Fulfilling cuckolding fetish of a husband

Hi friends, this is Kumar. I received so many mails appreciating my previous story published in this site “Helping a Marwari couple to become parents”. One of the mail friend named Rahul (not real name) told that he wanted to see his wife being fucked in front of him by me. This was his long cherished wish. He told me that he loved my story very much and he imagined his wife in place of my female partner. The thought itself gave him immense pleasure. He was really waiting for an opportunity to be cuckolded.

In 15 days chatting, we became very close friends. He requested me to make love to his wife in front of him. But not able to ask his wife to cuckold him. I assured him that I Will do it and make his wish fulfilled. As we both stayed in same city, it was a little easy task to me. Rahul is an IT employee in a big company and Priyanka(Not real name) is a homemaker. They were married for 3 years and no child yet. Their sexual life was getting little bored and they needed some spice in their sex life.Rahul had a chat with me and told me Once again that he is desperately having a dream to be cuckolded and he really wants to see his beautiful wife to be fucked by other man in front of him. His desire is increasing a lot day by day.

But He did not know whether his wife would be interested or not.I asked to send his wife photo and he sent his wife photo.I saw his wife photo and astonished. Wow she was an absolute beauty. She was wearing a saree in that photo and looking gorgeous. I told him that he is really very lucky that he had a very beautiful wife.

He asked me how to go ahead to fulfill his dream and make his wife ready for sex with me. I told him that we need to execute a small plan for it and told him to plan a visit to a nearest tourist place about 60 to 80 kilo meters in a car and call me as a driver to that tour.

During the journey I can make his wife comfortable with me so that she will be willing to have sex with me. He told me that it is a great idea and as planned, he scheduled a tour to a 100 km far tourist place on a Sunday and asked my confirmation. I gave my confirmation and I went on that day as a driver to their Apartment. He told his car no and told to wait there. They both came to their car parking place and wished me. We both acted like new guys and after few minutes he gave me his car keys to drive car. While taking the car keys I looked his wife, Priyanka. She was really looking like an angel. She was wearing a pink and green combination of saree which was making her beauty double. She was damn beautiful and I thought how beautiful she will be when she will be nude. It will be the greatest and beautiful moment in my life to see her naked beauty. While I was trying to start the car, Rahul got a call and he was talking on phone. I took this time to see Priyanka from the mirror and filling her beauty in my eyes. She was adjusting her saree during which I could see her Navel which was very beautiful indeed in milky white color. It was a mesmerizing moment to me. I imagined my tongue kissing it and licking all her naval area. The thought itself made my dick full erect.

While I was in my thoughts, Rahul’s phone call was over and they sat in the car backside. I started the car and our journey started. Rahul winked me and I smiled to him indicated that I was ready. During the journey we were talking nicely and Rahul was talking to me like a brother. I was also talking to them enthusiastically and became like a friend to them. After some time Priyanka also was little comfortable with me in talks and asking me few doubts and I was clearing her doubts. I was watching her from the back view mirror in between. Her beauty was keeping my dick fully erect.

After half an hour we stopped car for breakfast at a Restaurent on highway and Priyanka went to washroom. Rahul asked me what to do and how to make Priyanka interested in me. I told him to take two water bottles and some snacks put them in the car. After getting down from the car both go for site visit and somehow send Priyanka to get the water bottles and snacks from the car. Rest I will manage. He said ok for it. We all had breakfast and started again. I was watching her beauty often from the mirror. After some time she went into sleep. Rahul did not disturb her. He was talking to me. While he was talking to me, I was watching Priyanka in back view mirror. Her pallu slided a little bit and her cleavage was little open. Her cleavage was really beautiful in white color. I was enjoying her beauty very much and rubbing my dick above the pant often. What a great feeling it was.

After an hour we reached destination. Both got down and went to see the tourist place.
The queue was very much for tickets. Rahul went to stand in the queue for tickets and told Priyanka to get water bottles and snacks from the car. I was parking car in parking lot a little distance from there. I was watching Priynka coming towards car for getting water bottles. I watched her coming towards the car from back view mirror and closed my eyes as if I were in sleep and opened my 7” dick from the pant and started masturbating thinking about Priyanka’s beauty.

