. She was looking amazing like a milf in porn. Hot chubby and had a small tummy. We had small chit chat and left. I cursed myself for not getting the number.

Few days later i got request in FB from her and we started chatting. Few weeks of regular chats we had in Instagram and Facebook. Later we exchanged our numbers. Whenever I ask about her husband she bluff something. After doing some research i came to know she has applied for divorce. When i asked her she called me.

We met in a restaurant where she spoke well with me. Later we discussed about life and certain things. Since I don’t wanna get married soon my parents never forced me to do so. I was also happy to flirt with her. Days passed and our behaviour changed. We went to movies regularly. She books corner seats hold my hands and sometimes we exchange kisses in cheeks. She also enjoys double meaning texts and sometimes 18+ vidoes including porn.

One day out of curiosity she asked me whether i am a virgin. I said I am not as i lost it with my ex gf also said that I have had one night stand with couple of girls as well.

Few weeks later her divorce finalised. She said she wanna enjoy. I said her to plan a trip. Immediately she called 3 of her girl friends and arranged a trip. She invited me to Goa along with them as one of girl is gonna bring her BF. I happily joined.

Day 1 in Goa went well as we got settled and visited couple of places. When we came back to stay the couple went to room. I thought i will get seperate room but pavithra joined me. I was sure that something will happen. Rest 2 girls doesn’t drink so she asked me whether we can have drinks. We had couple of pegs. She became sobber on how she lost her life with abusive husband. Suddenly we started kissing and smooching. I said we will go to sleep. While being on bed our bed had a small light where i could see her Sleveles top and shorts. AC was high. I was also shirtless. She came and hugged me on sleep. I lost my temper we started to smooch in blanket. Suddenly she put her hand in my boxers. We kissed again and this time there is no going back.

She slowly got up and removed her top. I started to suck her boobs over her bra. She removed her bra and was topless. She came on top of me started kissing me. She removed my boxers. She took my dick and said its bigger than my husband. She started sucking it.

After 20 minutes of sucking i was about to come. She took some tissues and wiped it out. I removed her shorts and panties now and started licking fingering her pussy. I also was attacking her boobs by sucking it while fingering down and pressing it while licking down. She enjoyed it and wanted to enter in her. Since we never planned sex we didn’t have condoms.

She didn’t care about it and asked me to enter raw. I did same. Her pussy was tight as i am the first guy gonna fuck her since her seperation. I slowly entered her. It took around 10 mins to enter fully. After i entered fully she was moaning heavily and had her second orgasm. She wasn’t squitter. I slowly fucked her like making love. We weren’t fucking we were making love. She scratched my back and i but her ears. We fucked in missionary. I made her to sit and entered in sitting pose.

We fucked for some 10-15 mins. I controlled maximum not to cum in her. But she was not leaving me out. Finally when i was about to cum i pulled and cum on her boobs stomach and thighs. She licked few. Later that night we had shower and fucked in bath tub. In next 2 days in goa was full of fuck session.

She had ipill and also wr used condoms. Now its been almost 3 years we are fuck buddies. We started living together since lockdown. Now i am 30 and she is 40 but both are happy friends with no emotions just sex and roommates. My family know about this but they advised me. I didn’t care about it as it was my Life.

I am writing this as per her knowledge and we are ready to share more kinky stuffs that we did in this 3 years.

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