Husband watches wife entice a pizza delivery man

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Husband watches wife entice a pizza delivery man

Akshara and I had been married for two years when this incident took place. We were at the stage of our lives when our sex life was getting a little stale and we were looking at ways to spice things up. One of the surefire ways every website recommended was to watch erotic videos together. We decided to give this a shot.

After a lot of trial and error, we stumbled upon a series of videos in which a woman exposed herself to a stranger, usually a man delivering food like pizza. We watched video after video of women pretending to accidentally drop their towels in front of these men. They would gasp in horror, use their hands to cover their breasts. The men would ogle at them, unable to believe their own luck. Some of the more daring women took matters even further. They would allow the men to touch them. The men would reach out and fondle their breasts, spank their asses. Sometimes, they leaned over and took the inviting nipples into their mouths.

“Oh,” Akshara said whenever these scenes occurred. “Oh my.”

“Are you turned on?” I asked her, putting my hand over her pussy and finding it wet. “You are!”

“It’s just…I don’t know how to explain it. There’s something very hot about it.”

“Do you want to try something like that?”

Akshara looked shocked at first, turning around to look me in the eye to see if I was teasing or testing her. She could see from my face that I wasn’t.

“Are you sure?” she asked anyway. “Won’t you feel jealous?”

“It’ll be quite something to watch you be pleasured. Besides, we’re not talking about sex here. We’re only talking about some mild titillation. You know how much I love your boobs. I’m always talking about showing them off to others.”

“I guess,” Akshara said, biting her lips.

“Tell you what, we can take it slow. Perhaps you’ll be dressed provocatively when you open the door. They can get their fill of you. If that’s all we’re comfortable with, we can stop right away.”

“That sounds good to me. Will you be there all along?”

“I want to be. Besides, it’ll be safer that way.”

“That’s true. I also want you to watch.”

“Oh, you little minx!”

We kissed and then proceeded to have some great sex. Afterwards, we decided to put the plan into action that very night. We ordered a pizza and then Akshara spent a long time figuring out what she ought to wear.

“It has to be sexy,” she said, “without revealing too much too soon.”

“How about that black chemise?” I said.

“That’d be perfect!”

She slipped into the bathroom and came out wearing the chemise she bought for our first anniversary. It hugged her torso. Two thin straps went over her brown shoulders before coming down to meet between her breasts in a dipping V. The edge was of slightly transparent fabric, which showed off the tops of her breasts. The whole thing ended just past her thighs. She looked, needless to say, beautiful.

“Wow,” I said. “I never get tired of seeing you in this.”

“Do you think it’ll work?” Akshara asked me.

“Of course it will! The delivery guy will go nuts looking at you like this.”

Akshara twirled for me, the hem of the chemise riding up a little in the process.

“One suggestion,” I said.


“Don’t wear your panties.”

Akshara’s mouth opened in surprise. Her hand went to her crotch.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I can tell if you’re not wearing any and that means so can the delivery guy.”

I thought Akshara would decide against this suggestion of mine but she nodded and slid her panties down her legs.

“There,” she said. “I’m ready now.”

“Perfect,” I said. “Let’s go and wait out in the hall.”

I was about to move out when Akshara went to her jewelry cabinet.

“What is it?” I asked.

“The finishing touch,” she replied.

She brought out her mangalsutra, the traditional necklace married women in India wear. As I watched, she wore it, the black beads of the necklace standing out against her brown skin, the diamond pendent at the bottom nestling just above where the chemise ended. My dick went hard just looking at her.

“He should know I’m a married woman,” Akshara said, shimmying up to me and planting a kiss on my lips. “Makes it all the more exciting.”

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