Wife gives friend a special birthday gift

Wife gives friend a special birthday gift

Our friend Brian was one of my husband’s closest friends. He is an attractive, intelligent and sweet man, and we always enjoyed a playful friendship in which we flirted with one another.

While my husband Doug always appreciated our banter for what it was, Brian’s wife did not. Brian’s wife Joanne was a physically beautiful woman, but she was also a bitch. She often made public comments that were hurtful and embarrassing to Brian, especially when I was around.

A few years ago, Brian’s wife left him after more than 10-years of marriage to pursue a lesbian relationship. Brian was devastated. He really took it to heart, having been convinced by “the evil one” (my nickname for her) that he destroyed her interest in men because he was such a horrible man and lover.

Brian spent a lot of time with us in the months following their split. We had him over for dinner, to watch sports, etc. He also enjoyed playing with our child. He loved kids but had none of his own because Joanne didn’t want them.

During this time, Doug and I were convinced that the only way he’d ever get over the break-up was if he found a woman who would be sweet to him and treat him the way he deserved. Unfortunately, his confidence was so low he couldn’t even think about dating again.

So, when Brian’s birthday arrived several months later, we invited him and a few friends over for a dinner party in his honor. We also invited a woman who we thought might like Brian and visa versa. The dinner party went well, and Brian enjoyed being with friends. He also appeared to enjoy meeting Patricia.

After everyone else left, Brian thanked us for the party. Sitting in our living room, we drank more wine and talked until late. I sat on one end of the couch, and Brian sat on the other. Doug sat in “his” chair across from us. As the wine flowed, so did the conversation.

Eventually, the subject of Patricia came up. Acting like a nervous school boy, he told us how he liked Patricia very much but was afraid to ask her out. When asked why, he sadly responded

“Why? So I can make another woman a lesbian?”

With that he started to cry softly.

I put my wine glass down, moved next to Brian and held him and comforted him. I held him for awhile, reassuring him that he was a wonderful man and that his soon-to-be ex-wife was little more than a nasty bitch. He laughed at that, hugged me tight, and excused himself.

After Brian left the room, Doug looked at me and said “you know, you’re the only woman he trusts.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Maybe you need to give him a nice birthday present to help him move on with his life, Ali.”

I knew what he meant and started at him in shock.

“You know I’m right, Ali.”

“And this makes sense to you?” I asked incredulously.

“As long it’s only a one time thing. Look, it’s not like I don’t enjoy watching you tease and flirt with other men. And I know it’s something you certainly enjoy.”

“But this is different….” I insisted.

“Yes, but we’ve talked about it in fantasy and you know it’s hot! Besides, Brian is our friend and if we’re ever going to do something like this, it should be with someone we trust. I also think it’s something he needs and I know you care for Brian a lot.” My husband the lawyer sounded so logical sometimes.

I responded logically as well. “You’re an asshole, Dr. Phil!” and stuck my tongue out at him.

Just then Brian walked in. “I should get going and leave you two.”

“Nonsense,” Doug insisted. “It’s still early and there’s more wine to drink.” With that Doug poured Brian more wine.

“Besides,” I chimed in, “you need to give me a foot rub.” I leaned back and put my nylon clad feet in Brian’s lap. Brian smiled as he began his work in earnest.

Brian once admitted to me that has a foot fetish, and it had been a running joke with us that giving me foot rubs were better than having sex with his wife. It was probably true.

Brian also had a nylon fetish, and knew I preferred thigh highs to pantyhose. “Are those stockings or pantyhose, Ali?” He asked while massaging my feet. Brian’s flirting was on cue.

“How much is it worth to you?” I responded.

“Hmm…I’ll have to check my wallet. ” Brian smiled.

As he continued rubbing, I shifted my feet in his lap a bit and realized he had the beginnings of a nice, full erection. When Brian realized that my foot had felt his hardness, he looked at me with a concerned look in his face. I looked in his eyes and smiled, gently caressing him with my foot. Doug used the moment to excuse himself.

Within a few moments the foot massage dissolved into Brian caressing my feet while they rubbed his cock through his pants. “What about Doug?” he eventually asked.

“Shhh…just take it out for me,” I whispered.

He was frozen, afraid to move. So I sat up, shifted myself next to him, and unzipped his pants. As my hand reached inside and removed his rigid cock, I whispered in his ear “when I say take it out, I mean take it out.” I then kissed his cheek as my hand slowly and lovingly caressed his beautiful cock.

Kissing his neck as I stroked him, he began to ask “What if Doug….” I silenced him with a deep soul kiss. “Just shut up and enjoy your birthday present, Brian.”

I smiled, kissed him gently on the lips, and lowered my head to his lap. I used my tongue to bathe the head of his cock while my hand pumped the shaft. After a few moments of this treatment, I slipped my lips around the head and slid him into my mouth slowly and fully, offering a soft moan of approval. I slowly withdrew his cock and again took him deep into my mouth, sucking him hard as my fingers played with his balls.

I continued delivering my birthday present as I felt Brian’s hand slide over my ass to my nylon clad legs. Slipping beneath my dress, his hand moved upwards caressing my thigh while raising the hemline over the tops of my black thigh highs. He gasped.

At this point, I knew Brian was enjoying my stockings as much as my blowjob. As I looked up to see Brian’s face – his eyes closed in ecstasy, I saw Doug standing in the doorway sipping his wine, obviously enjoying the show as evidenced by the huge tent in his slacks.

Inspired by my husband’s voyeuristic presence, I decided to give him a good show. I pulled Brian’s cock from my mouth and gave it another hot tongue bath while staring into Doug’s eyes across the room. He smiled, squeezing his cock through his pants. I then slid Brian back into my mouth for the final stretch of his birthday blowjob.

As I felt Brian hardening and nearing orgasm, I began using my fingers to massage the area around his asshole. When I began inserting the tip of my index finger, he began cumming immediately. As he filled my mouth with his hot sticky cum, I pumped him and swallowed every drop. When he was done, I licked him clean and put his cock away, kissing his cheek as I zipped him back up.

“Happy birthday, Brian.”

I adjusted myself and went to clean up as Doug made a pretense of entering the room as if he’d seen nothing. When I returned from the bathroom, Brian had left. “Brian said he had to leave but asked me to thank you for the lovely evening,” he said with that smug lawyerly smirk Doug gets sometimes. With that he walked up to me, took me into his arms, and said “let’s go to bed so I can fuck my wife.”

And he did until dawn.

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