In few minutes She came near to the door to tell me to open back seat door and saw and saw me masturbating while closing my eyes. I was looking her from a corner of my eye and observing her emotions. She was shocked instantly and did not know what to do. She was watching my dick and I started spanking it more. She was not moving any where from there and watching me. She did not try to awake me, rather looking at me and my dick continuously. I was moving my dick here and there and touching the head of my penis. It was pure pink colored and inviting her. She was watching me and getting horny. Her pussy was getting wet it seems and she started moving her hand on pussy area. She was rubbing her pussy for 4-5 minutes and got orgasm. Meanwhile my penis also burst and full load of semen got out like fountain in my hands. I opened my eyes after a minute and saw Priyanka there and said sorry. I said to her I felt nobody was there and started stroking my penis as my dick was very much paining since I saw her. I also said to her she was very beautiful as goddess and Rahul is really very lucky to have such a beautiful wife. She said Thank you and explained me that she came to take the water bottles. I opened the car dikki and gave the bottles and snacks cover to her. She went back. The couple spent time there till evening 5 pm.

In between Rahul called me and asked what happened when she came to collect water bottles? Because Priyanka was behaving so romantic all day. He told that priyanka is so romantic that day as never before. I told nothing to him but only said to wait and watch.
We started return journey to their home. I was watching her often in mirror and she was feeling shy when our eye contacts met. We reached their home and I took a leave from Rahul and winked him that I will call him by phone.
Next day Rahul only called me and said to me that yesterday night he had a wonderful sex with his wife and his wife was very active. She actually dominated him in the entire session.

I said to him that I was masturbating in front of her when she came to get snacks cover and she saw my big dick which made her so romantic. I also told him to ask her after a week whether she likes to have sex with another man. She will definitely say yes. After a week, Rahul called me and said that his wife is very much interested to have sex with me. He said that she liked my dick very much and she definitely need my dick in her pussy. Infact she was dying to take it into her pussy. Rahul told that our plan worked out and now I can come on the coming Saturday or Sunday to have sex with her. On Saturday I took a leave and went to Rahul’s home.

I knocked the door and Rahul opened the door. He told me that his wife is waiting for me in their bedroom. I started towards their master bedroom with a lot of enthusiasm and opened and entered into it. I kept the door little open for Rahul to watch us. Priyanka was sitting on the bed. She was a little nervous. I just went in and sat near to her and started a conversation. I told her that she was very much beautiful like Hindi heroines. I was praising her beauty very much so that she can open up mentally I said that she was so beautiful in all her photos. Her husband must have done very good things in his last incarnation due to which he got such a beautiful wife. By telling this, I took her hand in my palm and kissed her. She received my kiss and put her hand in my hand only. I gave near about 20 kisses on her both hands. She closed her eyes and enjoying my kisses. Immediately I leaned towards her cheeks and kissed on her cheeks. She blushed a little bit. Next, Immediately I kissed on her lips. She started giving kisses to me too. Her lips were very soft and tasty. We were kissing madly each other. In between I removed her T-shirt and legging too. She was not wearing inners actually so her naked beauty appeared in front of me and it was twinkling in front of me. I was mesmerized to see her beauty. I told the same to her and she was clean bowled with my appreciation. I was kissing her so passionately and in between, I was telling “Oh woman, you are so beautiful. You are making me mad. Your beauty is killing me. I am just becoming crazy to see your beauty again and again. I just want to give the infinite love to you. Today I will give all the maximum sexual happiness a man can give to a woman. Today I will introduce you to yourself in a new way. Today I will give all the happiness your beauty deserves .

