How my school bullies fucked my wife after two decades

Hello guys,

So back with another spicy cuckold story. Rashmi and I shifted to Bandra from the UK a few years ago. Since then we have had an active cuck life with her getting fucked regularly by Hardcore ruthless bulls.

Recently we had a school reunion and I met our batchmates after ages. I studied in a happening school in South Bombay. In the arty, I met two bad boys I never liked in school as they used to bully me very badly and I used to cry literally. I was almost like a sissy and these two would never spare me. Shetty and Jonathan were their names. This time when I met them, they had changed quite a bit. They had bulked and beefed up with heavy gym workouts and looked much more intimidating.

In the get together we had all taken our spouses but both these bulls were not married. They were having all the fun with multiple women in the world. So at the party, we all were drinking and Rashmi was quite drunk. She was wearing a beautiful pink dress, that was tight and revealing. Since she is curvy, short and thick in addition to being heavily busty, the men couldn’t stop staring at her.

Shetty and Jonathan, both big black thugs walked up to me and said “Your woman looks hot man. How did a sissy like you manage this?”. I told them, we are not in school anymore and things change. This got them a bit annoyed as I had never back answered them in school. Shetty slapped me and Jonathan hit me on my head. Rashmi was in the rest room and as she returned, she saw these 2 bullies torture me.

She pulled me away and caressed my cheeks and hair and said “Don’t fight with them baby. They look really ruthless. Let them be. I don’t want them to hurt you”. This made me feel like a real sissy. I couldn’t protect myself because I was cute, sweet, small built and these thugs could do anything they wanted.

After sometime, things got a bit easy and we were in different groups. But as I was mingling along with the others, I saw Rashmi laughing and chatting with Shetty and Jonathan. I went there and asked her what she was doing. She said “Baby, these guys are just too much. They are so funny. I also got to know some secrets about you”. I was shocked.

Later that night these two thugs said, “We will join you for an after party at your place” and Rashmi readily agreed. I told her, she was drunk and we should just go on our own, but she wouldn’t listen. Shetty was driving our Audi and he was speeding at 160 kmph. I was so scared of speed, I asked him to slow down but Rashmi caressed my chubby cheeks and said, “cho cute my baby. My cute baby is getting scared? Nothing will happen. You carry on Shetty” she said. Everything she did that night was like what a cuckoldress would do to her husband. I was not feeling good about it but we landed up at our place.

As soon as we reached, Shetty lifted Rashmi in his arms, Jonathan stripped her naked. They began playing with her sexy curvy body like a toy. Rashmi was enjoying this attention so much, she had become a total slut that night. Both these bullies stripped naked and I was amazed at the way they looked. Strong, muscular, black, hairy and broad. Both were way over 6’2″. They had thick black cocks measuring around 8 inches and thick like pipes.

Slowly Shetty looked at me and laughed and said “Sit in a corner you sissy. We are going to plough your wife the whole night.”. Jonathan laughed and began sucking Rashmi’s heavy udders passionately while Shetty began drilling her sweet shaven cunt like a pornstar. Heavy continuous smooth thrusts making her moan so loud, I thought she would bring the roof down. “Fuck me Shetty Fuckkk!!!! Fuckkk me hard! Cum inside me! Jonathan, suck my tits she yelled!” She pulled Shetty’s long hair in her tiny arms in ecstacy. Then Jonathan took turns at using her and she held his strong back tight. “AAAAAH Jonny! You are so good. Learn from them baby” she looked at me and said with her big black eyes. “Look how they are fucking your cute busty wife right in front of your eyes and you are helplessly sitting and watching”.

Shetty again abused me “Sissy, look at your body. you look like a perfect cuck. How did you manage to get such a sexy wife?” He said to me. Jonathan said, “She’s with him for his money, we are with her for her curvy body and she can get laughed by us anytime she wants. We are here to satisfy this thirsty horny bitch!”. Rashmi was so horny by now, she said “Talk dirty. Call me your whore. I am Shetty’s and Jonathan’s slut baby. Look at me enjoying their manly well built bodies. They are so much bigger and better than you, you pathetic loser!” She said.

Shetty and Jonathan took multiple turns at her. They made her scream, squirt and her big black eyes kept looking at me throughout the night when this was going on. The bed was creeking, they were going with their thrusts and both these bullies, were torturing me here too. But this time, I had a good time masturbating looking at my loving wife getting used by two real men in front of me.

After 8 fucks, 4 each from them, the two said, they would want to cuddle and sleep with Rashmi and feel her curvy hot body. While she was sandwiched between the two sweaty black beasts, I was sleeping on our couch, pleasuring myself again thinking of how they fucked my darling wife right in front of my eyes.

They came home very often since then whether I was in town, outof town, at home or whenever. It was almost as though, she was an open invitation for them to pleasure their manhood.

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