Today I Promise you that this would be a wonderful day in your life. You would not forget this beautiful moment in life forever”. She was also telling “oh man, give me all the happiness I needed and I deserve and let me see how much happiness you can give to a woman just give me your love juice too”. Two drops of tears also came from her eyes which I took and kissed. I told her that those tears are like precious pearls to me.
I promised her that I will fulfill her all sexual wishes. Her words were also motivating me to explore her further. The door was little open and Rahul was watching us. He pulled his penis out and spanking it. He seemed to me that he was really on cloud nine watching his wife fucked by another man.

We had our kissing for almost 10 minutes and slowly I came down to her breasts. her breasts were in Pure white color and tits were in light pink color. I took her left tit in my mouth and started sucking her and tickling in between. My other hand was pressing her right boob. She was enjoying and moaning like anything. I played almost ten minutes with her left breast and biting her tit in between and then took her right tit into the mouth and left breast into palm. I was squeezing the breast and sucking the right tit. It was making her on to cloud nine. I was a master in making a woman happy and I was applying those tricks which were giving her immense pleasure. After another 10 minutes of sucking her breast, I came down to her belly button. It was really meaty sponge-like belly. It was twinkling like a milky way came to earth, It was like a pure milk butter put in a bowl and given to me to enjoy and lick. I told the same to her. I was never missing any opportunity to praise her beauty. She was happy to hear my words and giving herself to me as a gift and she too was enjoying as a gift. I kissed and licked it almost 20 minutes from left to right and from up to bottom till the golden pussy. Her shining pussy by then was producing pussy juice. She was completely wet down there. I went down to her pussy and kissed it. Her cunt smelled like honey and it was really like a gold treasure. It was like a honey bottle ready to be licked. I told the same to her and she was blushing completely and pulling me towards her pussy to lick her completely. It was actually my dream to kiss her pussy, Ever since I saw her in the photo, I was imagining her golden pussy. I was not really able to control myself when I saw her lovely pussy.

There was little pubic hair but still, I was able to see the shining pussy lips. They were really like rose petals, so soft and so delicate. They were absolutely like Piper betel leaves. I also felt like they might go into her body with my touching and licking. I started licking her beautiful cunt and telling, “Oh Priyanka, what a beautiful pussy, Oh what a soft pussy, how delicate and beautiful your pussy. Oh my honey, how tasty you are” I was telling her “Oh my dear, your pussy, and its juice are killing me. Your pussy is inviting me to worship. Your pussy is giving me welcome to the treasure of sexual pleasure. Your pussy is inviting me to a great licking and sucking. Your pussy is making me crazy. Your pussy is giving a challenge to my dick. Your pussy is giving an invitation to happiness which I have never accomplished. Your pussy is like a roses bunch and inviting me to touch it, to taste it, to suck it and to lick it”. I was all licking her pussy and sucking her pussy lips, biting them in between and making her reach the sky of happiness. I was drawing circles on pussy around the pussy lips and chewing the cunt lips as bubblegum to which she was absolutely dancing. My thick tongue was doing miracles on her pussy and her pussy juice was coming like water from the ocean. I made her attain all the sexual pleasure she was not aware of. I made her taste the highest level of happiness in sex. She told me the same to me. I licked all her juices and still more was coming out of her golden pussy. It was like an Akshaya Patra( Never diminishing/stopping). The more I was drinking, the more it was coming out. I told the same and told the meaning of Akshaya Patra to her. She blushed completely and pulled strongly me again to her pussy.

I again said “oh Priyanka, Your pussy juices are like sweet limejuice, The more I tasted it, the more my heart, mouth, and stomach were expecting. The juices too flowing out like infinity”. I was drinking her juices and licking her completely and after 10 minutes suddenly she kept her legs around my head pulled my face to her cunt and kept there only for some time and gave a large moan and put her both hands also around me. She pulled my face more into her pussy as much as possible. She was getting a greatest orgasm. I saw her experiencing orgasm and stayed stable on her pussy. I could give her a great orgasm which not many men will be able to give to a woman. I could give her the orgasm which she was not aware at all. She felt so exhausted and was taking some rest as she reached the heights of sexual happiness and felt like need something more. I was also resting on her pussy and laid there for another 10 to 15 minutes till she came into this world. She thanked me for giving great sexual happiness, She pulled me towards her lips gave me a kiss one more time and a big hug too as we both felt like there is no better way than to give a kiss to thank especially when one receives the greatest gift.

I was actually falling short of words. I just wanted to be silent for some time. Maybe my silence could give the best words to her. I accepted her thanks and kissed her too. We laid there for some time on the bed. We both were tired a little bit and took a break of 15 minutes. Rahul was watching us and he forgot himself.

After 15 minutes, we came back to the natural state, with full energy and getting ready for the great fucking. Before going for a fucking, she took my manhood in her arms and astonished to see my beautiful dick. It was pink color on top with 7 inches long and 2.5 inches girth, she took it near to her mouth and kissed and licked it. It was giving a unique smell and she liked it very much. She told me that my dick is beautiful and a big one to satisfy any woman. It was smelling so good and standing like a pole. She also told me that she liked it very much when she saw it last time and she really wanted to taste it and keep in her cunt. With her words, it became fully erect and standing like saluting her beauty. I told the same to her and she blushed one more time. She started kissing and licking it. I told her not to suck it as I wanted to store the semen to inject into her vagina. She also opined the same and did only kissing and licking my dick and balls too. She appreciated my dick very much as she likes pink color very much. My dick was like a pink pole ready to enter the pink world of her pussy through the pink pussy lips. I murmured the same in her ear and she smiled for it. She played with my dick, licked it, and kissed my dick and balls for 10 minutes, and then she wanted my dick to inject into her vagina. She positioned herself into a traditional position and I came on top on to her. She took my penis into her right hand and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. I just gave push to my penis into her vagina. It entered slowly into her beautiful cunt like a rat entering a hole. She was moaning a little bit and making ah sounds. I pulled back my penis and again gave a little push. Now this time it entered a little further. She was enjoying my pushes very much. Again I pulled back my dick and give push again. This time it went furthermore deep inside her pussy. Her love juices were flowing like anything and with my thick penis she was getting extra pleasure. She was giving continuous moaning. Meanwhile I adjusted a pillow under her buttocks so that the penis can enter so smoothly and also the semen should not be coming outside. I kept my penis in her pussy for some 8- 10 seconds. She was experiencing high pleasures and putting her hands around my buttocks and pulling towards her pussy. Again I pulled back my penis and pushed deep. I started doing it continuously after some pulls and pushes; I discharged all my semen in her pussy when my dick was very deep in her pussy. She kept my penis in her pussy itself and pulling my dick into the depth of her pussy. My semen went into her pussy like a fountain and like a bullet into her body. She accepted all my semen with happiness. Rahul was watching us with extremely happy face.

She rounded my buttocks with her legs and pulling me deep into her. My penis was touching very deep inner walls of pussy and I felt that she really did not want to leave me. I just gave all my semen into her pussy and laid on her. She also tightly hugged me for some time so that all the semen could go completely into the depth of her vagina. She really wanted nothing to come out. After a few minutes we departed and I placed myself just beside her. She just gave a kiss again to me and said thank you, I took the thanks by kissing her back. After 5 minutes I dressed up went to hall but priyanka was in the bed for next half an hour.

Rahul covered himself with a towel and we both sat on the sofa. We were talking in low voice. He said to me a lot of thanks as his long cherished dream of cuckolding is fulfilled. His satisfaction was really at highest levels. He thanked my once again. I was there for few minutes and left from there after half an hour.

The next day rahul called me and thanked me once again as his wife told him that she was absolutely very much happy for having sex with me and it is the greatest gift she could get from him. He assured me that pretty soon she may be inviting me once more.
So that was my one of the recent experiences as bull. Hope all of you have enjoyed reading it.

If any husband wishing to be cuckolded or any woman is looking for the sexual happiness, they can mail me at:[email protected]
Happiness and secrecy are assured. Please ignore if any mistakes are there in my writing.

Thanks and signing off for the time being….

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